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The Seiko folded link construction bracelets used on a number of 7Axx's are some of the worst for trapping wrist cheese - especially in their removable adjustment links. This, along with sweat and microscopic metal filings from rubbing wear between the links, if left long enough, can turn into a kind of malignant black concretion, which not only looks disgusting, but is probably hazardous to health.

With more than usual time on my hands, because of the Covid-19 Lockdown, I've started making some headway into my stack of unfinished (and some unstarted) resto' projects. One of them is a 7A38-728B with the 'limited edition' UEFA EURO 88 stamped case-back, that I bought off eBay Germany back in September 2018.

Apart from the movement having a few issues, it was best described as being in absolutely filthy condition. The movement has just gone off to Simon ('Sir Alan') for a service. When it comes back, I will be transplanting it into a much better condition two-tone 7A38-7280 watch case and bracelet. But that bracelet is a bit short and needs a few more adjustment links, so I naturally determined the best place to source some would be the watch's original congealed B1627C bracelet.

My ultrasonic cleaner is only a 'cheapie' Silver Crest brand, which I bought from Maplins years ago. It struggles to loosen this level of crud. So I did what I usually do in these circumstances and left the bracelet to soak overnight in undiluted Flash 'Clean & Shine' general purpose cleaning fluid. After a couple of gentle agitations (you can't really call them that), just letting the fluid lap back and forward, as you would developing a photo, this is what it has produced so far.  

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