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Like the all-black 7A38-6030 model, the stainless black-faced 7A38-6040 was a JDM model - and in effect, the Japanese home market equivalent of the 7A38-6000 export model, which it shares several components with, including the watch case and bezel (but fitted with a different bezel insert). The 'President' style bracelet appears to be the same as was used on the 7A38-6000, but with a Speedmaster logo'd clasp, intead of SQ; hence Seiko gave it a different assembly part number, as they have done with other shared 7Axx bracelets.

The bracelet part number YA29A is shown in this (slightly enlarged) illustration from the 1985 Japanese catalogue (Vol. 1 page 64).

Although fairly common (in Japan), because it's many people's favourite finish - stainless with a black dial, these watches are popular with collectors, despite their relatively small size. They rarely come up on eBay, and then usually only rather tired examples from the Philippines. If you want a nice 7A38-6040, then Yahoo Japan auctions is the best place to look, but be prepared to pay accordingly.

However, not every 7A38-6040 coming out of Japan is necessarily pristine ....

Here's a couple of old photos of a well-wabi'd example I saved from the website of the Japanese online watch dealer 'Antiwatchman':


One of the earliest references I saw to the 7A38-6040 on the old Network54 SCWF was a thread posted by DaveS  in December 2008:

7A38-6040 refurb.

December 8 2008 at 2:26 PM

Nice watch, pity about the movement, and the bezel, and the ..... (Picture kind courtesy of the seller)


I bought this watch on ebay back in June and have been slowly bringing it back to life. The movement was badly water damaged and the outside looked even worse. Bezel insert is totally unobtainable so a bit of Dremmeling was required to mod a small diver bezel. I hope to find a better one later. I just missed out on the correct SQ bracelet on ebay but I don't think the oyster looks too bad.


It's been incredibly difficult getting a donor movement; not that there aren't plenty of 7A38's around but I just couldn't bring myself to dissect the ones I got. They just got spruced up and joined the collection. The ones that were suitably distressed had equally damaged movements so went into the parts box. Eventually, I got hold of a 7A38-7280 with the case etc in poor condition but with a perfect movement.

Here's the result - and it's got a Kanji day dial!

Hope you approve.

Note Dave's slightly incorrect statement: I just missed out on the correct SQ bracelet .....

The 7A38-6040 didn't have the SQ version of the bracelet (which was fitted to the 7A38-6000) - it used the Speedmaster version. 

Here's a more recent photo of the same watch that Dave posted in a 'show us your 7Axx collection thread' on SCWF in January 2012:

Surprisingly, he still hadn't fitted a better after-market bezel insert. José Sotto appears to use the same small diameter after-market bezel insert, but doesn't ream them out, which means they overlap the beveled edge of the crystal rather more than the original did.

There's another 7A38-6040 belonging to 'SeikoMart', which I remember seeing in a couple of threads on the old Network54 SCWF.

It took me a while to find the thread again. He purchased it from José 'Watchcooking' Sotto (an off-eBay deal) back in October 2007.


It never hurts to ask

October 8 2007 at 9:33 PM

After I got seriously outbid on a few of Jose Sottos 7A28s on ebay (there was an OK but not great Pepsi that passed USD 200, are these things having a revival ?), I asked Jose if he could keep an eye out for what I really wanted, which was a smaller size 7A38, preferrably with a black dial. Four hours later, I had some pictures in my mailbox and four hours and 30 seconds later, we had a deal and money was being Paypalled. The watch is a 7A38-6040 in a 38mm case. I did not know that there was one of these in the small size with the diver bezel but when I saw it, I knew it is just what I wanted. It is probably as close to a diver as my collection will get. I usually remove bracelets for straps but I might keep this one as it works very well with the watch.


Martin's 7A38-6040 again uses the same after-market bezel insert, but only reamed out just enough to clear the edge of the crystal.

It appears to be fitted with the correct bracelet, but in José's second photo, it looks like it may have a shorter SQ 5-hole clasp fitted.

Below is another photo of the same 7A38-6040 Martin has posted on many occasions in various 'collection' threads on the SCWF:

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Photos from eBay auction listings 2009 - 2011.

José 'Watchcooking' Sotto listed this 7A38-6040 on eBay in early November 2009:


(I've only uploaded 7 or the original 13 listing photos because many are quite similar - besides, you'll see it again, soon.)

Note the unmodified after-market bezel insert and the Speedmaster clasp fitted with a clasp extender. It sold for a low-ish $134.00.

José 'Watchcooking' Sotto possibly did himself something of a dis-service, with the typo's in his next eBay listing in September 2011:


(I've only included 7 of the 15 original listing photos because of the similarity between them)

José was obviously having a bad week, because the description (presumably an erronious copy and paste) was riddled with mistakes:

Heres a HTF Seiko quartz chronograph, 7A38-701A......39.5mm.

DIAL: Original dial in good condition. English/Arabic wheel. All functions work.

CRYSTAL: Original glass.

BEZEL: Chapter ring and bezel in good condition.

CASEBACK: Unpolished case......52....May 1993.

MOVEMENT: Overhauled 1 week ago..... watch keeps time.

BRACELET: Original bracelet, extension clasp placed, fits a 7 inch wrist.

Possibly as a result of the above (and his decision not to replace the beaten-up original bezel insert with an after-market item) ....

The auction ended on 25th September 2011 selling for only $113.50 (approx. £72.23) after 16 bids. The listing received 492 views.


Photos from Yahoo Japan auction listings 2009 - 2011.

The first 7A38-6040 that I saw on Yahoo Japan, and probably still one in the nicest condition I've seen, was this in September 2009:

The same 7A38-6040 s/n 494996, with after-market bezel insert and clasp extender, sold by Jose Sotto in November 2009, was listed on Yahoo Japan 2 weeks later, by the Japanese re-seller 'Yamanoteeede2006' - probably one of the first times I noticed such activity.

It appears to have gone unsold, and was subsequently re-listed in January 2010, with a similar, but slightly smaller set of photos:

It was followed in the last week of November 2009 by this, with original bezel insert, but possibly short on bracelet adjustment links:

This nice example of a 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan in May 2010. Only issue seemed to be the highly polished bezel rim:

Another, but with its bezel insert not in quite such good condition followed in June 2010:

This 7A38-6040 on a black leather 'croco' strap, but with the original bracelet supplied, was listed on Yahoo Japan in November 2010:

This 7A38-6040 on a Seiko-branded (but non-standard) rubber dive strap was listed on Yahoo Japan in May 2011:

The same 7A38-6040 (note the s/n 494607) was subsequently re-listed as a watch head only in June 2011:

This 7A38-6040 was listed in November 2011. The unusual, but genuine, Seiko Sports packaging is sometimes seen with JDM 7Axx's.

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Sightings and Sales during 2012:

At the time of writing, the most recent example seen on eBay (as opposed to Yahoo Japan) was this one, in late January 2012: 


 (Again, due to their similarity, I've only included 6 of the 9 original listing photos)

Here's a Seiko quartz Chronograph, Speedmaster?? 7A38-6040....37mm


DIAL: Original dial in good condition. All functions work.

CRYSTAL: Original glass.

BEZEL: Chapter ring in decent condition. Bezel insert is a replacement. Bi-directional rotation.

CASEBACK: Unpolished case, back polished......73....March 1997.

MOVEMENT: Overhauled 3 weeks ago.... watch keeps time.

BRACELET: Nylon strap.

Note the discoloured lume - both dial batons and hands, and that it's also been fitted with an untrimmed after-market bezel insert.

The auction ended on 29th January, 2012, selling for $290 (approx. £184.54) after 29 bids. The 7-day listing received 789 views.


Another 7A38-6040 on a NATO strap, which quite frankly was not in the best of cosmetic condtion, and would most definitely have benefitted from fitment of an after-market bezel insert, was offered on the Italian Orologiando watch forum in the last week of April: (scroll down the advert)


Raro cronografo 7A38-6040 con anse scoperte!!!

Buonissime condizioni ( tranne inserto ghiera vissuto) e perfettamente funzionante.

185 euro + spedizione a scelta dell'acquirente.

In fact, this is exactly the same watch (serial # 4O4527) sold on eBay by José 'Watchcooking' Sotto in September 2011 for $113.50:o


Listed on Yahoo Japan in the penultimate week of June 2012, as a 4-day auction with an opening bid price of only 1 Yen (no reserve):

セイコー スピードマスター クロノ 稀少7A38 検)ジウジアーロ

Google translation of the seller's Japanese description:


SEIKO Seiko Speedmaster Chronograph 7A38-6040 reference retail price: ¥ -


● Conditon / Used

Is from Seiko 7A38-6040 Speedmaster Used. Is Seiko / rare Speed ​​Master of '84 production. Although there are feeling, condition is good and think in aging. There is no bad behavior, glass scratches, corrosion does not dial. Although the disk bezel slightly bald, is a good condition with genuine breath.  Seiko Quartz Chronograph is early. Means because it is a very rare model.

● Size / Details

Case 37.0mm; 12.0mm Thickness; 18.0mm lug width; Fits up to 175mm wrist. ※ case size not including the crown is the size of only ※

Bracelet size adjustment reduction will not support free of charge.

● Material / ● function ● Accessories

Stainless steel, reinforced glass.Quartz Chronograph Day-Date. Rotating bezel, screw back. 

The auction ended on Sunday 24th June 2012 (without extending) at  ¥30,500 Yen after 21 bids (equivalent to £243 / $379 US).


A 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan as a 2-day auction, by a seller with the slightly unusual name of 'kamikazegirls7' in August: 

◆セイコー SPEEDMASTER クロノ [7A38-6040]

This is a slightly corrected google translation of the salient part of the seller's description:

Product Description

Made in 1984. Quartz movement. Case size is 36.5mm in diameter. Band size (measure the length of the inside body + band) is about 17.6cm. There are no spare links. There is no major damage, such as the state of the glass, especially noticeable. There is no major damage, such as the status of the face especially noticeable. Watch only. There is no accessory box, instruction manual, and warranty card. I cannot guarantee the waterproof so used. Please refrain from nervous. Please bid only for the person who can acknowledge no claim, the item is non-returnable . Please think the extra battery that you are in. They are here as are put in service for the operation check. I cannot answer battery life, time for replacement. (Pre-operation check battery replacement for Mon ※ 2012/8)

The auction ended on Saturday 25th August 2012, selling for the opening bid price of  ¥23,000 Yen (equivalent to £185 / $292 US).

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Specifications and Buyers Guide: 7A38-6040 SJS038


Size: 37mm diameter (excluding crown and pushers) x 11mm deep - 18mm lug width fixing.

Case appears to be same as used on the 7A38-6000 export model. The bezel too, but fitted with a different colour bezel insert.

Case material: Stainless steel - not coated. Top of case (lug area) is (rotary) brushed, case sides polished with a swage line.

Bi-directional 60-click bezel with matt Black bezel insert and conventional 'Diver' ▽ | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | scale.

Dial: Part number is 7A38603LXB13. Seiko's database shows it as 'BLACK'. It's matt Black with white printing, as is Tachymeter ring.

Dial markings: SEIKO (printed) CHRONOGRAPH QUARTZ ; at bottom JAPAN 7A38 603L T Suwa symbol.

Day and Date wheels: White lettering on black background. Second languages seen: Kanji (only - JDM model).

Hands: Main handset is White (with lume) and black centers. Sweep second hand and sub-dial hands are all White.

Seiko crystal p/n: 285W26GN00 - 28.5mm Ø x 1.85mm thick, with polished bevel - obsolete NLA; no substitutes identified at present.

Case-back markings: Double Wave Caseback; stamped 7A38-6040 [A0] SEIKO STAINLESS STEEL WATER RESISTANT JAPAN S

Seiko bracelet p/n: YA29A - 'ears' of end pieces are stamped YA29A. Overall brushed finish. Fixing by 18mm x 1.5mm Ø spring bars.

Clasp is JDM 'Speedmaster' in brushed finish - 16mm x 30mm long, with 5 adjustment holes, stamped SPEEDMASTER 


Production variances: Bracelets on a few examples appear to have polished center links - not confirmed if this is original, or not.

Production dates: Those seen have had serial numbers beginning 49xxxx through 4Nxxxx (September - November 1984).

Geography: Rarely found outside of Japan (naturally, being a popular JDM model). Occasionally seen on eBay in the Philippines.

Buyers Tips: Original small font Black bezel insert is irreplaceable. Beware of non-original bracelets; shortage of adjustment links.

Price Guide: $150 - $650 dependant upon condition.

Rarity Factor: 4/5 - Very Hard To Find (outside Japan).

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Earlier this week, a 7A38-6040 in comparatively poor overall condition appeared on Yahoo Japan with an opening bid of only 10 Yen:

希少品 セイコースピードマスター 7A38 ボーイズサイズ

A very approximate google translation of the seller's description:

It is a day / date  movement version of the world's first analog quartz chronograph 7A28. I think this feature is probably not in any current product. Despite the product of the 80s, with very high precision, can only move about 3 seconds a month (reference value).

Bi-directional rotating bezel is rotating. It is a moderate click feeling. There are noticeable scratches from 2:00 through 4:00 of the glass.

Bambi is made of cow leather belt, so there is no feeling. Not rarely seen (35 mm in diameter bezel) Boys size.

Again in his listing title, the seller confirmed what I'd written in other threads (viz. I've referred to my 7A38-6000 as a 'Dinky Diver')

- about the compartively small size of the case used on the four 7A38-60x0 models: Boys size rarity 7A38 Seiko Speedmaster.

Japanese buyers clearly don't like 'wabi' - even on comparitively rare watches like this. Their response was generally underwhelming.

The auction just ended a few minutes ago - sold for a mere 9,350 Yen (approx. $113 / £71) after 18 bids by 8 different bidders.

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It's almost a year since I last updated this topic - which goes to show how infrequently these popular little JDM 'Diver's pop up for air. 

Last week, a 'head only' 7A38-6040 in average used condition, minus its original YA29A bracelet, was listed on Yahoo Japan Auctions:

セイコー クオーツ クロノグラフ 実動品 難あり 7A38-6040


A (rough) google translation of the seller's description read:


Thank you for seeing. It is a chronograph Seiko.

It is with difficulty, but it can be run start button so hard, that it is not pushed to the back. I scratch pry open wound, in case the windshield.

It is the state of the others, but I think that it is dial beautiful way.

Case size is about 37mm width excluding crown.

Unknown battery exchange history, but I am running without any problems now.

I can match time. Chrono also work. There is no guarantee OH history because it is unknown .

Please tender or more, the person who can promise a no claim no return non-returnable ....

The opening bid price was just 1 Yen. When I first spotted it, only 2 bids had been placed and bidding still at a mere 11 Yen:

The auction was scheduled to end @ 1:51pm (UK time) this afternoon, but due to a late placed bid it was extended by 5 minutes:

It finally sold this afternoon for 18,500 Yen (approx. £110 GPB / $180 US) after 29 bids by 10 different bidders. 

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Last weekend, this 'spares or repairs' job lot comprising a 7A38-6040 and a gold-tone 7A38-7289 was listed on Yahoo Japan auctions:

セイコー 7A38 X2台 ジャンク扱い

Google didn't translate the seller's Japanese description particularly well, but the part about the 7A38-6040 included phrases such as:

The movement has rust.

The belt, around the arm, we combined in 16cm. I will put the current frame and belt, (about 15cm long) belt of the original accessories.

There wasn't much interest - indeed from what I remember no bids were placed during the first 5 days of the listing.

The lot sold earlier today for 12,500 Yen (equivalent to $120 US / £73.50 GBP) after 4 bids by 3 different bidders:

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A tidy-looking example of a JDM 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan auctions, earlier today - with a 1 Yen opening bid price. 

SEIKO スピードマスター 7A38-6040 クロノグラフ QZ ブラック


Once again, Google failed spectacularly to translate the seller's formatted description properly. :roll:

■ Brand name ■

7A38-6040 SPEEDMASTER Speedmaster ■ ■ Size Case diameter: about 36mm thickness: about 12mm about 18.5cm: arm circumference ■ Material ■ stainless ■ Accessories ■ no ■ more ■ wound thin finely attrition use, the glass I have a. Rotating bezel is slightly hard. It is not known battery level, but is working properly now. Because it becomes a used article, please refrain from the tender nervous. Quartz 7A38 everyday life waterproofing chronograph day date display bezel.

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A very nice example.......... :)

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Indeed, Chris. After I posted that and given it a little more thought, I emailed Japanese forum member Daisuke and asked him if he'd be kind enough to bid on it - on my behalf. Bearing in mind our recent success with the 7A38-7110 on Yahoo Japan, where I'd given him a proxy bidding limit of 55,500 Yen, which he had to exceed slightly, to win, I upped the ante to 66,600 Yen - equivalent to approx. £386.

I thought that should be more than enough to win this 7A38-6040.

At lunchtime (UK time) today, with less than an hour to go, bidding was at 32,000 Yen

Less than half a hour to go, it was at 48,750 Yen:

10 minutes to go, still the same price - Daisuke was in fact the high bidder. :)

But then we got outbid. :o

and that's how the auction ended @ 67,600 Yen (equivalent to approx £392.50 GPB / $ 665 USD) after 37 bids by 8 different bidders.

Thanks once again to Daisuke for his efforts on my behalf (and sticking to my limit). ;) Unfortunately we weren't so lucky this time. :(

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Here's another 7A38-6040 which was listed on Yahoo Japan auctions earlier today:

美品 セイコー クロノグラフ 7A38-6040 国内仕様

One could easily surmise from this Google translation of the seller's brief Japanese description:


Calendar of the 3 o'clock position is written in Japanese

It is a valuable national specification.

Recently, those of moderate degree had been awarded at 60,000 yen in the same type. 

Working properly goods

Dial, beautiful both needle.

No scratches windshield, the bezel.

The original genuine breath of perfect 17 cm arm around me.

He's probably basing his expectations on the previous rather nicer condition example which sold on YJ in May for 67,600 yen.

With an opening bid price of 30,000 Yen (reserve set) and a Buy-it-Now price of 60,000 Yen, I suspect he'll be disappointed. :/

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This 7A38-6040, with some issues, fitted with a non-original (aftermarket) bracelet was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today:

レア SEIKO セイコー スピードマスター 7A38-6040 難有

I've tried to make a little more sense of Google's poor translation of the title and desciption:

Rare SEIKO Seiko Speedmaster 7A38-6040 with defects

■ Seiko Speedmaster 7A38-6040 with defects; bracelet is after-market (unused).

■ Exterior has many scratches to both case and glass. Rotating bezel will move.

■ There are times when does not react the start button of the chronograph (upper right). It works by pressing again, but there are cases where the return-to-zero is misaligned.

■ Chrono except failure of the start button (split, demo function), there is no problem in the time of the operation.

■ Day of the week display of DATE can be selected Japanese / English. Around the arm can be mounted up to about 19cm.

■ Battery for exhibition I was replaced with a new one.

■ I attach those to copy how the operation from the of if you wish 7A28 manual.

■ 7A38 because chronograph operation of specification with date of 7A28 is the same, will add the date, day of the week of operation.

■ Since it is an old thing, operation guarantee other than bug will be made ​​within one week after the delivery of the goods.

■ Image will have been taken by the state that was stopped by pulling out the crown.

■ Please tell us because ships at your designated way.

■ The above received your note, thank you very much better you are able to take advantage.

Please question when there is ambiguity ※.

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That Yahoo Japan auction for the 7A38-6040 'with issues' fitted with a replacement aftermarket bracelet ended earlier today.

It sold for a mere 9750 Yen (equivalent to approx. $83 US / £55 GBP) after bids by 10 different bidders.

At that price it will probably make for a nice bargain fixer-upper for the winning bidder. :)

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I'd almost given up bothering to run a daily search on 7A38 on Yahoo Japan auctions. :/ Recently, whenever I did, the majority of the results returned were the same old crap, re-listed for the nth time - mostly ex-eBay watches, offered by would be profiteering re-sellers like l_h_m_m and swotlab for ridiculously inflated prices. Yesterday, for a change, there was actually something genuinely new at the top of the list - a 7A38-6040, albeit one fitted with a non-original bracelet.

However, when I clicked on the link, I got a bit of a surprise. Although the search result summary currently looks the way it always did, it seems Yahoo Japan auctions have finally bowed to the demands of the greasy-fingered screen wiping brigade (mobile device users). The way the individual auction listings are presented has changed, significantly - have a look for yourself. Whereas before this recent change, I'd normally have taken a screen print of the main information box (see previous few posts), this new layout doesn't make it so easy. So for now, here's the basics:

希少 SEIKO セイコー スピードマスター クォーツ 7A38

Google translates the seller's title and description as follows - God only knows where Moses comes into it. :lol:

Rare SEIKO Seiko Speedmaster Quartz 7A38 

SEIKO Seiko Speedmaster 7A38-6040.

Body only.

In for the collection, to wear for several years and had been running the difference Moses there was little.

Belt is not genuine.

Usually it is running without any problems.

We've replaced the battery in about a year ago I do not know the remaining amount.

Dial state in matte black is beautiful.

The windshield is in the myriad small scratch does not have a crack etc..

Even if you press the button on the 4 o'clock position (reset button of chronograph) is a state in which there is no sense of when you press the button a click, but it will do the operation

Case, the bezel passing of years suitable attrition, there are scratches.

Any questions please question.

Sending is planning the non-standard-size (400 yen) Yupack.


Given the only average condition and non-original bracelet fitted, I'd suspect the seller's opening bid price of 20,000 Yen will deter most bidders - until possibly a last 10 minute shoot out. Or maybe they'll sit on their hands and wait for it to be reduced. :/

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Thankfully Yahoo Japan are still currently using the old familiar format to display information for ended auction listings. :)

That auction for the 7A38-6040 fitted with a non-original bracelet ended earlier today selling for 21,000 Yen (equivalent to approx. $171.50 USD / £109 GBP ) after only three bids by two bidders.

Unfortunately, I recognize the abbreviated winning bidder ID as belonging to nasty little profiteering eBay / YJ reseller l_h_m_m

So expect to see it listed on eBay, by his alter ego lonto4271_6h4dgvu; price suitably marked up, in the not too distant future. 

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I'm still in catch-up mode, after an extremely busy (and stressful) month at work - putting in some crazy hours which left me too tired (and no spare time) to add any updates to the forum in recent weeks. So another slightly belated update.

This well worn 7A38-6040 was listed (as 'junk') on Yahoo Japan just over a week ago with an opening bid price of 500 Yen.

SEIKO SPEEDMASTER スピードマスター 7A38-6040

Google translates the seller's Japanese description (badly as usual) as follows:


SEIKO SPEEDMASTER Speedmaster 7A38-6040

There is a conspicuous scratch the glass surface and the body.

Such as the feeling of dirt, not a beautiful state.

It does not work without the remaining amount of the status quo battery.

I can not answer the question because not familiar with the watch

There is a case. All it can not be guaranteed.

OH, such as premise, junk treatment, thank you to dealings by a no claim.

The auction ended yesterday, the 'junk' selling for 18,300 Yen (approx.  $148 USD / £95 GBP) after 27 bids by 10 different bidders.

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Seiko7A38 at June 29, 2015 at 2:39 PM

Unfortunately, I recognize the abbreviated winning bidder ID as belonging to nasty little profiteering eBay / YJ reseller l_h_m_m

So expect to see it listed on eBay, by his alter ego lonto4271_6h4dgvu; price suitably marked up, in the not too distant future. 

Better late than never - almost as predicted, the same 7A38-6040 fitted with non-original bracelet re-appeared on eBay overnight.


Product: SEIKO Vintage 1984 Chronograph Speed Master 7A38-6040 Mid size Men's watch 

Movement. & Movement No: Quartz Battery. Cal.7A38 

Case Serial Number: 495448 

Material of Case: ST.Steel 

Dial Color: Black 

Day & Date: Japanese KANJI / English 

Material Glass: crystal glass 

Band Material Types: ST.steel 

Case Size: About 37mm 

The length of the band: About 19cm

Band is not Original. 

Working condition: working condition. In new Battery. Keep Time.

Chronograph function: Move but effectiveness of the button a little bad. 

Condition of Case: A little bit of scratch

Condition of Case back : A little bit of scratch

Condition of Bezel: A little bit of scratch

Condition of Dial: No scratches

Condition of Hands :No scratches

Condition of Crown: A little bit of scratch

Condition of Glass: A little bit of scratch

Condition of Band :A little bit of scratch. 

Small scratch is on the whole. However, no big damage. 

Manufacturer Warranty card: No

Instruction Manual: No.

With SEIKO gray Box. 

I'm sorry. I can not Buy It Now. 

[ International Buyers – Please Note ]

Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying. 

[ Payment ] PayPal only. Payment must be received within 7 Days of the close of transaction. 

If there is a problem with the goods, you can depending on the return if within 14 days from arrival.

In that case, the purchaser, please pay the mailing cost. 

[ Shipping ] Worldwide. All area - $ 13.00. 

International EMS Global Express from Japan. 

The processing time for international shipment is generally 7-14 business days to most other countries. Shipment will be made after the payment is confirmed.

 Thank you for reading! Other item exhibited.

Please visit my auction ! Search seller: lonto4271_6h4dgvu

What took him so long to list it on eBay escapes me, because other than adding a (non-period) Seiko box, he appears to have done b*gger all with it. He has however listed it as a low-start ($0.99) no reserve auction. My earlier comment regarding 'price suitably marked up' refers to his standard practice on Yahoo Japan. At the time of writing, this sometimes failed would-be profiteering re-seller is still re-listing the brown-coated 7A38-6020 and stainless 7A38-7020 he bought (on eBay) from Australian collector Stuart Lennard (rubyginny) in October last year. :roll:

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Just belatedly checking my eBay watching page, I see that Japanese re-seller l_h_m_m turned a reasonable profit on that 7A38-6040.

It sold in the early hours of yesterday morning for $265 (approx. £171) after 59 bids.

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I made the first of these couple of posts on page 4 of the Yahoo Japan Watching Watches thread about a week ago.

Athough it primarily concerned a 7A38-6040, this one was unusual in that the seller had included it in a job lot of three 7A38's.

Plus I wanted to take another opportunity to highlight the nefarious activities of would-be profiteering re-seller l_h_m_m

But as it transpires, my fears were unfounded. :) So without further ado, here's a straight copy and paste of those 2 posts.

Originally posted by myself on August 22, 2015 at 11:06 AM:

This morning, running a quick search on '7A38' on Yahoo Japan auctions - for the first time in a few days ....

I spotted what at first glance, appeared to be a new listing for a half-decent looking example of a JDM 7A38-6040.

However, upon checking the other photos and translating the seller's title and description, it turns out to rather more than just that ....

Rare SEIKO 7A38 3 Set of junk


1. 7A38 6040 Speedmaster

Domestic model popular helmet buckle

Arm around 16.5cm ~ 17.5cm

To normal operation. Bezel is loose.


2. 7A38 7010 International Model

Arm around 16.5cm ~ 17.0cm

1 / 10S is the junk that does not move without the return-to-zero.

Watch as I work.

Buckle is SEIKO notation because it is foreign models. (The clasp on the stretched p/n Z1118S bracelet is not original).


3. 7A38 7270 International Model

Arm around 17.5cm ~ 18.5cm

It seems that out of batteries, but operation verification Not because it does not run.

1 / 10S from the time there was a battery, did not even run without the return-to-zero.

It is a foreign model we believe is the belt has been replaced. (Nope - that's actually the correct Seiko p/n B1615S bracelet).


1 has been operating normally at the moment, but it is an exhibition of junk treatment because the three sets. 2.3 Douzo part removing etc.

1 is the start from ¥ 15,000 for the normal operation at the moment.


Their own also have experience, but old for chronograph of goods suddenly, there are times when you will not return-to-zero. After a successful bid, please bid person only okay to become such a state.

Battery is always unknown or was replaced.

Please pardon even off immediately. Replace yourself.


With regard to trade, all no claim, no return, please.

Returns will not be accepted.

Unfortunately somebody else has already spotted it - that scumbag profiteering YJ / eBay re-seller l_h_m_m is the first bidder.

Originally posted by myself on August 29, 2015 at 11:55 AM:

A slightly belated update to the foregoing post. Thankfully a couple of days later, a third bidder prevented this tidy-looking 7A38-6040 from falling into the hands of would-be profiteering re-seller l_h_m_m - presumably by hitting the Buy-it-Now button. :)

The lot sold on 24th August for 30,000 Yen - equivalent to approx. $246.50 USD / £160 GBP. Not a bad price for an 'instant collection'.

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Funnily enough, only a couple of days after that listing ended, another 7A38-6040, but evidently not in such good cosmetic condition as the previous example, was listed on Yahoo Japan, with an opening bid price of 5000 Yen.

(The discrepancy in image sizes is due to the first 3 being YJ hosted versus these 4 which are embedded in the description.)

Google translates the seller's Japanese title and description (badly as usual) as follows:

SEIKO Speedmaster 7A38 Quartz rare

It becomes exhibition of SEIKO Seiko Speedmaster (domestic model). The model number: 7A38-6040 in body only, accessory is not. Currently, the battery has expired. The size of the case, about 37 ~ 38mm, is a model with a calendar notation. (English, two conventions of Chinese characters) arm around, corresponding to about 17 to 19㎝. There is a child scratches on the glass surface or the whole, but it is relatively clean state. This is the original state. To your question, but I will correspond as much as possible, for us you are not familiar to watch, there are times when it Kaneru served to answer but please note. Seeing good publication photograph of, I need your help by the no claim, no return.

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