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Given the cheap, sometimes decidedly flimsy, folded link construction of many of the bracelets fitted by Seiko to certain 7Axx models, it's not surprising that a lot of them haven't stood the test of time - or 35 years of neglect and abuse. Stocks of the correct original / service replacement bracelets have long since sold out. So it's not unusual to see 7Axx's listed on eBay fitted with another replacement bracelet, which may be just a random 'generic' (the 20mm 'Feiko' is a favourite), or something that looks similar-ish, to help make the sale. Honest sellers will usually declare fitment of non-original bracelets in their descriptions. Others don't - either falsely claiming that the bracelet is 'Original Seiko' (which it may possibly well be - just not original to that particular Seiko model) or simply by saying nothing. For the last few years, I've flagged up most flagrant examples of such deliberate deception in this thread:

Yet another 7Axx on an undisclosed non-original bracelet ....

Admittedly I haven't updated it in 10 months. Trust me - it's still going on. I simply don't have the time to keep constantly adding updates - and frankly sometimes the incorrect replacement bracelets fitted by some sellers are so blatantly obviously wrong, it's hardly worth mentioning.

Recently, I've noticed a new trend, where certain dishonest eBay sellers are listing separately what are obviously incorrect bracelets, falsely claiming that they are meant for specific 7Axx models. Here's the first couple of examples.

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This one was listed by a keyword spamming Italian eBay seller, just over a week ago, with a 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 199 Euros, or option to make offer.

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Seiko Bracelet Genuine For 7A38 7270 James Bond Vintage Quartz Chronograph RARE. La condizione Usato.

As with any further such fraudulent listings that I may cite, in future in this thread, I'm only going to bother uploading a couple of the seller's photos.

Those of you familiar with the stainless 7A38-7270 will immediately spot that the links are too flat. If you're not, then I recommend you run a search on the forum. Although there isn't a dedicated 7A38-xxxx model specific thread, there are plenty of other photos of that model, showing the correct Seiko p/n B1615S bracelet.

At first sighting I thought it bore a passing resemblence to the locally produced bracelets, stamped with p/n A101, fitted to the Brazilian-made ZFM 7A38-7275.

But upon subsequently checking my photo folders, it doesn't really.

As you can see, the end fixing tubes are stamped G1195. So it's genuine Seiko, but I have absolutely no idea what model it's off.

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This aberration was listed in the early hours of this morning, by a US eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of $149.99, or the option to Buy-it-Now for an absolutely ludicrous $300 for anybody stupid enough to fall for this scam.

VERY RARE & MINT Vintage Seiko 7a38 7000 Mens Chronograph Watch Bracelet Band! Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

The seller claims it's for a 7A38-7000. Well, it's stainless, with black interconnecting links. He also states its condition as 'MINT'. Looking at the photo below, showing the amount of stretch between the links and loss of black paint, that's obviously a long way from the truth. But it gets better (or should I say worse) ....

This bracelet may be fitted with a Seiko clasp (one I recognise from later 7T32's), but if you zoom in on the very top of his last photo, you'll see the bracelet fixing tube is stamped not with a Seiko part number, but Speidel:o

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