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As I'm some 6 months (and more) delinquent in writing up this topic, here's my wrist shots of the three different versions as just a start:

7A38-6080 SAA089J

The 6060X999 dial in the stainless version is plain white, with chrome sub-dial rings. The second 'O' in the p/n signifies without lume.

7A38-6080 SAA088J

Although not (at all) visible in this photo, the silver 6060X989 dial in the two-tone version has a beautiful radially brushed effect finish.

7A38-6080 SAA090J

As you can see from the above photo, the SAA090J version uses a different dial 607LXB14, which is effectively a scaled down version of the 718LXB14 dial used in the similarly finished (also dark gunmetal-coloured TiCn coated and gold-plated) 7A38-725A SAA082J.

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So let's start at the very beginning shall we ?

Or should I say beginnings - because this is a 3-part story.

The very first time I saw even so much as a glimpse of any version of the 7A38-6080 was in this photo of a carefully stacked 'pile' of his 7Axx collection which David Johnson ('dwjquest') posted in a thread on WatchUSeek, back in January 2009. and quote:

The Seiko 7A28, 7A38 and 7A48 series of chronographs is one of my favorites. Here is my pile of them.

The stainless 7A38-6080 is partly buried on the left hand side. At the time, as a comparative newbie, I could recognize and correctly identify almost all the 7A38's. But not that one. So I messaged 'dwjquest' asking which model it was. He later emailed me a few photos:

Not only did David's 'pile' photo inspire me to build on my own then meagre collection, but he also set me in search of my first 'Grail'.

Indeed I was so smitten by the attractive looks of the stainless 7A38-6080 that I posted a WTB advert on the RLT watch forum. 

See: .... a completely and utterly pointless exercise, of course. :roll:

To be continued ....


On the other hand, the first two-tone / stainless 7A38-6080 I ever saw was far from pristine - and not completely original, either.

It belonged to erstwhile German collector Michael Rothe. I found it in this photo on his website: 

Michael later emailed me these two photos of it:

Not only was the crystal badly scratched, the bezel's gold plating all but worn away, but (as I later realized) it was also fitted with the wrong bracelet - which looks very like a Seiko p/n B1171C off a two-tone 7A38-702x. Michael had long since parted with it, anyway.

To be continued .... 


Reserved for Two-Tone 'Black' TiCn

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Reserved for Catalogue images, Specifications and Buyers Guide.

Some watches are made to last only as long as they are fashionable. 
Some watches simply aren't made to last.
Seiko watches are designed to withstand the ravages of both time and fashion. Some day, perhaps, all watches will be made this way.
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As James pointed out, earlier this week, there was a 7A38-6080 listed on eBay. In fact there have been a couple more this month.







NR.7A38-6080 A4




Sold fairly cheaply, even for a two-tone 7A38-6080, commesurate with the overall condition - viz. the amount of gold plating worn off the bezel, badly scratched crystal and generally well-worn scuffed appearance. Note also one bracelet link embellishment was missing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and

Quite illogically, as it hadn't sold at 185 Euros first time around, the seller increased the price by another 10 Euros when he re-listed.


Schweren Herzens gebe ich meine Seiko-Armbanduhr ab. Ich habe sie 1987 gekauft (und seitdem nur einmal getragen).

Die Batterie wurde stets gewechselt (sie läuft etwa 3 Jahre).

Da die Uhr nur im Schrank lag, möche ich nun nur in gute Hände abgeben.


Hier die Details der Uhr:


Analog-Quartz-Chronograph (100% original Seiko)


Wasserdicht bis 100m

Stoppfunktion von 5/100 Sek. bis 30 Min.

Messung von Additionszeit, Zwischenzeit

2 Zielzeiten, 3 Rundenzähler



Bedienungsanleitung, Garantie und Geschenkverpackung (siehe Bild)

Ersatz-Metallglieder für das Armband liegen lose bei.


Ich bitte um Verständnis, daß eine Rücknahme und Garantie leider nicht möglich sind - vielen Dank.

Hard to tell the actual condition from the eBay seller's single listing photo, but everyone was of the opinion it was way too expensive !


The seller's description read simply: Seiko Armybanduhr - which probably explains why, combined with the rather dubious photo, first time around in late September, it failed to attract any bids. Who knows ? - someone may actually have got a decent example cheaply.


A very nice Seiko watch on auction!

As you can see on the pictures the watch is in a very good condition.

There are two, not to deep scratches on the crystal surface.

Otherwise there is almost without any signs of use.

The diameter of the watch is 37mm without the crown.

The watch is working perfectly including the day and date part!

A nice looking example of this version; probably the best I've seen to date, with minimal wear to the TiCn coating and gold-plated parts.

Fitting a replacement crystal and a good clean will transform it. Note the tiny watchmaker's number mark on the back of the case lug.

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In contrast to the previous auction, the photos in the first eBay listing of 2013 for a gunmetal-coated 7A38-6080 were pretty diabolical: 

Seiko SQ 100 Armbanduhr CHRONOGRAPH Seiko 7A38 - 6080 Rarität

Angeboten wird !!!!

Aus Dachbodenfund

Seiko SQ 100 Seiko 7A38 60-80 Armbanduhr.

Diese ist voll funktionsfähig. Batteriewechsel muss vorgenommen werden.

Leider ist die Bildqualität meiner Kamera nicht so gut. Deshalb habe ich noch ein Standardfoto hinzugefügt.

Uhr hat leider Kratzer im Glas.

Aber Kenner wissen die Qualität dieser Uhr zu schätzen. da privatauktion kein rückgaberecht.


The watch appeared to be fitted with an incorrect replacement bracelet. However, for 'clarity's sake', as stated in his description:

Unfortunately, my camera's picture quality is not so good. That's why I added a standard photo.

.... the German seller also borrowed my wrist shot ! :mad:

The auction ended earlier this afternoon at 52.00 Euros (approx £43) after 10 bids:

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The second eBay auction of 2013 for a 7A38-6080 - this time the rather more desirable stainless white-faced version, just ended:

Seiko Chronograph SQ 100 mit weißem Ziffernblatt aus den 80igern


Sie bieten hier auf eine ältere aber qualitativ sehr gute Seike UHr aus den 80igern.

Die Batterie in der UHr ist leer. Bis zuletzt war sie aber voll funktionstüchtig. 

Bei Fragen schreiben Sie mir gerne. Viel Spass beim bieten.

Like the previous, it appeared to be fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet - more than likely a Seiko p/n Z1357S, I'd wager. 

It was also sold with a flat battery. That fact, along with the small listing photo probably contributed to the relatively low price achieved:

Sold to a member of this forum (who just outbid another forum member, in the final seconds shoot-out) for a mere 31.60 Euros.

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Here's a current 30-day listing for a stainless two-tone 7A38-6080 on eBay Germany:

Seiko Chronograph SQ 100 Armbanduhr Uhr

Seiko SQ 100 Chronograph 


Edelstahl Gehäuse und Armband 

vergoldete Lünette und Kronen 

Vergoldung leicht abgerieben 

sonst guter Zustand 

siehe Fotos 

Durchmesser ohne Krone: 3,8 cm

Not exactly outrageously priced as a Buy-it-Now for 90 Euros (approx. £76) given the condition. It does have some rubbing wear to the gold plating of the bezel and the bracelet link ornamentations, visible in the photos - and could also really benefit from a new crystal.

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While that two-tone 7A38-6080 in my previous post still remains unsold with another 11 days of the 30-day listing still to run, another two 7A38-6080's, both of which were most certainly in dire need of replacement crystals were listed on eBay Germany in February.

The first was a well-worn stainless 7A38-6080, which ended this morning:

Seiko Quartz Chronograph SQ 100 Modell 7A38-6080


Biete eine 

Seiko Quartz Chronograph SQ 100 Modell 7A38-6080. 

TECHNISCH TOP, optisch mit vielen feinen Kratzern am Glas. 

Ablesbarkeit nicht beeinträchtigt. 

Mit Rückgaberecht und Gewährleistung.

The bracelet was badly stretched, particularly the weak first joining links on both sides, both of which had lost their ornaments. The whole watch was generally very scuffed - especially the crystal. The German eBay seller 'Premium_Olli' ('premium' being a very apt choice of ID) had listed it for 30 days with a Buy-it-Now price of 149 Euros, which given the watch's poor cosmetic condition was frankly ridiculous. This morning he accepted a (presumably much lower) offer, so the listing ended early. Unfortunately, it seems that with the new recently rolled-out versions of eBay, it's no longer possible for anyone other than buyer and seller to see what the best offer was.

The second was a gun-metal coated two-tone which ended a few minutes ago:

SEIKO Chronograph S100 7A38-6080 Herrenarmbanduhr Vintage **RARITÄT**TOP**


Sammler und Liebhaber augepasst....!

Ihr habt nun die einmalige Möglichkeit euere Sammlung mit dieser

SEIKO Chronograph S100 7A38-6080 zu bereichern...! 

Es handelt sich hierbei um eine absolute RARITÄT..! 

Hier die tollen Original Bilder...!

Leider ist das Glas sehr verkratzt und hat auch einen kleinen Bruch. 

Aber das lässt sich sicher bei einem guten Juwelier wieder hinbiegen. 

Die Uhr bräuchte lediglich eine neue Batterie..!


Harder to gauge the true overall condition of this example, due to the seller's less than stellar photos. Obviously the crystal was badly chipped in the top LH corner and the bracelet was missing one of the ornaments from the top first joining link. Otherwise who knows ?

It sold for only 44.50 Euros (approx £38.37) after 9 bids. The auction received 261 views over the 10-day listing period.

Edit: Subsequently re-listed by the seller a little over an hour later:

A week later, a fairly similar result: it made 47.50 Euros (approx. £41.09) after 7 bids, receiving 291 views over the 7-day listing period.

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It would appear that the two-tone 7A38-6080 listed on eBay Germany last month (see my post dated 9th February above) and quote:

Here's a current 30-day listing for a stainless two-tone 7A38-6080 on eBay Germany ....

Not exactly outrageously priced as a Buy-it-Now for 90 Euros (approx. £76) given the condition.

Sold a few weeks later at the end of February:

Purchased by Achim, who posted various photos of it on (and elsewhere) in a number of threads, including this one:  Neuzugang: SEIKO 7A38-6080 von 1987

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Another auction for a black TiCn coated 7A38-6080 on eBay Germany ended a few minutes ago:

Vintage SEIKO-Chronograph Herren Quartz Uhr.


Vintage 70er SEIKO Chronograph Quartz

Herrenuhr aus dem Hause Seiko ,Die Uhr befindet sich in einen gebrauchten Zustand,

glas mit feinen kratze

gehäuse : Edelstahl/vergoldet - geschraubter stahlboden

original Seiko Edelstahl Armband

Werk : Quartz Uhr - Läuft einwandfrei..

Gehäusemaße: ca.38 x 42 mm

gehäusehöhe: ca. 11 mm

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have bothered to mention this one, as we already have a few examples in this thread, and given the only average condition: with a fair amount of rubbing wear to the gold plating, black TiCn coating and missing bracelet ornaments, I'd have expected it to make 50 Euros or less. But thanks to the persistence of one bidder in particular - a***h, it went rather higher:

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Another stainless and gold two-tone 7A38-6080 was listed on eBay Germany last week:

Seiko 7 A 38 - 6080 Chronograph

Seiko Chronograph 7A38

Verkaufe jetzt meinen seltenen 7A38-6080.

Die Uhr ist ca. Bj.82. und war damals sehr teuer.

Sie läuft immer und sehr zuverlässig!

Sie wurde zwischenzeitlich auch mal überholt.

Privatverkauf keine Garantie oder Rücknahme

Versicherter Versand!

Some of the seller's photos were out of focus, and so I've only bothered uploading 4 out of the 7.

They were enough to see that it was only in average condition, with the usual bracelet link ornaments missing from one side.

Given the condition, it was over-optimistically priced with an opening bid of 100 Euros (approx. £85). Unsurprisingly, it went unsold:

Edit: It's since been re-listed, removed once and is now reinstated with only 4 of the original listing's 7 images (at the time of writing):

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The two-tone stainless / gold-plated version of the 7A38-6080 seems to be relatively common on eBay Germany.

Problem is finding one in half-decent condition, without the gold-plating worn off the bezel or missing bracelet ornaments.

Another was listed on eBay Germany at the end of June. From what I can remember, it was re-listed a couple more times .....

Finally selling in August for 56.56 Euros (approx. £47.64) after 11 bids:

I didn't bother mentioning it at the time, because it wasn't a particularly good example and the price was commensurate with condition.

It's just been re-listed once again:


What confused me initially was that the seller had replaced all the photos (embedded in the descriptions) - apart from the first one:

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Sir Alan
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I finally (!!) got round to putting this back together (I've had it since January).

as Paul spotted, a non-original bracelet.

and a well looked after case back (always a nice surprise).

all in all a nice watch.

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Indeed, Simon. ;)

As I wrote back in January:


Like the previous, it appeared to be fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet - more than likely a Seiko p/n Z1357S, I'd wager.

It was also sold with a flat battery. That fact, along with the small listing photo probably contributed to the relatively low price achieved:

Sold to a member of this forum (who just outbid another forum member, in the final seconds shoot-out) for a mere 31.60 Euros.

Of all the watches with 10mm lug widths that get retro-fiited with the Z1357S bracelet, the stainless 7A38-6080 suits it best, IMHO. :)

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Two weeks ago, Simon listed the aforementioned stainless 7A38-6080 on eBay:

For sale this superb condition Seiko 7A38-6080 dating from 1987. 

All functions work perfectly:- timekeeping, day and date, chronograph, reset and self test. 

The dial is white, with silvered sub-dial edges. 

It has had a new crystal fitted and all gaskets and pusher seals cleaned and re-greased.

Please note that due to its age the rated water resistance cannot be guaranteed and it has not been pressure tested. 

The bracelet is sized for my 7.5" wrist but has another 2 holes on the clasp to increase the size. 

There are only minor wear marks to the case and bracelet and the case back is also very clean and free from botchers marks. This is one of the best used 7A38 watch examples you'll find. Non UK bidders contact me please for postage costs.


Despite Simon's super wrist shots (which wouldn't have looked out of place in the WRUW thread) it went unsold first time around.

Simon re-listed it almost immediately and that auction ended about 20 minutes ago, with it selling for the opening bid price of £75.

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Looks like Simon's stainless 7A38-6080 (fitted with an incorrect replacement Seiko p/n Z1357S bracelet) is back up for sale again.


I bought this everyday classic for myself a few months ago and have worn it only infrequently being a bit smaller - measuring 37mm - than I would prefer. At the same time the case size makes the watch equally suited to wear by men and women. Check the photographs to gauge the condition of this great chrono by Seiko - why spend more? 

Seiko branded stainless steel bracelet is super smooth and supple - lovely to wear. I have not shortened the bracelet so it comes with all links offering a wide range of adjustment. 

The watch face is an attractive and easily readable white with contrasting black accents. Hour and minute hands, subdial hands are all black, the sweep second hand is silver. Each subdial is set within a silver accent ring, the day and date feature black script, the hours are marked by black roman numerals. 

The chronograph - also working - utilises sweep second hand, three o'clock subdial showing tenths of seconds and nine o'clock subdial showing elapsed minutes up to 30. 

Functioning and operating correctly with one issue, no boxes, papers or manuals, the operating instructions can be found online. The watch runs correctly, the day and date, run correctly, the stopwatch runs correctly but when reset the elapsed minutes hand in the nine o'clock dial resets but does not return to zero and I have not been able to adjust this hand by means of the adjacent button: if this an issue for you you will want to have the watch serviced. 

This really is a nice watch, typically Seiko efficient value for money. I've just got too many watches and I'm cutting in back in favour of my hand wound vintage watches.


Belated Edit: This time around it did rather better, selling 10 days later on 14th November for £95 after 15 bids.

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Time for a two-tone 7A38-6080. This not so great example with most of the gold plating worn off the bezel and bracelet link ornaments, presumably by natural rubbing wear, was listed yesterday evening by a Slovenian eBay seller.

This beautiful Seiko watch is running good. All function is work great. Concerning age in excellent condition - some little marks and scratches of use. Outstanding opportunity for collectors. Very hard to find this model with beautiful dial.

Housing is measure app.37mm without crown and 42mm with lugs. 

Feel free to ask if you have any question before bidding and not after placing bid.

Terms & Conditions: 

Please take your time to study pictures and read the description before placing any bids, I will not accept return or issue refund because you do not like the watch after receiving it.

There is no warranty on pre-owned, used and vintage watches. Please note that for vintage and used watches I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Waterproof watches were not tested.

Fault at any form must be reported within 48 hours after receipt of the item.

I will not cover the return postage if I accept to return the watch by any reason.

PAYPAL payments only

I don't accept combine shipping, only upon special agreement – please ask before you bidding, not after.

Items will only be shipped when cleared payment is received (cheques 4-5 working days).

I give you a tracking number for shipment

All bids are legal and binding

Please read the description of the item before you bid, and be sure you want to place a bid on this item! As ebay's user agreement states, "if you bid on an item and your bid is accepted by the seller, you are obligated to complete the transaction."

I am based in Slovenia, but will ship worldwide

All watches are sold from my personal collection.

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That eBay auction for the two-tone 7A38-6080 ended yesterday evening arond 9:00pm, with it selling for £67 after 16 bids.

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Hard to believe it's 11 months to the day since I last updated this particular thread. :/ There may quite possibly have been one or two 7A38-7060's offered for sale in the interim, which I've missed. They seem to crop up on eBay Germany most frequently - and I haven't been searching on there particularly diligently in recent months. However, even I couldn't fail to spot this two-tone 7A38-6080 listed on eBay yesterday evening by an Israeli seller.

Seiko SQ 100 7A38-6080

4 buttons 3 sub dials

Day date at right sub dial

Runs fine, very accurate

Chronograph works, but doesn't return to zero

Day date setting works fine

Crystal has some scratches

Case has minor wear signs

Band is authentic, and fits large wrist

Very easy to use watch, plenty of tutorial, on YouTube (type Seiko 7a38)

Pre Owned watch, maybe needs to be serviced / tuned , for accuracy and full functionality

Please observe carefully the super sized pictures to view all cosmetic details

Shipping by registered mail, with tracking number , usually 7- 30 days delivery

The watch case and bracelet are in reasonably decent cosmetic condition (if not 'nice and shiny') save for the usual twisted first joining link on one side of the bracelet (a weak point with this design). However, to anyone considering bidding on this watch, I'd advise them to look very closely at the seller's first 'head on' photo. It may be a trick of the light (reflection), but zoom in on the centres of the hand bosses; that could be corrosion - evidence of past battery leakage. 

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Something of a belated result, which I'd omitted to post. That eBay auction for the two-tone 7A38-6080 ended last Sunday evening.

It sold for $86 (approx £56.50) after 40 bids.

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