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I was all set to place my first order with Cousins to get my 7a38 parts along with a few other impulse purchases.

Until they redirected me to reenter my CC info for "3D Secure" by Arcot Inc.

A cursory google search reveals a few issues with this service, namely it is nearly impossible to contact Arcot and they have no customer service. In addition their password protection is rudimentary.

Having been the victim of CC fraud to the tune of mid 5 figures, I am quite leery of spreading my car info any more than absolutely necessary.

I see that Cousins is frequently recommended here almost to the exclusion of other sources. Do all of you reenter your credit card info and submit it to this Arcot company? Have any of you tried to order via telephone from Cousins? That's my next step, then I'm going to look for a supplier with a more standardized ordering service.

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6 months later and still have not been able to find another supplier for this stinking crystal. Im not willing to let my CC info be passed on to a 3rd party with questionable security and several emails have gone unanswered.

If anyone has a XMF320.927 or Seiko 320W40GN00 in the US for sale, let me know. 

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