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Thought this might make a light-hearted little topic ....

Simply because it seems some eBay sellers have got absolutely NO CLUE how to photograph watches for their auction listings. :roll:

Here's a few from my archive folders, to get the ball rolling:

7A38-6060 on eBay in October 2006 - spotted by Aaron ('Cobrajet25' on SCWF):

7A38-7000 Gold-Tone (Yes, really) on eBay in Germany in March 2010:

7A38-728A Two-Tone (White Roman numeral dial) on eBay in the UK in July 2009:

I bought it for a mere £30.50 - ahh, the Good Old Days :) - and it turned out be almost a 'minter'.

This is pretty obviously a stainless 7A38-7270 SAA093J, which most of us are familiar with, listed on eBay in the UK in October 2009:

I actually bought this one too, but it had significant issues - so I returned it to the seller for a full refund. :mad:

Unless you knew what you were looking for, this is a JAZ N8YZ63, which I picked up on eBay in the States for $20, in March last year:

This next photo was a little bit clearer :lol: ....

This is my Orient J39909-80, which I found on eBay Italy in April, 2011 - photographed upside down. It took me a while to figure out !

I think the prize has got to go to Dan ('Northdock' on SCWF) for spotting this though - a 7A48-5010 on eBay in January this year:


He picked it up for a mere $10 - 'Lunch Money' as he called it.

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O.K., I know what I wrote in the Jean Lassale Thalassa 'missing 7Axx' - that I wouldn't tear 74Bricklin's eBay listing to pieces. :roll:

I'm sure we could have hours of fun tearing his eBay listing description to pieces. But that's not my aim, on this particular occasion. 

But this guy really does deserve a special award. 

After re-listing the watch umpteen times with the same two smallish slightly-out-of-focus photos:

Here's the last re-listing (still using the original photos) I could find:

Note the statement included in his old listing description (since 6th April):

I have recently purchased a digital camera which I am expecting delivery any day now. 

He's finally edited his latest current listing yesterday and uploaded seven new photos - 1600x1200 and about 500KB each. 

Bigger isn't always necessarily better, it seems. 

See: .... and remember - he's expecting to sell  this watch for $1500+ with these photos. 

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Possibly not the worst, by some margin, but still pretty diabolical photos given the camera / phone technology available today ....

These two were both fairly recent listings on eBay Germany:

SEIKO Chronograph Sports 150 HAU VINTAGE Herrenarmbanduhr

Although one can barely discern the dial markings, I suspect this was rather a nice example of the stainless (not titanium) 7A38-7130.

Seiko Quartz Chronograph Uhr Tachymeter gebraucht silber Wasserdicht gestempelt

This one is more obviously a stainless 7A38-7270 - and although I've got a few of these already, I simply couldn't resist taking a 'fuzzy photo' gamble on this for the hell of it. It arrived today. The photos don't do it justice. It's far to good for the fate I had planned for it. 

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I'm sure most of us must have seen this listing for a 7A48 (presumably a -7000) on eBay Germany, which just ended moments ago.



The photos were pretty diabolical, but the Q&A's at the bottom were even funnier. 


Q: Gibt es bessere Bilder??? Gibte eine genauere Angabe zum Defekt??

A: Hallo meine Kamera ist defekt! Die Uhr ist in einem guten Zustand lediglich die Krone ist lose aber vorhanden, das ist der Defekt!

Despite receiving 284 views, bidding ended @ only 34.84 Euros after 14 bids. Me, I'd put it down to the seller's total incompetence, 

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I was going to have a bid on this but an extended sauna session put paid to that :roll:

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Sometimes you just instinctively know that a fuzzy photo gamble is going to pay handsomely. 8)

The Hermes courier just delivered this mint-ish 7A38-704C a few minutes ago. Initial impressions are shall we say very favourable. :D

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Look at this Seiku ;-)

Some sort of 7A48, I'd say.

Certainly not a "triple date"...

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Normally, I'd post a link (and the listing photos) of any Yema N8 that I'd spotted on eBay (or LeBonCoin) in the relevant thread.

Indeed, there's quite a few of these quirky Yema N80P896 Psueudo Plongeurs with white dials mentioned throughout it.

But the 4 photos included in this current US eBay listing are so bad, that unless you knew what you were looking at ....

Well see for yourself ! :lol:




From smoke free home

Date Stamp on camera not working---picture taken 3/1/16

Please check my feedback and bid w/ confidence.

Quite incredible in this day and age. The vague listing title and poor description certainly won't help, nor inspire confidence. :roll:

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