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As the few of you who have actually bothered looking at this topic may have noticed ....

I'm going to make it up as we go along - as I learn more about how the forum works. :D

Some watches are made to last only as long as they are fashionable. 
Some watches simply aren't made to last.
Seiko watches are designed to withstand the ravages of both time and fashion. Some day, perhaps, all watches will be made this way.
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Apart from keeping the forum very much 'On Topic', as I've written seperately here:

I'd like us to keep it clean-looking, uncluttered and free from distractions.

A couple of us have already tweaked our profiles and added avatars.

The forum software automatically resizes these to a default 80 pixels width.

It would appear that it is also possible to use an animated .gif for an avatar.


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In a similar vein - keeping the forum clean-looking and uncluttered:  Signatures.

As you can see from my first post, I'm still using that slogan from the 1986 TV Seiko advert, which I've used on other watch forums.

It comes from a Ted Bates produced advert, featuring a Titanium Seiko 7A38-7120, and was filmed using a motion control camera. See:

It's also very annoying to keep seeing it pop (by default) every time I post.

That's why I'm unchecking the 'Include my signature' box 99% of the time. :roll:

If you're going to have a signature, please keep it short (maybe to one line),

and please change the font to something different from the default Arial.

There is also the facility to include URL links and photo images in your signature.

Rule # 2 - Until I figure out how to disable it, do not even think about going there.

Thanks, Guys. ;)

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