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Seiko7A38 at March 18, 2016 at 7:30 AM

Needless to say, that tatty looking 7A38-6000 listed by the Italian eBay seller went unsold at those stupid asking prices. :roll:

It's since been relisted a couple of times. The current (re)listing has about 4 hours left to run:

The (three) new photos are probably worse than the previous set and certainly don't do the watch any favours. The bracelet has now been fitted with an SQ logo'd clasp, but it's still not the correct type - having only 5 pairs of adjustment holes instead of 7. :roll:

The outcome of that re-listing was fairly predictable. The would-be Italian eBay seller continued to re-list it every 3 days:

On 21st March he reverted to using the original set of photos and changed the format to auction, initially with an opening bid of 279 Euros, which he subsequently reduced to 179 Euros. Still no takers. :( On 24th March he re-listed it a 6th time, again with an opening bid of 179 Euros - then preceded to make a number of revisions to the listing, including changing the title from the previous:

Very rare Seiko sports 100 chronograph ref.7a38 6000 blue panda Giugiaro to....


..... and eventually uploading a total of 5 new photos, most of which which were actually in focus ! :lol:

That was enough to attract an initial bidder by yesterday evening. That person's bid was sniped in the closing seconds, when the auction ended late this morning. It finally sold for 182 Euros (approx. £143.64) after those 2 bids.

A far cry from the seller's original 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 549 Euros, three weeks ago. :roll:

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This rather dog-eared looking 7A38-6000, fitted with a generic 'ND Limits' rubber dive strap was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today.

Google translates the Japanese seller's formatted descriptoin as follows:

The seller is clearly a master of understatement. :roll: Another tatty example in dire need of a replacement bezel (and crystal). :(

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The above Yahoo Japan auction for that tatty 7A38-6000 fitted with a rubber dive strap ended about half an hour ago. The auction was automatically extended by 10 minutes at least twice due to late bids placed (then I lost track). It finally sold for 15,500 yen (equivalent to approx $138.65 USD / £96.25 GBP after 29 bids.

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Another 7A38-6000 appeared on eBay Italy yesterday afternoon, with an opening bid price of 1 Euro.

The seller has only uploaded two photos; his brief description simply reads: Seiko chronograph working condition.

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That 7-day Italian eBay auction for a 7A38-6000 ended yesterday afternoon, selling for 207 Euros (approx. £164) after 43 bids.

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Although I find his eBay / Yahoo Japan re-selling activities frankly annoying (and often quite pointless exercises), I must admit that Japanese re-seller l_h_m_m frequently raises a knowing smile and a chuckle - simply by his sheer ineptitude and predictability. :roll:

Yesterday, a 7A38-6000 with a very tatty bezel, fitted with a cheap generic replacement stainless bracelet appeared on eBay.

 Welcome to my auction :)


Product : Vintage SEIKO Quartz Chronograph Sports 100 7A38-6000 

Movement. & Movement No : Quartz Battery. Cal.7A38 

Case Serial Number : 4N1068 

Material of Case : ST Steel 

Dial Color : Silver 

Case Size : 37mm (with out crown) 

The length of the belt : 19cm

Band Material Types : ST.Steel 

Working condition : Perfectly working. In new battery. 

Condition of Case : A little bit of scratch

Condition of Case back : A little bit of scratch

Condition of Bezel :A Many scratches

Condition of Dial :No scratches

Condition of Hands :No scratches

Condition of Crown :A Very little bit of scratch

Condition of Glass :A Many scratches

Condition of Band : Brand new after market stainless steel band. 

Please look at the pictures for more detail. 

Manufacturer Warranty :NO.

Instruction Manual :NO.

SEIKO Gray box.(Not Original Box) 

100% Genuine Seiko. 

I'm sorry. Bid early termination won't be accepted.

[ International Buyers – Caution ] 

Watch at your destination of tariff does not send to the country of prohibited goods. 

[ Payment ] 

PayPal only.

Payment must be received within 7 Days of the close of transaction. 

If there is a problem with the goods, you can depending on the return if within 14 days from arrival. In that case, the purchaser, please pay the mailing cost. 

[ Shipping ] 

Worldwide. All area - $13.00 Only

combination Shipping cost No charge. 

International EMS Global Express from Japan.

The processing time for international shipment is generally 7-14 business days to most other countries.

Shipment will be made after the payment is confirmed.

Shipping the next day of payment ! 

Thank you for reading!

Other item exhibited. Please visit my auction !

Search seller: lonto4271_6h4dgvu

Instagram : LDC_WATCHES_LON0219

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Seiko7A38 at April 24, 2016 at 11:17 AM

The above Yahoo Japan auction for that tatty 7A38-6000 fitted with a rubber dive strap ended about half an hour ago. The auction was automatically extended by 10 minutes at least twice due to late bids placed (then I lost track). It finally sold for 15,500 yen (equivalent to approx $138.65 USD / £96.25 GBP after 29 bids.

This is of course the same 7A38-6000 s/n 4N1068 which sold on Yahoo Japan for 15,500 Yen (approx. $138.65) in on 24th April, as documented in a couple of posts higher up this page. All he appears do have done with it, is cleaned the crud from around the edge of the bezel inlay and fitted a cheap and nastly bracelet in place of the rubber dive strap. Anyone else trying to disguise or re-sell such a watch for profit would have replaced the scratched crystal and possibly the bezel (if only swapping the insert for an after-market black one). But not l_h_m_m.* He's demonstrated his complete lack of ability at performing such simple tasks on previous occasions. :roll: What he hopes to achieve by this latest 'Coals to Newcastle' exercise is beyond me - but then he's proven me wrong before. :/

*Incidentally, since Yahoo Japan upped their encryption of bidder ID's in the last couple of months, I've had difficulty tracking Lonto's activities. I'm not sure if he's changed his YJ user ID (which used to show in encrypted form as l_h*****), but he's now _*Y*8*** (388).

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Japanese re-seller l_h_m_m / Lonto's eBay auction for that tatty-looking ex-Yahoo Japan 7A38-6000, which he'd fitted with a cheap generic after-market bracelet, ended about 15 minutes ago. It sold for $205.50 after 41 bids, making himself a small profit on the YJ purchase price (equivalent to $138.65). Has to be said, it really makes you wonder why he bothers sometimes. :/

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While still half asleep, first thing this morning, I ran a quick worldwide search on 'Seiko 7A38' and had to do a double take ....

I thought for a moment he'd re-listed it. :o

Turns out that the other listing had been created yesterday, by a zero-feedback Italian eBay seller, using (a poor copy of) Lonto's primary image and also that from the previous recently ended listing on eBay Italy as the second photo. One presumes that the third image is an actual photo of the 7A38-6000 offered for sale. Regardless, the 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now asking price of 500 Euros should be enough to deter even the most inexperienced and foolhardy of buyers. :roll:

Rare Seiko Diver Chronograph Quartz Sports 100 - 7A28-7040 Vintage 1983 serviced 


Se avete intenzione di comprare l'orologio per favore CONTATTATEMI al 338.4678118 vi portò dare tutte le informazioni che volete.

I also assumed that the first line of the would-be seller's incorrect description was copied from another eBay listing ....

Didn't take long to find it. It's copied from the title of this tired-looking 7A28-7040 listed by another over-optimistic Italian seller:

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I can see we're in for some 'fun and games' with this newbie Zero-feedback Italian eBay seller federiccurz0

Earlier today he ended the above supposedly 30-day listing after only a couple of days - for the obvious reason(s):

No great surprise, 5 minutes later he'd re-listed it.

You'd have expected he'd taken the opportunity to rectify the borrowed stolen photos and (copying) error in the description. :|

But No.  All he'd done was reduce his 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price from 500 to 400 Euros. Otherwise exactly as previous. 

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The above 30-day listing ended over a week ago - not surprisingly unsold and at the time of writing hasn't since been re-listed.

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Here's a tidy-looking used example of a 7A38-6000 that was listed yesterday evening by a Germany eBay seller.


SEIKO Chronograph SPORTS 100 Midsize Unisex DayDate Unisex 80er TOP & RARE

Zur Auktion biete ich einen Unisex Edelstahl Sport- Chronographen an: 

Hersteller: SEIKO

Model: 7A38 600L 

Massives Edelstahlgehäuse in schöner zeittypischer Form.

Hellgraues Zifferblatt mit erhabenen Chromindexen, schwarz ausgelegten Totalisatoren mit weißen Zahlen! Schräg angesetzte feine weiße Minuterie – siehe Bilder!

Matt schwarze Zeiger mit Leuchtmasse belegt und mattschwarzer Sekundenzähler!

30 Min. Totalisator, 1/10 Sek. Totalisator, mitlaufende Sekundenanzeige. 

Zifferblatt gemarkt mit schwarzen SEIKO Schriftzug, Quartz, Chronograph, SPORTS 100, 7A38 600L, Japan. 

Tag und Datum bei „3“ 

Blau ausgelegte, beidseitig drehbare Lünette! 

Verschraubter Boden, gemarkt und Ident Nr. 

Das Original SEIKO massive Edelstahlband mit gemarkter Faltschließe – siehe Bilder. 

Max. Breite ohne Drücker ca. 39 mm, Länge ca. 45 mm und max. Höhe ca. 10 mm

Die Uhr befindet sich in ungetragem Sammler-Zustand sg. New Old Stock mit minimalen zeittypischen Lagerspuren - siehe Bilder! 

Das Quartz Werk und alle Funktionen arbeiten einwandfrei! 

Breite ca. 37 mm, Länge ca. 42 mm, Höhe ca. 11 mm. 

Diese Uhr befindet sich in sehr schönen Original Zustand und wurde pfleglich getragen! 

Einwandfreie Funktion!

eine Uhr zur Ergänzung einer außergewöhnlichen Sammlung sowie zum täglichen tragen

sowohl für Herren als auch durch die angenehme Größe ein Kultobjekt an einem Damen Handgelenk! 

Etwas für Kenner und Sammler!

There are a couple of obvious errors in the description.

Firstly, the seller has quoted the 7A38 600L dial part number, rather than the 7A38-6000 case-back model number.

There are two sets of dimensions quoted; the second (smaller) set: 37mm diameter by 11mm deep being the correct one.

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The above German eBay auction for a 7A38-6000 ended a few moments ago, selling for 269 Euros (approx. £229) after 28 bids.

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What is it with Italian eBay sellers ? :/ They really are a bunch of comedians - but not in the slightest bit funny. :roll:

This tatty 7A38-6000 was listed yesterday by another comico. As soon as I looked at the photos it was all too familiar.


Very very rare Seiko 7a38 6000

Perfect work without box or paper

All original all stainless steel

If you want any pictures or other questions please me contact

We shipped worldwide with tracking.

Need 7/30 business days Europe/worldwide.

Apart from the badly scratched and dinged bezel insert, it's fitted with an incorrect 5-hole SQ clasp cover. In case you don't recognise it, just scroll back up to the top of this page (the saga started on page 4). Although I can't prove it conclusively (both their case-back serial numbers end in 99), I think I can confidently state that this is the same 7A38-6000 that finally sold in March for 182 Euros.

Funnily enough, the previous Italian seller started off by asking a risible 549 Euros. :roll:

Belated edit: This 30-day listing by a would-be profiteering Italian re-seller was ended early - a fortnight or so later.

Presumably the error in the listing was the ridiculously over-optimistic Buy-it-Now price. :roll:

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Seiko7A38 at July 1, 2016 at 4:55 AM

The above 30-day listing ended over a week ago - not surprisingly unsold and at the time of writing hasn't since been re-listed.

It's back again. :roll: Still using the same 'borrowed' primary image, but with 4 different photos (of distinctly variable quality) of what is presumably the 7A38-6000 he has for sale. The Buy-it-Now price is now up to 550 Euros. I think the outcome is fairly predictable. :lol:

Seiko Chronograph Quartz Sports 100 - Vintage 1983

FUNZIONANTE. Per qualsiasi informazione contattatemi al 338.4678118

Referenza 7A38-6000

Carica Automatico

Materiale della cassa Acciaio

Materiale cinturino Alluminio

Anno 1983

Condizione 2 (buono)

Sesso Orologio da uomo/Unisex

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This head only 7A38-6000, it has to be said in dire need of a replacement bezel and crystal, was listed on eBay a couple of days ago by a German seller, as a job lot with two others: a 7A38-704C and a stainless 7A38-7020 - all of unknown functionality.


Modell 1 – 7A38 6000.

Modell 2 (schwarz) – 7A38 704C. Band in orig. Länge - die beiden Stege nebst Krallen für Fixierung am Gehäuse sind vorhanden. Bei der Uhr fehlt das Glas!

Modell 3 – 7A38. Es fehlt die Bandschließe sowie das eine Band-Endstück zum Schliessenende. 

Die Uhren sind ungeprüft und werden daher ausdrücklich alsTeileträger/Bastlerware verkauft. 

Bilder sind Bestandteil der Auktion. K E I N SOFORTKAUF !!! Viel Spaß beim Bieten. 

Versand nur nach DEUTSCHLAND und ÖSTERREICH!

Versandgebühr nach ÖSTERREICH bitte im Vorfeld erfragen.

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I bought that. I figured the dial is nice and I really wanted a 7A Panda (I seem to really like Pandas of any kind). final price was 182,- EUR for the lot. Seller said they are untested. So maybe I'll get lucky. :) BTW: Do you know of a generic replacement crystal for this one?
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Apologies for the late reply, Jonas - I'm in catch-up mode after a busy week at work. 

Yes, indeed, sold (to you) for 182 Euros after 36 bids. Nice last second snipe, by the way. ;)

Difficult to apportion that 182 Euros total price, to put a value on this 7A38-6000, given the other two 7A38's in the same lot. :/

Hmm. A 'generic' replacement crystal. That's a tricky one too.  I guess you've read what I wrote in my buyer's specification notes:

Seiko crystal p/n: 285W26GN00 - 28.5mm Ø x 1.85mm thick, with polished bevel - obsolete NLA; no substitutes identified at present.

In fact, I did suss out a 'generic' replacement (of sorts), but I couldn't and still wouldn't confidently recommend it. A few years back, I was planning to sell a 7A38-6010, which uses the same crystal. Before I sold it, I needed to replace the original Seiko crystal, which had a couple of light-ish scratches on it. There weren't any NOS genuine Seiko crystals available at the time, so I took a gamble and ordered a Cousins p/n F200CMH285. These crystals are nominally 28.5mm Ø x 2.0mm thick, but their tolerances can vary. They also sometimes have enough of a polished bevel edge on them to clear the underside of a Diver's bezel insert. I got lucky. From memory, the crystal I received was 1.9mm thick and also had a reasonable bevelled edge on it. It only just fitted under the bezel, with an almost imperceptible gap; thankfully without fouling the underside of the insert. :)

They're cheap enough, but obviously their tolerances can vary, even within the same batch, so I wouldn't like to guarantee a fit. :/

There is a genuine Seiko p/n 285W26GN00 crystal on eBay at the moment, but the asking price is nothing short of extortionate ! :o

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While I'm updating this thread, although I've a few others which also need updating, I may as well post this - albeit 'out of order'. :P

Yesterday evening, a 7A38-6000 fitted with a black aftermarket bezel and non-original Seiko bracelet was listed by a French eBay seller. It's yet another case of  Déjà Vu - a watch we've seen twice before, that's been previously sold by two other French eBay sellers. It last appeared in this thread in July 2015, at the top of the previous page, but now appears to have another issue.

Seiko 7A38-6000 en bon état mais a réviser car quand on veux déclencher le chrono on ne fait que régler les aiguilles , comme si la couronne était tirée mais elle ne l'est pas. 

Pour pièce ou a réparer. 

Tous les moteurs fonctionnent (puisque l'on peux régler toute les aiguilles), les jours et et les dates passent sans soucis , la fonction "heure" fonctionne parfaitement. 

La lunette n'est pas d'origine, le bracelet non plus, c'est un jubilé Seiko aftermarket .

Cadran panda gris metalisé / bleu nuit superbe.

Pile neuve, verre tres propre. 

Peut tout a fait être porté tel quel mais sans utiliser la fonction chrono.

Seiko 7a38 in working condition BUT the chronograph function is not in good working condition, it's in set-up position (but the hour small second is moving). 

The hour function is perfect, day/date too. 

For repair or parts or use without chronograph function.

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I really don't know quite what to say about this latest listing for a 7A38-6000, which appeared on eBay this morning. Unlike most of the Filipino 'watch botchers' (as I call them), I've always had a lot of time for José Sotto (a.k.a watchcooking) - I've even bought a couple of 7A38's from him in the distant past. But it would appear that he too has jumped on the speculative over-pricing bandwagon. :roll:

It's a well-worn example, typical of what you'd expect of an ex-Philippines watch (surprisingly still fitted with the original bezel insert), on a grotty secondhand black nylon bund strap. According to José's description it comes with the original stainless bracelet, but there's no sign of it in his photos. But $580 José ?? Are you having a laugh ? :lol:

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