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There's an old saying: All that glitters is not gold. Well not solid 18K gold anyway - not in this particular case. 

A very blingy Cartier Ferrari Formula chrono' was listed on eBay Germany this morning, by Austrian seller srilanka20082012 - just in time for Christmas.

The description merely states: Siehe bild die Uhr ist 18 karat gold.

The seller, whose offerings have featured in this forum section a number of times before, is obviously an avid collector and Ferrari enthusiast, but I've often had my suspicions that some of the watches he's offered for sale weren't quite how they left the factory. He evidently likes to 'mix and match'. This time I believe he's gone a stage further and had this watch completely (and heavily) plated in 18K gold. If you zoom in on the case-back, you can see the STAINLESS STEEL stamping. 

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He's been quite clever, because Cartier did actually produce a few solid 18K gold models, but not in the cheaper Cal. 531 quartz powered range. They're Valjoux 7750 automatics. There's actually one listed on eBay Germany at the moment (it's been automatically re-listed on there since October) - an F-40 limited edition, asking a cool 76,000 Euros ! :o

Ich verkaufe eine sehr rare und limitierte Cartier Ferrari Uhr in 18k gelbgold.

Ferrari Formula Cartier Uhren sind die letzten Uhren, die zu Lebzeiten von Enzo Ferrari gebaut worden sind.

Zum Schluss der Uhrenproduktion wurden nur 60 Uhren in Massivgold 18k 750er (Armband und Gehäuse) produziert.

Es ist die Nummer 015 aus dieser letzten Serie (015/060).

Die Uhr war im freien Handel nicht zu erwerben. Lediglich für Kunden die einen Ferrari F40 erworben haben.

- Automatischer Chronograph

- Gehäuse und Armband aus Gelbgold 750er 18k

- Gewicht: ca. 207 Gramm

- Erstbesitz

- Original Ferraribox & Papiere sind vorhanden

Die Uhr liegt in einem Bankschließfach und kann nach Absprache gerne in der Bank besichtigt werden.

Bei weiteren Fragen, schreiben Sie mir gerne eine Nachricht. Ich melde mich umgehend

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I sent the eBay seller a message, asking the question: whether it was plated ? German's not my strong point and I wrote exactly what Google translated. He replied with another word: Vergoldet - which means gilded. So I was right. ;) 

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I have to admit, I'm not sure what became of the original subject of this thread - Austrian eBay seller srilanka20082012's 'fake' gold plated Cartier Ferrari Formula.

He re-listed it, but then it seems to have disappeared into the ether. :/

Don't ask me why, but I'd added the eBay listing for the genuine 18K 7750 to my eBay watching page - and occasionally observed it being continually automatically re-listed. :roll: Yesterday, the German eBay seller ended the listing as allegedly being no longer available.

It's back again today, re-listed with the Buy-it-Now price dramatically reduced from the previous 76,000 Euros to 'only' 39,000 Euros !

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