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Hello Paul.

My name is Mel and I am an old member of the defunct Network54 SCWF - now I was not aware of this forum until recently. I would have joined much, much earlier had I known. I got assistance right away about the Yellow Dial being offered to me. Hope to learn more from the experts.

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Hey all, I'm Mark, a relative newcomer to the world of watches. I've a few mechanical ones (Longines, Omega), some 70/80s Seiko digitals and I've been watching online patiently for a good quality 7A28 to come along. It arrived in the post this afternoon. :)  I'll post some pics in the "Show and Tell" thread shortly...

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Hi All, My name is Tim. Started getting into watches when I was working in Hong Kong a few years ago and had some spare cash: you're not going to start collecting cars or furniture when you're living in an 800 ft2 flat....

Prices were still somewhat reasonable and I was able to pick up a few nice 50s Universal Geneves, a Rolex or two, but as prices started to rise it sucked the enjoyment out of the hobby, so I started looking at Seikos.

Like so many others I found my way to the 7A world through the RAF Gen 1s. Sadly they've gone bezerk too now, but the rest of them are mostly still in the realm of reasonable. Hit the jackpot earlier this year at an auction in Sydney where I picked up two lots totalling 13 7A28s and 7A38s, including an unspotted Vulcan, as described by Paul here. Love the watches and love the community, and many thanks to Paul for sharing his expertise.

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Thanks Paul for getting me registered. I always wanted a high end watch and finally scratched that itch a few years ago. It ended in disappointment with a broken watch and a high repair bill. I didn't like the monopoly that the manufacturer had where only AD could get spare parts. I then bought an Omega Speedmaster and was not impressed with that. The chronograph function just didn't feel like quality, so that's when I switched to Seiko and haven't looked back. I don't have a Seiko Chronograph in the collection yet, but I do have a 7a48 in transit. It wouldn't have been my first choice, but looked such a nice example at a reasonable price I had to have it. I'll post up pics once it arrives.
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