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I'm not particularly a big fan of 'Moonphase', but I'm surprised that nobody else has mentioned this one ....

Because an ultra-rare and rather desirable 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed on eBay in Singapore at the weekend:

Seiko Fishing Master 7A48 Super rare


Here I have one of the most rare Seiko quartz watch ever made. It is one of the Master series. Call the Fishing Master

It is power by 7A48 movement. Come with a moon phase and a tide Indicate. Inner platic ring for tide indicator turn well.

Worn but not abuse. Original bracelet can fit 19cm or 7&3/4 inches. 

Shipping by Speedport EMS. $35.

Asking $450 (approx £288.17) for opening bid and $850 (approx. £544.31) to Buy-it-Now .... and  those prices are not too 'off the wall'.

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There are a couple of 'Fishing Master'  threads on the RLT UK watch forum from last year, to which I contributed: (Ignore the title - it starts off Seiko 7A48-7010 Moonphase ....) entitled The Scarce Seiko 7A48-7050 Fishingmaster

So much for the 'Grail' - like the majority of Skip's Seiko 7Axx purchases, the 'honeymoon' didn't last very long. :roll:

Note at the bottom of my post #12 of that first thread, dated 6th July 2011:

Sold for a respectable £268.99 after 23 bids.

(Bearing in mind that the listing title and description didn't include either the model # 7A48-7050, nor the 'Fishing Master' moniker.)

In fact, over 12 months later, that auction is still in eBay history: - but the photos are all gone.

Skip (a.k.a. Taxking1 / Watchking1) was the winning bidder. I should have gone for it myself - or referred it to another 7A48 collector.

You see, as mentioned in another thread, much to my disgust, I soon learned that Skip isn't what I'd really class as a watch collector ....

He's just another habitual serial flipper with an eye for a fast buck

There are other threads on RLT which mention the 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, like this one entitled Must Get Seikos ....

See Skip's post #27:

Seiko Fishing Master. I don't wear it much because I have the white dial/hands syndrome but still very nice indeed.

and my post # 39: (bottom of the quote)

So, after harping on about wanting this 'Grail' for so long, he turned around and flipped it only 2 months later (using same photos) ! 


Seiko 7A48-7050 Fishing Master Moonphase Vintage Very Rare All Original

Excellent Original Condition Seiko Bracelet Full size

Sold on the 16th September 2011 for $1075 (approx. £670.20) .... which is why I wrote those prices asked aren't too 'off the wall'. ;)

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Notice the serial number of that 7A48-7050 Fishing master above, which Skip owned breifly before flipping it - 5O0029

Now I haven't been keeping records of these things, but from memory, that's the highest serial number I've ever seen ! 

Note the serial number of the one currently listed on eBay in Singapore - 530006

Then, there was that lovely mint-ish example posted on the old Network54 SCWF by Ty Maitland, with a serial number - 59000:o

Acording to this FS advert on the old Network54 SCWF in November 2008, Ty later appears to have parted with his 7A48-7050:

FS: Seiko Fishing Master

November 13 2008 at 9:21 AM

It took a long time to find this watch known as Seiko's Fishing Master In my quest to acquire all in the "master" series, this was one of the last I had to find. The all illusive Cruising master I could never find. Both these watches are out there but, are extremely hard to find. So, if you're a collector and are looking to add to your collection... this is one to have.


Released in 1985 this is the world's first marine watch with the simple tide meter. The multi-hands are ran by a 7A48 caliber movement.

The case is made of stainless steel and crystal is Hardlex. This watch is in TZ 95% condition and in perfect working order. 43mm wide


Asking $650 shipped in the USA. Please add $35 for international EMS shipping. Watch is located in North Carolina


There was another comparatively high serial number (for a 7A48-7050) mentioned later in that same RLT thread, in December 2011:

I just checked the serial number on the watch and it is 530153, would that be considered in the low-range?

All of which points to these being very low-volume production runs and hence probably one of the genuinely rarest 7Axx's of them all.

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That thread on the old Network54 SCWF (which I'd linked in the RLT thread) sadly seems to have disappeared into the ether ....

.... as too, unfortunately, has Ikuo Tokunaga's Museum gallery of iconic Seiko's: http://www.­tokunaga.­ne.­jp/­en/­museum/­list.­html :(

So for posterity's sake I'll post the couple of small photos which have somehow survived here:

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Asking $450 (approx £288.17) for opening bid and $850 (approx. £544.31) to Buy-it-Now .... and those prices are not too 'off the wall'.


Somebody indeed thought it was worth the $850 and exercised the Buy-it-Now option, yesterday afternoon around 16:30 BST. Sold !

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I'd noticed this topic seemed to be attracting some attention recently - particularly from visitors located in Japan. I think I know why. ;)

Currently listed on Yahoo Japan auctions, with an opening bid price of only 1,000 Yen, and no reserve:

◆SEIKO◆セイコー レア 準美品 ムーンフェイス 7A48-7050 ◆

Google's approximate translation of the seller's description as follows:


◆ SEIKO ◆ Seiko Quartz Watch Moon face 

QUARTZ 7A48-7050

★ ★ accessories


(With genuine bracelet)

★ ★ operation check


The horizontal width (including crown) 42mm approximately. Belt width is approximately 18.5cm

★ ★ feeling

(With thread painting small) less. Dial is beautiful, clean crystal, the movement is still beautiful,

Feeling of use is less perfect audience, of nervous (there may cancel the tender in some cases), please refrain from bidding,

Rank of the state as is used on less than rank,

(It can not be able to respond to questions after the auction) thank you in advance any questions about the product

Thank you for the tender at Noremu no return on the check to see photos.

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When the seller first listed that 7A48-7050 Fising Master on Yahoo Japan Auctions last week, there was only one photo included.

At some point during the week, he added a second composite image, showing the movement and the case-back:

The photo isn't particularly clear, but the serial number appears to read 530057, which re-affirms what I wrote about low volumes.

The auction ended a couple of minutes ago, without extending, at 55,500 Yen, after 24 bids placed by 5 different bidders.

The winning bidder was a late-comer to the party:

.... squeezing his bid in just before the 5 minute window closed. A respectable price given its condition - equivalent to £439 / $698 US.

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Did somebody say the 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was rare ? Well, a week later here's another listed on Yahoo Japan auctions:

セイコー SPEED MASTER 7A48-7050 ムーンフェイス 電池切れaa738

A literal google translation of the first part of the seller's description reads:

It is an introduction of the 7A48-7050 SPEED MASTER Moon Face Seiko watches.

This item is a second-hand goods. We do not confirm the operation because the battery has run out. Damage was particularly noticeable, but was not sure, for confirmation in the untrained eye, you might have missed. We sincerely look forward to seeing everyone from the tender.

The opening bid price is 16,000 Yen.

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To quote the Pythons - This is getting silly ! :o

Yet another 'allegedly ultra-rare' 7A48-7050 Fishing Master washed up on Yahoo Japan overnight. Must be a high tide or something.

Seiko セイコ‐ フィッシングマスター 7A48


Google literally translates the description as follows:

Except a small scar that can be when overall, polished and used, there is no flaw or scratch gully.

Because there is less use, I think it would be more beautiful.

Feel you press the button at the two o'clock position, but is sweet, we all work.

Obediently move ring to measure the tides and the bezel.

Around the arm, it is about 18.5cm.

There is no special instruction manual, instruction manual there is a copy of the same movement.

Although the operation of all functions, not with the battery, the performance guarantee, such as precision.

I will exhibit unusual hobby so. Thank you.

The delivery, cash on delivery and courier.

Thank you no claim no return.

Interestingly this seller, going by the handle 'roundfigure', has listed his for only 4 days, with an opening bid price of only 5,000 Yen.

Presumably he must be aware of the previous one listed, because his auction is scheduled to finish a day earlier, on Saturday 24th.

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It seems 'roundfigure's gamble paid off - if not as well as it might, had it been the only 7A48-7050 Fishing Master on YJ at the time:

It sold for 48,500 Yen (approx.  £367 / $589 US) earlier this afternoon, after 33 fairly frantic late placed bids by 11 different bidders:

No doubt, a few of the losing bidders will have a punt at the other 7A48-7050 finishing tomorrow, still languishing at only 16,500 Yen.

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The YJ auction for the other 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, which was listed first, last Sunday, for 7 days, ended a couple of hours ago:

By comparison, this 7A48 Fishing Master only managed 41,500 Yen (approx £314 / $504 US) after 12 bids by 7 different bidders.

Funnily enough (though probably not from his point of view), the losing bidder was  hik***** / 評価:192 - as in the previous auction:

Still expensive, bearing in mind the description included the clause: We do not confirm the operation because the battery has run out.

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Richard M. DeGennaro
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My Seiko Fishing Master is for sale...

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Nice of you to drop by and post a link to your WUS FS advert, Richard - that's not normally the way things are done around here. :/

But are you sure you've got the correct model number ? Or is your watch possibly fitted with the wrong case-back (off a 7A48-7010) ?

The case-back # for a Fishing Master is 7A48-7050.

Hang on a minute though, Richard .... I recognise that username: CobraSVT302, you've used on WUS and from the RLT watch forum.

Here's your post dated 02 December 2011:

Hi guys – I am new to this message board and it turns out that I was the lucky fellow who won the below ‘Seiko Fishmaster.' I am finally getting around to restoring it - the good news is that all of the functions work properly, the bad is (as you can see from the pics) the crystal is in bad shape and it’s missing the band.

'Below' refers to my post from February 2011:

Well someone picked up a 'bargain basement beater' 7A48-7050 Fishing Master on eBay last night. 

See: .... sold for US $76.27 (approximately £47.50). 


No bracelet, tatty inner bezel insert .... but it's got potential.

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Richard obviously thinks his watch has a LOT of potential (a lot more potential for profit than the price he paid for it in 2011, at least).

Either that, or it was a VERY expensive (non-original) replacement bracelet he fitted. Here's a copy and paste of his WUS FS advert:

Thread: FS: Seiko Fishing Master Moonphase 7A48-7010

I am selling my very rare Seiko Fishing Master Moonphase 7A48-7010. It is one of Seiko’s rarest quartz watches ever made and was part of their ‘Master series’. Serial number on the watch is 530153.



-It is powered by a 7A48 movement and all functions work.

-I recently replaced the band with a Seiko band that is close to the original.

-The crystal is in perfect shape and the outer bezel spins freely.

-The only issue is with the inner plastic bezel, which is used to measure the tides. It no longer spins and is worn.

-Other than that … this is great watch that only needs the 'inner spinning bezel' replaced to be perfect.


I am asking $450. 


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I hadn't noticed this before and it may well be related to one of the 7A48-7050 Fishing Masters sold on Yahoo Japan last November,*

but whovever runs has since added a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master to his battery replacement blog:

*The sulphate deposits on the negative terminal, left by an old run-down leaky battery, would point to it being item # h170614839.

There are half a dozen or so more (all very small-ish) photos, besides these few I've posted:

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Getting back to Richard's 7A48 Fishing Master - and my earlier question to him which had, so far, remained unanswered:

But are you sure you've got the correct model number ? Or is your watch possibly fitted with the wrong case-back (off a 7A48-7010) ?

Seems Richard had also dropped in on SCWF, back in January this year - and just made the one post (again using 'CobraSVT302'):,40937.htm

WTB: Watch strap and inner bezel for Seiko 'Fishing Master' 7A48-7050

Found a watch strap for my Seiko 'Fishing Master' 7A48-7050.... still need the 'inner spinning bezel' that is used to measure the tides. 

Thanks. « Last Edit: January 28, 2013, 08:39:48 PM by CobraSVT302 »

On there, he's got the 7A48 case # correct. Zoom in on his photo of the case-back attached to his post and you can read it too: -7050.

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I found this illustration of the 7A48-7050 SJH050 Fishing Master in an online .pdf version of the JDM catalogue (1985 Vol. 2, page 42).

It's not the best quality, but it clearly shows the hole in the top bracelet first joining link, which has caused a few folks consternation.

I still reckon it's meant for somewhere to hang your spare fishing hooks.  

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Can't say I've seen any 7A48-7050 Fishing Masters for sale recently - until I spotted this one on Yahoo Japan Auctions this morning:

セイコーフィッシングマスター 初代モデル 美中古品 7A48

Google translates the Japanese description (badly) as follows:


It is the first model of Seiko fishing master in the 1980s made. It is a relatively clean state as a vintage model. There is no wound to be worried about glass also appears to be replaced earlier. No problem behavior. Original belt is equipped with belt. Arm circumference is 17.5cm. Please tender only person who can understand the vintage watches, to protect, NC, NR.

It is a fishing master equipped with the world's first lap instrumented Quartz Chronograph 7A48. This model is equipped with a 7A48 that adds function and moon phase calendar masterpiece movement 7A28. Also by the operation of the rotating bezel, ebb and flow of time up to 30 days maximum, three minutes up is a state of the tide best, you will be able to know the aim of the three-quarter down for fishing.

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A forum member who fancied hooking himself a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master emailed me - asking how much I thought he'd need to bid.

I wrote back:

They're very popular with collectors - especially in Japan.

As well as you can tell from the photos (try zooming in on them) that one isn't in the best of condition.

The outer bezel (it's an acrylic like on the 7A38-6020) looks a bit scratched - as does the bracelet.

The Japanese don't like wabi on watches.

But read through that (this) thread carefully. You'll see the prices other examples have sold for.

I'd budget on 50,000 Yen to be on the safe side.

The auction ended a couple of minutes ago:

It sold for 52,100 Yen (approx. $532.50 US / £329.50 GBP) after 19 bids (by 4 different bidders). Close, but no cigar, or perhaps .... ;)

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Can't say I've seen any 7A48-7050 Fishing Masters for sale recently - until I spotted this one on Yahoo Japan Auctions this morning:

You always know when you write something like that they'll soon start popping out of the woodwork. :roll:

Here's another 7A48-7050 Fishing Master that was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today:

『 セイコー 』 ムーンフェイス クォーツ 腕時計 『7A48-7050』


A (typically poor) google translation of the relevant part of the seller's description reads:


Wound there dial SEIKO, to KO top windshield. Case Diameter (width × length × thickness): Approximately 1.3cm about 4.2cm × 4.2cm × about : None about 109.4g arm circumference: Approximately 19.0cm accessories total weight somewhat Because this product is used goods There is the case that there is dirt, scratch etc.. Nervous, please refrain from bidding has scratches, dirt, etc. confirmation when you exhibit, please understand that there is oversight for amateur inspection. Please confirm the image, I hope in a no claim no return details ....

Apart from the small scratch to the crystal, which the seller mentions in his description and has ringed in his second photo, going by the photos this example appears to be in better overall cosmetic condition than the one listed on YJ last month.

Opening bid price on this one is a sensible 30,000 Yen. I'm sure it will go much higher by 7 days time.

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