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I am going to blame YouTube for all the great videos of actual watchmakers making things look so easy that encouraged me to take on what I thought was a simple

I had a broken 7a28 watch and a replacement movement so my plan was to transplant the dial and hands to the new movement and call it a day. Things started out bad, then got worse and then after I did most of the damage I seemed to get a better hang of things but was left with some carnage. Center hands came off OK using a presto style removing tool but I think levers would have been less traumatic unfortunately when I went to remove the chronograph hands is where things went wrong.

Started with the seconds hand and I wasn't using thick enough plastic and the hand broke through at the center and then slightly bent the arm downward because it was trapped by the remaining plastic. I was able to straighten that one to the point that I can't see the after effects but any tips would be great. The minute sub dial came off like a dream so I got a bit cocky and when I did the 1/20s hand one of my levers was not in contact so when I pried/prised (we are an international forum after the hand off it bent center circle portion. I have done my best to straighten it out but there is a still a potato chip look to it on close inspection. Is there any good technique for fixing my mistakes or do i just need to find some replacement chrono hands?

In addition I would like to mess around with reluming but don't want to do any more experiments on good parts so are the hand dimensions well known? I did some measurements but I am afraid of damaging things so I could be off, what I have is Min: 12mm long with 0.85mm hole size, Hour: 8mm long with 1.50mm hole size. I have not been able to find any official spare hands so if anyone has a link for some that would work and be as original looking as possible then I would appreciate any pointers.

I did successfully clean out the pushers so I am pretty proud of myself there. I did tiddlywink the small circlip twice (once on the removal and once on the reinstall) but careful searching allowed me to find it both times. Got a lot smarter so the remaining 2 clips went smoothly.

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