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Speaking of greedy (and often dishonest) would-be profiteering eBay re-sellers, this morning that other extremely irksome seller, hattori_cy listed an allegedly 'Perfect' 7A38-7029, with an almost laughable 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy it-Now price of $800.

Vintage SEIKO 7a38 - 7029 Royal Oak in Perfect Condition

- This is one of the most collectible Seiko watches, the 7a38 - 7029 ROYAL OAK in Perfect Condition.

- The watch is 100% Original and authentic.

- The watch has been maintained by a Seiko specialist watchsmith.

- All the factions are working flawlessly (Pushers, chronograph, time). Keeps perfect time.

- New Original Japan (Sony) Battery installed.

- Full length (8+ inches) original bracelet.

Please look at the photos because they are part of the description.

Contact me if you have any more questions.

Returns not accepted, unless the watch does not match the description.

I guess he will be accepting returns (if anybody is stupid enough to pay that price), because the watch most certainly does not match the description. To start with the bracelet is not 'original and authentic' for this model, but one off another Seiko.

If you check out the last page of this thread, you'll see I've documented a few stainless 7A38-7020's fitted with similar incorrect replacement bracelets.

I haven't yet Identified where (or when) he bought this one, but I'm working on it. You can guarantee he paid a fraction of his grossly inflated asking price. 

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I'm clearly not keeping a close enough watching eye on these greedy profiteering eBay re-sellers. Scrolling through my watching page, I'd previously failed to notice that Cypriot eBay seller hattori-cy found a mug punter buyer in less than a week !!

No great surprise, once again, the unfortunate victim was a zero-feedback newbie.

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Although they've been the prime culprits this year, profiteering eBay re-sellers simone00simone and hattori_cy certainly aren't alone in their loathesome ways. The practice of deliberately buying Seiko 7Axx's to re-sell for fast buck profits is spreading like wildfire as more and more speculators jump on the bandwagon.

It's not always possible to prove conclusively (even if you can remember seeing a specific watch sell before). The case is easily proven when you're able to match the case-back serial numbers. Of course, some re-sellers think they're being smart by not showing a photo of the case-back, or deliberately obscuring the serial number. Sometimes it's just too obvious - as in this instance.

This NOS gold-tone 7A38-7270 SAA096J was listed in October by Spanish eBay seller walton-willer, with a somewhat over-optimistic Buy-it-Now price of 375 Euros. There was also the option to make an offer.

NOS New Seiko 7A38-7270 quartz Chronograph quartz date vintage 37 mm watch

The listing was live for just over a week, during which time it received nearly 250 views, before the seller ended the listing as item no longer available.

I'd actually made a lowball offer on it during the first couple of days, which the seller quite rightfully rejected. I wasn't that bothered particularly, because I already have a decent example and this one, although NOS had several small spots of tarnishing of the gold plating, particularly on and around the bezel.

So what should turn up in my eBay saved search notifications this morning ? The very same NOS gold-tone 7A38-7270, listed by a would-be profiteering US eBay seller europa-2015 as a 7-day auction, with a risible opening bid price of $799 !!

Up for sale is an amazingly beautiful vintage NOS example of SEIKO 7a38-7270. 

It is a JDM (Japanese domestic market) version of the watch in NEW OLD STOCK condition with box and tags attached.

Japanese ref. number is: SAA096J.

The watch was manufactured in 1988 and has been stored and kept since. It runs and keeps good time. 

- Beautiful NOS condition.

- Comes with original box and tags attached

- Legendary 7a38 movement runs great and keeps good time

- Chronograph works perfectly and resets as it should

- New battery installed recently 

There are couple of tiny (almost microscopic) marks on the caseback from when it was opened for battery exchange.

Sold as is. What you see is what you get. 

The watch is located in Manhattan, NYC.

If you have any questions, let me know. 

Thank you and happy bidding!

1) It's not a JDM model. :roll:

2) There's no photo of the case-back. Quelle surprise.

3) Same box. Same tag, tied in the same place. Same small spots of tarnishing. ;)

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Earlier today I sent the eBay seller a tongue-in-cheek message. :P He's just replied:

Quelle surprise. :roll: He attached 3 photos with the serial number obscured.

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Would-be profiteering US eBay seller europa-2015 has unsuccessfully listed that NOS gold-tone 7A38-7270 twice now, both times as 7-day auction listings - initially with that ludicrous opening bid price of $799, subsequently reduced to $649 - with the same predictable outcome. This morning he re-listed it again, as another 7-day auction, with the opening bid price further reduced to $599 - and the arbitrary shuffling of photos, presumably intended to confuse unwary mug punters. :roll:

However, I appear to have overlooked something when I first posted about it two weeks ago. When I'd written this in my initial post: 

The listing was live for just over a week, during which time it received nearly 250 views, before the seller ended the listing as item no longer available.

I'd forgotten that the Spanish eBay seller walton-willer had subsequently listed it at least half a dozen times more, in parallel to their original listing, across multiple eBay domains. I'd only added their original listing to my watching page. :roll:

This afternoon, I ran a search on on completed listings and the result showed that profiteering US eBay re-seller europa-2015 had actually bought it for a best offer against one of those other listings (specifically

Following the true selling price link from the bottom item reveals he paid $419:

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I hadn't bothered adding any updates to the saga of this gold-tone 7A38-7270 over Christmas. The would-be profiteering US re-seller europa-2015 had re-listed it again on Christmas Eve, initially at the same reduced 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $599, which he subsequently reduced to $529.

He ended that re-listing as allegedly item no longer available on 28th December.

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Here's a classic case of unashamed greed by a profiteering German eBay re-seller m.a.k.2979, who's come up on my radar a couple of times recently. This morning, he listed a well-worn gold-tone 7A38-7270, with a risible 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 249 Euros, without the option to make an offer.

Aus gepflegtem Sammlerbestand Rarität. 

###Vor dem einpacken werden meine Uhren nochmals mit Sterillium® desinfiziert.### 

Eine seltene Seiko 7A38-7270 Vintage Quartz Chronograph Speedmaster aus Japan Made 1987. 

Die Uhr ist 33 Jahre alt, laut Seriennummer ist es gebaut worden im September 1987. 

Hochwertige Ganggenaue Quartz Uhrwerk mit Werkteilen aus Metall.

Die Seiko's mit Kaliber 7Axx waren die ersten analogen Quarzchronographen (alle Quarzchronographen waren bis dahin digital). 

Die Uhr läuft einwandfrei und hält die Zeit.

Alle Zeiger arbeiten wie sie sollen, siehe Bilder Chronograph funktioniert auch.

Chronograph Reset nullt auch vollständig.

Selbsttest funktioniert auch wo alle Zeiger sich einmal komplett drehen, rechter unterer Drücker gedrückt halten. 

Gebraucht mit altersbedingten Gebrauchsspuren, Tragespuren. Goldabrieb am Gehäuse und am Armband starkes Goldabrieb.

Das Glas ist in schönen Zustand.

Das goldene Ziffernblatt sieht noch herrlich aus. 

Die Drucker wurden ausgebaut gereinigt und haben guten Druckpunkt. 

Mit Originalen Modelgenauen Seiko Edelstahlarmband lang. 

Band und Gehäuse wurden gereinigt und desinfiziert. 

Qualitäts Markenbatterie und Boden Dichtung wurden erneuert 05/2020. 

Wegen des hohen Alters ist die Wasserdichtigkeit NICHT mehr gewährleistet. 

Weitere Zustand siehe bitte Bilder.

Bilder sind Bestandteil dieses Angebots. 

Markennamen sind Eigentum der Rechteinhaber,

dient lediglich zur Beschreibung der angebotenen Artikels ! 

Versand nur innerhalb Deutschland und EU mit Sendungsnummer zur Nachverfolgung !

Weltweiter Versand bitte vorher erfragen. 

!!! Versand nach Großbritannien !!!

Für den Versand in die EU-Ausnahmegebiete Alderney, Guernsey, Herm,

Jersey, Jethou und Sark gelten gesonderte Versandbedingungen und kostet 30€ der Versand.

Nach dem Kauf nicht sofort zahlen, erst mich kontaktieren. 

Beim Versand außerhalb der EU entstehen möglicherweise Einfuhrabgaben diese trägt der Käufer, bitte informieren Sie sich vorher. 

Bitte beachten !! 

Das neue Gewährleistungsrecht seit Anfang 2002 zwingt mich dazu, folgende Angaben zu machen. Als Privatperson schließe ich sämtliche Garantie und Gewährleistung aus. Der von mir angebotenen Artikel ist so gut wie es geht, beschrieben. Der Artikel wird "so wie er abgebildet ist" von privat verkauft, dies bedeutet: mit der Abgabe eines Gebotes erklärt sich der Bieter ausdrücklich damit einverstanden, auf Gewährleistung, Garantie, Rückgaberecht und Umtausch zu verzichten.Sie verpflichten sich zur Abnahme des Artikels, erkennen dies als Vertrag an und haben diese Ausschreibung vollständig und aufmerksam durchgelesen.Für Transportschäden und Verlust der Ware beim Versand haftet der Käufer. Bitte, bieten sie nicht, wenn Sie mit dem oben genannten nicht einverstanden sind. Fragen zu einem Artikel beantworte ich gern. 

---------------------English Translation----------------------- 

From well-kept collectors rarity. 

### Before packing, my watches are disinfected again with Sterillium®. ### 

A rare Seiko 7A38-7270 Vintage Quartz Chronograph Speedmaster made in Japan in 1987 in an original Seiko collector's watch box. 

The watch is 33 years old, according to the serial number it was built in September 1987. 

The watch glass was renewed by my watchmaker and is scratch-free. 

High quality accurate quartz movement with metal parts.

The Seiko's with caliber 7Axx were the first analog quartz chronographs (all quartz chronographs were digital until then). 

The clock runs perfectly and keeps the time.

All hands work as they should, see pictures Chronograph also works.

Chronograph reset also zeros completely.

Self-test also works where all hands turn completely once, hold down the right lower button. 

Used with age-related signs of wear, signs of wear. Gold abrasion on the case and bracelet strong gold abrasion.

The glass is in nice condition.

The golden dial still looks wonderful. 

The Pusher's have been removed and cleaned and have a good pressure point. 

With original model-exact Seiko stainless steel bracelet long. 

The strap and housing have been cleaned and disinfected. 

Quality branded battery and floor seal were renewed 05/2020. 

Because of the age, waterproofness is no longer guaranteed. 

Further condition please see pictures.

Pictures are part of this offer. 

Brand names are the property of the copyright holders, only serves to describe the offered article! 

Shipping only within Germany and EU with tracking number for tracking!

Please ask for worldwide shipping in advance. 

!! Shipping to the UK !

For shipping to the EU exception areas Alderney, Guernsey, Herm,

Jersey, Jethou and Sark have separate shipping terms and cost € 30 shipping.

Don't pay immediately after purchase, contact me first. 

Shipping outside the EU may incur import taxes, which the buyer bears, please inform yourself beforehand. 

Please note !! 

The new warranty right since the beginning of 2002 forces me to provide the following information. As a private individual, I exclude all warranty and warranty. The article I offer is as good as it is described. The article is sold "as it is" by private, this means: with the submission of a bid, the bidder expressly agrees to waive warranty, guarantee, return and exchange. You agree to the acceptance of the article, recognize this as a contract and have read this tender completely and carefully. For transport damage and loss of goods during shipping, the buyer is liable. Please, do not bid, if you disagree with the above. I like to answer questions about an article.

The same well-worn gold tone 7A38-7270, case-back s/n 790208, was previously listed by another German eBay seller, in the first week of May, as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of 24.90 Euros (which coincidentally, is a tenth of the current would-be profiteering re-seller's asking price):

Seiko Herren Uhr 7A38-7270 Herrenuhr Chronograph


Seiko Herren Uhr 7A38-7270 Herrenuhr Chronograph. Zustand: Gebraucht, sehen Sie Fotos. Uhr läuft, wie genau nicht geprüft, leider Chronograph funktioniert nicht. Ich verkaufe als Defekt. Versand mit DHL Paket bis 2 kg. 

Mehrere Artikel ein Versand.Das ist ein Privatverkauf, jegliche Gewährleistung schlisse ich aus,keine Garantie oder Rückgabe.

It sold for 35.90 Euros after 7 bids. The winning bidder was of course m.a.k.2979.

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