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I've never quite understood the logic behind 'Job Lot' listings, but you see plenty of them. Earlier this week another 7A38-6040, in average worn condition, was listed (and re-listed) on Yahoo Japan, in a job lot with a couple of other random Seiko quartz watches, as a one-day auction with an opening bid price of 70,000 Yen.

There were dozens (literally) more photos of the 7A38-6040 (and the other watches) embedded in the description, in 2 very long strings measuring 900x8100 pixels ! :o I haven't figured out how to crop them yet, so for the time being - and expediency's sake, I'm going to try linking them direct from the Japanese seller's image host. Don't be surprised if the links don't work, or if they disappear soon.

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:

◆ Product name

"Old Seiko TYPE II Speedmaster 7A38-6040 Anadji H357-5030 3 point set"

◆ Product Description

· TYPE II 4316-8010 Case width About 35 mm Breath thinks it is an external item.

· Speed ​​master 7 A 38 - 6040 Case width about 37 mm Breath arm around 18 mm

· Analogy H 357 - 5030 Case width About 33 mm Breath arm around 15.5 mm

※ Please forgive measurement error.

It is an old watch 3 point set. In confirmation before exhibition, all three points were operating without major error. However, since it is an old watch, all operation guarantees can not be performed. Please note.

The chronograph of Speedmaster 7A38-6040 has been activated. However, operation guarantee can not be performed.

The stopwatch of Anadji H357 - 5030 has been activated. However, operation guarantee can not be performed.

Three points When maintenance is necessary, I hope in the highest bidder. Since it is an exhibition as a used to the last, there are scratches, dirt, pain and so on.

There is no accessory.

Please refrain from the tender if you like nervous people and fine conditions. I hope in a no claim no return.

◆ Delivery method

· Sagawa Express (pursuit · compensation with) shipping cost Kinki · Hokuriku · Tokai · China: 756 yen. Kanto · Shinetsu · Shikoku · Kyushu: 864 yen. Tohoku: 1080 yen. Hokkaido: 1512 yen. Okinawa: 1880 yen

* In the case of some detached island mountains, additional relay fee will be added so it will be increased from the above rate. If you live in a remote island mountain area please check before bidding as there is a case of postage change.

◆ payment method

Yahoo! simple settlement

◆ nervous one. Auction. Person who can not understand person. Bid please refrain.

Price negotiation after bidding successfully · Discount negotiation etc of shipping cost can not be accepted. Please tender only for those who can deal with no claim, no return, no cancellation. Return of goods is not accepted. Please note. Thank you for your consideration. The question to an exhibitor.

The second one-day auction ended earlier this week,with the 'job-lot' selling for the opening bid price of 70,000 yen, equivalent to $629.58 USD / £483.76 GBP.

Note the conversion to approx. $630 US. Needless to say, that the evidently totally incompetent Japanese eBay seller utsun_2014, who appears to be attempting (and failing badly) to provide a proxy selling service still has them listed on eBay, 2 days after the YJ auction ended, for a risible Buy-it-Now price of $1000 !! :lol:

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