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Those of you who were watching Yves' eBay listing for a 7A38-7050 (see my last post at the bottom of the previous page), had probably noticed it went unsold first time around. He re-listed it with the Buy-it-Now price reduced to 550 Swiss Francs, but then ended the re-listing as 'item no longer available' a couple of weeks ago.

I'd assumed he'd sold it off eBay, via the 'back door' - as happens all too often nowadays. So out of curiosity, I emailed him, asking how much he'd sold it for. He replied, saying it hadn't actually sold. He was simply going on holiday and didn't want the listing to continue to run while he was away.

So you can imagine my surprise, when this listing for 7A38-7050 by a German eBay seller came up in a search result earlier this evening, looking very much like Yves' watch !! :o

The seller's current extremely brief description simply reads:

Fotos u. Beschreibung kommen.

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This evening, the German eBay seller's listing for a 7A38-7050 looks rather different to yesterday. As I'd half suspected, he'd 'cloned' Yves' ended listing as a basis to create his own. Though I don't see what he sought to gain, by publishing it in such a half arsed manner, then leaving it like that for a day. :roll: About half an hour ago, he uploaded 4 of his own photos and added a description. Typically, most if not all the matt black paint is missing from the p/n Z1148S bracelet's small interconnecting links. Looks like he's had the movement out of the case at some point, because the Tachymeter ring's orientation is out by almost 180 degrees.

Sehr seltener SEIKO 7A38-7050 Chronograph

Grau-grüner Speedmaster im Vintage Zustand

Die Uhr kommt wie abgebildet, das Originalband

ist vollständig und reicht locker bis 20cm HGU.

Das Gehäuse hat nur sehr leichte Tragespuren,

das Glas ist Top. Die Zeiger haben leichte Patina.

Das Zifferblatt ist makellos. Die Lünette dreht sich

bidirektional satt und problemlos. Ansonsten super

gepflegt mit sehr wenigen Nutzungsspuren.

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Looks like Yves is back from his holiday. This morning he re-listed his 7A38-7050. Photos and description are same as before (see bottom of previous page). Status Quo restored.

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Over the course of the the last week, German eBay seller globoexperte had made a number of revisions to his listing for a 7A38-7050. These included two changes to the Buy-it-Now price: latterly a reduction to the slightly odd figure of 443.85 Euros. (It doesn't equate to any particular percentage). :/

It sold yesterday evening, but not for the reduced Buy-it-Now price, nor anything like it, in fact. Despite all his screwing around with the listing, it's clearly evident that this self-appointed 'Global Expert' had no real idea of its potential worth. :roll:'s Look-up tool reveals he let it go for an offer of only 255 Euros.

As confirmed by the eBay Purchase History:

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