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And so it goes on - unabated. :roll:

Don't you just love it when an eBay seller posts a close-up of his cock-up. :lol:

This morning, a German eBay seller listed a 7A38-7240, with an over-optimistic 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 299 Euros. It's in average worn condition, but unusually (for this model) still fitted with its correct original two-tone bracelet.

Seiko 7A38-7240 Chronograph Day Date 80er Rarität Quartz Top Zust. Originalband

The English language part of the seller's description includes the following:



Movement is in working order and keeps good time.

All Funktions are working properly!

You´ll buy what you see at the pictures.

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Can the spring also be displaced vertically?
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I wouldn't describe yours as 'displaced vertically' - more like bent upwards, Hanson.

With the more common lateral displacement, you can sometimes just flick the finger tension spring back into place with the point of a cocktail stick. Though I find it pays to loosen the retaining screw, to re-position it perfectly central over the jewel / axle. But you will need to remove yours and carefully bend / twist it back into shape - with the emphasis on carefully. It's very thin stainless spring steel. You really only get one chance. If you try re-bending it a second time they usually snap.

PS - You may already have noticed, but your Alien's movement is also missing the rotary step switch.

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Hmm.. I may leave it for my watchmaker then.

Nope didn't realise that! Thanks Paul =P

This Aliens project watch is finding new ways to make me realise that I didn't get the bargain I thought I did haha..

The NOS crown I just received from eBay has a broken off stem inside, although listed as New. Seiko Oceania have the steel crown 45M60NS1 in stock which I might see if they actually have, and then get it powder coated black...

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