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We all owe a debt of gratitude to Hung Pham ('Time2Fly' on SCWF). ;)

Not only for his numerous well-grounded posts on the old Network54 SCWF, as one of the earliest Seiko 7A collectors to 'go public',

but for sharing his photos with us, in the gallery he built up. Unfortunately, recently discontinued their photo hosting service.

The first photos I saw of a 7A38-6010 were in one of Hung's albums. Although I wasn't into 'Divers', I right-clicked and saved them.

One of many watches that passed through his hands en route to other collectors.

Not a perfect example, by any means, and fitted with a non-original Neoprene 'Dive' band - but nicely photographed as as always:

I started right-clicking and saving photos from eBay auction listings (in earnest) early in 2009. This is the first 7A38-6010 I saw.

It was in April 2009. I can't remember how much it sold for back then - I wasn't keeping track. But I think I know who bought it. ;)

Not a bad set of eBay listing photos for nearly three years ago, eh ? If only eBay sellers today were quite so candid. 

They show virtually every aspect aspect of the watch - 'warts and all', apart from a shot of the movement back-plate.

Note the discoloured decomposing lume; marked bezel insert; scratched crystal and wear to the black chrome coating ....

and of course, the watch has lost its original black chromed bracelet (p/n G1157F) - replaced with a black leather strap.

If the watch looks familiar - and it should, if you've spent any time on the old SCWF, or ever googled (images) on 7A38-6010,

it was bought by Mike Thompson, who posts as 'Mikey T'. Mike probably deserves some kind of special award for the mileage

he's got out of the watch - in the sheer number of posts in WRUW and 7A38 threads on SCWF (old and new), WUS and PMWF.

This was one of the first appearances on PMWF, still on the same leather strap.

Note the date showing on the screen - April 20th 2009 - which can't have been much more than a week after the eBay auction:

Just to confirm the identity of the owner, this is a montage of the same 7A38-6010  posted on the old Network54 SCWF by Thian:

Note the same day / date shown - Sunday 20th. ;)

Here's a couple of his early photos of his 7A38-6010 which Mike posted on WUS - now fitted on a 'knobbly' rubber strap:

.... and close-ups of the watch head, cropped from the same images, which Mike later posted on SCWF:

Later, Mike swapped that 'Knobbly' rubber strap for a 'Tyre Tread Pattern' one:

Here's the 7A38-6010 sandwiched between  Mike's other two 7A38s - both the same gold-tone 7A38-7280 white-faced model:

.... and a close-up of the 7A38-6010 cropped from the first of those images:

.... and of course the obligatory wrist shots. Did I hear somebody call 'Re-Post !' ? :lol: Well, if they didn't, they probably should have.

That second wrist shot of Mike's demonstrates what I meant when I described the 'sister' stainless version 7A38-6000 as 'Dinky'.

The 7A38-6010 uses the same 37mm diameter watch case (Black Chrome coated), and 18mm lug width (strap / bracelet) fitting.

From the size of his forearms / wrist, Mike is obviously a 'chunky' guy - so perhaps I should be a bit careful what I write about him. ;)

But bear that in mind, if you decide you'd like one of these 'smaller' sized 7A38 Divers - they can look a little 'lost' on a larger wrist.

After re-cycling the above photos a good few times, in many a WRUW thread over the first couple of years of his ownership ....

in 2011, Mike finally decided to spend some money on improving the looks of his obviously much-loved 7A38-6010 'beater'.

He sent it away to Jay at MCWW, for (I quote) fitting of a new crystal, 'vintage' lume, and freeing up of a seriously frozen bezel.

It reappeared on SCWF in July 2011, fitted with a Hemp? and Leather strap, to which my first reaction was 'Looks a bit Ropey'. :D

Excuse the 6309 in the next photo - one of the pitfalls of blagging someone else's photos, who doesn't share quite the same tastes. ;)

.... and of course the obligatory wrist shots:

Whereas Mike's watch looks a lot better for its re-lume, apart from the strap, I'm not so sure about the replacement crystal either.

It appears to sit proud of the bezel, which either means it's not pushed home properly, or more likely - thicker than the original.

As the crystals in my own 7A38-6000 and 7A38-6010 are pretty good, with only minor marks, I haven't needed to replace them.

The original Seiko crystal p/n 285W26GN00 is NLA. Note to self - measure thickness and investigate substitute replacements. 8)

Mike later changed that 'rustic' strap for a gold coloured nylon NATO - I reckon he'd do better going back to black, personally. ;)

Although I've described both Lew Brown's 7A38-6000 and Mike Thompson's 7A38-6010 here as "much / well-loved 'beaters'" ....

please don't think I'm being overly critical of their watches. Indeed, Mike has described his own watch on SCWF fairly recently as:

"I have a 7A38-6010 which has significant wabi ...." and "my 7A38-6010 which has evidence of considerable use." and variously as:

"7A38 beater" and again in 2010 as "Two 7280s flanking a beater 6010". So it's clear he's obviously not under any illusions about it.

'Beater' it may be, but there have been a lot worse, in terms of wear to that vulnerable black chrome coating, offered on eBay ....

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Here's a few of the 'lesser' examples seen on eBay over the last couple of years. :(

Offered by José Sotto ('Watchcooking') in September 2009. Although there were 11 photos in this eBay listing, I'll just post 4 of them.

As often is the case with re-furbished watches from the Philippines, this one is suffering from degraded lume on dial and hands.

It's also been fitted with an after-market replacement bezel insert (note the larger fonts), and was on a leather 'Bund' style strap.

Here's another from José ('Watchcooking') in November 2009. Again, although there were 13 photos in this eBay listing, I'll just post 5.

Once again fitted with an after-market bezel insert (the same over-sized fonts), but this time on the original Seiko p/n G1157F bracelet.

Note the extreme amount of rubbing wear to (what remains of) the black chrome coating on the bracelet, and particularly on the clasp.

Watches from the Philippines, apart from the bane of being worn and worked on, in the extremely humid climate, have often suffered very hard lives, and changed hands many times, before they even appear on eBay. I don't want to appear to be conducting a crusade against José - far from it - and he knows that too ;)  - his watches are, almost without exception, always very honestly described ....

But while I'm at it, I may as well include a brief comment on his most recent 7A38-6010, which he offered on eBay in July 2011. 

This one was far more original than the previous two, complete with original bezel insert and G1157F bracelet, but again suffered

from badly worn black chrome plating. Apart from that, it looks like the main hands may possibly have been re-painted or re-lumed.

José appears to have taken two sets of photos at different times, because the eBay listing actually had 17 ! I'll just post 5 of them:

Apart from the 'beaters' from the Philippines, this particular 7A38-6010 model seems to to turn up predominantly in the United States.

The only one I can recall ever having appeared on eBay in the UK (none in continental Europe) was this example, also in July 2011.

Although in considerably better cosmetic condition, at some point, it's been fitted with a non-original (but still black chromed) bracelet.

The eBay listing included 9 photos, some just a zoom on the previous, so I'll post only 5 - including a rather nice 'movement' shot:

The following examples of 7A38-6010 were all listed, over the last two years, on eBay in the States - in chronological order:

This rather nice example with minimal wear to the bracelet's black chrome plating sold for a mere $125, back in January 2010.

IIRC - the somewhat short-sighted seller wouldn't ship outside USA, and so another collector - Mike Mounce picked up a bargain. 

This one followed shortly afterwards, in Februrary 2010. Three not so wonderful listing photos of a similarly unremarkable example:

A prominent US collector of Seiko 7A38's was considerably reducing his collection in November 2010, due to an impending divorce.

He sold this 7A38-6010, fitted with a Seiko black leather strap - but, of course, it wasn't original to the watch, which only came fitted with the G1157F bracelet. It was purchased by a UK military watch collector - Dave Charlton, who also seems to have a penchant for 7As and black chromed models like this, in particular. Must be a 'stealth' thing. 

Although there were 10 photos included in the eBay listing, they really weren't very good (Sorry, Pete) so I'll just post the best three:

By the time May 2011 came around, I was becoming desperate to add an example of the 7A38-6010 to my own collection.

So I bought this one. It's in better condition than the one bought by Mike Mounce, with minimal rubbing wear to the bracelet coating, but I paid over the odds for it  - not telling you how much  and I'll probably end up selling it a loss in the future. :(

Sods Law states ....

Remembering that I'd bought my stainless 7A38-6000 from, the Swedish online auction house (rather than on eBay), it was bound to happen. Not long after I'd bought mine - a couple of months, in September 2011 in fact, of course, they listed a 7A38-6010.


Though nothing like such good condition; it sold for 1020 Swedish Krona (including commission) - equivalent to about £100 or $153. 

Back to eBay again, after that slight off-topic - the next two were listed within days of each other (again in the States), in October 2011.

Both in similar reasonable-looking condition, but with heavily scratched case-backs. The first was on a non-original rubber 'Dive' strap:

The second was fitted with a black anodized after-market bracelet, a 'multi-width-fitting' type, not even vaguely resembling the original.

The seller was initially asking some ridiculously high Buy-it-Now price, but eventually lowered it, and it finally sold about a month later.

Well, by editing and re-editing those first two posts, I've managed to cram 42 embedded images into one, and 48 into the second. 8)

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I suppose now I've uploaded photos of just about everybody else's, I really ought to post a couple of my own (current) 7A38-6010. :/

Trouble is, I've only ever taken two. This one, pictured with my 7A38-6000 in one of my collection boxes, that I've already posted:

.... and this wrist shot which I took in December 2011:

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Specification and Buyers Guide: 7A38-6010 SAA040J


Size: 37mm diameter (excluding crown and pushers) x 11mm deep - 18mm lug width fixing.

Case appears to be a scaled down version of that used on the 7A38-706x family, with a flange to adapt the rotating bezel.

Case material: S/Steel - Black Chrome coated. Original finish was flat matt black, but is easily polished up / worn by rubbing wear.

Bi-directional 60-click bezel, with Gold plated rim, Black bezel insert - marked with conventional 'Diver' | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | scale.

Dial: Part number is 7A38601LX993. Model number not found on Seiko Oceania database. Dial is matt black with dark grey subdials.

Dial markings: '12' at top of dial; SEIKO (printed) QUARTZ Chronograph SPORTS 100; at bottom JAPAN 7A38 601L T Suwa symbol.

Day and Date wheels: White lettering on black background. Second languages seen include: French, Spanish and Arabic.

Hands: Hour and Minute hands painted Silver (with lume). Sweep second hand and sub-dial hands are silvery-white.

Seiko crystal p/n: 285W26GN00 - 28.5mm Ø x 1.85mm thick, with polished bevel - obsolete NLA; no substitutes identified at present.

Case-back markings: Double Wave Caseback; 7A38-6010 [A0] SEIKO BASE METAL ST. STEEL BACK WATER RESISTANT JAPAN S

Seiko bracelet p/n: G1157F - 'ears' of bracelet end pieces are stamped G1157. Fixing by 18mm x 1.5mm Ø spring bars.

Clasp is 'standard' - black chrome plated  - 16mm x 35mm long, with 7 adjustment holes, SEIKO SQ highlighted in Gold.


Production dates: Examples seen have had serial numbers ranging from 49xxxx (September) through 4Dxxxx (December) 1984.

Geography: Although, nominally a (worldwide) 'export' model, the majority of examples seem to turn up on eBay in United States.

Buyers Tips: Beware of non-original after-market replacement bezel inserts (wrong font) and worn or missing original bracelets.

Price Guide: $100 - $300 dependant upon condition - particulary of the black chrome coating.

Rarity Factor: 3/5 - Moderately Hard To Find.

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I thought I'd save what may possibly turn out to be 'the best' for last. ;) 

Listed on eBay, again in the States, in the last week of January 2012, ending at 4:00am UK time on the 31st:


Described as:





The seller was asked to provide a photo of the case-back, which he did - showing a pristine JWC inspection sticker and protector:

As soon as I saw it, I will admit that I made the seller an offer of $300 to end the listing early (off eBay).

He couldn't, because as a consignment seller, he was contractually obliged to let the auction run the distance. :(

Anyway, after waiting the week, and having to outbid someone with a horrendously high feedback number (24339),

29 bids later and $360.99 (approx £227) + $37 shipping + the inevitable bill for 20% VAT from Customs - it'll be mine. :)

I'll let you know how good it actually is, and take some decent photos when it arrives. Maybe of the two of them together. ;)

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Nearly 3 weeks since the auction ended, and that 'NOS' 7A38-6010 still hasn't arrived - I must admit I'm becoming a little impatient. :(

So, in the meantime, here's a couple of photos I took this morning of the current example in my collection:

Hmmm. Looks like I need to tweak that sweep second hand a bit, so it hits the marks a little better, before I think about selling it. :roll:

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Reserved for photos of my incoming NOS 7A38-6010. In the interim, see this thread in the 7Axx General Discussion Area:

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Another, used but well-cared for, example appeared on eBay (again in the States) in the first week of March 2012.

Vintage Seiko Quartz Chronograph – Model 7A38-6010


 Vintage Seiko Quartz Chronograph – Model 7A38-6010


The 7Axx series had 15 jewels (base the 7A38 had 17 and is the day date model) it has four stepper motors and all metal gears. This was the world’s first analog quartz chronograph. It went into production in the early 80’s and out of production before 1990. Its distinctive feature is the crown at 8 and calibration "pot" on the movement for calibrating the quartz movement, a feature not found on new quartz movements.


The 7Axx series movements remain one of the best Quartz Chronographs ever mass produced!

This watch does have some minor wear, as it was a daily watch for many years. However, it is in great shape and keeps excellent…always has!!


Detailed Description:


Sports 100

Time, sweep second in sub-dial, and minute and 1/10’s second indicator

Stainless Steel Case and Band

Black Color Dial w/ Gold Bezel

Screw-Back Case



Water Resistant to 30 Meters/100 FT


Watch comes with original box, paperwork and extra links.

It appeared to be in good condition, from what could be seen in the seller's listing photos. The black chrome coating still looked matt.

The opening bid price was $50; the seller had set a sensible reserve price of $175, but it sold for only $177.50 ( £112) after 12 bids.

Strangely also, despite the listing being properly titled, etc., the auction also only received 135 views over the 5-day listing period. :(

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Whoever bought that 7A38-6010 was obviously out to make a fast profit, because less than two weeks later it re-appeared:

Vintage SEIKO 7A38-6010 Black Chronograph Watch! Excellent!


This auction is for a vintage SEIKO QUARTZ 7A38-6010 SPORTS 100 Series Day-Date Chronograph Watch in very Excellent cosmetic and working perfect condition. Produced and released in 1983. Case and Band are black PVD coated metal and gold tone accent. Dial and hands are original and never been touch before. All functions are working properly. Chronograph hands can reset to zero/12O'Clock position exactly! Crystal is very clean. Movement is very excellent condition. There is some black color PVD worn off place on the band! But not that much bad. This is a SEIKO's First Generation Chronograph Quartz watch. Keep the right time. 100% Made in Japan. Up to 7.8" inches wrist will be OK! Very good for vintage seiko collectors or for your daily use! Very good example of SEIKO's First Generation Quartz Chronograph watch! Comes with original SEIKO box and SEIKO 7A38 User's Manual book. Really hard to find today in this condition. Don't miss it. Thank you!!


From the exact match of the various small marks around the bezel insert, this was clearly the very same 7A38-6010 which had sold two weeks previously for only $177.50. Note also that in the description the seller states that it: 'Comes with original SEIKO box and SEIKO 7A38 User's Manual book' (as shown in the previous listing). The re-sellers photos were obviously of far better quality, but that hardly justified his ambitious Buy-it-Now asking price of $499 (approx. £318.46). However, it sold less than a week later for $395.00 (£249.26).

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The day before that one actually sold, another had 7A38-6010 just been listed on eBay by an online US pawnbrokers:

Seiko Quartz Chronograph Sports 100 Black Stainless Mens Watch


In nice condition, Works great. Item shows normal wear with some scuffs and scratches. Has some finish wear on one side of the band. Comes as seen in pictures, so don't miss out on this great deal.

The opening bid price was an ambitious $199.99 - the auction ended in the early hours of April 1st - without any bids being placed.

It was subsequently re-listed three weeks later, with an opening bid price of $169.99. See:

In its most recent re-listing in May, the opening bid price was further dropped to $149.99

.... for which price it finally sold, on 16th May to the winning bidder whose eBay ID shows as y***k with a current feedback of (1651).

In case that might sound vaguely familiar to anybody, check out the winning bidder ID on the that listing in the first week of March:

y***k is clearly the alternate eBay user ID that SF-based eBay seller Wai 'worldwideweb66' uses for buying watches for resale. :o


Whoever bought that 7A38-6010 was obviously out to make a fast profit, because less than two weeks later it re-appeared ....

So watch out for 'another' (the same) 7A38-6010 appearing on eBay, in the very near future', offered by Wai 'worldwideweb66'. ;)

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What a surprise. Not. :roll:

Vintage SEIKO 7A38-6010 Black Chronograph Watch! VGood!

This auction is for a vintage SEIKO QUARTZ 7A38-6010 SPORTS 100 Series Day-Date Chronograph Watch in good cosmetic and working perfect condition. Produced and released in 1983. Case and Band are black PVD coated metal and gold tone accent. Dial and hands are original and never been touch before. All functions are working properly. Chronograph hands can reset to zero/12O'Clock position exactly! Crystal is very clean. Movement is very excellent condition. There is some black color PVD worn off place on the band! Please check the all photos. This is a SEIKO's First Generation Chronograph Quartz watch. Keep the right time. 100% Made in Japan. Maximum 7.5" inches wrist will be fit! Very good for vintage seiko collectors or for your daily use! Very good example of SEIKO's First Generation Quartz Chronograph watch! Really hard to find today in this condition.

Compared to the previous eBay seller's stark photos of the worn coating, Wai's pertinent photos are typically cleverly 'soft focussed':

It sold on 3rd June 2012 for  for $255.99 (approx. £166.92) after 27 bids. The auction received 540 views during the 7-day listing.

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The less said about the tatty ex-Watchcooking example offered by 'Time_Classics' on eBay in the first week of June 2012, the better.

So rather than corrupt this thread, it's posted elsewhere: and scroll down.

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Another half-decent example, with little wear of the black chrome coating was listed on eBay in the States in the first week of August:

Seiko 7A38 sports quartz 100 chronograph no reserve

Up for bid is a quartz seiko.the case measures 37.3mm at the bezel and is in average condition, has a gold tone bezel.matching band will fit up to about 7 1/4 inches.the dial is clean.the quartz movement is keeping time, chronograph is working. Overall this is in average condition.

Despite the seller's lacklustre description, it still managed to sell for $220.50 (approx. £140.53) after 31 bids on 12th August 2012.


Another in similar used condition, but with the matt black chrome plating looking rather polished, followed a month later in September:




This is a very nice vintage Seiko Chronograph Sports 100. Great to look at with the black body and band with gold bezel and crown / buttons. In very good condition with minor wear. Crystal is in good condition with very light wear. Works fine and has a brand new battery. The one thing to mention is that the bezel does rotate but is quite difficult to move. I think it just needs lubrication but we have left it in its original untouched state except for the battery. Runs beautifully. 37 MM body and the bracelet is suitable for about a 6 3/4" wrist or less. Thanks for looking and good luck!!

.... In fact, in the seller's penultimate photo (above), the SQ clasp looked so shiny one might even suspect it had been re-painted.

The auction ended on 18th September 2012, selling for $273 (approx. £167.80) to a determined buyer who placed 5 of the 10 bids.

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For the record, another 7A38-6010 was listed on eBay UK in the last week of September. The 'epic tome' went something like this:

Vintage SEIKO 7A38-6010 Black Sports 100 Divers Quartz Chronograph VGC


15 Jewels; All metal gear train; 4 stepper motors; adjustable for accuracy in +/- 0.26 seconds per day steps.

30 minute / split timing 1/10 second chronograph (which actually steps in 1/20th second increments).

Quick set (dual language: English / French) day / date. 60-click bi-directional rotating bezel.


Probably the best analogue quartz chronographs that Seiko ever made !!!!


S/N 491484 – date of manufacture September 1984. (Close enough to ‘Vintage’ in my book !)



Generally very good, but obviously used. Partially restored by myself, over the last few months.

Watch case is very good, with some minor rubbing wear to the black coating on the lug ends.

The SGP gold plating on the outer bezel rim, pushers and crown are all in excellent condition.

There are a few light scratches on the bezel insert, but the black enamel is virtually unbroken.

(What might appear in my first photo, to be a scratch on the bezel insert between 3 and 4 dots was a bit of lint !!)

The case-back has a few scratches around the periphery, from slipped tools during previous battery changes.


The bracelet shows normal signs of regular wear. There is some light rubbing wear of the black chrome coating through to the base metal underneath, on the edges of a few links on the underside of the bracelet. Similar wear to the end of the SQ clasp closer, which also has a few ‘desk diver’ marks, but is free from dings.


The dial face and hands (which all hit their marks) are excellent. The watch keeps very accurate time –

as you’d expect from a Seiko 7Axx and all chronograph functions work as they should and reset to zero.


To view all the images at their original uploaded sizes:


The watch has recently been fitted with a new battery, new replacement crystal, new bezel retaining O-ring, new seals to crown and pushers and a new case-back gasket (all lubricated with Silicone grease). However I can't guarantee its water resistance as I have no means of pressure testing. The bracelet has been fitted with new stainless steel spring bars.



Watch case is 37mm diameter, excluding crown and pushers, and 11mm deep. Bracelet is 19.5mm at widest point, on 18mm lug width fixings, narrowing down to the usual 16mm at the clasp. It is currently sized to fit a 7½” wrist, with a couple more links / clasp adjustment holes available, so should comfortably expand to 7¾”. 


The watch will be supplied in a ‘New Old Stock’ period Seiko presentation box:

If you need any further information on this particular Seiko 7A38 variant, may I recommend some additional reading: *

Reason for Sale: I’ve finally decided it’s time to start thinning out some of the doubles from my collection !

Payment: PayPal only accepted.

Postage: In UK, by Royal Mail Special Delivery Signed For (which includes full insurance) for £6.00

                International will be by Insured Royal Mail 'Signed For' charged at cost (country dependant).

The listing was scheduled to end at approx 19:30 BST today. After 6 days and some 640 views, with bidding having reached £101, the auction was ended 23 hours early. Usual story: This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

* Do not click on this link - it will take you back to the top of this thread !!! :lol:

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Although I missed seeing it change hands before, it would seem that the ex-Mike Thomson 7A38-6010, s/n 4N2911, which was well documented, in all its guises, in the first post, is up for sale again. It couldn't be any other 7A38-6010 from the seller's description:,37661.html

FS: Seiko 7a38-6010 PVD with custom made bund style kangaroo strap - $120US

« on: Today at 04:23:17 AM »

I have a Seiko 7A38-6010 for sale. 

I bought this off a fellow forum member. Unforunately its not getting much wrist time. 

Has new crystal installed and dial relumed by Jay at MCWW ~ 2 years ago.   which clearly identifies it as being Mikey T's.

PVD case shows wear, mainly at lug ends. Bezel also shows wear.

Movement functions 100%, time and date change works 100%. Watch keeps excellent time.

The dial is in excellent condition.

The seconds subdial hand shows small signs of damage (please see photo).

Watch sits on a custom made bund/nato style kangaroo leather strap made by myself.

Very comfortable, and suits the PVD finish. Also included is a black nylon G10 style strap with PVD hardware.


$120US - Payment via Paypal. Add $7 for regular airmail World Wide. Please ask if you require other shipping options.

Free shipping within Australia.

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Hi there

Sorry if this is a stupid question but i was thinking of offering on 7A38-6010 as above currently on SCWF. Is that good/bad value?

I read a little of its history but not sure if over $100 is a bit high?

Any help would be great.


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No question by a newbie is ever stupid. However I'm not prepared to comment publicly on the price that 'thraxeh' is asking on SCWF.

For one thing, it would not be fair to him. I have no idea what he may have paid Mike Thompson for it when he bought it from him.

I suggest you read the first post in this topic properly. There you will find all the previous history of this watch in Mike's ownership.

The watch has had money spent on it - again I'll refrain from any further comment as whether that was to good effect or not (IMO).

All I will say is that better, far more original examples of the 7A38-6010 can be found (usually on eBay in the States) with little effort.

If you read the full thread properly, almost every price / condition is included for each example that has sold over the last 12 months.

See also these two related threads: and

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It's been a while since we've seen a 7A38-6010 listed on eBay. Over 6 months in fact, since the last week in September, when I offered mine, which was subsequently purchased by a member of this forum. Unfortunately, on this occasion, it hasn't been worth the wait. 

Listed overnight by Filipino arch watch botcher Ramoncito Bangit, a.k.a. Badingski was this less-than-perfect specimen:



Apart from the generally tired well-worn condition, the fitment of a cheap leather strap in place of the original p/n G1157F bracelet ....

This watch has also been fitted with non-original replacement hour, minute and sweep second hands. Probably one best avoided. 

Indeed, most appeared to heed this advice ....

It sold for only $77 (approx £50) after 5 bids. The auction still received 368 views over the course of the 7 day listing.

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A week earlier on April 30th, 'SuperMario_Bros' posted a FS advert for a 7A38-6010 on the italian Orologi & Passioni watch forum: 

Vendo Seiko 7A38-6010

in buone condizioni estetiche e di funzionamento

le foto penso siano esplicative, il pvd in alcuni punti del bracciale è un po' scolorito, ma nel complesso è a mio avviso bello e buono 

richiesta 130 euro spedito in posta assicurata standard, 120 a mano

The penultimate of 6 photos he posted show the watch has a fair amount of rubbing wear to the black chrome plating of the bracelet.

What might be less immediately noticeable is that this watch has been fitted with a replacement movement at some point in its life.

Note that the Day / Date wheels are black lettering on white / silver backgrounds, whereas they should be white lettering on black. 

A week later, he also listed it on eBay Italy as a 7-day auction, using a single composite image of some of the above photos:

Seiko 7A38-6010 Sports 100 vintage rare PVD

Nel 1983, Seiko ha immesso nel mercato il Cal. 7Ax8: il primo cronografo al quarzo analogico, precedendo sia Jaeger-LeCoultre/IWC (Cal.631) che Piguet (Cal 1270 / 1 Rattrapante.)

il meccanismo 7Ax8 ha15 rubini, tutti gli ingranaggi in metallo (senza parti in plastica).

É dotato di quattro motori indipendenti, uno per ogni funzione 

la serie 7Ax8 è tra i più bei cronografi al quarzo mai prodotto da SEIKO o qualsiasi altra maison ed uno dei più rari e costosi fatti da Seiko, uno dei migliori movimenti Seiko di sempre, un cronografo analogico al quarzo con indicazione dei decimi di secondo 

rara referenza PVD, non facile da trovare 

vetro: originale con lievi segni

dial: originale ottimo

sfere: originali

cassa: 37mm senza corona buone condizioni

ghiera; buone condizioni, insert originale

bracciale: buone condizioni, presenta alcune scoloriture nel trattamento pvd dovute allo sfregare delle maglie tra di loro nei punti di giunzione (vedi foto)

movimento: tiene bene il tempo, start, stop e azzeramento ottimi; batteria sostituita da poco 

per qualsiai altra foto o informazione non esitate a contattarmi

I'll update these last two posts with the results of their eBay auctions when they've ended in approx. 24 hours time. Done ! :)

By comparison with the previous 'Badingski' example which ended a few hours earlier ....

The 7A38-6010 listed on eBay Italy sold for the opening bid price of 120 Euros (approx £101). That auction received only 121 views over the same period. The likely cause being, that although the seller offered shipping to Europe, the listing (on eBay Italy) wasn't set up with worldwide visibility . So unless you happened to be browsing eBay Italy, searching for 7A38's, you wouldn't have seen it at all.

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Another 7A38-6010 listed on eBay in Australia followed soon after those two auctions ended:

Vintage Seiko 7a38-6010 in fantastic original condition.

Works fine, all sub-dials work as they should, chrono works and resets, day-date work's fine.

Crown works fine with time and day/date adjustment, re-set chrono button a bit sticky but works(just needs a bit more effort to push).

This watch is in fantastic restored condition, please read summary for more info.



THE DIAL- Original in MINT condition, not a mark, was re-lumed 3 years ago. 

THE HANDS- All original MINT condition, including "tear-drop" chrono second hand. All 3 main hand were re-lumed 3 years ago. 

THE BEZEL- Original and works (still clicks), with hard to find original chapter bezel insert, in good condition but shows some wear. 

CRYSTAL- Replaced 3 years ago ( at same time as re-lumed) in MINT condition, not a scratch. 

THE BAND- Near new James Bond nato strap, looks great on this watch. 

THE CASE- Original stainless steel Seiko PVD case, in good condition but shows some wear on the PVD. 

THE MOVEMENT- Seiko 7a38 workhorse. Fantastic time keep, less than 1 second a week. 

CONCLUSION- A Seiko 7a38-6010, in very good condition, when you look at a watch, the main part that gets your attention is the face area. This watch, with the clean, original and re-lumed dial and hands make the watch look almost new.

If the description sounds familiar (I recognised the watch almost immediately, from the marks at 20 and near 40 on the bezel insert) .....

.... scroll back up the page. This is the same 7A38-6010 which was offered FS on SCWF in October last year - but now on a NATO.

It is also, of course the ex-Mike 'Mikey T' Thompson 7A38-6010 - which is documented at some length in my first post in this thread.

So 4 years and a bit on (first seen in April 2009) it's back on eBay again. As the old saying goes: What goes around comes around.

Belated edit: This time around it sold for $187.16AU (approx. £120) after 3 bids.

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