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Seiko7A38 at November 16, 2018 at 9:32 AM

Sure enough, the following day, it was back again, re-listed for the Nth time, for another 7-days - same YJ item number, same ludicrous wishful 'pie-in-the-sky' pricing. :roll:

The would-be Yahoo Japan seller of that ludicrously over-priced 7A38-6040 tsuto_yuki stubbornly continues to re-list - ad nauseam. :roll: In his latest re-listing, he's rather pointlessly reduced his 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now 'Prompt Decision' price to 100,000 Yen. But if nobody's even prepared to bid 80,000 Yen, you've got to wonder at his logic. 

Earlier today, his 7A38-6040 listing was joined on YJ by another - a 5-day auction with an opening bid price half his - 40,000 Yen. No prizes for guessing which one will very likely sell first. It's actually a non-runner (possibly just in need of a new battery) and appears to be in decent used condition.

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:

Thank you for seeing the item.

Please be sure to confirm the final in the image.

☆☆ Product Description ☆ ☆

Product Name: Men's Watch

Manufacturer: SEIKO


Model Number: 7A38-6040


Color: Black × Silver

Case Width: Approx 37 mm (excluding crown)

Arm around: Approx 17 cm )

accessories: None

Is currently immobile state.

Please use it for repair premises or parts removal.

The appearance including the windshield has no big blow marks, I think that the state is good.

However, there are small scratches and rubbing corresponding to second-hand goods.

(Please judge the degree in the image.) It is the current selling cut of junk treatment.

* I need your help by a no claim and a no return.

【Shipping fee】

1,000 yen nationwide

Hokkaido 1150 yen

Okinawa · Remote Island 1850 yen

※ The packing fee is included in the above fee.

※ Shipment is correspondence only of Yu Pack.

"When you receive the item, please contact us promptly to receive it"

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Earlier today, a used Seiko p/n YA29A bracelet for the 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of 2000 Yen. The seller is once again our old friend motov10, a.k.a. Yujiro Kaneko. The bracelet appears to be in decent used condition, but is missing the all-important curved end pieces, which is where the YA29A stamping appears.

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:

■ 80's SEIKO quartz chronograph Speed ​​master 7A38-6040. Original bracelet, YA29A secondhand goods.

■ The length of the bracelet is about 160 mm between the spring bars with the clasp closed. When wearing on the watch body it will be around the arm around 19 cm ~ 20 cm.

■ The lug width is 20 mm. There is no bow can and spring bar.

■ Overall it is shallow but there are scratches. Cleaning is done for exhibition.

I will send it by click post.

■ For reference, the catalog image of 7A38-6040 main body was posted. (The product is only genuine bracelet.)

Those who can use ■ Thank you very much.

Kaneko-San has made a couple of small mistakes in both his title and description. The lug width of the 7A38-6040 is actually 18mm. (The widest part of the YA29A bracelet end links measures 19.5mm).

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Seiko7A38 at October 27, 2018 at 10:16 AM

I wasn't sure whether he'd bother attempting to pull this stunt again, particularly after the last time he tried it, the YJ seller tsuto_yuki pulled his listing (see my post higher up the page, dated September 28th). He's either forgotten, or greed has got the better of his judgement. Earlier this afternoon, incompetent would-be profiteering Japanese 'proxy' re-seller utsun_2014 listed the same 7A38-6040 on eBay with a typically ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $1557 !! (That's equivalent to 174,223 Yen). This pair of idiots deserve each other. :roll:

PS - I haven't bothered copying and pasting the description, because it looks exactly the same as the 'template' listing he used last time.

It looks like earlier today, would-be Yahoo Japan seller tsuto_yuki once more allowed his current re-listing for his ludicrously over-priced 7A38-6040 to come to end, as he'd done in mid-November. (Edit: It's since been re-listed yet again). :roll:

Needless to say, the incompetent would-be profiteering Japanese 'proxy' re-seller utsun_2014 has continued to re-list it, at the same even more ridiculously inflated price of $1557. :lol: His latest re-listing:

Earlier today, he was joined by another of this irksome ilk - japan-quality1.

The description tells you absolutely nothing about the watch. Their 'Buy-it-Now' price, for anyone gullible enough, by comparison is 'only' $1172.10. :roll:

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In case you might be wondering what became of the other Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A38-6040 (the non-runner, with an opening bid price of 40,000 Yen), that 5-day auction ended at lunchtime today, without any bids being placed - unsold. Before I could take a screen print, it had automatically re-listed itself for another 4 days. The seller seems to have since reduced that to 24 hours. This afternoon, it was joined by another - and of course, tsuto_yuki's latest 7-day re-listing. :roll:

The newest listing (at the top) is a 6-day auction with an opening bid price of 5000 Yen. From the seller's description, it sounds like it's suffering from a sticky pusher button. But worse than that, the bracelet is woefully short, having had all but 3 adjustment links removed. :(

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:

SEIKO SPEEDMASTER 7A38 - 6040 Quartz defective present condition delivery.

Thank you for looking.

I purchased it for a few years ago. It is only the main body.

Reasons with difficulty

① The start / stop button of the stopwatch function is slightly stuck in compared with other buttons , but you can use it if you press strongly.

② The belt is short (about 15 cm around the arm · please allow some errors for amateur measurement)

Also, the tip of the pin of the adjustment frame at 12 o'clock side comes out a little. (See the last image.) However, it does not fall out.

There are scratches for the main body · belt · draft shield suitable for the year.

Present condition delivery, no claim no return, please.

We will ship by Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin (shipping fee is our expense)

Furthermore, new customer. Appraisal contents. Seeing. Trouble. Possibility. Exist ... judgment did person. Bid. We delete.

Moreover, please acknowledge will being canceled when you can not contact within 48 hours after a successful bid .

So thank you.

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The previous 24-hour re-listing @ 40,000 Yen by YJ seller gbso_jimu1 for the non-running 7A38-6040 (with the blue photo backgrounds) had similarly ended unsold, without any bids placed. He now had competition (for bidders) from the above non-runner (with an opening bid price of only 5,000 Yen). In what might possibly not have been the best strategic move, in response, he re-listed it again yesterday lunchtime, for another 24 hours, with his opening bid price reduced to only 10,000 Yen. I didn't get a chance to take a screen grab yesterday, but here's how the situation looked earlier this morning.

With 30 minutes of the auction left to run ....

10 minutes to go and not looking much better (one more bid - same price) ....

Which took us into 'Overtime', thanks to the saving grace of Yahoo Japan's automatic extension facility. Fortunately for the seller, he'd had the good common sense to make sure it was enabled.

The late placed bids kept coming, so the finishing time extended once again ....

and again ....

And so it went on ....

At which point I went for a ciggy ....

Into the final 5 minutes of overtime, hopefully everybody was done by now ....

Indeed, that's how the auction finally ended, a moment ago, after the finishing time had been extended by a total of 25 minutes, with the non-running 7A38-6040 eventually selling for ¥35,100 Yen after 30 bids. That's equivalent to approx. $310.60 USD / £243.15 GBP. So no bargain, but certainly one of the cheapest 7A38-6040's to sell on YJ recently. Also a good example of the YJ automatic extension facility in action. ;)

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The 7-day Yahoo Japan auction for a used YA29A bracelet (see my post higher up this page) ended a few moments ago, selling for ¥5250 Yen after 9 bids. That's equivalent to approx. $46.55 USD / £36.60 GBP.

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The most recent Yahoo Japan 6-day auction for a 7A38-6040 (the one with the very short bracelet) ended at lunchime today - on schedule. Automatic extension was enabled, but unlike the previous one, there were no late bids placed. It sold for ¥31,000 Yen after 24 bids, equivalent to approx. $275 USD / £216 GBP.

Which now just leaves this one (once again) still being re-listed ad nauseam ....

I note with mild bemusement that would-be YJ seller tsuto_yuki has since increased his Buy-it-Now price back to the previous ludicrous 150,000 Yen. :roll:

Belated Edit: I'd previously omitted to post the outcome, but the doggedly persistent YJ seller tsuto_yuki did eventually manage to find a buyer for his risibly over-priced 7A38-6040, which he'd been re-listing ad nauseam since mid-September last year. It finally sold in the last week of January 2019 for the 80,000 Yen opening bid price. All it ever takes is one. :/

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This 7A38-6040 in decent cosmetic condition was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today as a 6-day auction, with an opening bid price of 1 Yen. Typically, it has a short bracelet, but the seller's description implies there are 3 more adjustment links, although these are not shown in the photos.

Google translates the Japanese seller's title and description as follows:

SEIKO Speedmaster 7A38 - 6040 OH Elegant ultimate beauty item

SEIKO Speedmaster 7A38-6040 Quartz

Case Diameter: About 36 mm (without crown)

Around Brass Arm around: About 16.5 centimeters

There are 3 pieces (corresponding to a maximum of about 19 centimeters)

Last August Overhaul, Battery, Packing Replacement

Return 0 We will operate normally, including.

There are no visible scratches on the glass draft shield.

Although there are some degree of scratches on the case and bracelet, I think that it is extremely beautiful on the whole.

Those who newly evaluate please bid on the top of the message from the question column beforehand.

Please acknowledge that the bid of the direction with no connection or the high bad evaluation may be deleted at our discretion in advance.

After bidding successfully, please disclose successful bidder information within 24 hours. In the absence of disclosure, we will judge it as a mischievous bid.

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The above 6-day Yahoo Japan auction for a JDM 7A38-6040 in decent cosmetic condition, ended this afternoon, selling for a very strong ¥86,000 Yen after 60 bids. That's equivalent to approx. $792.90 USD / £617.50 GBP. The auction finishing time was automatically extended by a total of 35 minutes, due to late placed bids.

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This well-worn 7A38-6040, fitted with a NATO strap, was listed earlier this morning by a Japanese eBay seller, with a frankly ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $799 US and currently no option to make an offer.

SEIKO 7A38-6040 SPEEDMASTER Day-Date Chronograph Quartz Wristwatch #3462

This item is one of a kind!! First come, first served.

It is free shipping.

However, when returned, we will subtract postage amount from payment amount and we will return. 

It will be shipped just as pictured.

No other accessories will be included in this auction, please look at the pictures above.

 ※The item in pictures is the actual item you will receive.

Please look at the photos carefully.

Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

These charges are the buyer's responsibility

Condition & Accessories

■Cosmetic condition

※We sell the Used item.Please check on the photos for detailed condition of the product.

Hands: There is no noticeable damage.

Case: There is a some scratches.

(C. rubbing and scratch. usual feeling of use.)

There are peeling of paint on the bezel.

Diameter: approx 37mm excluding crown.

Glass: There are some scratches.

Band: It is a band of outside goods.

Band Size:

Dial: There is no noticeable damage.

■Performance Condition

Calendar: It works as it should be.

Quick set works as it should be.

Day difference(Time Grapher)

Motions: In working condition.

The operation of the chronograph and the split button are normal.

Battery replaced 01/2019

■Accessories: None

If you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you find any issue with this transaction, please contact me BEFORE giving a negative or neutral feedback and opening case . I will try my best to resolve the issue.

I have examined the item(s) and included my observations as accurate as I could in the description above. Please note that some descriptions may be based on my own opinion. Please read it carefully and understand the condition of the item(s) before bidding.

Thank you for visiting.

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This nice example of the JDM 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan, earlier today, as a 3-day auction with an opening bid price of 1 Yen. As can be seen see from my screen prints, bidding has already climbed past 67,000 Yen - indeed as I post this, it's now at 68,000 Yen. Although there are no distinguishing marks* and the seller has obsured the case-back serial number, both on his photos of the watch and the service invoice, I immediately suspected it had previously featured in this thread. Indeed, it's a case of Double Déjà Vu - one very easily proven .... of more anon. ;)

Google translates the Japanese seller's title and description as follows:

Beautiful item overhauled Seiko Speedmaster 7A38-6040

Overhaul is completed last August. Although I got it in a very beautiful state, I decided to let go, there is circumstance.

As shown in the photograph, we will also attach documents at the time of overhaul, too much piece.

Since many experienced mischievous bidding, new people please make a bid intention from the question column. Please understand that it will be deleted if not.

Also, as described in the profile, please contact us within 24 hours from the bidding successfully. When there is nothing, please understand that we will cancel the successful bidder convenience.

Shipping is only Yamato Express payment on delivery.

The clue is in the photo of the service invoice (with spare links), showing the same Japanese text and folded in exactly the same manner. The serial number is 494672.

The watch first appeared on Yahoo Japan in September last year (2018) as a 7-day auction. You can read the full story halfway down the previous page, starting with my post dated September 29, 2018. Here's a copy and paste of the previous result:

The auction ended on schedule, a couple of minutes ago, at 21:00 local Japan time, with the 7A38-6040 selling for ¥111,000 Yen after 52 bids. That's equivalent to approx. $976 USD / £744 GBP.

Although I didn't actually make the connection at the time (due to lack of photos of the service invoice and spare links), the same watch appears to have sold for a second time in January this year. See my post higher up this page, where I wrote:

The above 6-day Yahoo Japan auction for a JDM 7A38-6040 in decent cosmetic condition, ended this afternoon, selling for a very strong ¥86,000 Yen after 60 bids. That's equivalent to approx. $792.90 USD / £617.50 GBP.

The winning bidder of the January auction had a feedback of 364. The current seller bazznemurin has a feedback rating of 365. If you check his feedback, although the actual item number / description isn't displayed, the last feedback he received was left by toshiya_masuda_1116 - the previous seller (who, incidentally had also partially obsured the case-back serial number in his photo, revealing only 494 .... 

*Edit: There are actually a couple of tiny distinguishing marks, which take the form of loss of black laquer from the inner rim of the bezel insert. Most noticeably that between the 2 and 3 dots. Re-visiting the original set of photos from the September 2018 auction, they were evident there also, but you really have to look much harder at those smaller photos to spot them. 

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Another 7A38-6040 fitted with a NATO strap was listed in the early hours of this morning, by a US eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with a laughably over-optimistic opening bid price of $550. It comes supplied with a selection of other straps and bracelets, including the original Seiko p/n YA29A 'Speedmaster' bracelet. When selling such a watch, it's always advantageous to sell it on (or with) its original bracelet. The reason the seller hasn't fitted it to the watch and probably never wore it like that, is that the YA29A bracelet looks very short - almost completely devoid of removable adjustment links. I suspect, that if re-fitted to the watch head, it would struggle to fit a 6¼" wrist. :(

For sale is a rare Seiko 7A38-6040 quartz chronograph.

The sale includes the original bracelet with the rare speedmaster/helmet badge on the clasp.

It also includes a cheap modern Speedmaster-style bracelet with end links that fit (although they’re shorter than the case height).

Also included are 18mm black Eulit perlon and BluShark nato straps.

Additionally included are curved end links.

Regarding this example, it’s worth doing some Internet research (there’s several informative articles and a dedicated forum to the Seiko “7As”. ;)

You likely conclude what I did: the 7A series, and in particular the 7A28 and 7A38, are the best affordable alternatives to the Omega Speedmaster if you’re interested in (a) smaller/vintage case size (36mm) and (b) nuances that distinguish it some from its reference source (e.g., dive bezel, day/date complication).

This particular variant of the 7A38 has the exceedingly rare standard lugs, rather than the case just being flat at the ends, which accommodates more straps and bracelets (and just looks less retro).

This example was difficult to come by. I had to source it from a Japanese auction site, source some original pusher hardware, and bore out one of the pusher holes ever so slightly with a Dremel. All the pushers now work well.

The dive bezel has some wear (I bought it and kept it like that as I had wanted the patina look), and has spots in which it is a little tougher to turn (“thick” feeling). I never bothered to repair it.

I also never bothered to have the watch serviced. It keeps good time (it is a hybrid quartz-mechanical after all). The chronograph hand likewise works perfectly. As you can see in the open case back picture, there was a part with a little bend to it in the movement, which I secured.

There’s not much else to say about the watch that the pictures don’t portray.

As can be seen from the seller's photos, its case-back serial # is 495366. He's implied in his description that he bought it off Yahoo Japan, so it wasn't difficult to trace its lengthy back history. It starts about halfway down page 4 of this thread in October 2017, ending at bottom of the page in January 2018, with the quote below.

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Seiko7A38 at January 21, 2018 at 11:23 AM

Seiko7A38 at October 20, 2017 at 8:35 AM

This average worn condition 7A38-6040, with not only a short bracelet but possible faults, was listed as 'Junk' on Yahoo Japan auctions earlier today, with an over-optimistic opening bid price of 50,000 Yen.

Even that #1 promotion didn't appear to work. :roll:

Having re-listed that 'Junk' 7A38-6040 ad nauseam since last October, most recently on an almost daily basis @ an opening bid price of 38,000 Yen, the Japanese seller finally seems to have got the message. I didn't actually see his latest re-listing while it was live, but it seems that yesterday, he further reduced the opening bid price to 30,000 Yen - for which it sold earlier today. Going by the high feedback number of the encrypted winning bidder ID, it very likely sold to an international buyer, using one of the proxy bidding services.

I'd inadvertently omitted to include the usual USD / GBP equivalent converted prices in that post. Using the prevailing exchange rate of $1 / ¥110.98 Yen, the ¥30,000 Yen Yahoo Japan purchase price then equated to $270 USD - less than half the US eBay seller's current $550 asking price.

As you can see, it was fitted at the time with the original short YA29A bracelet. ;)

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I sometimes wonder why I bother. :roll: The US eBay seller of the 7A38-6040 fitted with a NATO strap (offered with other multiple wrist attachment options) ended his listing in the early hours of yesterday morning, as item no longer available.

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The 3-day YJ  auction for that 7A38-6040, which had previously sold twice before on Yahoo Japan within the last 6 months, ended yesterday lunchtime. Previously, it had sold for 111,000 Yen (in September last year) and 86,000 Yen in January 2019 - to the current re-seller. This time around it made ¥89,000 Yen after 20 bids.

Notice the thumbnail of the primary image has already mysteriously disappeared from the ended listing summary. I suspect the photos were deliberately deleted (in an attempt at subterfuge). Evidently, 89,000 Yen wasn't enough for this would-be profiteering re-seller, even though he'd made a small 3,000 Yen gain on his recent purchase price, because earlier today he re-listed it as another 2-day auction. 

The listing looks very similar to the previous one, with the addition of two new photos of the SPEEDMASTER logo'd clasp.

The other subtle difference is this new 2-day auction listing has a reserve price set. Presumably higher than 89,000 Yen. Not difficult to predict the outcome, then. :roll:

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Well I must admit, I'm not quite sure what to make of that. :/ The re-listed 2-day Yahoo Japan auction for that 7A38-6040 ended at lunchtime today.

This time around, it appears to have sold for ¥84,000 Yen (equivalent to approx. $750 USD / £568 GBP) - after only 7 bids. Note: that's only one more bid placed after I took my screen print of the summary (when bidding was @ 31,021 Yen) with 24 hours still to run. There's nothing to indicate otherwise, so presumably the reserve price was met.

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Seiko7A38 at October 28, 2018 at 2:07 AM

Saturday Night is comedy night, right ? With perfect comic timing, an aptly-named US eBay seller perfecttimingbiz listed a well-worn 7A38-6040 fitted with a rubber Dive strap, late yesterday evening. Their 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price is $600. I assume that was meant to be a joke. For anyone who might take it seriously, it's being offered through eBay's dysfunctional GSP programme which would add a punchline of $187 to the already laughable asking price.

Since the end of October last year, US eBay seller perfecttimingbiz had continued to automatically re-list that well-worn 7A38-6040, stubbornly sticking to his ludicrous $600 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price. Needless to say, it remained unsold. Late last night he finally ended the listing, because of an error. Dare I say, presumably the error was in the pricing ? :lol:

He re-listed it a couple of minutes later as a 10-day auction with an opening bid price of $0.99 (again being offered though eBay's dysfunctional GSP program).

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