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There have been an unusually high number of stainless red-dialed Cartier Ferrari Formula's listed and sold on eBay recently, particularly model # F6104801. But I suspect this example, listed yesterday evening by a US eBay seller, will be hanging around unsold for a long time. Not only is it in no better than average well worn condition, without box or papers, but the deluded would-be seller is asking an absolutely ridiculous $2525 as a Buy-it-Now !

Over the last 4 months the US eBay seller had made a number of revisions to the listing. Most were unusually changes to the Postage Terms, but there were also 4 reductions made to their original ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price, which by mid-July had bought it down to 'only' $1800. :roll:

In fact, looking at the final iteration of the listing, it appears they were later offering it through eBay's dysfunctional GSP programme (which wasn't originally an option).

For anybody foolhardy enough to contemplate it, that would have added nearly $540 in charges to the 'reduced' $1800 Buy-it-Now price ! :o

Checking my eBay watching page, it appears to have finally sold, late last night.

The eBay Purchase History reveals that there was only ever one offer tendered.

The alternative 'True Selling Price' link reveals it sold for an offer of $1500 !! :o

As I've written many times - all it ever takes is one. Clearly suffering from not only the 'Red Mist', but a distinct lack of due diligence. :roll:

I make no apologies for the lengthy double quote. :P Just carrying forward most of the relevant information from the previous page. ;) That red-dialed Cartier Ferrari Formula, in little better than average well worn condition, which supposedly sold last month for $1500, against a sole offer, was back on eBay again, re-listed by the US eBay seller late yesterday evening. Presumably common sense (on the part of the buyer) must have prevailed. :)

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I'd meant to write this up earlier, when I first saw the listing. This Cartier Ferrari Formula Cal. 531, model # F6434801, in decent used condition, was listed by a German eBay seller as a 10-day auction, with an opening bid price of 650 Euros.

Verkauf im Auftrag meiner Eltern: einen sehr gut erhaltenen sowie voll funktionstüchtigen Ferrari by Cartier Herren Chronographen (die Damenvariante findet ihr in meiner anderen Auktion)

Ferrari Formula by Cartier Damen Uhr/ Original Identifizierungsnummer: 335846

Kaufdatum: Anfang der Neunziger

Mitte der 90iger Jahre wurde die Uhr generalüberholt!

Zustand: sehr guter Zustand!

Batterie läuft noch, keinerlei Kratzer auf dem Glas, geringe Abnutzungen am goldenen Uhrenkranz, Armband schließt und öffnet perfekt, alle Chronographfunktionen arbeiten perfekt.

Armbandmaterial: Edelstahl schwarz/gold

Durchmesser/Umfang des Armbands bis zum jeweiligen Bandanstoss der Krone beträgt 21cm! Also maximal weites Armband, welches noch gekürzt werden kann.

Gehäuse: Edelstahl /vergoldet / wasserdicht

Privatverkauf daher leider ohne Garantie (aber mein Versprechen, dass die Uhr einwandfrei in Ordnung ist - checkt meine vielen positiven Bewertungen!) Keine Rücknahme.



Sale on behalf of my parents: a very well preserved and fully functional Ferrari by Cartier men wristwatch

You can find the women´s version in my other auction

Ferrari Formula by Cartier Men Watch / Original Identification Number: 335846

Date of purchase: early 90s

In the middle of the 90s the watch was overhauled!

Status: very good condition!

Battery is still running, no scratches on the glass, minor wear on the golden clock wreath, bracelet closes and opens perfectly, all chronograph functions work perfectly.

Bracelet material: stainless steel black / gold

Diameter / circumference of the bracelet up to the respective lug of the crown is 21cm! So maximum wide bracelet, which can be shortened.

Case: stainless steel / gold plated / waterproof

The Case is in a good condition - inside better than outside

Private sale, therefore unfortunately no guarantee (but my promise that the clock is perfectly fine - check my many positive reviews!). No return.

The auction finished a few moments ago, selling for 785 Euros after 19 bids.

I'm not sure if it holds any significance, but the winning bidder, who also placed the opening bid and 13 of the 19 bids in total, has 100 % activity with the seller. :/

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