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This 7A38-6010 in lightly worn, well cared for condition, with minimal loss of black chrome coating, was listed earlier this evening by a US eBay seller, as a 10-day auction, with a conservative opening bid price of $75, or the option to Buy-it-Now for a very reasonable $350. I doubt this nice example will hang around very long.

New Battery. All functions seem to be working properly. No Box or Papers.

That photo of the case-back shows what appears to be the original protective film.

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Well, I don't know quite what to make of that one. :/ Nobody hit the Buy-it-Now button and bidding got under way, but was noticeably slack. I gave it a little nudge to $155, but with no intention of following through. I'd half expected it to end in a mini snipe-fest. But nobody came. The 10-day auction ended yesterday evening with the 7A38-6010 selling for a disappointing $158.17 after only 8 bids. On the face of it, someone got themselves a nice example for a very reasonable price.

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Yes, that was ‘well bought”, as they say in the auction field. Yep, I say your 123.45… ;)

Looks like I’ll have to sit on my 7A38-6010 for a little while longer.


Paul in Vegas.  8)

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Yes, Paul. ;) Despite my earlier (bad) advice to 'stick to your guns', you may have to consider further reducing that opening bid price again. :/ You've got a bit more competition, closer to home - in fact almost on my doorstep. :P This 7A38-6010 in average / well-worn condition, was listed earlier this morning, by a UK eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of £59, or the option to make an offer.

The seller is the original owner of the watch - for nearly 35 years. Out of curiosity, I sent him a quick eBay message, including a link to this page. He replied saying he bought it in Saudi Arabia - hence the slightly unusual alternate day wheel language, he mentions in his description. By a funny coincidence, his name is also Paul ! :lol:

Seiko Chronograph Sports 100 (model # 7A38-6010) Quartz watch. I purchased this watch in 1984. It's slightly unique in so far as it has Arabic/English day display dial. Serial number is 491807. I wore it day in day out for many years until the digital displays hit the market and at the time I preferred them so went with one of those instead and to be honest I haven't worn this watch for a long long time. It features a gold coloured bi-directional bezel. Stop watch, minute and second dials. It is worn in places and some minor fine scratching on the glass (I believe that you can buy replacements). It could also do with a good clean especially around the bracelet clasp. I'm selling it because I don't wear it anymore and have treated myself to a more modern watch. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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The above 7-day UK eBay auction 'by another Paul' for a 7A38-6010 in average / well-worn condition, ended a few moments ago, selling for £162 after 14 bids.

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This 7A38-6010 in average worn condition was listed this morning by a US eBay seller, with a possibly over-optimistic Buy-it-Now price of $250, or the option to make an offer.

The watch is fully functional.

The black coating is wearing off some parts of the bracelet.

Watches Disclaimer:

- Watches are purchased & sold in used condition and tested for functionality before shipping.

- Watches are not tested for accuracy water resistant.

- Watches have not ben inspected or evaluated by a professional.

-Service records not available.

-Case, lugs & band sizes will be indicated in pictures or item details.

-Micro scratches on watch & crystal might not show in pictures.

-Warranties are not provided.

- Returns are not accepted unless item is not as described.

- Only the accessories showing in pictures are included.

- Items are usually shipped the same or next day during business days, shipping is not available on weekends.

-Signature Confirmation is required by shipping upon receiving the item.

-Unpaid case will be opened after 3 days if payment not received.

- Condition Grading

* New Open Box: New condition with or without original box (will be mentioned and showed in pictures)

* Mint Condition: Used in like new condition with some possible aftermarket accessories.

* Great Condition: Used without any defects.

* Very good condition: Used with very few signs of usage.

* Good condition: Used with few signs of usage.

* Fair condition: used with lots of signs of usage but still functional.

* Poor condition: used with heavy signs of wear or damaged parts but still functional.

* AS-IS (for-parts): item tested and determined not functional.

- Make your purchase with that on mind.

Please make sure to check out my other listings.

Thanks for stopping by.

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This 7A38-6010, in average worn condition, fitted with a leather strap in place of the original bracelet, was listed yesterday evening by a German eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of 1 Euro. A word or two, regarding the appallingly bad choice of leather strap the seller has fitted - it's another of those naff retro-look pseudo vintage two-stitch straps that seem so popular in Germany. The 7A38-6010 has conventional lugs, so in the absence of the original bracelet, it might be deemed acceptable to fit a leather (or rubber) strap. But why fit one of these crude looking monstrosities ? It doesn't suit the watch, doesn't make it look any more 'vintage' - and in this case looks far to fat for the comparatively slim lugs ! :roll:

Sehr schöner Seiko 7A38-Chrono mit einem der hochwertigsten Quartz-Werke, die jemals gebaut wurden.

Toller Zustand mit authentischen Tragespuren; die angebotene Uhr ist Oktober 1984 gebaut worden.

Alle Funktionen funktionieren einwandrei; die Datumsanzeige ist Deutsch/Englisch. Montiert ist ein neuwertiges Martu Slim Greenish Brown Vintage 80/125 Lederarmband im Wert von ca. 35,00 EUR.

Die Uhr ist nicht auf Wasserdichtigkeit getestet!

Beautiful Seiko 7A38-6020 on a like-new Martu Slim Greenish Brown Vintage leather 80/125 strap.

Everything works as it should; not pressure tested!

Umtausch oder Rückgabe sind ausgeschlossen!

Die Ware wird unter Ausschluss jeglicher Gewährleistung verkauft. Der Ausschluss gilt nicht für Schadenersatzansprüche aus grob fahrlässiger bzw. vorsätzlicher Verletzung von Pflichten des Verkäufers sowie für jede Verletzung von Leben, Körper und Gesundheit.

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I hadn't been watching it closely (if at all), but the US eBay seller who had listed that 7A38-6010 last month, had since twice reduced his Buy-it-Now price from his initial over-optimistic $250 down to $200. Checking my eBay watching page, it sold in the very early hours of this morning.

Even then it didn't sell for the reduced Buy-it-Now price of $200, as eBay would falsely have you believe. As revealed by the alternative 'true selling price' link, it actually sold for a best offer of $175.

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Surprising the difference a completely wrong strap can make. :roll: The 7-day German eBay auction for a 7A38-6010, fitted with an ill-matched psuedo vintage two-stitch leather strap ended yesterday evening, selling for 201 Euros after 53 bids.

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