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Here's a pretty horrible ill-thought-out Franken 7Axx, listed earlier this morning by an Italian eBay seller, with a typically laughable 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 220 Euros. It's based on the watch case and bracelet of a two-tone 7A48-5000. The light grey 718L dial / movement is from a 7A38-7260 (or possibly a -7240). Topped off with the case-back from a stainless 7A38-7020 (hence the title). But that's not quite all. The hour and minute hands aren't correct for a 7A38-7260 (they should be black with gold edges). They're off something else again. They've also been fitted slightly out of alignment - as more obviously has the chronograph sweep seconds hand, which is halfway between its marks. :roll:

Seiko 7A38 7020 Chronograph

Quartz Movement

Good conditions

Steel Gold

Very famous for parts in James Bond’s films

Worldwide shipping,for info contact on private or my whatsapp (+39)3892335501

I dunno about anything vaguely resembling this ever appearing in any James Bond films (even as a bit part). Here's an appropriate quote from another movie. :P

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The Italian eBay seller just pulled the listing 10 minutes ago. More than one error, I'd say - that is apart from the inclusion of his contact details.

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I must admit, I was amazed at the speed with which the previous Italian eBay seller pulled that listing. It's back again this morning, re-listed by 'another' Italian seller (almost certainly the same person using a different eBay ID). Price has increased from 220 to 249 Euros and there's a fresh set of photos, but it's clearly the exact same ill-thought out 7A48 / 7A38 Franken - without the 'James Bond', references - except it's now allegedly Ultra Rare and Beatiful (sic). :roll:

Seiko Chrono Quartz da 38mm

Modello Acc e oro

Diametro 38mm

Bracciale originale

Funzionante ed in ottime condizioni

My advice to any foolhardy potential buyer remains exactly the same ....

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Not so much of a 'heads up', because this heavily modified 7A38 is being sold openly as a modified watch. But I couldn't think of anywhere else to post something about it. Last November, forum member Renaud (g.creed) emailed me a link to an Instagram page, belonging to a Japanese watch collector, who uses the slightly unusual handle Animalworship and seems to specialize in modding watches (not just Seikos, either). Whereas I'm not a big fan of Social Media (or the morons that frequent it and slavishly 'follow'), I have to admit there is quite a bit of interesting stuff on his pages: - It's worth a look.

I'll also admit, I did right-click and save a couple of his photos, of a heavily modded 7A38 Franken, using the taupe 703L dial out of a 7A38-7020 / -7029

A week or so later, I emailed Renaud back, telling him that 'Animalworship' had listed one of his modded 7Axx's on Yahoo Japan. Here's the link I included at the time:

It's obviously now long since disappeared, but I remember it wasn't actually a 7A38 Franken, but a modded 7A28 (usual keyword spamming). I didn't save the photos from the YJ listing. I think I may have found evidence of it in his feedback:

【希少】セイコー スピードマスター 7A28-7039 seiko mod カスタム 逆パンダ パンダダイヤル クロノグラフ 7A38 クォーツ 逆輸入

Anyway, yesterday, this same person 'Animalworship' on Instagram, who uses the ID Daisuke971057 on Yahoo Japan, listed the 703L dialed Franken as a 5-day auction with an opening bid price of 128,000 Yen or the option of a 'prompt decision' Buy-it-Now price of 150,000 Yen. That's some serious money for somebody else's cobbled together bitza, no matter how unique it might be. :roll:

Google translates the Japanese description as follows:

Thank you for looking.

Seiko Vintage Speed ​​Master 7 A 38 It is a custom exhibit.

Seiko's 7A movement famous even becoming the world's first military recruitment as the 80's analog quartz.

This exhibition's 7A38 custom is custom made by changing the case unique to the 1980's to a regular lug case based on the gray panda 7A38-7020 dial plate which was manufactured for export.

I use the case of 7A38-706 for the case and the back cover.

Bezel and bezel ring are original of 7A 28-703. The needle is changed to an arrow needle, the center chrono sweep hand is changed to white lollipop.

The normal 7A38-7020 gray panda's calendar is white but I changed it to black calendar.

The display will be in English and Arabic.

Although the bracelet is not a original but a general-purpose item, it has been changed to rivet brace of 20 mm width.

Current situation About 18 cm around the wrist, there is room in the coma.

It is possible to extend about 5 mm in the clasp part, about 2 cm can be reduced, this rivet breath can be removed with screws screws.

Bracelet, back lid, case has small scratches Please confirm the photograph.

Because mineral glass uses a new article, almost no scratches are.

The operation of the chronograph is also good, the battery has been replaced with a new one about two months ago.

The windshield changed the original flat lens to new mineral glass of R.

I feel somewhat blunt at the 4 o'clock position pusher, but I think that it will not hurt to reset the chronograph. Case diameter about 38 mm (excluding crown) Case thickness: about 10 mm

Lug width: 20 mm

There is almost no time deviation.

I think that it is the level of normal quartz.

It becomes one full custom product to the world using 4 rare 7 A series.

It is taking parts for custom parts and it costs about 100,000 or more.

Although it is a digression, the other day I got likes about more than 1000 overseas watch lovers on Instagram.

Since it becomes a custom item, please refrain from the tender of those who wish genuine products, those who wish the completed product such as guarantee etc.

Thank you consider only those who can understand as a custom item.

There are no original parts left over.

It is an exhibition of only this watch.

Please consider waterproof as almost no.

Seiko genuine grease was applied and tightened as it was not noticeable deterioration of packing etc.

I am sorry that the picture is difficult to see, but I think if you have any questions or would like to ask a question.

Since it is a cheap start, I would appreciate your favor with N claim, N return, N cancellation.


Is secondhand goods. Attaching use impression, small scratch. Since it is a vintage custom item, please refrain from the bid of those who are looking for new as well as the more nervous one.

I need your help by no claim & no return & no cancellation.


Bidders with many bad evaluations may cancel the bidding. Please note that I will delete the highest bidder without contact within 24 hours after it makes a successful bid.

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Checking my eBay watching page, I noticed that the Italian eBay seller's allegedly Beatiful (sic) 7A48-5000 / 7A38 Franken sold yesterday evening. But not for his increased 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 249 Euros.'s look up tool reveals it sold for a somewhat lower 150 Euros.

The eBay Purchase History shows that was in fact the only offer he received.

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I make no apologies to Yahoo Japan seller Daisuke971057 (a.k.a. Animalworship on Instagram) for sounding a little sceptical. I somehow doubted that his 7A38 Franken would sell, given his wildly optimistic pricing. The 5-day auction listing ended about an hour ago. A single late placed bid proved me wrong - it sold for the opening bid price of Y128,000 Yen - equivalent to $1138 USD / £870.60 GBP !! Now that is serious money to pay for somebody else's cobbled together Franken ! :o

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Something very strange going on over on Yahoo Japan this morning. 

That much modified 7A38 Franken built by Instagrammer 'Animalworship' and sold only a week ago by YJ seller Daisuke971057 for 128,000 Yen, re-appeared albeit very briefly TWICE on Yahoo Japan auctions, just before midday (UK time) today.

Note the unusual YJ user ID qpq187d4 and opening bid price of only 10,000 Yen.

I started to right-click and save the photos, but as soon as I'd saved the first one, I realized it was 'borrowed' from the previous bona fide listing by Daisuke971057 (but uploaded at only half the size - 600x450 pixels), so didn't bother with the other two. 

5 minutes later, before I even had a chance to take screen grabs, it was gone ! :roll:

Then back again, listed by a different YJ user - levelmc. This time I reacted quicker.

At least with this second one, I managed to get screen prints of the listing ....

Before that too was ended after only 5 minutes of being uploaded ! :o

Previous purchaser suffering from Buyer's Remorse or a nervous scammer ? 

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It's back again this afternoon, listed by a third different Yahoo ID - cho3dos !! :o

I'm presuming it's the same as the previous two, so here's a google translation of this latest listing's somewhat wishy-washy generic Japanese description:

Thank you very much for accessing this auction this time. 

※ Product description, please take a good look at the photographs, thank you for purchasing on the understanding of the product state.

If there are points to worry about, please be sure to contact us. (Please do not contact this page, please contact the line.) ID: ntm 11223)

* I mainly have sent high-brand products etc.

We deal with other items that are exhibiting, so please purchase on line if you wish.

※ We will correspond if there is a message within 5 days after the item arrives.

As long as initial failure, malfunction, shipping fee will be borne here.

I will keep prompt and courteous correspondence in mind, thank you very much.

Two words of advice (in spite of the tantalisingly cheap opening bid price) ....

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That latest listing lasted just over an hour before being pulled !

Belated Postscript.

Checking their feedback, all 3 of those YJ user ID's now show as suspended: (was 164) (was 8 ) (was 208)

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Yesterday evening, an Australian eBay seller newstartfairtrade2012 listed this job lot pairing of a 7A38-702H and 7A38-7029, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of $0.99 Au. By the early hours of this morning, it had already been (shill) bid to $425 Au. The 7A38-7029 is a Franken, fitted with the all-black 722L dial from a stainless 7A38-7270 and has already featured on the previous page of this thread, three times - in February, May and June of this year. The last two auctions by the previous Australian seller jamesjsully12 were clearly both blatantly shilled.

I am selling this pair of very desirable 7a38 sports 100 Also known as “speedmaster” Chronograph. Black full steel and gold two tones steel versions. Both running. Black dial chrono function as it should with hands reset all to zero. Two tone centre chrono second can be a little erratic in pace and often need manual reposition after use. Two tones 1/10 sec and min chronos all work fine, not affect by centre sec. Both runs on time. Both in excellent cosmetic state with original bracelet and plenty of links.

7a38-7029; 7a38-702h.

Please refer to photos for more details.

Shipping in Australia for this lot au 15.00

Here's a copy of my post about of the last shill bid auction from June this year ....

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Seiko7A38 at June 9, 2018 at 6:39 AM

The Australian eBay seller's re-listed 3-day auction for that 7A38-7029 Franken ended in the early hours of this morning. This time it was (shill) bid to $405 Au. after 47 bids. Needless to say 10 of the later bids were placed by another newly created Zero-feedback bidder, who jacked the bidding up from $270 to $400.  But it seems there's always some mug punter fool enough to bid higher.

So why am I so certain it's being shilled this time, despite the different seller ID ? :|
If you check the bidding history on the previous auction, you'll see it was supposedly won by the encrypted bidder ID k***o (1171) Guess who the current high bidder (@ $425 Au) is on this auction is ? k***o (1171) :roll:

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Something of a belated update, though I have a sneaking suspicion that it's rather academic. The 7-day Australian eBay auction, for that job lot pairing, including a very familiar 7A38-7029 Franken, ended earlier this week. Only one more bid was placed, so it theoretically ended up selling for $425 Au. after 7 bids.

Absolutely no surprise as to the identity of the unlucky winning bidder ....

It's k***o (1173) - the same person who won the previous auction, back in June. :roll:

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In closing, I'd omitted to say something about the previous 7A38-7029 Franken. It may have been misrepresented (and was very likely shilled), but as a Franken, it wasn't actually a bad looking watch. I've certainly seen a lot worse. Personally, if I was going to build something along those lines, I wouldn't have used the black 722L dial (from a stainless 7A38-7270). Instead, I'd have used the black 709L dial (from a 7A38-7080). Indeed, I have such a project in the works. I'm just waiting for the right hands. To my mind, building Frankens, whether for sale or for personal enjoyment is all about selection of the right component parts. Get it right and you can end up with a unique watch that Seiko themselves might have (or should) have produced. Get it wrong, by cobbling something together using whatever falls to hand and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

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The 7A38-702x watch case seems to be the  favoured choice as basis for more Frankens than any other. I've built a few using them myself. Here's yet another, listed yesterday evening by an Italian eBay seller, as a 10-day auction, with an opening bid price of 1 Euro - and no takers so far.

Seiko 7a38

cassa che misura circa 39mm

Movimento al quarzo (a batteria)

Ottima tenuta del tempo e cronografia funzionante

Cinturino marchiato Seiko

Spedizione raccomandata

Buona asta a tutti!

Note there's no claim of it being original or any mention of model number in the seller's title or description. Not difficult to recognise as a Franken or to identify its component parts. It's based on a well-worn two-tone 7A38-702H watch case, which has had the gold plating stripped from the bezel, leaving the gold dummy rivets. The black Tachymeter ring is very likely from a stainless 7A38-7020 / -7029, which would have been a better basis. The black Sports 100 dial with grey sub-dials is a 709L from a 7A38-7070 'Diver'. It has the later style white painted hands and black day / date wheels, which would indicate the dial / movement was a straightforward 'drop in'. The non-original bracelet fitted looks like the old favourite p/n Z1357S, which has been fitted with a 7-hole adjustment SQ clasp. Not badly executed, but could have been better. :P

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As I've written many times, I have little (read Zero) time for 'Soshul Meedya' and the hordes of greasy fingered small screen smearing semi-literate morons that frequent it. So you can probably imagine my displeasure when someone emailed me a link to a Reddit post and asked for my opinion on a obvious Franken 7A38.

The thread's here:

[Seiko] 7a38 need help Valuating (see what I mean about literacy ?)

The first post includes this link to an gallery belonging to one PatrickOShea72, who uploaded 4 photos of this horrible 7A38 Franken (presumably belonging to him) 2 days ago.

I'm not about to sign up to Reddit or to post a comment, so here's what I think. This, IMHO, is a prime (bad) example of how to get it wrong through poor choice of components (and execution). The watch case is a well-worn two-tone 7A38-7020, which has been stripped of the gold plating from the bezel. It appears to be fitted with a p/n Z1209C bracelet off a two-tone 7A38-7090. That watch case is much narrower at the lug ends than a 7A38-702x case. The silver / grey / dark blue 'Panda' dial is a 600L from the 7A38-6000 'Diver'. When used in its natural habitat, the minute marks are carried by the chapter ring. The exposed diameter of the dial plate is also considerably smaller. Hence the lack of minute markers in this ill-conceived Franken and the big gap around the outside of the hour batons. The hour and minute hands, with manky lume, are off something else again, as are the sub-dial hands - a very poor choice of black pointers against a dark navy blue background. Personally, I would avoid this one like the plague. As for the appalling 'Man Beads', I guess they must help the wearer to detract from it. :roll:

PS - If anybody else is already signed up to Reddit and wants to reply to that thread, posting a link to this page of our thread, please be my guest. ;)

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That 10-day Italian eBay auction for the 7A38-702H based Franken (with 709L dial) ended yesterday evening, selling for a hefty 251 Euros after 114 bids.

Compared to the prices pukka stainless 7A38-7020 / -7029's achieve nowadays, I suppose it's understandable how someone may have got suckered. I have a strong suspicion that the auction was shilled - in the best Italian tradition. Or at least as high as 240 Euros, anyway. If you check the bidding history, 52 of those 114 bids were placed by 6***. - a bidder with a feedback rating of only (1) and who has 94% activity with the seller. Not conclusive I grant you. Then of couse, all it takes is a genuine bidder or two to outbid the shill. :roll:

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This 7A37 Franken, not quite a 7A38 - (see typo in seller's description), was listed earlier this evening by a German eBay seller, as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of 1 Euro. You can't see the case-back stampings in the seller's photo, but I think it's pretty safe to assume it once was a 7A38-7020. The charcoal grey / black subs 702L dial, with manky lume is from a 7A38-7010, as are the hands and presumably movement. Sehr schöne ist nichts !

Herzlich Willkommen bei dieser Auktion!!!

Zu ersteigern ist hier ein sehr schöner Seiko Chronograph mit dem Werk 7A37. Die Uhr funktioniert ganz normal und hält die Zeit. Alle Funktionen funktionieren. Das Zifferblatt ist schwarz.

Die Uhr ist gebraucht und hat Gebrauchsspuren. Das Glas sieht gut aus. Batterie ist neu.

Kein Versand außerhalb der EU

Dies ist eine Privat Auktion, daher keine Garantie, Umtausch oder Rücknahme.

Mit der Abgabe eines Gebotes erklären Sie sich ausdrücklich damit einverstanden, auf die Ihnen zustehende Sachmängelhaftung (auch Garantie oder Gewährleistung genannt) völlig zu verzichten. Der Bieter akzeptiert außerdem mit seinem Gebot, dass es sich bei dem Angebot um eine Versteigerung im Sinne des § 3 Abs. 5 des Fernabsatzgesetzes handelt. Dies bedeutet für den Höchstbietenden auch, dass gemäß dieses Fernabsatzgesetzes kein Wideruf besteht.

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This deceptively subtle Franken, based on a two-tone 7A38-7270, was listed in the early hours of this morning, by a US eBay seller, with a 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $219. It's also being offered through eBay's dysfunctional GSP program, which potentially adds another $83 bucks to the already over-optimistic price - for anybody in Europe, stupid enough. The seller claims the watch is all original. It's not. It's been fitted with the silvery white 710L dial, hands and presumably the movement, from a stainless 7A38-7190 or 7A38-7280/9. Reading the rest of the seller's innocent sounding description almost adds a touch of plausible deniability. But I've seen this ID lorencressler selling iffy 7A38's before, so to my mind, this is just another typical cock and bull story.

All-original 1988 Seiko 7A38 Chronograph.

Very good working condition with some slight cosmetic wear commensurate with age.

Battery is fresh and was professionally installed.

The new mineral crystal was also installed by a professional watchmaker less than 6 months ago.

Included with the watch are: Plastic Seiko watch box, original mineral crystal, and extra links for original Seiko bracelet.

See pictures for best description of cosmetic condition. I do not know the full service history for this watch; I bought it three years ago and have had it worked on only by a professional watchmaker, once for a battery installation and once for crystal replacement.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

For the benefit of readers who don't know what the correct 723O dial and hands in a two-tone 7A38-7270 should look like, there's currently an original unmolested example listed by another US eBay seller, as an auction, with an opening bid price of $100. It's item # 352549045836. Has to be said though, that the seller's photos are of somewhat variable quality, so here's my almost mint example, which I picked up off eBay Germany in the last week of April (this year) for a mere 72 Euros.

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I note the US eBay seller of that two-tone 7A38-7270 Franken made a few hasty revisions to the listing earlier this evening, including reducing their 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price from $219 to $129. Must have been a typo before. :P

It's not a suggestion - it's a FACT

They've also added these sentences to their description:

NB: I cannot represent this watch as fully original because an ebay user pointed out to me that the dial is not the right dial for this model. I am a small collector and not a Seiko expert. I plan to take the caseback off soon to add movement photos.

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Seiko7A38 at December 16, 2018 at 3:52 PM

This 7A37 Franken, not quite a 7A38 - (see typo in seller's description), was listed earlier this evening by a German eBay seller, as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of 1 Euro. You can't see the case-back stampings in the seller's photo, but I think it's pretty safe to assume it once was a 7A38-7020. The charcoal grey / black subs 703L dial, with manky lume is from a 7A38-7010, as are the hands and presumably movement. Sehr schöne ist nichts !

The 7-day German eBay auction for that 702L* dialed 7A38-7020 Franken ended a couple of minutes ago, selling for a quite incredible 289 Euros after 51 bids. :o The winning bidder (who'd earlier bid 192 Euros) sniped it with 6 seconds to go. Checking the bidding history, it appears the auction was shilled throughout, by no less than 4 different Zero-feedback bidders, the most active of which, placing a total of 17 bids, also recently created, had 100% bidding activity with the seller.

*Errata. Just to show I'm human and prone to making the occasional typo myself ....

I'd accidentally typed 703L (instead of 702L) in my original partially quoted post. I've since corrected it there, but the error still remains in the quote as evidence of my fallibility. Ironic - 703L is of course the correct dial (stub part number) for a 7A38-7020, which this Franken definitely wasn't. :roll:

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