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Man, you are an amazing sleuth! I just hope with the new parts, my overall cost doesn't exceed the value. But, then again, you can't put a value on learning. I'm just mainly keeping my fingers crossed that with the new parts and battery, the watch will even work!

I'm happy that the dial matches the caseback. At least this isn't frankenwatch. Now, speaking of frankenwatch and while I have you here Mr. Seiko7A38 ...

I love the 7A48 moonphase watch. But I also love the look of the case of the 7A28's 7049 (daytona?) and 7039 (speedmaster look) ..... mainly because there's a bezel. I have an extra case of each, is it possible to remove the movement and dial of the 7A48 and put it into these cases? (hmmm ... nevermind, after I wrote this sentence, I realized how senseless this would be).


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To give you a simplistic reply: it's theoretically possible to swap most 7Axx dial / movements between cases, but NOT into your particular choice of a 7A28 case. Because they have no added complication (day / date, moonphase, etc), 7A28 movements are approx 1.0mm thinner - as are their watch cases, to suit. I've tried it myself a while back (7A38-7070 709L dial into a 7A28-7040). See this thread:

Are 7A28 and 7A38 modules interchangeable? Indeed are all 7Axx movements ?

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