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If you take the time to scroll back through the 7 page summary of threads in this forum section, you'll find there are already 8 existing threads with very similar topic titles (or themes) - dating back to April 2012. Many haven't been updated in years.

Some have topic titles indicating the content is specifically about the would-be profiteering activities of one particular eBay re-seller. The first couple that I wrote (effectively Parts 1 and 2) have more generic titles. Rather than start a new thread each time, I always try and add updates to an existing topic. So earlier this morning, with best of intentions, I gave a somewhat belated 'bump' to Part 2. That turned out to be a mistake, because when I read through it (first time in years) transpires that was also about one particularly unsavoury profiteering re-seller's activities ! :roll:

So I'm starting yet another new thread. I'll try and keep this one more 'generic'. ;)

Needless to say, the deplorable practice by some would-be profiteering eBay sellers of buying 'low' and attempting to re-sell for fast (fat) profit continues unabated. In fact, it's probably far worse now than it was a few years ago, with more greedy speculators scum jumping on the bandwagon, as the popularity of Seiko 7Axx's continues to soar.

Whereas I obviously carefully monitor the existing 7A38-xxxx model specific threads for any instances of Déjà Vu, where I haven't created a dedicated thread (and there are still a lot of models not covered) I've recently allowed them to pass without comment. In revisiting the subject, I make no promise of attempting to cite every instance - because there are so many lately. Just those that get up my nose.

Like this ....

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This well-worn gold-tone 7A38-7060, fitted with an ornately stitched and braided tan leather strap, in place of its original bracelet, was listed yesterday afternoon by a Spanish eBay seller allvintagewatches, with a ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 245 Euros (and currently no option to make an offer).






It really does beg the questions: how many naff hand held shots of a watch do you need do upload - and don't these people who photograph watches this amateurish manner possess a watch stand or lightbox ?

Here's where exactly the same gold-tone 7A38-7060, case-back s/n 490139, fitted with the same easily recognisable tan leather strap, was listed (and has to be said, photographed rather more skillfully) by Filipino eBay seller guilloche_enterprises (previously apol_of_your_eyes) earlier this month as a 7-day auction listing with an opening bid price of $129.


Note the movement's antimagnetic back-plate looks somewhat tarnished and the gold-plated rotary step switch is missing. Only one person thought it was worth bidding on, so it sold to them for the opening bid price of $129 on 12th March.

The eBay Purchase History reveals a different encrypted eBay ID used to buy it.

So this greedy would-be profiteering Spanish re-seller is yet another eBay dealer using another different ID b***e (834) for buying. I'll endeavour to decrypt it. 8)

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I'm usually pretty good at figuring out these things, but this encrypted eBay ID had me beaten for once. So I dropped a quick eBay message to Filipino eBay seller guilloche_enterprises (Apol) asking the question outright. He replied overnight.

The formatting of the user ID explains why I couldn't suss it out for myself. :roll:

It's - and their current feedback rating of 834 matches.

It's worth checking their feedback. This eBay ID, created in May 2013 was originally used for selling, but hasn't since sold a single item in over a year. It's now used exclusively for buying. Apol may think they're a frequent buyer (from him), but checking the feedback reveals that they buy far more watches from two other Filipino eBay sellers, with rather poorer reputations (as arch watch-botchers): badingski and jfm_watches.

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Another nasty little profiteering re-seller, who seems to be homing in on 7A38's recently and has popped up on my radar more than once lately, is the Cypriot eBay seller hattori_cy. I've already written about his unethical activities once before, in this thread, when in November last year, he listed an average condition stainless 7A38-7270, fitted with a non-original bracelet, asking silly money (£400) for it. I couldn't prove the case conclusively on that occasion (even though it was clearly the same watch and bracelet), but this time I've caught him red-handed. 

Earlier this afternoon, he listed a stainless 7A38-7270 in allegedly NOS, but in fact good used condition, as a 5-day auction, with an opening bid of $700 !!

This is your chance to get this amazing Vintage SEIKO 7a38 -7270 in NOS Condition 100% All original / Authentic.

The photos talk by themselves. The watch is like new.

All the functions are working 100% as it should.

It has its original full length bracelet.

Bidders with less than 5 Feedback please contact me before bidding.

Please look at the photos because they are part of the description.

Feel free to ask me anything.

How about: Why do you think this watch is now worth $700 or more ? 

Here's where the same stainless 7A38-7270, case-back s/n 810552 was briefly listed by an Italian eBay seller around this time on Tuesday evening of this week, then with a highly over-optimistic 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 390 Euros.


Marca: SEIKO

Modello: Cronografo

Referenza: 7A38-7270

Anno: 1983

Movimento: di precisione controllato al quarzo

Funzioni: ore, minuti, secondi, cronografo, day-date

Cassa: nickel-chrome

Ghiera: liscia

Corona: zigrinata, posizionata ad ore 8

Pulsanti: a pompa

Anse: dritte

Dimensioni: 36 mm corona esclusa, 41 mm alle anse

Vetro: minerale

Fondello: a vite personalizzato dalla casa

Quadrante: ardesia, con indici a barretta in rilievo trattati con materiale luminescente, lancette a stilo, anch'esse luminescenti, secondi continui al 6, minuti del crono al 9, decimi di secondo al 3, secondi cronografici al centro, indicazione dei giorni della settimana e del datario tramite doppia finestrella al 3, con rimessa rapida in corona, scala tachimetrica sul rehaut, scala sessantesimale, logo Seiko al 12

Cinturino: originale Longines in nickel-chrome

Chiusura: deployante originale personalizzata Seiko

L'orologio che vedete in vendita è perfettamente funzionante, è preciso ed affidabile. E' completamente originale.

Verrà a voi consegnato con scatola e garanzia Tempus di 12 mesi !!!

E' in foto. Molto bello !!!

The listing was ended by the seller soon afterwards as item no longer available, clearly pointing to it having been 'back doored' by some then unknown less than scrupulous person.'s Look-up tool reveals that the listing was live for approx. 80 minutes, during which time it only received 20 views.

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Much to my annoyance and utter disgust, I've spotted another blatant attempt at profiteering by the Spanish eBay seller allvintagewatches. Yesterday evening, they listed a well-worn gold-tone 7A38-7280, with a ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 245 Euros. They've erroneously titled the listing as '7A38-7250' (which is actually the dial part number), presumably because they couldn't read the correct model # stamping off the heavily skimmed case-back. :roll:







Like many of their despicable ilk (think Timely_Classic of years gone by), this greedy would-be profiteering eBay re-seller appears to source the majority their watches from Filipino eBay auctions. So it wasn't difficult to find where they bought it. Here's just a couple of photos of the same well-worn gold-tone 7A38-7280, from an eBay auction by Filipino eBay seller badingski, which ended on 22nd April.

Despite the heavily skimmed case-back it's still possible to make out the serial number 7D7830, which of course, matches theirs. The price they paid, in winning the auction ? A mere $68.

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One of the most prolific (and certainly amongst the greediest) of the current crop of profiteering eBay re-sellers is the Italian simone00simone, real name Simone Pratissoli. He's been actively buying Seiko 7A's with the sole intention of re-selling them for profit for well over a year now. I've documented several examples of his blatantly shilled auctions and ludicrous Buy-it-Now listings in the various 7A38-xxx model specific threads. But I've previously been a bit lax and let a good many others slip by without passing comment. The gloves are well and truly off. 

At lunchtime today, he listed a gold-tone 7A38-7260, with a ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 300 Euros (and currently no option to make an offer). I'll admit I'd been waiting impatiently for him to do just that.

Beautiful Seiko 7A38-7260 Vintage Chronograph Quartz in very good

Watch completely original and in really very good condition, it was really worn on rare

Return not accepted, any customs fees to be paid by the buyer.

This same gold-tone 7A38-7260, case-back serial number 880872, in well-cared for used condition and still fitted with its original Seiko tan leather strap, was listed by a French eBay seller in the third week of April, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of 45 Euros.



Boitier en plaqué or,

Pile récente remplacée par horloger

Diamètre : 39 mm Hors remontoir.

La montre Fonctionne.

Vendu en état idem aux photos.

Voir photos qui font partie intégralement du descriptif de l'objet en vente

Frais d'envoi groupé en cas de plusieurs achats.

Envoi soigné et rapide des reception du paiement.

Bonne enchères a tous et a toutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paiement chèque ou virement bancaire,si remise en mains propres réglement en espèce uniquement.

The auction ended on 27th April, with the 7A38-7260 selling for a mere 61 Euros after 15 bids.

I know this, because I was the first bidder (@ 45.67 Euros). I'd added it to my eBay watching page, but decided not to follow through, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I already own at least 4, maybe 5 of this model. One is NOS (on the same original tan leather strap) and another is virtually mint. I really didn't need another, so I thought I'd leave it for someone else. Plus the French eBay seller didn't accept PayPal - only payment by cheque or bank transfer (or cash in person). However, when I recognized Simone's encrypted eBay ID 0***0 (then 202 feedback) as the winning bidder - and knowing exactly what he planned to do with it, I was really annoyed with myself for not having followed through. 

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Some readers, who are new to the 7A38, looking to buy their first are likely finding to their dismay that prices appear to sky-rocketing. This is, in part due to renewed popularity and increased interest from existing and new collectors - simply supply and demand. But some of the recent price hikes on relatively common models are due almost solely to the greed of would-be profiteering re-sellers and speculators.

Here is a classic instance of one of these leeches feeding off another scumbag. Needless to say, both these eBay sellers have already featured in this thread. 

There have been quite a few stainless 7A38-7270's listed on eBay in the last three months. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I still haven't got around to creating a 7A38-xxxx model specific thread for the ever-popular SAA093J, to keep track of their sales. It's difficult enough just to keep the existing couple of dozen threads updated. But I regularly add them all to my eBay watching page and still habitually right-click and save the seller's photos for future reference.

One of the current batch of loathesome eBay profiteering re-sellers, who regularly hoovers them up (and does precious little with them, other than take a set of photos and mark up their prices) is the Italian simone00simone. Here's the latest example of his laziness and incompetence - he couldn't even be bothered to sort out the obviously stuck 2 o'clock pusher on this 'head only' he's just sold.

On 29th April, he listed another average condition example, with a typical (for him) inflated 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $350 Euros.

Seiko 7A38-7270 vintage quartz chronograph

Wonderful Seiko 7A38-7270 vintage cronograph sport 100 in beautiful aesthetic condition, the watch was checked by a watchmaker, the new battery was inserted and works perfectly, perfect chronograph, perfect buttons, perfect date change.

Contact me for any information, I emphasize that I do not accept for any reason the return, any customs fees will be charged to the buyer.

I didn't have time to check back through my photo folders, to compare case-back serial numbers, but knowing Simone's modus operandi, I suspect like many of the watches he re-sells for profit, he probably picked it up off eBay Germany for less than half the price he was asking. It became academic anyway, when he ended the listing (as he frequently does) because of an error, a couple of days later.

But this time, he didn't re-list it - indicating that he'd probably sold it off eBay, in response to a 'back door' offer, which he's sometimes not averse to accepting. If you've read my previous posts in this thread (and elsewhere), then you'll already be aware that there are other would-be profiteering re-sellers, besides Simone, who regularly use 'back door offer' tactics to obtain their supply of watches for resale ....

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Here is the same stainless 7A38-7270, case-back serial number 812368, which was listed yesterday by the Cypriot eBay seller hattori_cy, with an even further inflated 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $680 and no option to make an offer.

Vintage SEIKO 7a38-7270 in Great Condition.

- Here is your chance to get one of the best 7a38 models in great condition, the 7a38-7270.

- Everything on the watch is Original and Authentic to the watch.

- The watch has been serviced by a Seiko specialist watchsmith.

- All the seals and gaskets has been replaced using original seiko parts, also use the movement has been lubricated with original seiko lubricant.

- All the functions are working like new: Pushers, chronograph.

- Scratch free original Seiko crystal.

- Few minor scratches on the rest of the watch as you can see from the photos.

- It has a new high quality (Japan) battery.

- Full length original bracelet.

Please look at the photos because they are also part of the description.

Returns not accepted, unless the watch does not match the description.

I've purposely changed the order of his photos slightly. I'll say now, that in my opinion, the last two shots of the watch above, partly dismantled, show no genuine evidence that this watch has been properly stripped and serviced. Two pots of Seiko silicone grease and a smear or two on the workmat mean nothing. He claims that 'All the seals and gaskets has been replaced using original seiko parts.' But perhaps not the correct parts. Zooming in on his photo, that case-back gasket appears to be a generic O-ring section. His alleged 'Seiko specialist watchsmith' may have fitted a replacement Sony battery of the correct size (a #394 equivalent, versus the previous under-sized #399) but if you compare the alignment of the slotted heads of the 7 back-plate retaining screws, they're all in exactly the same positions as they were in Simone's photo, which seems a remarkable coincidence. 

Let me rephrase the second sentence of the description for him slightly:

Here is your chance (if you're foolish enough) to get ripped off by one of the greediest of the current batch of would-be profiteering eBay re-sellers (scum). 

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Here's the latest example of blatant profiteering and wilfully underhanded tactics by Cypriot eBay seller hattori_cy. Earlier this afternoon, he listed a 7A38-706A, with a typically ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $735.

SEIKO 7a38-706A JAMES BOND Style

- 100% Original & Authentic Seiko 7a38-706A in Stunning Condition.

- The watch has been maintained by a Seiko Specialist watchsmith.

- All seals has been changed (Pushers and Case back).

- Brand new Original Seiko Crystal.

- Brand new high quality Japan (SONY) battery installed.

- All functions are working perfectly, chronograph starts stops and resets without any problem.

- Unpolished / Untouched Case, few marks & scratches on bracelet and case.

- Full length Original Bracelet (8+inches).

- Month/Year of Production: June 1986.

- James Bond Style with Day/date compilation.

- All of my watches are been maintained and look after by a Seiko specialist watchsmith.

- Please look at the photos because they are part of the description.

- Contact me if you have any more questions.

Returns not accepted, unless the watch does not match the description.

Here's where he bought back-doored it off eBay Germany last month:

Has to be said, the German eBay seller's listing title and photos weren't the best.

Ein Seiko Quarzuhr mit Chronograf, Ref. 7A38-706A. Die Uhr läuft, alle Funktionen intakt. Zeiger springen auch auf „Null“. Gebraucht mit Tragespuren. Edelstahlgehäuse Ø 38 mm, 11 mm hoch. Verschicke als Übergabeeinschreiben für 5,50€ in Deutschland, Ausland bitte vorher fragen. Keine Garantie oder Rücknahme, da dies ein rein privater Verkauf ist.

He had listed it as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of just 1 Euro. Bidding had admittedly been slack, - the (Cancelled) Bid History reveals that the then high bidder had only bid a maximum of 10.24 Euros. With the auction less than 30 hours old and quite probably much more interest to come, our Cypriot 'friend' decided to intervene and made the seller a 'back door' offer. At which point the German eBay seller ended the listing, cancelling the two bids in the process.

Of course, I have absolutely no idea what price hattori_cy may have paid him, but here's another 7A38-706A, in similar condition, which was listed on eBay Germany a little over a week ago, with a very reasonable Buy-it-Now price of 180 Euros. However, it didn't sell for that, but instead a presumably lower best offer.

Here's the more recent German eBay seller's photos and description:

Seiko 7A38 - 706A Chronograph in dunkel blau, Service 06/19 in voll funktionfähigen Zustand mit Service vom Juni.2019 (Reinigung des Werkes und Ölen an den relevanten Stellen mit Moebius Quarzöl 9000)

Getragener jedoch guter Zustand mit leichten Tragespuren/Kratzern an Gehäuse / Boden / Lünette und Armband.

Seiko Edelstahlarmband SQ passend zur Uhr mit einer Innenlänge von ca. 18,5 cm

Zifferblatt, Lume, Zeiger haben leichte Patina (siehe Bilder)

Drücker mit guten Drückpunkt und einwandfreier funktion.

Glas neuwertig ohne Kratzer und Batterie natürlich neu.

Alle funktionen der Uhr arbeiten einwandfrei. (Datum-Wochentagstellung, Uhrzeit, Chronograph inkl. Reset auf 12 Uhr alle Zeiger)

Großer Reset (Drücker unten rechts 2 Sek.) natürlich auch mit einer Zeigerdrehung der großen,-kleinen Sekunde und kl. Minute auf 12 Uhr.

Ohne Seiko Box !

Bitte bedenken Sie, dass es sich um eine gebrauchte Uhr handelt, welche nicht auf Wasserdichtheit getestet wurde.

Auch bedenken Sie bitte, dass es keine neue Uhr ist und über die viele Jahre getragen wurde (nicht von mir) welches sich auf den allgemeinen Zustand auswirkt d.h. Kratzer an diversen stellen Gehäuse (auch Goldabrieb), Boden, Lünette, Armband (auch stretch an diesem) Versendet wird ausschließlich mit DHL als Paket mit Sendungsverfolgung.

Kein Versand and DHL Packstation.

Da es sich hierbei um eine private Auktion handelt, übernehme ich keine Garantie und Gewährleistung. Ein Umtausch ist nicht möglich.

As readers may have gathered, I do enjoy a bit of online detective work. 

Here's where it starts to get rather more interesting. 

If you zoom in on the case-back of greedy would-be profiteering eBay re-seller hattori_cy's penultimate photo, you'll see it carries s/n 668112, which matches that of the 7A38-706A which he 'back-doored' off eBay Germany on 19th June.

However, the watch he's selling appears to be in slightly better overall cosmetic condition than that one was. Now compare his with the photos of the 7A38-706A that sold on eBay Germany on 7th July. Ignore the only partially visible case-back serial number 5O15.. for the time being. ;)

That eBay listing was only live for just over half an hour at lunchtime on Sunday 7th July, during which time it received a mere 11 views, before being sold for a best offer to a persistent buyer after this third offer (in under a minute).

Checking the eBay Purchase History ....

.... reveals the abbreviated encrypted eBay ID was y***h (170), which can only be Cypriot eBay re-seller hattori_cy (also feedback 170) - meaning he bought both of them ! :o I strongly suspect that the 7A38-706A that he currently has for sale is the more recent one, with the case-back swapped over from the previous. Presumably the other one will reappear on eBay in due course. In the meantime he has every opportunity to swap their case-backs over again. If you're considering making him an offer, I would recommend exercising extreme caution.

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But all it ever takes is one mug punter to hit the Buy-it-Now button.

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