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As I've already fallen well behind my original planned schedule for writing up these topics I'm not about to start responding to requests.

But I am going to make an exception in this particular case - for one thing, it's not going to take me very long to write this one up. :D

You see, apart from Dai, our new Japanese member, we have another regular visitor from Japan -  from Choshi, in Chiba prefecture.

He keeps coming back (twice again this morning) as he has done on previous occasions, searching for information on the 7A38-7110.

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Never having seen one of these watches 'in the metal', I'll be making some assumptions based on these few photos I've collected. ;)

The 7A38-7110 SJS048 was a JDM (Japanese domestic market) model only. It appears to be very closely related to the rather more commonly seen equivalent export models, the 7A38-7040, -704A, -704B and -704C, except the overall finish is satin silver anodised (stainless steel)  - as opposed to the dark grey coating (over black chrome plating) of the 7A38-704x family. The watch head casting, with integral bezel appears to be identical; the domed crystal is the same part used in the 7A38-704x's, and the two dark grey plastic upper pushers are the same as the 7A38-704C. However, the bracelet is different to the 7A38-704x family (apart from being stainless) - the links have a gently curved section, as opposed to being flat - and of course, it's fitted with the typical JDM 'Speedmaster' clasp.

The model first appeared in the Japanese Seiko catalogue in 1985:

Catalogue illustration - from 1985 Vol.1 page 64.

I have only ever seen one 7A38-7110 listed on eBay (in the USA) in May 2009, and it was missing its crystal and main handset:

Seiko Chronograph 7A38-7110 Watch for Repair (#390051442261)

It was purchased by US collector Mike Mounce who subsequently converted it into a 'Franken' using the 713L dial from a 7A38-714A.

See relevant post halfway down the 7A38-714A thread:


This is the only example I've personally seen listed on Yahoo Japan auctions, in the last week of June 2009:


I wrote about it - on July 1st 2009, the day the auction was ending, in the 'Yahoo Japan Auctions - Watching Watches' thread on RLT:

.... a very rare 7A38-7110 in almost mint condition - but the bracelet has had a few links removed.

Opening bid was a hefty ¥21,500 Yen - approximately £133 Sterling; and whereas I might have been tempted at that price ....

.... after 10 bids, it's now at ¥39,500 Yen - approximately £248 Sterling, with only an hour or so before the auction ends. 

Much as I'd like to add one of these to my growing 7A38 collection .... I don't want one that badly. 

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have made a note of the final selling price (if it was indeed higher than ¥39,500 Yen) ....

But that was 3 years ago, and I've not seen another since, so with hindsight, perhaps 'the price was right', given the rarity factor. :/

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Specifications and Buyers Guide: 7A38-7110 SJS048

Size: 39mm diameter (excluding crown and pushers) x 12.5mm deep.

Case appears to common to the 7A38-704x range. There is no separate bezel - it is an integral part of the watch case.

Case material: Stainless steel – satin silver anodized finish all over. The upper two pusher buttons are dark grey plastic.


Dial: Part number is 7A38711LX993. Seiko's database shows colour blank. It's matt Black; 30 min and 1/10s subdials are Dark Grey.

Dial markings: SEIKO (printed), CHRONOGRAPH QUARTZ. At the bottom: JAPAN 7A38 711L T Suwa symbol (all white printing).

Day and Date wheels: White lettering on black background. Second languages seen: Kanji (JDM model)

Hands: Main handset is White (with lume) and Black centres. Sub-dial hands are White; the upper two have Black centres.

Seiko crystal p/n: 320W46GN00 - 32.0mm Ø x 3.1mm high at the center - domed (with a flat bottom).

Double Wave case-back, stamped: SEIKO, STAINLESS STEEL, WATER RESISTANT, 7A38-7110 [A0] JAPAN S


Seiko bracelet p/n: AA29B - and the underside of first joining links are stamped AA29B. Finish is silver anodized all over.

Tapers from 20 mm wide at the shoulder to 18mm. Fixing by Pin and Tube (Seiko p/n's 81601169 and 81180189).

Clasp is JDM 'Speedmaster' in satin silver finish - 18mm x 30mm long, with 5 adjustment holes, stamped SPEEDMASTER 

Production variances: None seen.

Production dates: Example seen appears to have had a serial number beginning 49xxxx (September 1984).

Geography: Japanese home market (JDM) variant. Rarely seen outside, let alone in Japan.

Buyers Tips: None specific.

Price Guide: $100 - $500 dependent upon condition (parts watch ---> mint example).

Rarity Factor: 5/5 - Extremely Hard To Find.

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It's been L-O-N-G while since I've seen a 7A38-7110 listed on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I was alerted to it by an incoming google search.

If you've spent any time browsing YJ, then you'll already know that some listings by business 'store' sellers can be pretty horrendous - filled with irrelevant multi-coloured crap. :roll: This is probably one of the worst I've seen - and if you click on the link, it's mostly in PINK !

スピードマスター 腕時計 クォーツ クロノグラフ ◎

It may appear to be in very nice cosmetic condition, but the vagueness of the translated description and 25,000 Yen opening bid price appear to have deterred any bidding so far. That said, I'm sure it'll get snapped up in the closing minutes, simply because of it's rarity.

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John Chua
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That's an awesome looking 7A38 ;)

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Well somebody obviously took a fancy to it. :/

If you look at the screen print I posted yesterday, the auction still had two days to run - and then some.

It was originally scheduled to end on 5th April @ 22:29 local time. This morning I clicked on the link to find it had been ended early. :mad:

詳細な残り時間 (Detailed remaining time) = オークション - 終了(Auction - End).

There's usually only one reason for this happening and that's some less-than-scrupulous person making a back door offer. 

What's more, I've got a pretty good idea who it may have been. 

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Well, perhaps I may have been wrong in my earlier assumption, because that 7A38-7110 was re-listed on Yahoo Japan 6 days later.

セイコー スピードマスター メンズ 腕時計 クォーツ ◎■

This time the seller included 3 different photos in their listing, but it was clearly the same 7A38-7110, serial number 497930.

It was kinda nerve-wracking watching the final minutes count down, as the auction was extended by 5 minutes:

You see, I'd asked Japanese forum member Daisuke if he would bid on it for me. Looks like we won in the end, too. :)

The other losing bidder was loa***** which I recognise as a YJ proxy bidding service favoured by a certain Australian 7Axx collector.

So here's one rare JDM 7A38 which won't be going 'Down Under' for a change. Thank you for your help with this one, Daisuke. 

For the record, sold for 51,999 Yen + tax = 56,158 equivalent to $552.50 USD / £330 GBP after 28 (automated) bids by two bidders.

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Scrap that bracelet, throw on a one piece black nylon strap and you got a great Seiko RAF tribute watch. :lol:

But seriously Paul, that is one very nice watch that you've won. Bravo. I love the dial. So simple.


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Well, after a prolonged and agonising wait of almost a week, waiting for ParcelForce read Parcel Farce to deliver Daisuke's package, the 7A38-7110 finally arrived this morning. Typically, with a Bank Holiday weekend coming up, it's overcast and raining, so the natural available light indoors is less than ideal. :( Here are a couple of very quick and dirty, slightly grainy photos I rattled off - as received.

The watch is in almost pristine condition. The original silver anodized finish is almost completely intact, apart from the bottom right hand corner of the watch case, where there is a tiny hint of rubbing wear - and also on the last bracelet adjustment link, where it joins the clasp.* Unfortunately, as I already knew when I bought it, the bracelet has had a number of adjustment links removed - a common problem with watches coming out of the Far East - so it's a more than just 'a bit short' and would probably currently only fit a 6¾" wrist.

Hopefully when the replacement 18mm clasp extender arrives from Cousins tomorrow, it'll be just long enough to allow me to wear it.

The only other issue (if you can call it that), is that one of the clasp spring bars is not original - a very minor detail, easily rectified.

Here's another Q&D photo, complete with raindrops  that I posted in the Show and Tell - your newest incoming 7A thread

Once again, many thanks to Japanese forum member Daisuke for his invaluable assistance in procuring this little JDM jem.

PS - Better photos will follow at the weekend - even if I have to resort to artificial lighting ! 

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In the meantime here's an interesting little aside. :)

Some of you may wonder if I ever ask myself, as a borderline fanatical collector of 7A38's, if I ever have any self doubts ....

Like: have I just paid a completely ridiculous price for one, just because it's an extremely rare JDM model ?

Well I will admit I do sometimes. Here's a tip. Don't EVER google the model number and serial number of your Seiko watch.

You may be in for a shock. Because while I was impatiently waiting at the weekend, that's exactly what I did. It returns one result. --->

After a few failed attempts, I finally managed to get Google to translate the page - to discover that it was actually a repair invoice. 

For re-finishing the (wrong) replacement clasp, which it was once fitted with, by a previous owner:

- as was shown in one of the original Yahoo Japan auction listing's composite images:

5000 Yen (approx £29) is still a bit steep IMHO ! :lol:

* From it's relative position to that link, in the second TamTime photo above, the light rubbing wear on the last bracelet adjustment link,

  next to the clasp, which I mentioned in my previous post, was obviously caused by the fitment of that non-original replacement clasp.

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Paul, nice JDM watch :D  You must have felt ILL when you first saw that 5,000 Yen pop up  :(   After paying 10 times more for it :lol:

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You have NO IDEA Don !!  I was almost on the point of throwing up. 

Especially with the comedy of errors that was going on with ParcelFarce / Customs in Coventry at the time. 

I'll write up a separate thread about that little saga in due course, in the Members' Lounge section. 

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I think the only way I'm ever going to get any decent photos of this watch are by setting up a proper light box. I had another quick go this afternoon (when there was plenty of available natural light); then found myself battling with the reflections off the domed crystal. :roll:

Here's one that's half passable:

and another shot I really wanted to do, showing the 'family resemblence' to the 7A38-704x's:

Quote from my second post:

.... very closely related to the rather more commonly seen equivalent export models, the 7A38-7040, -704A, -704B and -704C (above)

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Paul, I really like the in-set sub dials  :D especially the small running seconds dial :)

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I'm ambivalent about that, Don. :/ I prefer all three sub-dials the same size. The dial (particularly in its overlay) is certainly different.

I was hoping to have it on my wrist this afternoon. The replacement 18mm clasp extender from Cousins UK duly arrived on Friday and was thankfully ding free. I had tried out the sub-standard one, which I'd returned, for size on the clasp of an old beaten-up 7A34-7019 and it fitted fine, but I hadn't actually tried it on the 7A38-7110's Speedmaster clasp before. The height of the last adjustment holes in the Speedmaster clasp, that I need to use to attach the extender is slightly different. So even though I'd been fortunate to find a pair of new 18mm x 1.3mm short bead spring bars in my stock (God knows where they came from), I couldn't get the clasp / extender holes to align. This means I'm going to need to elongate the holes in the clasp extender (upwards) by about 0.5mm. 

Slight problem is that although I thought I had one in my Dremel kit - I now need a 1.0mm rotary burr to extend the holes neatly. :roll:

While I'm at it, because this new clasp extender is so 'nice and shiny', I'm thinking about spraying it matt silver to match the clasp.

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I placed an order with Cousins UK earlier in the week, adding on a couple of 1.0mm Ø rotary burrs. Their package arrived yesterday.

So earlier this morning, I gingerly set about elongating the two connecting holes in the clasp extender, armed mit Dremel. 

The result was fairly tidy, although I still haven't quite got the extender to sit perfectly, relative to the Speedmaster clasp. 

Here's the resultant wrist shots I was then finally able to post in the WRUW thread this afternoon:

Many thanks again to Daisuke, without whose invaluable help it wouldn't be on my wrist, but in someone else's collection.

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Having personally only ever seen 3 examples of the JDM 7A38-7110 in 5 years and hence tagging them with the 'rarest of the rare' (5/5) category, you can imagine my surprise when a quick search on Yahoo Japan auctions this morning turned up another one. :o

【セイコー】スピードマスタークロノグラフクオーツ レア時計


Google translates the (formatted) Japanese description as follows:

[Seiko] Speedmaster chronograph quartz watch rare used

Product Description Product Name ★] [Seiko Speedmaster Chronograph quartz watch rare used

※ It is the introduction of the watch SEIKO Speedmaster rare!

※ performance - Material: Quartz Chronograph: Stainless Steel Case & Belt: date display day date

★ accessories vanity case is attached

★ 7A38-7110 Part Number

★ size of the band has been adjusted to about 19.5cm.

★ It is a condition secondhand goods.

There are such as adhesion usability, wound, pain, of dirt to watch appearance, case bezel band.

There are such as adhesion of dirt and usability, but I think it's state of degree no problem in normal use.

I am moving work without any problems. I have the battery replaced, but that it does not provide waterproof test, please understand.

Please refrain from the tender of diving use you would like a professional manner and to be worried about and feeling wound and because it is used goods.

If you are understanding in second-hand goods, thank you for your tender it is possible to acknowledge the state of the commodity commodity becomes the used goods.

[This product notes are used articles! ]

There is dirt and scratches.

The bid of the more nervous one and those who care about the state of the commodity extremely will be refused.

I hope in a no claim no return.

At 600 yen uniform method Sagawa Express

※ However, the island remote areas and Okinawa are not eligible.

Payment method ★ Yahoo! simple settlement

Obviously not in quite such good cosmetic condition as the one I purchased in April with Daisuke's help - evidence of rubbing wear to the silver anodized coating and some stretching between the bracelet links - but likely (from the number of adjustment links visible in the seller's photos, plus another two hidden under the SPEEDMASTER logo'd clasp) fitted with a much longer bracelet. Hmmm. 

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I must admit I had been giving that one some thought.

I'd counted up the number of bracelet adjustment links - going by the seller's photos, I reckoned there's a total of 8 left on it.

That's three more than on my 7A38-7110, currently fitted with the clasp extender - which is almost the same length as 3 links.

So I asked Daisuke if he'd be so kind as to bid on this one for me.

Bearing in mind what the last one went for, I gave him a 'wet finger held aloft' maximum bid figure.

He's always done a super job whenever I've asked him, but nevertheless, it's still nerve-wracking watching the minutes tick away ....

Incredibly 'we' won this one for only 15,500 Yen. :D

There was also something a little different with this auction - something you don't see very often on Yahoo Japan .....

Which is why Daisuke left making his winning bid much later than usual - knowing there would be no extension. Thanks Daisuke. 

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I picked up Daisuke's package containing this second 7A38-7110 from the Royal Mail sorting office this morning. Thanks again, Dai ! 

Obviously the watch is in nowhere near as good condition as the previous example, but then it did come considerably cheaper. :)

Basically, it just needs a new crystal and a good clean - and also to be relieved of a couple of 'spare' bracelet adjustment links. 

Here's another Q&D 'as received' wrist shot photo - slightly different to the one I posted in the WRUW thread a few minutes ago.

Excuse the odd bits of lint. I was more concerned about getting a shot in before the sun got too high (domed crystal = reflections).

So I clean forgot to give it a quick go with the puffer blower. :roll:

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I gave that 7A38-7110 a strip, clean and 'once-over' this morning.

The movement was nice and clean despite the myriad grubby fingerprints on the back-plate (since removed and cleaned):

7Axx dials don't come much plainer than the 711L.

Re-assembled with a new crystal fitted:

With my original almost pristine example (left).

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