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Unless you know better, of course. ;)

We were having a temporary light-hearted off-topic banter, in another thread in this section, and I thought I'd chuck this one in. :P

Though I wasn't sure whether it really belonged in the 'CRAZIEST' thread, or the current 'OPPORTUNISTIC' asking price thread ....

So I decided to start another topic - because this auction listing(s) really deserves one all of its own - if only for posterity's sake. ;)

I've been rummaging through my photo folders recently, selecting which photos to upload to Photobucket, to use in the various threads I'm currently writing in the 7A38-xxxx Model Specific section - some of which still need a lot more work .... I'm falling behind schedule. :(

Yesterday evening I was browsing through my 7A38-7000 Gold-tone folder, when I came across this: 


A fairly otherwise-unremarkable example of the gold-tone 7A38-7000 SAA008J. Or was it ? 

My own (typical format) caption to this photo reads: 7A38-7000-Gold+Gold-eBay-June2011-Another(Asking Price £550,000)

Yup.  £550,000 !!! 

The eBay listing was obviously some kind of spoof. I didn't immediately remember it from last June, but then it all came back to me. :)

A quick google on 7A38-7000 lead me back to this old thread on RLT:

Started by 'avidfan', another long-term member who eventually decided he'd had enough of the hierarchy within RLT - and walked:

1 For 7A38Fan... Started by Guest_avidfan_*, Jun 05 2011 05:56 PM

Item number 280691011941 

followed 10 minutes later by:

He took it off and then relisted it...280691023386 is he off his rocker?

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Fortunately both those eBay item numbers are still 'live'. :)

Vintage Gold Plated Seiko 7A38

Ended: 05 Jun, 2011 18:55:40 BST. Price: £550,000.00



Vintage Gold plated Seiko 7A38.

This watch is in mint condition. And is in Full working order.

It has the original manuals, all original links, original tag, original box, and all original paperwork.

Only has wear to the original strap. 

Extremely rare version of the 7A38. 

Has "Wings" between the buttons. Very few of these watches were made and now they are hardly ever seen.

Try googling this watch and you will come up with all the normal 7A38's without wings.

This one is from the 80's. Please message me if you have any queries.


Watch History :

This watch was purchased for my Dad by my Mom in 1980s. He then passed away in 1992. And the watch has been in storage ever since.


I reserve the right to withdraw this from eBay at any time. No time wasters please. This watch is not going to go cheap.

Which was subsequently replaced by:

The only immediately obvious differences between the two listings being, the omission from the second version of both phrases:

'I reserve the right to withdraw this from eBay at any time' (forbidden by eBay's T&C's) and 'This watch is not going to go cheap',

and the addition of an eMail address to the replacement listing - another breach of eBay's T&C's. 

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I obviously didn't see the potentially hilariously funny side of this eBay listing at the time. :roll:

If what the seller was stating in his description were true, after all, then he was selling his late father's watch. :(

Because my next two posts, in response to avidfan's were:

That is ridiculous. :roll:


Must be (off his rocker).

Because you can sometimes pick up examples of the fairly common gold-plated 7A38-7000 for £55 (no more decimal places).

They quite often turn up on eBay in the States (with varying levels of plating wear), and usually sell there for around the $100 mark.

I then went on to cite recent various selling prices, in true anorak fashion - including one which had just sold for only $32 in the States.

But others (including another UK eBay seller peterk2705) obviously did see the funny side of it, and attempted to capitalize on it ....

Seiko 7A38 Chronograph Watch in Very Good Condition

(Actually a gold-tone 7A38-7190 in only very average condition which sold for £63.88, a week later.)

The first line of his listing description read:

Very Good condition Gents Seiko 7A38 Chronograph Watch (And also at least £549,800 cheaper than the 7A38 eBay competition!)

But what of the cheeky seller's gold-tone 7A38-7000 ? Did he actually sell it ? If so, how much did it go for - presumably off eBay ?

Or was he really just trying to put a value on 'his late father's watch', by soliciting offers through eBay ? Maybe we'll never know. :/

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You see as soon as I clicked on those eBay listings, although I didn't at the time, I immediately recognised the eBay ID: o.a.k.e.y

.... a young man who's not entirely unknown for buying and selling the odd 7A38:

Let's see if we can get the true story on that solid-gold-half-million-plus-priced gold-tone 7A38-7000 from last June, eh ? ;)

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