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Seiko7A38 at September 2, 2018 at 1:26 PM

Never fear, 007 wannabes - there's always be another James Bond. Indeed, not long after that one had sold - a matter of only about an hour and a half later, another 7A28-7020 SPR007J appeared, listed by a Spanish eBay seller, with a Buy-it-Now price of $650 - which coincidentally according to eBay's exchange rates, happens to be almost exactly £500.

Here's another, which was listed earlier this week, by a UK eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of £300, or the option to Buy-it-Now for £450. There are currently no bids placed and 3 days of the auction left to run.

I make no apologies for being a few days late in posting these results. Athough I had them both on my eBay watching page, I can't always remember to update the threads in a timely fashion. Besides, apart from being of a lesser interest to me personally, the first one ended rather quicker than I'd expected.'s look-up tool reveals the seller let it go for an offer of $410:

As confirmed by the eBay Purchase History:

The UK eBay auction attracted suprisingly little interest in comparison, selling for £323 after only two bids.

Meanwhile, a rather more up-to-date result, which frankly beggars belief ....

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Seiko7A38 at August 14, 2018 at 5:26 AM

Another blatant attempt at profiteering by a greedy UK eBay seller rjpsales3282. Yesterday afternoon, he listed a rather familiar looking 7A28-7020 SPR007J 'James Bond' with a 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of £750. :o

This is exactly the same 7A28-7020 SPR007J which sold in mid-April for £495.

In the last week of August, profiteering UK eBay re-seller rjpsales3282 had revised his listing a couple of times, reducing his downright greedy Buy-it-Now price of £750 down to a slightly less avaricious £700. He also amended the title adding a rather naff: Having An Ultrasonic Clean Now. :roll:

By some incredible stroke of luck on his part, he appears to have finally found himself a mug punter, who hit the £700 Buy-it-Now button this morning. :o

As is usual, the Buy-it-Now action isn't shown in the eBay Offer / Purchase History:

What are shown are a few considerably lower declined offers and counter-offers. Like I've said, all it ever takes is one mug punter. Nice money if you can get it. I'm clearly in the wrong business.

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Of course, not every eBay seller is quite as savvy; sometimes they completely fail to do their homework before listing a watch. Like this one, who not only didn't make any mention of the James Bond connection, but didn't even include the case-back model number in either their title or description. :roll: This 7A28-7020 SPR007J was listed a week ago, last Sunday evening, by a UK eBay seller, as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of £49.99.



SERIAL NO 361297





I was actually the high bidder for quite some time (twice), but with nearly 60 other people watching it, I really didn't expect (nor particularly want) to win the auction. The auction ended a few moments ago, in what can only be described as a snipe-fest, with 17 bids placed in the final minute. The uncredited 7A28-7020 SPR007J sold for £297 after 26 bids.

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With all the other stuff I've got going on, I'm not sure whether I can be bothered to keep updating this thread. Yeah - I know, I've said that before. :roll: Anyway, here's two more current eBay auctions for 7A28-7020 'James Bonds' that were listed earlier this week.

The first one's a 7-day listing by a UK eBay seller, with an opening bid price of £200. It's fitted with a leather strap in place of the original bracelet. There are currently 4 days of the auction to run. From the exceedingly high (5-digit) feedback number of the current sole bidder, I'd suspect they're a proxy bidding service - probably from Japan.

Seiko Quartz Chronograph 7A28-7020 (James Bond)

Original Seiko quartz analogue chronograph watch.

As worn amongst other watches by James Bond (Roger Moore) in A View to A Kill. The watch can be briefly spotted in the pre-title sequence.

This was the first analogue quartz watch, all others upto this time had been digital.

Circa 1984. Superb condition, a few very small surface scratches but nothing noticable. Perfect face and glass. Everything working as it should.

White dial with black luminous hands, 3 sub dials registering 10ths, seconds and minutes. Large minute hand and 3 side pushers to control start/stop, reset and calibrate.

Purchased from new and barely worn hence the great condition. Recent battery change and a spare one will be included.

Originally came with a steel strap but it wasn’t great and I prefer leather anyhow so changed it out immediately; unfortunately I cannot locate the original so it comes with a new high quality black leather strap with quick release pins. If steel is your thing, I have seen replacement bracelets for sale cheaply and readily on Ebay.

No original box or papers but will be securely packaged in another box.

Will send same day as payment received/cleared.

The second one is also a 7-day auction, listed by an Italian seller which had an opening bid price of 1.00 Euro. Academic really. :roll: Knowing this particular seller makes a regular habit of blatantly shilling their auctions, I'm not surprised to see bidding is already over 200 Euros. Although the seller conveniently omits to make any mention of it in their brief description, this watch is fitted with a non-original replacement Seiko bracelet. At first glance, it looks similar to the Seiko p/n G1105S used on the stainless 7A38-7060 and -706A. But it's not (hence the short clasp). The ears of the bracelet end pieces appear to be stamped G1707(S). So it might be off a later 7T32 or such like. I haven't had time to look up the part number.

From my private collection i sell this seiko 7A28-7020 James Bond, fully working, chronograph ok, reset ok, very good condition.

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Here's the slightly belated results for those two eBay auctions for 7A28-7020 SPR007J James Bond watches.

The earlier UK auction for the one fitted with a leather strap, in place of the original bracelet, ended a couple of days ago, selling for £367.99 after 6 bids.

The Italian eBay auction for the other one, which was fitted with a non-original Seiko replacement bracelet, ended earlier this evening, selling for a hefty 726 Euros after 47 bids. Judging by the typically high number of bids - and, checking the bidding history, reveals the fact that 3 of the bidders had 100% bidding activity with this seller - indeed one of them placed 25 of those 47 bids, I'd say it's fairly safe to assume it was shilled in the best Italian tradition. :roll:

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Yeah - O.K., I know I said I wasn't going to bother commenting on any more eBay listings for 7A28-7020 SPR007J 'James Bond' watches. :roll: But this one's got form.

Or should I more correctly say, the Thai eBay seller, with one of the longest ID's out there: the.kings.attic.antiques.and.vintage has form. This 7A28-7020, fitted with an instantly recognisable non-original bracelet is mentioned in a couple of posts on the previous page. But it also rightfully features in much greater detail in THE CRAZIEST eBay 7Axx prices thread. The Thai eBay seller first listed it mid-March of this year, with a ludicrously outrageous $5000 Buy-it-Now price. :o

That rapidly reduced in stages to a mere $900, later creeping back up to $1500, before being withdrawn. Presumably the error was in the pricing strategy. :P

I wonder if anybody's going to fall for it this time, particulary when there are so many other examples to choose from. :/

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Yeah, I know what I said, but here's 3 more current eBay listings for James Bond 7A28-7020 SPR007J's. :roll:

This first one, again fitted with a leather strap in place of the original bracelet, was listed on Tuesday by a UK eBay seller, as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of  £200. The presumably uninformed seller makes no reference to the James Bond connection, despite having edited his description.

Good condition. All buttons functioning. Running well on new battery.

On 18-Sep-18 at 23:01:06 BST, seller added the following information:

For the sake of completeness, I should point out that there is some scratching, but NOT cracking to the crystal. This is very slight, which is why it doesn't show on the photos.

The second one was also listed on Tuesday, by a Bulgarian eBay seller, with a risibly over-optimistic Buy-it-Now price of $920. He also claims it's 'All Original". Well the non-original replacent Jubilee style bracelet certainly isn't original. Going by the number of recent sightings, 'Rare' it certainly ain't either. :roll:

For all Fans and Collectors of very very rare Japan watches

We are pleased to present one excellent representative of very rare Seiko watch, in very good condition.

Rare SEIKO 7A28-7020 "James Bond" by Roger Moore

1/10s Chronograph Japan Watch

White color Dial

All Steel case size 37 mm

Vintage and rare Seiko chronograph 7A28-7020, model by James Bond in the film “A view to kill” (1985), this model of watch was worn by Roger Moore.

One for the collectors!.

In very good condition, comes with original bracelet.

Not as polished, are keeping the condition as a original condition.

For any questions please contact us!!!

In Very good overall Condition.

This is really a very rare piece for your collection!!!


Date of purchase: around 85's

Movement: Seiko Japan

Quartz, 1/10s. Chronograph

In excellent working condition.

Case: 37 mm without crown.

Lug to Lug -20mm

Case: All Stainless Steel,

Not as polished, are keeping the condition as a original condition.

Crown & Pushers: Original.

Crystal: Original crystal without scratches. Original Seiko crystal.

Dial: White colored in Excellent condition, 100% Original.

Bracelet: Seiko Stainless Steel Original bracelet.

The Watch is very good Overall condition.

Comes with Box and Papers

The box has a slight damage to the cover. Can be used but the cover has a break.

Look at the last photo from the description!

Feel free to ask me questions.

You buy what you see on the pictures.

Special Note on the description:

Please note that this is a Vintage watch since 1985 and its pressurization may have been impaired due to aging rubber seals or wear the crown!

Please look closely at the pictures for better understanding, we use high resolution camera which is even better to see and explain the small things even on a smaller object like watches. You will only receive what you see in pictures.

All the sizes taken are with the best of our ability and are approximate. Please keep in mind that any minor minor differences are possible. Please check the pictures in detail before bidding and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is one very rare collectible timepieces, in very good condition.

In very good working condition, keeping good perfectly time

Very very rare & vintage item for your collection!

The third one was listed by a German eBay seller, yesterday evening, as a 10-day auction, with an opening bid price of 10 Euros.

Schöner SEIKO Quartz Chronograph um 1980 Modell 7A28 - 7020, Seriennummer 321753

Mit neuer Batterie läuft exakt Stunden und Sekunden, jedoch Chronographen Funktion nicht geprüft.

Guter gepflegter Erhaltungszustand siehe Fotos. Durchmesser ohne Kronen 37 mm,

Original Seiko Armband Gesamtgewicht 77 gr. Schatulle kostenlose Beigabe.

Privatverkauf keine Gewährleistung oder Rücknahme,bei allen Anfragen auch zum internationalen Versand bitte Mailen. Danke.

Versandpreis Deutschland 7.- € versichert.

Even though the German eBay seller's auction is a 'private listing', which I'm always suspicious of, if I were in the market for one of these (which I'm not), I know which of the four current eBay listings my money would be on.

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Time for updates on those few, I guess.

The 7-day UK eBay auction for a 7A28-7020 SPR007J, fitted with a leather strap, ended earlier in the week, selling for £260 after 10 bids.

The second listing for a 7A28-7020 in my previous post, by a Bulgarian eBay seller, for a speculatively over-priced example, fitted with a non-original replacent bracelet, had actually ended earlier the same day (25th).'s Look-up tool reveals it actually sold for an offer of $850.

As confirmed by the eBay Purchase History:

The 10-day German eBay auction, for what appeared to be the nicest unmolested original example of the three, ended a few moments ago, selling for 353 Euros, after 18 bids.

Which just leaves the other example fitted with a non-original bracelet, re-listed by the Thai eBay seller the.kings.attic.etc. That ended at lunchtime today. No great surprise - it went unsold.

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Time to finally draw a line under that one (he says keeping his fingers crossed). The following day, the Thai eBay seller the.kings.attic.etc... had re-listed it once again, with his 'pie-in-the sky' Buy-it-Now price reduced from $799 to $599. It sold earlier this morning, but even then, not for his full asking price.'s Look-up tool reveals it finally sold for an offer of $550

As confirmed by the eBay Purchase History:

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It's been nearly a year since I last updated this thread. I can't honestly say that I've been monitoring prices of James Bond 7A28-7020 SPR007J's in the interim, but I doubt much has changed. Reason for the update now ? I simply couldn't let this slide, without passing a comment. Though in truth, it more rightfully belongs in James's Bottom of the 7Axx Barrel thread.

Gentlemen - I give you the Late James Bond 007 7A28 watch (it's been killed). :|

This bady water-damaged non-running head only, minus case-back, was listed yesterday, by a German eBay seller, as a 7-day auction with a frankly ludicrous opening bid price of 250 Euros, or the option to make a much much lower offer.


Funktioniert NICHT, nur als Ersatzteillager! Die hintere Abdeckung fehlt. BITTE BILDER ANSCHAUEN, STELLEN SIE FRAGEN, BEVOR SIE BIETEN !

Seiko 7A28 7020 James Bond Wrist Watch A View to A Kill Uhr Watch. Zustand: Gebraucht. Versand mit DHL Paket bis 2 kg.

For anybody foolhardy enough to contemplate resurrecting it, the bracelet is available separately for another 250 Euros !

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