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To anybody contemplating the purchase of a Seiko 7A38 - not just this particularly attractive model, the stainless 7A38-7000 SAA007J, I would always recommend that they don't rush in and buy the first one they see, particularly on eBay. Study the market / selling prices.

Sod's Law states that no sooner than you've bought an example you thought you were happy with, a much better one will come along !

But back in March 2009, I was still an inexperienced 7A38 'newbie' myself ....

So what did I do ? I rushed in and bought the very first stainless 7A38-7000 I ever saw. :roll:

Indeed, these photos from the original eBay listing were the first I right-clicked and saved.

But sometimes you know instinctively when something is 'right' 8) .... or perhaps if I'm honest, this was a case of 'Beginner's Luck'. :P

Looking at the eBay listing photos again, one can clearly see the watch had been worn. There was some grubbiness around the case; the JWC inspection sticker is discoloured; there are a few minuscule scratches on the crystal and top edge of the bezel, near 2 o'clock and light 'desk diver' marks on the SQ clasp. (I have a spare NOS SQ clasp that I may fit at some point).

But otherwise I think it could justifiably be described as 'near mint'.

I remember the eBay auction well, although it has long since disappeared from eBay history. It was eBay item # 150332038837 which ended on 16th March 2009. The US-based eBay seller's ID was 'winning-deals'. Unfortunately (more like the complete opposite, as it turned out), this person was another of those short-sighted US eBay sellers (and there are still a good many out there) who resolutely refuse to ship outside CONUS. So I enlisted the help of an American friend - someone I'd known through another internet forum, but never met, to bid on it for me. We won it for a mere $116.50 - which is 'peanuts' compared to today's ridiculous asking / selling prices.

Indeed, it was undoubtedtly due to the fact that this seller was blocking bidders from outside the USA that 'we' won it relatively cheaply.

Had it been listed with worldwide visibility (not just and available to international bidders, it might have made rather more.

The irony is that eBay ID 'winning-deals' belongs to none other than Greg Russell, author of this book:

Greg no longer appears to be dealing in watches, but his website offering PDF copies for sale is still online:

I'll take and upload more photos of my own watch when there's better natural light available. In the meantime here's a 'library image':

.... and a couple of the obligatory 'wrist shots' which I've posted fairly recently in this forum's WRUW thread:


Space reserved for more photos of my 7A38-7000. 


More .....

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Reserved for more photos.

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Reserved for Specification and Buyers Guide.

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Most recent eBay listings:

Seiko 7A38 Quartz Chronograph

Lovely Example. Great Condition.

Seiko 7A38.

Fully working, all hands return to 0 and no wear to button mechanisms.

Lovely example of this model of watch.

Great condition for its 30 years or more on this planet.

Original Stainless steel strap with matt black centres. Original crystal, original black face and hands.

Very sad to see this go.

This watch has such an amazing reassuring click to its buttons that no Casio bleep can rival.

Sold on 21st January, 2012 for £180 after 11 bids - purchased by a member of this forum. :)

Vintage chronograph 7A38-7000 quartz men's watch




CASE ORIGINAL STAINLESS STEEL CASE ( measurement 40mm without crown x 41mm lug to lug ) 





The bracelet wasn't original, although it might have looked vaguely correct. The seller didn't actually claim it to be in the description.

It appears to be a p/n B1074S off a 7A28-7039, rather than the correct p/n B1170S, and was minus the black-painted inlays of both.

It sold on 7th March, 2012 for only $82.99 (approx. £53) after 8 bids - a reflection of its overall below-average general condition.

Seiko Herrenuhr Chronograph Sports100


Seiko Herrenuhr Chronograph Sports 100  Kaliber 7A38 

Die Armbanduhr ist gebraucht und hat Gebrauchspuren; präzises Quartzwerk; Edelstahlgehäuse; Chrono-Stoppfunktion;

Tag und Datumsanzeige; Stahlband mit Faltschliesse in silber; Gehäusedurchmesser : ca 40 mm; Gehäusestärke: ca 11 mm


Lieferumfang: 1 x Chronograph-Armbanduhr mit neuer Batterie 1x Bedienungsanleitung

The auction (on eBay Germany) ended on 13th March 2012 at 86.01 Euros (approx. £72.39) after 14 bids and 375 views.

Potentially, it looked quite a nice example in the seller's only listing photo, but perhaps that was what deterred other bidders.

Another was listed on eBay Germany only a couple of days later:

SEIKO - CHRONOGRAPH, Herrenarmbanduhr mit Stahlband



Herrenarmbanduhr QUARTZ schöner Zustand (siehe Fotos)

Werk Funktioniert (Ganggenauigkeit nicht geprüft), Uhr ohne Batterie 

Durchmesser ohne Krone: ca. 40 mm Höhe: ca 10,5 mm

Although, compared to the previous, this seller included a full set of photos, he omitted any mention of 7A38 in title and description.

The auction ended on 15th March, 2012 around 7:00pm, yet by dint of what might be construed as shill bidding, this potentially lesser example achieved a slightly better price - 90.66 Euros (approx £75.29) after 20 bids by 11 bidders. Unfortuately 6 of the late-placed bids were made by a bidder whose ID shows as a***n, with a feedback rating of (-1) ! :mad:


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It's not uncommon to find these watches on eBay fitted with incorrect replacement bracelets.

See the misleadingly naively described example in this thread (scroll down half a dozen posts):


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Recently, I've noticed a number of new visitors have arrived at the forum, and found this incomplete thread, from googling 7A38-7000.

May I recommend that you try running a search on the 'eBay' forum section on 7A38-7000 for information on current eBay listings. ;)

This otherwise nice-looking example, (re)sold on eBay in May, still fitted with a badly scratched crystal, makes for interesting reading:

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Here's an honest-looking used example, possibly with some slight stretching of the bracelet, listed on eBay in Australia in July:

1980s Seiko Chronograph Watch


1980s Vintage Seiko Watch 

excellent working condition which was only serviced 3 years ago.

New glass added. Case and watch in lovely condition, no damage. 

chronograph with day/ date. spare links. 

serial numbers : seiko water resistant 302851 Japan A stainless steel 7A38-7000 AS. Band B1170.

Sold for AU $187.50 (approx. £123.23) after 9 bids on 14th July 2012.

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Over the last couple of years, I have seen a number of false claims of 'Military' provenance made for the 7A38-7000 by eBay sellers.

From memory, the most recent claim (by association) being that made by 'Boring_Sandwich' back in April - see two posts previous.

In early October 2012, a Hong-Kong eBay seller, going by the user name of markhitcommysinablogcom, went one stage further:

SEIKO FLIGHTMASTER RAF Royal force Chronograph watch 7A38-7000 blk dial 80's

The watch was a 'head only' - missing its original Seiko p/n B1170S bracelet, with discoloured lume on the hands and dial batons.

It had no additional military markings stamped on its case-back (at all); nor any evidence of ever having been worn on a NATO strap (in the form of the familiar rubbing marks they leave behind) - instead the case-back showed evidence of sweat-induced corrosion.

The seller was asking $699.33 (approx. £432.65) for what was a pretty tired-looking example of a 'civilian' Seiko 7A38-7000. 

He attempted to substantiate his claims by including photos of a Japanese reference book in his description:

I have a horrible feeling I know where this mis-information possibly stems from ....

I can't remember how it came about; maybe it was a post on the RLT watch forum*, but back in October 2009, fellow 7Axx collector Dave Swan and myself were talking to the respected military watch expert Konrad Knirim. This is his website:

Konrad was feeling quite pleased with himself - he'd found what he believed to be a genuine MOD-issued 7A38 in a local flea-market.

These are a couple of the photos he shared with Dave and myself at the time:

It didn't take long to spot and point out that this 'military' 7A38-7000 was fitted with the wrong case-back - off a 7A28-7120 RAF Gen. 1.

Much to Konrad's disappointment, Dave and I put him straight.

Note the NSN (NATO stock number) stamped on the case-back: 6645-99-7683056. That number is common to all issued 7A28-7120's.

Now zoom in on the caption in the Japanese refence book: Seiko Chronograph Royal Forces [768-3056].

I wonder how many more copies of this book are out there in collectors / dealers hands. 

Be prepared to expect a few more 'military' 7A38-7000's on eBay anytime soon. 

*Here's a reference to Konrad's 7A38-7000:

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Surely Konrad would have been aware as the watch is a 7A38!

But to cheer him up, that caseback is probably fairly collectable as military collectors like the 1984 issued 7A28-7120's

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Chris. At the time, Konrad clearly wasn't aware of how simple a matter it was to inter-change case-backs between 7A28's and 7A38's.

(Or for that matter, between virtually all and any Seiko 7Axx's). So it simply hadn't dawned on him.

I emailed Konrad yesterday, and with his reply this morning, he forwarded back to me the original email set from 12th October 2009.

Apart from Dave Swan and myself, I'd forgotten that Ned Frederick was also included in the correspondence.

There Konrad openly acknowledged that his flea-market-find watch was, to use his own words a 'cobble-up'.

In Konrad's new reply, he stated:

I did not publish the photos anywhere as far as I remember. Who should this Japanese be, I think no!!

What is the problem, I still have the watch????

Konrad subsequently replied:

The booklet shown with this watch is Military Design by Kesaharu Imai from 1990 - i.e. much older than my acquisition!

Don't bother, there is much ignorance out there!

You may have noticed the eBay seller has since increased his original asking price from $699.33 to $1199.33 (approx. £740.65) !! 

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Needless to say, the last time that 7A38-7000 was re-listed by the seller: it went unsold. :roll:

In the meantime, here's a couple more recent eBay auctions for stainless 7A38-7000's at rather more realistic prices:



Zooming in on the seller's last photo, which showed the case-back the clearest, the watch appeared to have been fitted with its correct original case-back without any additional stampings, so one must assume the latter part of the description was a transcription error.

Regardless - it sold for $157.50 (approx £99) after 25 bids:

Another 7A38-7000 that I had on my eBay watching page was in a 'spares or repairs' job lot with three other battered-looking chrono's:


A good dealers lot of four genuine Seiko chronograph quartz dress wrist watches, each of varying design and style,

all non working with faults and losses, ideal for spares or repairs, a great little restoration project, please see photos.

I quite fancied the 7A38-7000 as a restoration project, but wasn't sure that I could have been bothered to do anything with the other three. Obviously I wasn't the only one to have seen it - and I ended up getting squeezed out of the frantic last minute snipe-fest. :(

The lot sold for £73.00 after 35 bids by 17 different bidders:

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I guess it's a sign of the times, but lately would-be opportunist eBay sellers are frequently seen asking ever sillier prices for 7A38's.

This stainless 7A38-7000 was listed overnight by a US seller. The auction title, beginning in STUNNING, ended in NEAR MINT! :roll:

It's becoming apparent that I need to post some more photos of my own example, which genuinely is near mint, for comparison.

The seller's description included the oft-abused phrase: P.S. Please see photographs as a part of a description.

Indeed, before considering an offer, a prospective purchaser would do well to look closely at the photos - particularly certain aspects.

Note the amount of scuffing on the SQ clasp closer, and that the 4th bracelet link outside the clasp has been stretched open badly.

In truth, although looking fairly tidy from the front (there is noticeable scuffing to the bezel), this 7A38-7000 is no better than 'average'.

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It seems the seller may have read my previous post. Four hours after I commented on it, he revised the listing, adding 7 new photos:

For no apparent reason, the seller ended that listing early, then re-listed it:

Almost 24 hours later, once again he ended the action early and re-listed it:

Again, a couple of days later: - this time, the price now increased to $375 (approx. £248)

It certainly does look a lot better in these newer photos and naturally, the photo showing the distorted bracelet link has been replaced:

The over-ambitious asking price of $355 remains the same though. It'll be interesting to see what it actually does sell for eventually. :/

Edit: Or at least it did until the 4th re-listing within a week, when the seller increased the Buy-it-Now price from $355 to $375. :roll:

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Not meant as any kind of comparison, here's a rather more worn example which sold yesterday on TZ-UK's sales corner for £70:

FSOT: Seiko 7A38-7000

Took this in trade a few days ago but sure it will have a happier home elsewhere.

Strong running 'SQ' Quartz movement day/date chronograph which would make a great daily wearer. Steel case and bracelet with black 'interlinks'. New crystal and decent condition for its age. Only issue is that the chrono starts and stops fine, but doesn't currently reset - easy fix for someone I'm sure. Phone pics below but can obviously take more.


Given the reset issue, £70. Could take something in trade but trying to cut down number of watches so something else preferred - try me!

There was another 7A38-7000 on TZ-UK last month - it could well be the same watch with the crystal replaced. Indeed it very likely is.

Note the nick on the R.H. side of the watch case, barely visible in the more recent seller's photos - almost cropped out of the second.

FS : Projects - for charity

These 3 are ones I have picked up over the years (boot sales, antiques markets etc.), and been stuck in the drawer and never got around to doing anything with. I'm busy getting some of my more interesting projects sorted out now, so the chances are even more likely that I'll never get around to sorting these. Maybe you have some time?

Second is a Seiko 7A38 chrono model ref 7A38-7000. Well used example, and definitely needs a new glass. Movement runs but buttons to operate chrono are not operating, apart from the start/stop one (top right). Movement looks clean so it's probably a case of disassembly of case and pushers and cleaning everything. Original bracelet is a big bonus on this one. Price is also £58 delivered in the UK.

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This 7A38-7000, which I first wrote about in this thread, less than a week ago (on 21st February) probably deserves it's own topic ....

if only for the record number of (7-day) auction listings ended early by the seller, only to be subsequently re-listed a few hours later.

Here's the latest - 6th re-listing (total 7 plus revisions); the over-optimistic Buy-it-Now asking price now risen to $450 (approx £297):

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Should anybody reading, be even considering making an offer on the 7A38-7000 listed by 'martinachertok', go read this thread first:

At the time of writing, the price on their 15th listing for this watch in 7 days has been hiked to $690. I don't expect it will end there. :roll:

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It didn't. :roll:

After 34 listings and further price hikes to an absolutely ridiculous eventual Buy-it-Now price of $850, taken at face value, it appears

this 7A38-7000 (exactly the same watch, s/n 3O2564 which sold on February 1st for $157.50) was sold on 13th March - for $850 !! :o


Edit: It now appears that this 7A38-7000 didn't actually 'sell', because a couple of hours later it was back on eBay for the 35th time. :roll:

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One month on and there's still no end in sight for this sorry saga. The 7A38-7000 remains unsold, despite the seller's manic efforts.

But there have been a few significant events over the last 4 weeks:

March 19th - the 38th (re)listing:

Apart from the by-then-customary ridiculous pie-in-the-sky Buy-it-Now price of $850, the seller offered an auction, starting at $1.00:

The auction was allowed to run for a couple of days; bidding had reached $102.50, before as per usual practice it was ended early. :roll:

April 8th - the 51st (re)listing:

Quite incredibly after coming down in stages (from the then current asking price of $790) the seller listed it with a Buy-it-Now of $199:


That listing was live for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, before it was pulled. During that time 29 people viewed it, but surprisingly nobody was tempted to hit the Buy-it-Now button. It still would have represented a reasonable profit on the $157.50 the seller had paid.

April 10th - the 57th (re)listing - still current at the time of writing:

So bearing in mind that the watch previously went unsold, despite multiple re-listings at $790 and $850 (let alone one @ $199) the seller further increased their pie-in-the-sky Buy-it-Now asking price from $890 to $895 and then to a record all-time high of $995 !! :lol:

An up-to-date summary for all the ended eBay listings for this 7A38-7000 can be found at the top of page 4 of the other thread.

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Meanwhile a slightly tired looking example was incorrectly listed on eBay by Filipino arch-watch-botcher Ramoncito 'Badingski' Bangit:

The watch itself was mostly correct and original, but in his typical couldn't-care-less manner, he had mixed up the case-back of the 7A38-7000 with that of re-plated gold-tone 7A38-7289 he was listing at the same time - hence the incorrect model code in the title.

The auction ended in the early hours of this morning, selling for $120 (approx £77.95) after 23 bids:

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The seemingly never-ending saga of 'Mad Martina' eBay seller martinachertok's manic efforts to re-sell that 7A38-7000, at a profit, finally came to an end on 19th April when they accepted a lower offer against their 61st re-listing within less than two months:

Although eBay doesn't show what that lower offer was, it's possible to get the information using Goofbid's eBay Seller History tool:

I've seen a couple of other instances recently where I'm not sure that Goofbid's eBay Seller History tool is to be completely trusted.

In this particular case of Martinachertok's 7A38-7000, it wasn't too far out at $323.70. I've since found that it actually sold for $330.

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