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You be the judge.

I get a LOT of crap coming up in my eBay saved favourite searches. And a lot of it is stupidly over-priced crap. I've almost got to the stage where I accept it as the norm nowadays. Time was when I'd bitch about speculatively over-priced Seiko spare parts in other threads in this forum section, like this aptly titled one:

Over-priced; incorrectly identified SEIKO spares - Caveat Emptor

But I thought this incompetent pair of idiots deserved their own little thread. :P

How about £80 Quid for a Seiko case-back (or maybe a crystal) gasket ? :o

These two items from the same UK seller came up in my search results yesterday:

They both use the same photo of what appears to be a black nylon crystal gasket. Intrigued as to why the second listing had come up in my saved search results (as I have absolutely no interest in Seiko Kinetics), I clicked on the link to the listing:

In case you can't see from my screen print, the first part of the description reads:

RUBBER CASE BACK GASKET FOR SEIKO 7A38-6080, 7A38-6090 p/n FH3180B0A


A genuine glass gasket replacement for the following Seiko watches:

· 7A38-6080

· 7A38-6090

· 100 sport models

We are a UK Seiko distributor and as such we can guarantee the authenticity of this part.

Note they claim to be a UK Seiko distributor. :roll: It doesn't say 'authorised'. :/

Like many other eBay chancers, I suspect they are buying from Cousins UK.

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Wondering why hmswatchparts has never come up on my radar before, I thought it prudent to check their eBay ID user history. They only recently changed their ID (in September last year):

The previous user ID ties up with what's shown in their business seller's  info:

And if you google that email address, this comes up as the first result:

Business seller information. CourseClever. Contact details. Hannah Smith. Belk Street. Hartlepool. Cleveland. TS24 8DH. United Kingdom.

So she's probably the 'HMS' of hmswatchparts;)

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Finally, yesterday evening - after 5 weeks, the pair of incompetents trading as 'Course Clever', managed to correct most of their cock-ups in that eBay listing.

You'll notice that I refer to them as 'Course Clever'  (joke), because in the interim, they've seen fit to change their eBay user ID yet again, from hmswatchparts to ljmdirect

Here's how the very same listing (item # 192416922368) looks this morning:

They're still using the same photo of what is obviously a crystal gasket (in what is supposed to be a listing for a case-back gasket) and there are still a number of minor errors in the item specifics and description which they've failed to rectify. From the screen print above, you'll notice that I've been watching this item. As soon as I've finished this post, the next thing I'm going to do is remove it from my watch list. Greedy incompetents like this pair, who clearly don't know what they're selling, are the last people I'd consider buying Seiko spare parts from. Especially when I can get case-back gaskets elsewhere for a tenth of the price. 8)

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