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Seiko7A38 at August 3, 2017 at 10:34 PM

With the 7A38-6109 being a relatively common model in the States (if nowhere else), it's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since I last spotted one on eBay. This one was listed a couple of hours ago, with an opening bid price of $9.99. Unfortunately it's got a short bracelet (shorter than 7" according to the seller's description) and is suffering from a recalitrant chronograph sweep second hand. The case and bracelet look pretty decent with minimal plating wear, but as can be seen in the second photo, the first bracelet joining link on the 12 o'clock side is missing one ear - a common problem.

The above US eBay auction for a 7A38-6109 ended in the early hours of this morning, selling for $77.99 after 10 bids.

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Bit sad to see any 7A38 listed like this - even the somewhat unloved 7A38-6109. :( This example was listed just before midnight yesterday (UK time) in a job lot of 10, with lesser Seiko and Pulsar quartz watches, for 'parts or repair', by a US eBay seller. Their description gives no specific indication as to its condition, but the discoloured lume on the batons and hands doesn't bode well. :/

Seiko And Pulsar Watches for Repairs or Parts

This Lot Contains 10 Men's Watches

Some Have Missing Or Broken Crystals

Some Don't Have Movements But The Bands And Cases Are in Good Condition

These Are Some Of The Case Numbers For Some Of Them











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FWIW (in terms of a result), the above US eBay auction for a job lot of 10 quartz watches, including a 7A38-6109 ended just before midnight yesterday (UK time) selling for $51.55 after 17 bids.

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This 7A38-6109 in decent used condition, with minimal plating wear and all the bracelet 'ears' still present, was listed yesterday evening by a US eBay seller. It's laughably over-priced at $389 as a Buy-it-Now, but with the saving grace of a 'make offer' button. Do I hear $189 anybody ? :| Nah - didn't think so. :P

RARE SEIKO Men's Chronograph Sports 150 Quartz Model 7A38-6109

White Dial with Gold Tone Luminous Hands and Gold Tone Trimmed Luminous Hour Markers

Three White Sub-Dials with Black Hands & Black Indices With Seiko Sports 150 Logo at 12 Position

Fully Functional Chronograph Functions: 10th of Second, 30 Minutes & Luminous Dot Second Hand

Indexed Chapter Ring and White Numeral Bezel Trimmed In Gold Tone Stainless Steel

Original Seiko Gold Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet with Fold Over Clasp

Will Fit Up to 7 1/4 Wrist

Day & Date Window at 3 Position

Water Resistant to 150 Meters

Seiko Movement 7A38

* In Exceptional Condition - Authentic - Comes with Box but no Papers *

Rare - This Is A Great For $389

REF:010417SS-BCK Memorial Trading - Specializing In Sales and Service For All Watches

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A somewhat belated and slightly confusing update on the above 7A38-6109. :/

Normally, when an item sells, it drops down to the bottom of my eBay watching page - or should I more correctly say: to around the bottom of page 5, and the thumbnail photo in the summary has a has a grey diagonal stripe in the bottom RH corner, with ENDED across it. Well, this 7A38-6109 appears to have sold earlier in the week, because it now shows as 'This item is out of stock', even though the listing theoretically still has 9 days or so left to run - hence the reason I'd missed spotting it earlier.

Normally, when you click on the link to an ended item, it takes you to the small eBay summary, which I habitually take a screen print of when posting a result.

Not this time - or at least not yet. :roll:'s normally infallible Look-up tool, for once doesn't really shed any more light on the matter. Note it shows the listing still has 9 days and 11 hours still to run, but Quantity Total: 1 Sold: 1 Available: 0

And the eBay Offer / Purchase History tells you even less:

Note that an undisclosed offer was accepted by the seller on 22nd January. Presumably the lack of a selling price is due to the seller's privacy settings - or possibly the manner in which he 'ended' the listing. What is certain is that a week ago, the US eBay seller had reduced his original 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price from $389 to $289. I would suspect that it actually sold for less than that, but how much less - your guess is as good as mine. :/

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Intriguingly, that listing for a 7A38-6109, by the US eBay seller steadfastly refused to drop down the 'pecking order' on my eBay watching page - for over 2 months, it generally hovered around page 3. A couple of times I thought about deleting it. But eventually, patience paid off and a couple of days ago it finally started dropping down the order: page 4 and then page 5. This morning it's halfway down page 6. The reason ? :| Well although it's supposed to have sold on 22nd January, the seller had clearly previously done something wrong, in the way he'd ended the listing. He finally ended it properly - 'as item no longer available' on April 11th. :roll:

Whatever he did seems to have confused's Look up tool, because it still displays the same lack of information. But the eBay Purchase History now reveals that it sold for a Best Offer of $225 (on 22nd January). ;)

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This well-worn 7A38-6109 was listed in the early hours of this morning, by Filipino eBay seller badingski, as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of $9.99. This seller has a deservedly bad reputation as a regular purveyor of botched watches - for all the wrong reasons:  poor quality re-plating, swapped parts, non-original bracelets, downright Frankens, etc.. Yet unusually for him, this watch actually appears to be completely original and unmolested - for once ! :lol:

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The above 7-day Filipino eBay auction for a well-worn 7A38-6109 ended in the early hours of this morning, selling for $62.89 after 14 bids.

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The above well-worn 7A38-6109 which sold on eBay last month for $62.89 has just re-surfaced earlier today on Yahoo Japan auctions. It's been listed by profiteering re-seller swotlab, with a risibly over-optimistic opening bid price of 29,000 Yen, with the even more ludicrous option of a 'prompt decision' Buy-it-Now price of 34,000 Yen. It shouldn't have been a surprise. Had I previously bothered to check the bidding history on the eBay auction, I'd have recognized his eBay ID mcn260 (1149) that he uses for buying. Needless to say, their case-back serial numbers are the same - 7D0026.

Google translates the Japanese description as follows:

Made in 1987 Seiko Chronograph Overseas Model "7A38-6109" becomes a diver bezel.

7A38 became the base of the Giugiaro model It became the top model of 7A28 which was released as the world's first multifunctional analog quartz watch in 1983.

Chronograph (Split measurement is also possible) Calendar etc. At that time it is the best performance watch.

You can modify the day of the week and day by subtracting one crown.

The day of the week display will be in English and Spanish.

Body size: Width 39x Vertical 42 mm, Thickness 12 mm

Band has original band installed. Arm around 19 cm

Shipping method is only Sagawa Express prepayment.

Enclosed dispatch is possible. Even if the watch is bid successfully, the shipping fee will be uniform.

● Central ● Kansai ● Kanto ● Shinetsu ● Hokuriku ●: 750 yen

● China (Okayama · Hiroshima · Yamaguchi · Tottori · Shimane): 860 yen

● South Tohoku (Miyagi · Yamagata · Fukushima): 860 yen

● Kyushu ● Shikoku ● North Tohoku Aomori · Akita · Iwate): 970 yen

● Hokkaido: 1250 yen

* If you live in Okinawa Prefecture and Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido, please contact us for shipping costs.


Appearance: I think that it is a relatively good condition for old things.

Operation: Battery remaining capacity can not be guaranteed but it works.

Even if there is no issue at the time of sale, if a defect is found, I will indicate it in the additional notes so please read the text to the bottom of the explanatory note of the postscript .

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This untested 7A38-6109 in average used condition was listed late last night, by a ham-fisted US eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of $5.00.

The sellers brief description simply reads: Untested vintage Seiko men’s watch

.... but he's also written some rather comprehensive Seller notes:

“This watch is untested. I could not get the back off and I didn’t want to do further damage to the back. There is some scratching on the back of the watch. The end links are a little bent on the bracelet. One is missing a small piece but the bracelet is still attached. The watch is in very good cosmetic condition especially considering it’s age. I don’t see any scratching on the crystal. The case and bracelet both have light scratches but no gold tone loss. Bracelet will fit an 8 inch wrist”

Pity he didn't give up his botched attempts to unscrew the case-back earlier. :(

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The above 7-day auction for an 'untested' 7A38-6109 by a US eBay seller ended late last night, selling for a mere $41 after 10 bids. I understand gold-tone models have fallen out of favour, but I thought it deserved a little better than that. :(

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