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Not only am I delinquent in completing / expanding on my posts at the top of the first page, I haven't updated this topic in 4 months. :(

Apart from work-load, there's a good reason - there simply haven't been any stainless 7A38-7000's that were really worth writing about - not since the 'Mad Martina' martinachertok debacle in April, anyway. Yes, there have been a few listed on eBay and elsewhere, but all were fitted with incorrect bracelets or leather straps and less than ideal examples. This image from an eBay listing in May is typical:

I spotted this one on a free Spanish classifieds website last month:

It may well be a decent example, but it's difficult to tell from the poor quality photos - typical of what you'll see on

Regardless, the asking price is way too high at 300 Euros. The seller has included some bnllsh!t about the RAF in his description.

Note the listing only shows as 3 days old in the header. From my recent searches on this site, I think I've managed to grasp how this works. As long as an item remains unsold, the seller is able to 'bump' it back to the first page (effectively re-listing it) after 10 days. As you can see the advert's title is simply 'SEIKO'. It's currently on page 11 (of 20 pages) in a search on Seiko Relojes. With the listing having had nearly 6000 views, I'd suspect that it's been 'bumped' a good few times already. That 3 dias should probably read 300. :roll:


This FS advert for a 7A38-7000 on a leather strap, which also came with the original B1170S bracelet appeared on TZ-UK on Friday:

SOLD: all original Seiko 7A38-7000

NOW SOLD For sale or trade is my all original, decent condition 1980’s Seiko 7A38-7000. It comes with the thick, good quality leather strap in the picture and the original steel/black bracelet. The bracelet is sized for an approx. 17.5 cm wrist.


First the bad:

- the bracelet, as said, is not too long,

- the original glass has scratches,

- the case and bracelet have scratches from 30 odd years of use, but not abuse,

- the 1/10 seconds hand doesn’t move (but apart form that the chrono works and resets perfectly).


The good:

- it’s all original,

- my watch guy has serviced the mechanical part of the movement only months ago,

- everything works very well, apart from the 1/10 seconds hand.


Based on the overall originality and condition of the watch, and taking into account the flaws I mentioned, I would like a firm NOW SOLD 90 GBP (PP prefered, net to me) which includes shipping from the Netherlands. Tradewise I prefer a trade up for a (vintage) diver. Happy to answer any questions by PM.


Here's a couple that were listed on eBay within the last week or so. Neither seller included the model number in their title or description:

Très Belle Montre Homme Seiko Quartz Chronograph Jour/Date TBE!


Voici à vendre une très jolie montre Seiko Quartz Chronograph, avec jour/date et chronomètre. Elle a été très bien gardée pendant son temps dans ma possession, et est en très bon état - la sele chose qu'il faut signaler est qu'il manque le remontoir... ce qui ne pose pas vraiment grand problème - quand on change la pile (pour laquelle il faut ouvrir l'arrière quand même) il suffit de changer l'heure manuellement avec les aiguilles avant de remettre le mouvement dans le boitier. A part ça, rien à signaler, tout marche parfaitement, elle tien à l'heure sans faute. En plus, j'ai mis une nouvelle pile récamment donc elle devra durer assez longtemps avant de devoir la changer :)

As best one could tell from the small photos, cosmetically a pretty decent looking example that was missing it's crown. My only concern might be what damage the seller may have done, popping the movement in and out, to set the time, possibly without withdrawing the crown stem. Note the Tachymeter ring is slighly mis-aligned in his photos. There is also an extra opportunity for moisture ingress.

It sold for 47.50 Euros (approx. £40) after 17 bids. The auction received 433 views over the 10-day listing period.

This one listed by a US eBay seller didn't look too clever in his first close-up photo, Apart from the scratched crystal, the lume on the hands and batons is badly discoloured, plus the chrome is peeling away from the sub-dial rims. Moisture, battery leakage or both ?

Vintage Seiko Quartz Chronograph man wristwatch # 410975

Nice old Seiko Quartz Chronograph mans wristwatch. This is in nice condition but needs a new battery. The back is numbered 410975.

I will gladly combine items to save postage fees. NO RESERVE ON THIS ITEM ....

The description went on and on, but the above is all that's relevant to the watch.

It sold for $102.51 (approx. £64) after 17 bids. The auction received 185 views over the 7-day listing period.

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Athough I had posted something about this 7A38-7000 in the Undisclosed Non-Original Bracelet thread in the eBay section, back in December, I'd missed adding it on here. So to quickly remedy that, here's a straight copy and paste of (the relevant part of) my post:

Here's another more subtle one, listed by a UK eBay seller earlier in the week ....

A 7A38-7000 fitted with a plain brushed stainless bracelet, rather than the correct original Seiko p/n B1170 with black painted inlays:

80's Seiko Quartz stainless steel chronograph watch with day/date. Excellent condition. Fully working order with new battery. Serial Number 300488.

Must admit that I was a more than a little intrigued by this one, so I messaged the seller asking what part numbers (if any) were stamped on the back of the bracelet fixing tubes. Much more of the bracelet is visible in the seller's second photo:

The seller replied to my question yesterday evening - it's a Seiko p/n B1424S, which funnily enough is what I thought they might say.

They wrote that they'd remembered it as being the original bracelet, but added that it may have been fitted by Seiko UK during a service many years ago. Which rings true. I've seen evidence of Seiko UK supplying the B1424S bracelet as a substitute ....

I must admit, had it been priced (a lot) cheaper, I might have considered going for it myself - mostly for the the B1424S bracelet.

Both the watch case and the non-original bracelet looked to be in pretty decent condition, but price apart, the dial put me off.

Look closely at the seller's first photo - the lume on the batons 4 o'clock and 7 o'clock is badly discoloured:

It went unsold and was re-listed and re-listed again:

The second re-listing ended on 10th January, again with no bids placed and it hasn't reappeared since.

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It's not often we get members of the female sex signing up to the forum, but last Saturday, one did

Apparently the lady in question wanted to research a stainless 7A38-7000 that she was selling on eBay:


Three of her 4 photos were a little lacklustre and really only showed the watch head from one angle (with slight variation):


Nice condition watch. I think it needs a battery - pretty sure it works as it belonged to my father. It has been in a drawer since 2008.

No scratches anywhere. Please ask questions as I don't know anything about watches.


On 16-Feb-14 at 14:15:38 GMT, seller added the following information:

Nice watch in full working order. Brand new battery. Original strap. No scratches on face or back. Been in a drawer since 2008.

Regardless, her listing still seemed to attract plenty of attention; the auction ended in a three-way shoot-out about half an hour ago.

It sold for £227.22 (approx. $379) after 14 bids:

Won a member of this forum, if I'm not mistaken. ;)

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I have been watching too much "Rifleman" this morning. :P  I hope this turns out well for the buyer.

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Blimey, that's good money! Hope it proves to be a great investment. :) Out of interest, is the 7A38-7000 particularly collectible?

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Collectable ? I guess that depends on your persuasion. :D

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Ha! Well I think that answers my question! Have to say, it's a good looking variant - I like having the Tachy behind the crystal rather than painted onto the outside. Excellent taste.

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Another eBay listing for a stainless 7A38-7000 just ended - this time a really rare (undiscovered) version with an alarm (allegedly). :lol:


Not the best informed description either. :roll:

Seiko chronograph watch

the dial is scratched (presumably meaning the crystal)

its had a new battery and all seems to work

model number 7a387000

any questions please ask


It sold for £99.66 (approx. $167) after 17 bids.

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Paul, I think the buyer could send it back, if the alarm doesn't work. :lol:

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This stainless 7A38-7000, which if the seller's photos are anything to go by, is evidently only in average condition at best and in dire need of a replacement crystal, was first listed on eBay UK a week last Sunday (21st September).

I didn't bother commenting on it at the time, because, for one I had better things to do, plus I was pretty sure of the likely outcome.

Here's how the listing looked yesterday morning at 10:00am - I was the current high bidder (but the reserve price still not met):

Here we have a very nice example of the Seiko Quartz Chronograph model 7A38-7000 from 1983.

This watch is in very good condition with everything working exactly as it should.

Cosmetically there is the usual wear you would expect to the case, back and strap.

Please note that there are quite a few small scratches and scuff marks on the crystal which are only visible when the watch is held a certain way to the light. Please see the photographs as they form part of the description.


*Seiko Chronograph 15 Jewels Quartz Calibre 7A38-7000 with Day and Date display

*Original Seiko metal band

*Screw down crown changes day and date at the 8 position

*Other function buttons at 2, 4 and 10 position

*Day and date at 3 position

*Inner Tachymeter bezel

*30 minute Chronograph counter at 9 position

*1/10 second counter at 3 position

*Stainless steel case and back

*Displays day in English or French


This magnificent and sought after watch is arguably one of the finest Seiko ever made.

Tracked and signed for postage.

UK only.

Correction: NON screw-down crown on a 7A38-7000 ! :lol:

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The auction ended @ 21:38 yesterday evening - I wasn't watching it (again better things to do) ....

It was bid to £73 by one particulary persistent bidder, but the reserve price was still not met. :(

Why some eBay sellers persist in starting their auctions as low as 99p and then set some 'pie-in-the-sky' reserve price is completely beyond me. :roll: Needless to say it was re-listed almost immediately, for another 7 days, presumably with the same reserve price set. :/

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Seems I may owe the eBay seller jonder1967 something of an apology. :/ His reserve price wasn't actually that unrealistic - at all.

I got the usual reminder from eBay this morning that 'my watched item was ending soon', at which point bidding on the 7A38-7000 was @ £75 and the reserve price had been met. So I messaged the seller and asked him what his reserve price was the previous time ? £75 the same. He also wrote that he'd contacted the (winning) high bidder c***u (96) and told him that he was only a couple of quid short of the reserve, so he could have it for that price - £73. Which I think is pretty decent of him. Now, bearing in mind this person had made the bulk of the running, placing 9 of the 18 bids .... apparently, he declined it. Some people. :roll:

Anyway, the re-listed auction ended a few moments ago. I was watching this time. It sold for £102 after 13 bids this time around:

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Here's a somewhat less than ideal condition 7A38-7000 which was listed a couple of hours ago. I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Irrelevant and especially 'military oriented' keyword spamming used to promote eBay listings annoys the hell out of me. :o

Particulary as this seller doesn't exactly major on another more salient point - the non-original bracelet fitted !

I've only bothered uploading 4 out the seller's 9 pholos as the other 5 are less than stellar wrist shots.

This is a very rare seiko 7a38-7000 chronograph.this watch is fully functioning and a very accurate timekeeper.the watch is in very used condition but is still a good looking watch.the watch would benefit from a new glass however I still wear it as it is as a day to day watch.the luminous dials don't glow and there's a small chip in the glass at 9oclock.this watch would suit a collector or someone who restores watches. this was seikos first quartz chronograph and it still puts more modern watches to shame. the bracelet was replaced some years ago but is different to the one I sent to seiko and could do with a buff to get the scratches out. this is the citizens version of a watch supplied to the raf so has some history. thanks for looking and happy bidding please check out the other watches from my collection that I will be selling off

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The eBay auction for the aformentioned 7A38-7000 fitted with an incorrect repacement bracelet ended about 5 minutes ago:

It sold for a mere £54 after 18 bids, reflecting the overall condition.

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Here's another tired-looking stainless 7A38-7000 with grotty lume, fitted with an incorrect replacement bracelet, listed by Filipino eBay seller time_essence earlier this evening:

With there being so much similar tired cr*p listed on eBay lately, I could hardly bother to post anything about it, save for one thing ....

The 'incorrect replacement bracelet' fitted. Zoom in on the last photo above and you can just about make out Z1118. The bracelet is a Seiko p/n Z1118S normally fitted to the 7A38-7010, 7A38-701A and 7A38-701B 'Vulcan'. Unfortunately it also looks knackered. :lol:

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The above eBay auction for a tired-looking stainless 7A38-7000 fitted with an incorrect replacement bracelet ended a few minutes ago.

It sold for $83 (approx. £51.61) after 18 bids.

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This reasonably tidy-looking stainless 7A38-7000 was listed on eBay by Swiss forum member l'iffes (Yves) earlier this morning:

SEIKO 7A38-7000 

The watch works perfectly.

Diameter without crown 39mm. 

The Band fits a 18cm wrist. 

I give a new original replacement Mineral Crystal together.

The opening bid price of 180 Swiss Francs (equivalent to approx. £118.56) isn't unreasonable, but potential bidders / buyers should remember that Switzerland is not in the EEC, so you may be liable for 20% VAT (plus clearance charges), if your Customs snag it.

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Yves' auction for his stainless 7A38-7000 (linked in the previous post) didn't receive any bids, so he re-listed it with an opening bid price of 150 Swiss Francs. That auction ended at lunchime today, with the watch selling for 166 ChF (approx. £109.22) after 3 bids.

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Here's a stainless 7A38-7000 listed earlier this afternoon by a Thai eBay seller - sold as is for parts or repair, in need of some TLC.

The chrono' fault might be an easy fix. In the last two photos, there are a couple of nasty scratches on the case-back and on the underside of one of the lugs. So the seller has clearly tried opening it up himself. Did he succeed ? Pity there's no photo of the movement backplate. :/

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I see that one's finally attracted a bid. This potentially rather nicer example listed yesterday evening by a UK seller may struggle to.

Men’s Vintage Large Seiko Chronograph 7A38-7000 Day/Date WR Quartz Watch.

That's it - just one photo and a single line of description.

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