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Sir Alan
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I'm almost there with the first batch of 'essential' tools buying.

The last thing I need isn't a tool as such, more an aid - but for me with my eyesight not what it was, it is pretty essential.

I'm looking to buy a magnifying bench lens with built in light. I'm thinking of this:

Daylight Deluxe Magnifying Lamp XR (ref. D23080)

It comes with a 3 dioptre lens, giving 1.75x magnification. Additional (more powerful) lenses are available.

Is this OK?

Any other recommendations appreciated.



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May I refer you back to this thread on RLT: .... where I wrote:

FYI - I do almost all my watch work under one of these; same model - 3.5 diopter lens (1.85x magnification):

I usually wear only +1.50 reading glasses, but sometimes supplement the lamp with a pair of +2.00's. 8)

Funnily enough - one of these - the Luxo Wave+Plus.

I've actually got two of them - one with a different arm set-up, permanently fixed in a set position, the other easily movable.

Proper watch-makers will tell you that they only use a loupe. I can't get on with the darned things, personally.

However, using such an illuminated magnifier can play tricks on you sometimes, by distortion.

There's also the 'depth of field' issue that you have to get used to, when working underneath them ....

particularly in 2 planes, when you're trying to set hands - not only 'on the marks', but at the correct height above the dial.

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What does anyone think of these has anybody tried them ? - pretty cheap £9.25

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I've seen technicians at work using them - or something very similar, when working on small stuff (rather than the bench mounted Luxo illuminated magnifiers or electron microscopes). Horses for courses, I guess, Phil. :/

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My daughter thought this would be good to put on Facebook

They're good aren't they kids :D

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