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Seiko7A38 at January 31, 2016 at 7:26 AM

It's been a while since I've spotted an Orient J39 'Diver' - anywhere. :(

Seems I missed one for sale at the end of last November and again a week later (possibly by a re-seller) at beginning of December.

I belatedly stumbled across this sold example - a reasonably tidy-looking J39701-70, while idly googling 'Orient J3920' earlier today.

Seems I've missed another Orient J39 'Diver' recently. :roll: Though I shalln't lose any sleep over missing this particular example. :P

This time it was a two-tone grey dialed J39001-70, with well worn gold plating, manky lume, scratched crystal; generally grubby too.

It was listed by a US eBay seller in the first week of June, offered through the GSP program, so I'm not sure why my saved favourite searches didn't pick it up at the time, particularly with J39 included in the title and J3920 in the description. Perhaps it sold quickly. :/

VINTAGE Orient Chronograph Quartz 100m 1/10 Day Date Steel Mens Watch J39001

Case: Stainless steel, plated accents, 39x43mm

Crystal: Scratches throughout

Dial: Original, some wear to lume

Movement: Orient J3920 

The watch is currently working and keeping time. The chronograph function also works as it should.

The watch comes on the original bracelet that will fit up to an 8" inch wrist. 

Please ask any questions. North Carolina residents must pay 6.75% sales tax.

Although eBay shows it having sold for the full $129 Buy-it-Now price ....

Goofbid's eBay Best Offer History tool indicates that it sold for approx. $90 ....

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Here's one I haven't missed (in a long time). :P

It was listed on (Romania) a couple of days ago. A tatty looking champagne dialed two-tone J39001-70 on a leather strap.

Ceasul este in stare foarte buna si pefect functional

Pentru cunoscatori sau colectionari

Seria J39001-70 CA

I recognized the watch (and would-be seller's name Zoltan Kiss) straight away, remembering having seen it first advertised on another Romanian free classifieds site, - over three years ago, back in May 2013 ! :roll: Although I'd previously omitted to post about it in this thread, it goes without saying that I'd saved the photos from the listing. ;)

Can't remember what the asking price on was*, but the current price on of 300 Romanian Leu equates to $75.

So I guess it might be around for a while yet. :P

*Edit: Here's the last (re)listing on I could find, which expired in August 2015:

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I really should stop running worldwide eBay searches on completed / ended listings, to see if I've missed anything recently. :roll:

There was another Orient J39 Diver on eBay in the last week of October, that I somehow failed spot - a stainless J39701-70. :/


Orient Chronograph Quartz Steel 100m J39701-70 CA

Modelo: Chronograph

Referencia: J39701-70 CA

Nº: No

Cuerda / Movimiento: Cuarzo / Quartz

Material caja / Material watch case: Acero / Steel

Material correa: Acero / Steel

Género / Gender: Caballero / Men

Año / Year: No

Estuche / Box: No

Papeles / Papers: No


Material y color: Acero / Steel

Cierre: Broche Plegable / Fold Clasp

Material cierre: Acero / Steel

Ancho correa / Bracelet width: 22mm

Ancho cierre / Closing width: 17mm

Longitud correa/ Bracelet lenght: 175mm

Grosor correa/ Bracelet thickness: 2mm


Diámetro / Diameter: 39mm

Alto / Thickness: 11mm

Cristal: Zafiro / Sapphire

Resistente al agua / Water Resistant: 100 metros / meters

Esfera / Clock face: Negro / Black

Esfera con números / Clock face numbers: Sin Cifras / Without Numebrs

Entrega inmediata

Barcelona, España

Descripción: Recién revisado y pulido. Con un año de garantía desde la fecha de compra. Observar fotos para ver estado en general.

Description: Revised and polished. One year warranty since purchase. View photos to see general conditions.

REF 0936-16

Quite a passable example; It didn't appear to have been 'polished', per the seller's description. On the original Orient p/n SA160 bracelet too, which is always nice to have, even one that's slightly stretched and clogged up with the previous owner's DNA.

I was pleased to see (albeit too late) another stainless example fitted with the slightly odd combination of the black / white lettered Tachymeter ring and the off-black gold-lettered dial (normally found in the two-tone variants). This second sighting completely removes my earlier concerns about my ex-Wimstore J39701-70 'Freebee' being a Franken. If it was, it clearly isn't unique. :)

I suspect the reason I missed the listing while it was briefly live, was simply that someone saw it and hit the Buy-it-Now button straight away. I wondered if it might have sold against a Best Offer, but Goofbid's eBay History tool shows it sold for £71.24, meaning someone paid the full asking price. 80 Euros isn't so bad, but had I seen it in time, I think I probably would have baulked at the hefty 65 Euros on top for shipping. :/

One other interesting point - note the eBay seller's location: Barcelona, Spain - home of  RACER Relojes SA

Had this been a Racer branded version, which I still haven't seen - other than in that old Racer TV advert on YouTube ....

It might have been a different story. :/ Then again, I'd be really p!ssed off, rather than nonchalant, for having missed it. :(

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I've probably done myself no favours, by continuing to add to this thread and thereby drawing more unwanted attention to the Orient J39 divers. But to me that's half the enjoyment of collecting watches - blogging about what interests you. Other than a Racer branded version, or two (and the 'Indy 500' version), I really don't need any more of the Orient J39 version. 10 of them is enough for anybody. But something I do still need, to improve the existing watches in my collection, are a few original Orient p/n SA160 bracelets.

Last weekend I spotted an ideal potential bracelet donor - a really sorry looking example of a two-tone J39001-70, listed by a Portuguese eBay seller, as 'Parts or Repair - Not Working'.

There wasn't much of a description as such ....

Orient quartz chonograph watch, some scratches -(NOT WORKING-PARTS OR REPAIR)-(USED)

But I thought I'd have a lowish punt at it for the bracelet, hoping to win the auction for around $25. Some hope ! :roll:

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Perhaps I should consider editing the title of this topic, from the original ....

Some wry observations on Orient J39 pricing to something along the lines of

FAILED observations of Orient J39 sales (on my part), reported post facto.

Higher up this page I wrote:

I really should stop running worldwide eBay searches on completed / ended listings, to see if I've missed anything recently. :roll:

Guess what I did this morning ? :| Guess what was at the top of the list of most recently ended listings ? :(

Another Orient J39 'Diver' I'd missed ! :mad:

It was listed yesterday morning by an Italian eBay seller. Hard to believe I missed it (particularly given the listing title), because I ran my eBay searches on both 'Orient J39' and 'Seiko 7A38' twice yesterday morning. I can only assume that someone must have hit the Buy-it-Now button very soon after it was listed.*

Anyway, here's the belated details of yet another J39 'Diver' that I somehow managed to miss. It was a stainless J39701-70, the version with the very dark midnight blue dial (hence the white day / date windows). It appeared to be in pretty decent cosmetic condition, fitted with the original Orient p/n SA160 bracelet; the only visible faults being a ding on the bottom L.H. corner of the watch case and what looks like rust on the bezel / inlay near the '30'. Apart from the 12 eBay hosted images, the seller had also embedded a total of 50 photos in the description (including duplicates of the previous 12). Many of them are quite similar, so in the interests of page loading times, I've picked what I consider the best dozen or so to upload here.

Orient J39 Chrono as Seiko 7A38 watch


Dalla mia collezione privata vendo bellissimo Orient J39. Segnalo che la ghiera non gira (deve essere lubrificata), per il resto è perfettamente funzionante. 

Spedisco in tutto il mondo con posta raccomandata 1 con tracking number e garantisco un ottimo imballo per prevenire eventuali danneggiamenti dovuti al trasporto.

Sotto potete vedere le foto dell'orologio. 

From my private collection, I sell a Orient J39. 

I ship all over the world by registered mail with tracking number and I guarantee a very good packaging in order to prevent damages during shipping. You can see the photos of the watch below.

(That's where the 50 1024x768 images are embedded). Sold quickly as a Buy-it-now for a very reasonable 89 Euros.

*Out of curiosity, I messaged the Italian eBay seller asking how long the listing was live for. He replied: "It was immediately sold".

Edit: I did eventually manage find out who bought it - or at least an eBay ID: sekstini - a Polish watch collector based in Norway.

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I suppose as I've been maintaining this thread as a 'pricewatch' on the Orient J39 Divers, I ought to mention this rough-ish example of a J39001-70, that I bought on eBay Germany a couple of weeks ago. It was listed as spares or repairs, fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet.

S0920 Orient Chronograph Nr. J39001-70 Ø ca 40 mm Umfang ca 20 cm an Bastler

S0920 Orient Chronograph Nr. J39001-70 Ø ca 40 mm Umfang ca 20 cm an Bastler

100 Meter

Meine Bilder sind NICHT "bearbeitet" und Bestandteil der Beschreibung des Angebotes.

I only wanted it for parts. Seems nobody else did.

I won it for the opening bid price of  only 1 Euro. :)

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Here's an opportunity for someone to own an Orient J39 Diver that 'we' missed earlier. Because this is very definitely a case of Déjà Vu. This well worn, slightly grubby looking two-tone J39001-70 was listed overnight by a US eBay seller, with an opening bid price of $0.99. It's being offered through eBay's GSP programme. Although the seller seikocitizencollector is a respected member of SCWF (known to me, but not a member of this forum), I have to say that his description of its condition appears to be a tad enthusiastic. :roll:

Up for sale is a vintage Orient Quartz Chronograph Watch, using Orient's version of the Seiko 7A38 movement. Since about 2000, Orient has been owned by Seiko but well before then they produced models using Seiko's 7A28 / 7A38 movement. I can't date this one precisely because there's no serial number, but I think it's safe to say it's from the early to mid-80s.

For those unfamiliar with the 7A28 movement, it is a very collectible and high-quality movement that was Seiko's first analog quartz chronograph - I think the first such watch period, not just the first Seiko. It was fully jeweled with a whopping 15 jewels (unheard-of for a modern quartz watch), no plastic parts, and independent motors for each sub-dial. One sub-dial is for 1/10th seconds, and whizzes around like the dickens. See more here. The 7A38 is the same basic movement but with a day and date feature added.

Mechanically, this is working as it should. The chrono, day and date, and timekeeping all work as they should. I've owned this for quite a while, so I suspect it will need a new battery very soon, though it's running well as of now.

Cosmetically, it's in nice shape overall, though it definitely shows wear here and there. Please check out the photos yourself. It does have its original band, and it is long - it fits my fat 7.5" wrist as of now, and I have two more spare links I will include (I forgot to photograph them), so I suspect that is the full length it originally came as.

Happy bidding!


I'm an amateur collector of vintage Japanese watches, mostly Seiko and Citizen. As such, I won't accept returns unless the watch arrives in different condition than as described. Please examine all photos as they are part of my description. This will only ship internationally via ebay's "global shipping program," which is the (expensive) quote you should automatically see in the listing if you aren't in the U.S. In my first real attempt at using this, I received messages from folks in Spain, England, and France all telling me that it wouldn't let them bid, so I apologize if it does so for you - there's nothing I can do to correct it. :( If you have a feedback score of less than 10, please contact me prior to bidding or I may cancel your bid. I am happy to combine shipping costs as long as whatever I'm selling will fit safely in a flat rate small USPS box, but the Global Shipping Program won't let me do this unless you agree to cancel your auction wins and re-do the sale as a single Buy-it-Now option, so be warned of that eventuality if you are an international bidder. I generally don't consider a buy-it-now option. Thanks and happy bidding!

Not that I particularly wanted it, I did try placing a low bid, just simply to test the known fallibility of eBay's supposed Global (joke) shipping programme. No great surprise that my bid was blocked and I received the standard error message. :roll:

As the seller has previously been advised of this problem by other unsuccessful potential bidders, as stated in his current listing description (and upon checking, in his previous eBay listings going back over a year) I think it's a pretty poor show that he still hasn't fixed it. 

Oh, and in case you hadn't worked out where we'd seen this particular Orient J39001-70 before, you only need to scroll back up to the top of this page. It was previously listed on eBay in June 2016.

My comments at the time included:

Seems I've missed another Orient J39 'Diver' recently. :roll: Though I shalln't lose any sleep over missing this particular example. :P

This time it was a two-tone grey dialed J39001-70, with well worn gold plating, manky lume, scratched crystal; generally grubby too.

It was listed by a US eBay seller in the first week of June, offered through the GSP program, so I'm not sure why my saved favourite searches didn't pick it up at the time, particularly with J39 included in the title and J3920 in the description.

Followed by:

Although eBay shows it having sold for the full $129 Buy-it-Now price ....

Goofbid's eBay Best Offer History tool indicates that it sold for approx. $90 ....

So I'm quite content to miss out on it again. Thank you very much Brian, not. :P

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The above US eBay auction for an Orient J39001-70 ended in the early hours of this morning, selling for $102.51 after 20 bids - $10 bucks and change more than the seller paid for it last year.

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Wry observations indeed. :roll: Was anybody else watching this one ? It was quite entertaining for an hour. This battered Orient J39701-70 fitted with a NATO strap, was listed late this afternoon, by a Spanish eBay seller - who clearly couldn't make up his mind what it was worth. (The 3rd photo of the case-back was added later.)

Orient Quartz Watch

Movement J39 same as 7a38 by Seiko the first quartz chronograph

I'm a watch enthusiast not an expert, watch has marks due to intense use works fine.

Nato 20mm new strap included

Registered shipping with tracking number.

At 34.95 Euros it was almost a bargain. I wasn't tempted personally, simply because I already have a NOS example and a beater (in better condition than this) with the white dial, both of which are documented earlier in this thread. I thought I'd leave it for somebody else, for a change. Mind you, had it been the RACER branded version, I'd have grabbed it in a flash, regardless of condition.

The seller started frigging around with the listing just after 7:00pm (UK time).

Here's the full revision details:

Unfortunately, I didn't  quite manage to grab a screen print at every stage of this pantomime. :/ Here's where he'd already increased the Buy-it-Now price to 49.95 Euros and just added the 'Make Offer' option.

And removed it again (but adding the 3rd photo of the case-back):

It finally sold a few minutes ago - just before 8:00pm (UK time) - after the seller had reinstated the 'Make Offer' option once again. :lol:'s Look-up tool reveals it sold for the only offer of 40 Euros.

As confirmed (but not the offer / selling price) by the eBay Purchase History:

Belated Postscript - evidently purchased by one Dani Hencs, who posted this photo on Facebook a week later, which he captioned: Orient = Seiko 7A38.

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Hi. I'm the Spanish seller of the above J39. 

I sold the watch for that price cause I think that collect has to be cheap so I'm waiting for payment maybe the buyer is reselling this. :)

I bought that piece with a Tissot for 75€ and I think that 50€ send is good but don't worry the next one will be more expensive.

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Slightly off -topic content now moved HERE (to start a new thread). ;)

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  Thanks for your reply, David. If I hadn't expected you to reply to this thread, I wouldn't have sent you a link to it., would I ? ;) There's nothing wrong with the price you sold it for, given the less than ideal condition. I was just highly amused by the number of times you revised the listing - all for a gain of 5 Euros over your original Buy-it-Now price. :)

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I started this thread almost 7 years ago to the day as my 'wry observations' on the prices being asked for Orient J39 'Divers'. I've veered slightly off topic on a couple of occasions and in doing so, this thread has effectively become our 'de facto' topic covering the Orient J39x01-70 variants. I'm not about to change the title at this late stage; I'm just going to carry on where I left off. Indeed, as I've written before ....

It's surprising where these things turn up sometimes (besides eBay).

Every now and then, I'll google images on the Orient J39x01-70 variants. I spotted this champagne dialed J39001-70 listed last month on the Danish classifieds site, which is another offshoot of eBay. The watch isn't actually for sale, per se. The vendor is looking for an exchange. :roll: Obviously, it's fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet, but what caught my eye (and made it worthy of mention) is that this example has contrasting black day and date wheels, instead of the usual white backgrounds. Of course, the movement may have been swapped. :/

I didn't bother saving the other two photos, because apart from the fact they've been 'borrowed' from another source (i.e. two older eBay listings for the same grey-dialed J39001-70, from June 2016 and November 2017, which are documented higher up this page), they're also very badly pixellated. :roll:

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Seiko7A38 at May 9, 2015 at 4:38 AM

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, this morning. :)

I may have eliminated one of my long-term Orient J39x01-70 goals.

It's concerning this line, from the last paragraph of my previous post:

.... but the black dial with white (instead of gold) printing that I need to rectify the ex-Wimstore 'freebee' franken ....

Not as you might first think, because I've just bought another J39701-001 with the 'correct' black and white printed dial ....

But possibly because it doesn't actually exist. :/ It seems I may have been chasing unicorns for the last 3 years or so. :roll:

Talk about 'Famous Last Words'. 

You can read the full extent of my ramblings from nearly 4 years ago, in May 2015, about the supposedly 'non-existent' Black dial with White printing towards the bottom of the previous page. I ended the third lengthy post of the set with ....

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Seiko7A38 at May 9, 2015 at 7:21 AM

But in case anybody ever spots a J39x01-70 with the mythical matt black white printed J392 dial, I'd appreciate a heads up. ;)

Nobody ever did. Nor had I seen any evidence of one since either. :( That was until earlier this week, when I happened to make one of my infrequent visits to the MWR military watch forum and spotted this thread started last month.

As might be expected the watch in question is an all stainless J39701-70. It's not in particularly good condition, well wabi'd, but is still fitted with its original Orient p/n SA160 bracelet. The dial is slightly faded, suffering from manky lume, but most definitely is matt black with white printing. It also has black / white lettered day / date wheels (unlike the midnight blue dialed variant).

So the 'mythical beast' does exist. :)

However, this is no military watch, as implied by the MWR poster.

So before this turns into another 'Vulcan myth', let's just get a few facts straight.

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The title of the MWR thread is: BAF Orient Chronograph

The OP starts his first post: Another BAF chrono...

For the non-military minded among you (including myself), the abbreviation BAF in this case stands not, as you might expect, for British Armed Forces, nor Belgian Air Force but Bangladesh Air Force. Yes the third poorest country in South Asia actually has its own Air Force. See:

Many of their jet aircraft were donated by Russia and China, but it seems they could afford the luxury of issuing their pilots with quartz chronographs. These were made by CWC (Cabot Watch Company) and powered by the 21J Swiss ETA 251.272 movement. There are a number of photos of them in this other MWR BAF thread.

As can be seen from the photos, their case-backs are stamped with a BAF / xxxx issue number (in varying formats) and NSN codes 6645-99 and 814-9181.

In a post in that earlier BAF thread I've just linked, the poster jjhughes1969 wrote:

There's also an interesting issued Orient chrono that it would be great to get folk's views on.

This Orient J39701-70 has not been issued, by the Bangladesh Air Force, nor any other military organization. As can be seen from his own photos, the case-back has no issue markings - just the normal Orient Watch Co. stampings. He also annoyed me slightly by his ambiguous inference in the BAF Orient Chronograph thread:

.... and I've found this elsewhere as an ordinary civilian watch,

This Orient J39701-70 which came to him in a batch of CWC issued chrono's is also just another ordinary civilian watch (granted, albeit a rarely seen version).

O.K. but it did come with a suitably dog-eared salvage (returns) label - stamped by BAF Dhaka. So how did it get into BAF inventory ? As I wrote in the MWR thread, I believe it was handed into stores by a wiseguy pilot, who was leaving the BAF, in lieu of his issued CWC chrono' (which he presumably kept). It never was issued in the first place (officially or otherwise). Embryonic myth suitably de-bunked. ;)

Now I know it actually exists, all I need do is find myself a decent example. 

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Needless to say, I'm still searching for that elusive black / white printed dial.

Meanwhile, earlier this morning (talk about 'the early bird catches the worm'), I treated myself to a couple of 'consolation prizes', in the form of two more NOS J39x01 'Divers'. :D They were listed yesterday by a Lebanese eBay seller ....

A two-tone stainless black dial (with gold printing) J39001-70:

.... and a stainless J39701-70, with the same dial (and white printed Tachymeter):

Needless to say, at the very reasonable asking price of $99 apiece, I didn't hesitate to hit the Buy-it-Now button on both. Just surprised to see there was a gap of over 30 seconds between my transactions.

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In fact, I went on to buy 3 more NOS J39 'Divers' from the Lebanese eBay seller, at the same very reasonable $99 Buy-it-Now price - until his supply was exhausted.

I missed another two-tone J39001-70 that was listed on eBay Germany 'Small Ads' in the last week of April. I found it as a cached result, long after the event, whilst googling images. The link below no longer works (the listing had by then already been deleted), but I managed to save the photos and description.

Orient Vintage Chronograph - Seiko 7a38 - rar !

Orient Vintage Chronograph - Seiko 7a38 - rar ! Ich biete hier aus meiner Sammlung einen sehr seltenen Orient Chronographen mit dem begehrten Seiko. 127 € 66424. Homburg. 26.04.2019.

The 127 Euros asking price was reasonable for the condition, I guess, and had I seen it when the advert was Iive, I possibly might have made the seller an offer.

Which brings me back to the original thorny subject of this thread - pricing.

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Before I go any further, I should apologise publicly to MWR poster jjhughes1969 (Jonathan) for my earlier rather disparaging remarks about his 'BAF issued' Orient J39701-70. In fact, we've traded a few PM's on MWR in the intervening months and I apologised to him in a fairly recent one. However, I feel my scepticism was well founded at the time. Jonathan offered to sell it to me (his main interest is collecting CWC issued watches), but I declined on the basis that I wanted find to a better example and funnily enough one eventually came up on eBay last weekend.

It was listed late last Friday evening, by a Bangladeshi eBay seller, as a 5-day auction with an almost laughably over-optimistic opening bid price of $400 ! :o

This is an Orient chronograph watch issued to BAF with original signed papers. All function is working fine. New battery installed. The watch is very solid with original bracelet. Watch is all original, never polished. It has Day date windows as well. The dial has a stunning sunburst Blue color. Lume has been patinated. This is a highly funcitional chronograph. The bezel has a stunning 60 minutes layout.

Caseback Reference number - [Y] J39701-70 CA

Instructions: Press the top pusher to start the chronograph. While the chronograph runs, the subdial hand on right will run every 1/10 second, The left subdial hand will change every minute. Press the top pusher to stop the chronograph, then press the bottom pusher to reset the chronograph.

The seller appears to be rather too fond of using the adjective 'stunning'. :roll: To my eyes, it was just another used J39 'Diver', in no better than average worn condition, albeit a slightly different variant I didn't have in my collection yet. As I've previously written in a few other threads, I don't do 'Military' and so had absolutely no intention of paying a 300% premium for a dog-eared brown cardboard label. 

That said, this being the second sighting of a 'BAF issued' Orient J307901-70 and having dissed Jonathan's earlier theory about his watch's military provenance, I thought I at least ought to investigate a little deeper.

Note the date on the 'salvage' returns label of 22/12/14 and the signature / rubber stamp of Wayesh Muhammad and the abbreviation 'AD Eng'. I googled Wayesh Muhammad and quickly found his Linkedin profile. He no longer works for the Bangladesh Air Force, but from 2014 to 2017, he was Assistant Director of Engineering at Dhaka air base, which pretty much authenticates the label.

However, military provenance aside, $400 was far more than I was prepared to pay. I'd added it to my eBay watching page and noticed there were half a dozen others watching it besides myself - presumably including a few military watch collectors. But nobody bid on it and late last night the auction ended - unsold.

Soon after the auction ended, I messaged the eBay seller and made him what I considered a very reasonable offer. He immediately declined it. Half an hour later, he re-listed it as another 5-day auction, with the opening bid price reduced to $350.

I've added it to my watching page again. :P

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I have an admission to make.  Last Sunday evening, I not only paid well over my self-imposed limit for an Orient J39x01-70 'Diver' (NOS or used), I also bought my first allegedly issued 'Military' watch. 

No great surprise, that last 5-day auction ended with the J39701-70 unsold again.

I was half expecting the Bangladeshi eBay seller to re-list it again, as another 5-day auction, with the opening bid price reduced by another $50 to $300 - but he didn't. Instead, he re-listed it as a Buy-it-Now for $275.

The re-listing had been live for a good 15 minutes and had already been viewed a dozen times, before I saw it and took that screen print. I wouldn't say I panicked, but I was also cognisant that one of those viewers might possibly be a military watch collector, who might just be prepared to pay that reduced asking price. So after deliberating for a minute, I reluctantly hit the Buy-it-Now button.

It's currently winging its way from Bangladesh and I'm expecting it to arrive next week. I'll probably be disappointed by the received condtion and have already toyed with the idea of transplanting the dial / movement into one of my recently acquired NOS J39701-70's - which will effectively destroy its 'Military' provenance.

Admittedly, I may have paid well over the odds for this latest example. Last time I worked it out (way back in February 2012), the average price I'd paid for all of my Orient J39x01-70 'Divers' was just under $70. I haven't done the math yet, but I reckon, even with this significant aberration, I'm still under $100 apiece overall.

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