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Being the largest Seiko 7A38, at 43mm diameter, with a distinctive chunky manly appearance, the 7A38-6020 is probably one of the most sought-after variants. Oddly enough, one of the earliest references to this model to be found on the 'Net, dating back to 2005, is of one being owned and worn by a woman ! As posted by Michelle (the mechanic) on April 16 2005 on the old Network54 SCWF:



I have always had a Seiko watch. My first, a birthday present (sooo many years ago) was a round white faced day display type self-winding model (now reincarnated as kinetic, I think). The second was a white faced sporty type watch with an oblong face and a plastic-surround white face and day display.


My current watch is a 7A38-6020 type. I saw it in a shop window and had to have it! I love this watch. It has a black face and a day/date display. Very accurate and I have even been on a 30m dive with it and it was fine!!


Searching for it doesn't produce anything but I need a new glass for it. The original said it was saphire glass. It doesn' scratch much but will break if hit full-on...Like when you hit the dash when your favourite song is skipping and you wear your watch to the inside.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and appreciate any help!



All I can say, Michelle is that you must be one helluva 'Sheila'. :P The Seiko p/n for the 7A38-6020's crystal is 310W68GN00, BTW:


Probably the best known, and still possibly the nicest example ever seen, was that once owned by Derek Bartle (a.k.a. LuvWatch):

Derek found it on eBay in Italy in March 2008: (long since dropped off eBay history)

Orologio SEIKO UOMO cronografo sport 100 nuovo

I'm not 100% certain that these are the original photos from that listing, but I found them posted on old Network54 SCWF mirror site.

Regardless of whether it was or not, the one which Derek bought from that Italian eBay seller cost him a mere 70 Euros at the time. :o

Here's where Derek originally posted about it on the old Network54 SCWF, to much acclaim:

The original photos have long since dropped off that thread, but thankfully all is not lost. :)

The following photos are courtesy of, and used with the kind permission of Derek Bartle - owner of 'What's On Your Wrist' blog.


Derek also uploaded this short video clip of his 7A38-6020 to YouTube:

Despite having snagged what was probably the best example in captivity for a bargain price - Derek sold it back on eBay in June 2009.

I can't find any reference to the auction listing, but it sold to a UK buyer for a healthy profit - £342 .... possibly a sign of things to come.

In July 2011, with Derek's help, I contacted his buyer, asking if he still had it, and if might be interested in selling it.  His reply was:

Alas no! it was stolen from me in burglary just a few months later! Probably sold by a local drug addict for a few quid!!  C'est la vie!

So if you're ever offered a stainless 7A38-6020 with the serial number 4O6647 - you'll know it was once stolen (in 2009). 

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Reserved for further examples seen on eBay and elsewhere 2009 - 2011.

The first 7A38-6020 that I remember seeing on eBay was back in April 2009, and came from the bench of José 'Watchcooking' Sotto.

It certainly wasn't one of the best - rather battered and faded, fitted with a rubber strap, and with a badly re-painted dial lume triangle:


I remember the next example of a 7A38-6020 distinctly - it must have been advertised around almost the same time that Derek had his listed on eBay. It was posted on the old Network54 SCWF Trading Post in early June 2009. Luckily the advert is still there - complete.

FS Seiko Quartz Chrono 7A38-7029

June 4 2009 at 8:16 PM

I am thinning my 7A38 collection to just two so all the others are going out the door to new homes.

This is a slightly bigger and heavier model to the normal 7A38 range. It is 42mm across the case. It has distinctive red hands for seconds, 1/10ths dial and the minute counter dial. Chrono functions work perfectly and the battery is only 6 months old. Bezel clicks well bidirectional. There is damage to the bezel at the 33 min mark and also less at the 38 min mark. You can clearly see it in the pics. Comes with a Silicon strap but this does not fit well. The strap will be thrown in but it needs to be secured well it is not really designed for this watch.


The bezel seems to be still available for this at Jules Borel. If that were replaced it would come up nice. The crystal is perfect, no scratches. Here is the part number from Jules Borel ....

The part number which the seller quoted for a replacement bezel was for a 7A38-7029. For the simple reason that the watch was fitted with the wrong case-back off one - a fact that 'Bradp51' seemed completely oblivious to ! Which is why I remember the advert quite vividly. As a then relative newbie to the SCWF, and not being completely conversant with their (sometimes illogical) rules, I quite innocently pointed out the fact - not only to to have my post deleted, but also to receive a rebuke from a moderator for doing so ! :mad:

Much belated edit:

The irony is Brad didn't actually sell his 7A38-6020 at the time. Here's a photo he posted on SCWF dated 28/9/2013 - See top right !


Ebay - January 2010 - Kurt:

eBay September 2010:

Note also has split in bezel insert at '0' (as per Bradp51SCWF advert), and 'generic' extra links added into bracelet to lengthen it.

eBay October 2010 - polished only 5 of the 12 very similar photos:

Same watch offered WatchNet Trading Post: - slight exaggeration of condition. :roll:

Unsold @ $275 - resold by on eBay in January 2011:

My cheap beater - purchased on eBay UK at the end of March 2011 for £85.89. :)


Found by South African collector Jules Mayer, and posted on SCWF in November 2011 in a thread titled: Finally, my grail watch...


Hi all - I've been after a 7A38 for years and one has finally landed in my hands at a very reasonable price, a quirky looking 7A38-6020! I've been lucky enough in the past to acquire a total of three 7A28's including an Alien, but I've always hankered after the day/date function which I feel rounds off one of the best watches Seiko made. At the moment I've fitted a temporary leather strap (it didn't have one when I found it) and now the hunt is on for the correct strap. Does anybody have a picture of the right one? In any event, I'm really chuffed!!

Whereas the case and bezel appear in quite good condition, his example suffers from most of the usual malaises: scratched crystal; faded bezel insert lettering and dial printing, but it is also missing its original Seiko p/n Z1207S bracelet, replaced by a leather strap.

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Specification and Buyers Guide - 7A38-6020 SAA041J

Size: 43mm diameter (excluding crown and pushers) x 43mm over lug ends x 13mm deep.

Case material: Stainless Steel - Silver anodized finish. 

Bi-directional 60-click bezel, with 8 distinctive finger cut-outs, also in Silver anodized finish. 

Black moulded acrylic resin bezel insert - with conventional 'Diver' minute scale. Lume pip  | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | in bright Red.


Dial: Part number is 7A38602LXB19. Seiko's database shows the colour as Black. It's matt Black with Red and White printing. A matt black dial ring with red minute marks carries the lume pips. The red pigments used are prone to fading with age / exposure to sunlight.

Dial markings: SEIKO (printed) QUARTZ Chronograph SPORTS 100; at bottom JAPAN 7A38 602L T Suwa symbol.

There is a white lume inverted triangle painted at '12' on the dial, plus 13, 14, 16-20, 22, 23 printed in White at the hour marks.

Day and Date wheels: White lettering on black background. Second languages seen include: French, German and Italian.

Hands: Hour and Minute hands are White (with lume). Sweep second hand and upper 'Tuning Fork' sub-dial hands are Orangey Red.

Seiko crystal p/n: 310W68GN00  - 31.0mm Ø x 2.90mm thick, domed with polished bevel edge - NLA; no substitutes identified as yet.

Case-back markings: Double Wave Caseback; 7A38-6020 [A0] SEIKO; STAINLESS STEEL; WATER RESISTANT; JAPAN S.


Bracelet is Seiko p/n Z1207S. Underside of first joining links are stamped Z1207. Bracelet is all over satin Silver anodized finish.

The bracelet tapers from 23.5mm to 18mm at the clasp. Adjustment links are retained by / pivot on 1.0mm diameter push pins.

Bracelet fixing is by Pin and Tube, Seiko part numbers 81601169 and 81180109.

Clasp has 5 adjustment hole settings, measures 30mm x 18mm; stamped Seiko SQ in satin Silver anodized finish.


Production dates: Serial numbers seen range from 4Oxxxx to 51xxxx - October 1984 through January 1985. 

Geography: Normal export model found in most of Europe and Asia (except Japan). 

Buyers Tips: The Red pigments used in the bezel inlay and for 'SPORTS 100' and chronograph sub-dial markings are prone to fading (to yellow - worst case white) with age / exposure to sunlight. The acrylic bezel inlay also appears prone to splitting at the lume pip.

Price Guide: $150 - $850 dependant upon condition.

Rarity Factor: 3/5 - Hard To Find.

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Reserved for sales in 2012:

Recent eBay Italy example, which sold for $876.66 (approx £554). 


Vintage 1980s Seiko Quartz Chrono Sport 100 7A38 6020 wrist watch

Up for auction a vintage Seiko sport 100 chronograph, has quartz movement, made in early 80s. Purchased then worn very few times and stored away . Still retains its very gorgeous satin finish. Worn few times . It's in excellent close to perfect shape as you can see in pics, no major damages, case and bracelet are virtually perfect. All functions work properly. great vintage timepiece. SOLD AS IS. All as per pictures, what you see is what you get. Don't miss these rare and beautiful watch! NO RESERVE AUCTION! ....


Most recent seen on Yahoo Japan, February 2012 - only average example with faded bezel numbering.

Originally listed with an opening bid 50,000 Yen:

SEIKO 7A38-6020 SPORTS100 クロノグラフ 希少 ジウジアーロ


Later reduced to 49,000 Yen, then 39,000 Yen - with a Buy-it-Now price of 75,000 Yen. Needless to say, it is still currently unsold.


More recently, this one, in a similar condition with faded bezel lettering, was listed on eBay in the UK in the last week of April.

There was also something about this 7A38-6020 that wasn't quite right. Note the black on white lettered day and date windows -

rather than the correct white lettering on black - which to me would indicate that the movement had been swapped at some point.


A rare seiko chronograph in good used order, an excellent time keeper.

The starting price was a rather pointless £0.01, particularly as the seller had set the reserve price at a relatively sensible £85.

I never quite understand why sellers do that. :roll:

It sold on 4th May for a healthy £173.00 (approx. $280.29) after 21 bids - double what I'd paid for my similar example a year ago. :)


Probably hoping to cash in on the previous sale, Indonesian seller 'Silverliona' offered this lesser example on SCWF two weeks later:,32167.html

FS : a rare and hard to find Seiko 7A38-6020, USD 350 OBRO

« on: May 19th at 12:51:27 AM »


Up for sale seiko 7A38-6020, this is one of the rare and hard to find vintage seiko chronograph, the pieces in good condition with very small defect and ageing, comes with all original parts and accesorries,


Movement : Seiko Quartz cal 7A38 day date, good running, reset back to default

Crystal : Original crystal

Hands : Original

Crown and pusher : Original

Bracelet : Original bracelet fit to 7,5 inch wrist

Bezel : rotate bidirectional with a crack (refer to the picture)


Sold as is, not refundable, PM me at

Asking USD 350 OBRO paypaled and shipped with EMSInternational 

Thank you for looking.

And at that somewhat over-optimistic asking price, I suspect that is all anybody would be doing - looking. :roll:

Belated edit: The seller subsequently 'bumped' his SCWF FS advert on 14th June, adding 5 different photos to the previous set:

Although larger, they didn't show the watch in any more flattering light. Note also the crack in the bezel (arrowed) not visible before.


Hardly worthy of mention, but as I'm in 'photo upload mode', I may as well .... this 7A38-6020 'parts watch' was listed on eBay in June:


Seiko chronograph NON-WORKING MENS watch contains scratch as sign of old age. no hands no glass, bezel does not rotate. The item we are selling as is.

It sold on 13th June 2012 for $31 (approx. £19.82) after 3 bids. Unsurprisingly, the listing received only a lowly 186 views over 7 days.

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It sold on 4th May for a healthy £173.00 (approx. $280.29) after 21 bids - double what I'd paid for my similar example a year ago.

Incidentally, that eBay auction for a 7A38-6020 in April / May was won by erstwhile non-contributing forum member 'Taxking1'. :P

He recently traded it for a 'Seiko "Heaven's Gate" Tiger UK Ult Mod'  :roll: (probably a modded 6309) with John Bentley on SCWF.

After what must be the biggest build-up to an incoming arrival (and something of an anticlimactic unveiling, IMHO):,33654.0.html .... John finally posted a photo of it this evening:

Clearly exactly the same 7A38-6020. Note the day / date windows. ;) Looks a bit short of bracelet adjustment links to my eyes, too. :(

Couple of slightly belated edits:

Seems I wasn't far wrong:,33689.htm WTB: A couple of links for Seiko bracelet Z1207

John also needs a new crystal apparently:,33724.0.html WTB: Seiko Crystal 310W68GN00

Subsequently confirmed in this thread:,34477.html - now fitted with a replacement crystal:

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A well-worn example of the stainless 7A38-6020 was listed on eBay in the first week of October, by a Hong Kong based seller.

Typically, the bezel inlay numbering and dial markings had faded badly from red to yellow. Much of the original silver anodized coating on the bezel was rubbed / polished away. Worse, it was also fitted with an unidentified non-original (too) narrow 'Oyster' style bracelet.



In working order, chronograph work very well, service and history unknown, checked keep running and keep time, original dial with date and day, second and chrono mintues sub dials, super sharp red chrono hands, original crown, not original s/s strap, it can fit 7.5 inches maximum, ashtray outer bezel rotate bi direction with click, scratches but almost not scratches on cystral 42mm without crown and buttons x 43 mm lug to lug The code of this watch is 7A38- 6020, 406996. Water Resistant 100m (untested). Made in Japan.

Happy bidding.   Sold as it. What you see, what you get !

Regardless of its less-than-ideal condition, it sold on 10th October for $257.27 (approx. £160.80) after 23 bids [private listing].

The auction received some 929 views over the 7-day listing period, which re-affirms the interest in this particular model 7A38.

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Presumably purchased by Mike Mounce, who turned around and put it back on eBay 11 days later, initially asking $350 for Buy-it-Now.

See: (The Buy-it-Now price was subsequently reduced to $295, $275 then $250):

Seiko 7a38-6020 Quartz Chronograph

Presumably his first (incorrect) description was copied from another listing (or a template for one). :roll:

Selling a rare, 15 jewel Seiko 7a28-7090 Yacht timer chrono from 1983 ....

The description was eventually corrected to read:

Selling a hard to find Seiko 7a38-6020 black dialed quartz chronograph with rotating bezel that clicks solid.

The 15 jewel quartz movement with day/date is running great with new battery. 

All functions working correctly, but service history is unknown. Hands reset straight up.

Crystal and bezel insert are in great condition.

A week later it had sold, but for less than he'd paid for it:

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Spotted this thread over on the RLT forum:

A new poster 'T5AUS', Phil from Brisbane, Australia has recently acquired a stainless 7A38-6020:

Hi guys, newbie here with a question on this 7A38-6020 Sports 100 Chrono which I recently picked up in a junk shop ....

Looks to be in pretty decent condition, apart from the scratched crystal and badly faded (almost to white) bezel and dial markings. :)

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Hi guys, here' s an update on this baby....I slipped the bezel off the other day, just to clean it out properly, there was a lot of gunk underneath it and I used an old toothbrush and warm water to break it up. It was quite a task just lifting it from the watch and I found the easiest way was to slide a fine Stanley knife blade in between, just to get a bit of a gap happening and work a thin penknife blade slowly in to it which worked a treat. Once all cleaned up pushed it back on. This was not too hard and pushing down with my thumbs  I managed to get one side snugly down but still had a mm to go on the other side. At this point it wouldn't budge so I laid a small piece of flat wood over it and gave it a firm but careful tap with a hammer which worked perfectly and in snapped back on nice and firmly. I had run a light trace of watch oil around the rubber O ring on the underside of the bezel before starting which I think helped.

When the bezel was off I did give the crystal a good work over with some diamond paste and fine wet n dry paper but it hardly touched it so I guess a new crystal it's going to have to be then, anyone know if they are still available?

cheers Phil

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Is that a 'before' or 'after' photo, Phil ? :P Sorry - cheap shot. You have a PM regarding crystal availability. ;)

Funnily enough, some of the much-maligned Filipino watch-botchers seem to have achieved a fair degree of success in polishing these kind of thicker domed Hardlex crystals - but then again, we don't know how much time and effort they expend on them. :/

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Listed today on eBay in the UK - by a rather-less-than-forthright seller was this 7A38-6020, fitted with the bracelet from a 7A38-7050.

Seller's ID is Lesterplant - actually A.Braniff from Workington Cumbria, who regularly gives a false location of 'South' United Kingdom.

Here is a very rare vintage Seiko 7a38 diver's watch. Works great, keeps good time and everything works as it should - all the dials zero back etc. It does have some minor marks but still great.


This is a big (43mm diameter) well engineered watch in solid stainless steel. Had a new battery fitted six months ago. Free postage including oversees - will be sent recorded delivery and must be signed for.

Without needing to see the case-back serial number (which incidentally is 4O6996) I can confidently state that this is exactly the same 7A38-6020 sold by Mike Mounce on 27th October 2012 for $230. Or at least the watch head is. Bracelets have been swapped around.

Last month, Lesterplant sold what might have been a fairly decent 7A38-7050 on eBay (item # 181063097582).

I say 'might have been', because it had been fitted with an incorrect (and fairly narrow) replacement part-polished stainless bracelet.

That fact is already documented in both the 'Undisclosed Wrong Bracelet' in the eBay section and 7A38-7050 model specific threads.

That bracelet came off the 7A38-6020 which A. Braniff (probably using one of his other ID's) had bought from Mike Mounce in October.

Due predominantly to his thoughtless act of robbing the 7A38-7050 of its original bracelet, it sold for only £76 - less than half it's worth.

For reasons best known to himself, he's subsequently fitted the original p/n Z1148S bracelet from the 7A38-7050 to this 7A38-6020.

Look closely at Lesterplant's first two listing photos:

Compare them with Mike Mounce's third photo from his eBay listing ....

and you'll see a small ding / gouge on the bottom R.H. corner of the watch case, between the 25 and 30 marks on the bezel.

Personally, I don't think by swapping the bracelet from his 7A38-7050 that A.Braniff (Lesterplant) has added any value to this watch.

It deserves to sell for no more than he paid for it - $230. All he succeeded in doing was devaluing the 7A38-7050 he sold previously.

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This stainless 7A38-6020 was listed on eBay by an Albanian seller earlier this week. 

I haven't bothered uploading the individual listing photos, simply because all 8 were very similar, both small in size and of low quality:

Seiko Quartz Chronograph Sports 7a38 - 6020 Watch 

Movement : Seiko Quartz cal 7A38 - 6020 day date,

Crystal : Original crystal

Hands : Original

Crown and pusher : Original

Bezel : rotate bidirectional 

The watch is running very good

The bezel insert was faded and split in the usual place at the top. It was fitted with a rather incongruous looking 'croco' leather strap.

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They say it's a small world - and the Internet certainly has made it a lot 'smaller'.

The aforementioned 7A38-6020 was bought by a UK watch collector, living in the North-East of England.

How do I know this ? Simply because he left the Albanian eBay seller a glowing feedback the day he received it:

But between when the listing ended:

.... and receiving it, the incoming google searches to this forum, presumably made by the buyer, show that he's looking to improve it:

The only reason I mentioned this, is that by a funny coincidence, Jules Mayer, who had previously posted about finding his 'Grail'

.... started another thread on SCWF, about his 7A38-6020 earlier today:,43535.html

Finally found it! 7A38-6020 

Hi all! I found this excellent 7A38-6020 at a second-hand shop here in Cape Town. I've been after one of these for years and I'm really happy to have finally got it in excellent condition aside from a scratchy crystal and missing bracelet. What I'm looking for now is the correct bracelet to replace the leather one I cobbled to fit. The number, I believe, is Z1207. Does anybody have one for sale?

I will check the trading pages, but I thought it may be worth asking here too.

(Though why he's just posted this today, when he originally found this 7A38-6020 back in late November 2011, doesn't quite gel). :/

Jules' post was replied to by John 'TheTigerUK' Bentley:

Nice model Jules and one of my favourites, if you find any spare bracelets I would happily buy a spare link from you.

The moral of the story ?

You can still find spare case and bracelet parts for some 7Axx's. Unfortunately the stainless 7A38-6020 isn't one of them. Rather than buy a lesser example, hoping to improve it, replacing the bezel or a missing bracelet - buy the best (and most original) you can afford.

Speaking from experience - and here's the rub .... 

Back in late December 2010, an Australian eBay seller 'watchbizpete' (who happens to be Peter Kuhn, that used to work for Seiko Australia Pty. in their spare parts department), listed a NOS bezel for a stainless 7A38-6020, with an opening bid price of $60Au.

I thought that was a bit steep; bid a shade over the minimum opening bid price, only to get sniped by the winning bidder, Mike Mounce:

It didn't worry me too much, because I didn't own a 7A38-6020 at the time - I didn't actually buy mine until the beginning of April 2011.

No bracelet problems; mine fits me nicely. :) But like most used examples, my 7A38-6020 suffers from the usual faded bezel lettering.

I've been looking for a NOS bezel ever since. Rare as rocking horse manure it seems. :( Incidentally, this possibly explains the 'lesser' examples which passed through Mike Mounce's hands last year. I believe he's still looking for 'the right watch' to fit that NOS bezel to.

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I must admit I found it slightly amusing: the number of cock-ups this UK seller made in his eBay auction title and description for a stainless 7A38-6020. He obviously mis-read the '7' of the model number stamped on the case-back as a 'T', but he did manage to correctly read 7A38A off the movement's battery positive terminal plate and the much smaller 7A38 602L printed at the bottom of the dial. Yet he didn't make the connection between his 'T' and 7. Still, I'm sure everybody who might have been interested saw the listing.

Nope that definitely looks like a 7 (not T)  to me.

But seriously - a reasonably tidy honest used example with the usual amount of light scuffing to the bracelet and domed crystal.

The only real let-down was the level of fading: the red bezel lettering had faded to cream and the red dial printing almost to white.

The auction ended a few moments ago @ £144 after 30 bids. The listing received 583 views over the 7-day period.

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I did my usual ebay search......and the 7A38 above popped up with 44 seconds to go! :o

I had not noticed it before as I don't habitually search Seiko "T", LOL . :lol:

Damn was I tempted, sold for a fairly low price, considering rarity. :/

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I guess a few other potential bidders didn't see this one either. 

The same new zero-feedback Australian seller, who'd recently listed a NOS 7A38-7140, listed a NOS stainless 7A38-6020 last Friday.*

Rare Seiko 7A38-6020 New without tags


The seller's description was something of an improvement on that of his 7A38-7140 (which simply read: Mint condition, never worn):


Rare find, Great condition, Case, Glass and dial are perfect. Very slight scuff marks on one or two links. Never worn. 

Movement in great condition, battery just fitted, keeping perfect time. Please message me if you have any questions.

I did indeed message the seller, quite a few times, including asking if he might be interested in an offer. 

His replies included:

No I'm not a collector at all, I'm a watchmaker who bought a deceased estate, and found these in it.

Understanding your concern, lets see how the auction plays out, I would prefer to go with ebay as I have just signed up.

I have updated the listing for international , I think.  That was the significant point - apparently he still hadn't, despite my prompt.

 The opening bid price was $300 (Au). By this morning, with 10 minutes to go, bidding had crept up to just over £200 (equivalent):

Bearing in mind what the last previous decent example, which actually wasn't NOS, had sold for in February 2012 - $876.66 US / £555,

I did my sums and reckoned I could just about afford to go as high as £800 for this NOS one. So that's what I bid (in Australian dollars),

with 3 seconds of the auction to go. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to beat another bidder who'd placed his bid in the last 4 minutes. :(

* Friday 13th. I should have known. :(

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Quote of Con's (now deleted) post copied over from the other 7A38-6020 thread by Admin - so this post makes more sense. ;)

Did anyone see this the other day?

I must admit, I had a crack at it- but then the price went nuts. Biggest surprise was the seller had no history and yet people were still willing to risk silly money. Or would the result be considered market.......

Whoops- sorry Paul- I was close though. :D

The whole auction still seems weird to me. Seller has zero feedback and the winning bidder IIRC had 25% activity with him.

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This may well come across as 'sour grapes' on my part, but I think in the circumstances, it is more than justified. 

I was intrigued to know who the winning bidder of this NOS 7A38-6020 might be, who had bid in excess of my own ridiculously high bid.

I had a pretty good idea they were German, because the only other eBay item they had bid on recently fell into the category of:

Möbel & Wohnen > Ordnung & Aufbewahrung - basically Household Goods > Containers. i.e. Tupperware (on eBay Germany):roll:

As I knew Stuart ('ginny') was going to meet the seller 'timekeeperau' (Mick) to pick up the NOS 7A38-7140 he'd won this weekend ....

I asked him to see what he could find out about the mysterious winning bidder, whose eBay ID shows in abbreviated form as a***a (55).

Stuart wrote back he would see what he could  find out. He has just sent me a few PM's, which I make no apologies for publishing:

karsten0304 lives in germany and is a female.

Indeed, just as I'd suspected he / she appears to be:

karsten0304 will not respond to timekeeperau's emails and has not paid.

Have locked in purchase of 7A38-6020 if karsten0304 does not respond or pay.

Excuse me, but was I not the losing bidder, rather than Stuart - who only bid $741 ? :o

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Hi Paul, Well you know you are right with the sour grapes, my mistake and apologies, to be honest It had completly slipped my mind you had bid. Will keep in contact with timekeeperau re purchasing 7A38-6020 on your behalf. Regards Stuart.

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Thank you, Stuart, that's damned decent of you.

It hadn't slipped my mind. I've been grieving about losing out on that NOS 7A38-6020 all week. :(

PS - and watching all this other NOS stuff too:

Belated update:

Not sure why he delayed in making the payment - perhaps it was the shock of how high the final selling price ended at ....

But after almost a week, the winning German bidder finally paid Timekeeperau and left him feedback against the item 3 weeks later:

I just noticed something possibly of interest (to fellow eBay watchers). At the time they won the auction for that 7A38-6020, the German bidder's eBay ID showed in the Bid History in abbreviated form as a***a (55), whereas in timekeeperau's feedback it currently shows as e***r (56). Yet they haven't changed their username karsten0304. Perhaps eBay are getting smarter by using random ID encryption.

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