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Not all 7A48 Fishing Masters listed on Yahoo Japan are pristine or necessarily 'correct'. :/

I spotted this slightly confusing listing, with an opening bid price of 10,000 Yen (and very over-optimistic Buy-it-Now for 80,000 Yen) last week, but didn't have time to write it up, due to pressure of work.

SEIKO フィッシングマスター 7A48 希少

Google translates the Japanese seller's title and description as follows:

SEIKO Fishing Master 7A48 rare

Seiko is a fishing master. Original belt, domestic model. Etc. and with the same helmet mark Giugiaro series time of Speedmaster. Such as the tide of ebb is it seems evident. Inner bezel will rotate. Since the manual does not, further information is unknown. In bonus, it will put the aircraft that is immobile in battery leakage part removing. This way you'll feel a little bit clean. Since Quartz I think accuracy is no problem, but can not be guaranteed because Ikansen old thing. Battery will enclose a new one. Master Series of this era is a valuable since has been reduced even existing number. How it will be like those of the collector? Sieve such thing because it will tender those who are understanding. Only those who can understand a no claim, no return please. Due to the consultation in other, it may be canceled, even if we have been bid.

Going by the second photo, it appears to have been offered with a spare 'head only' - although there's no mention in the description.

Also the bracelet has been fitted with a SPEEDMASTER clasp - found on other JDM 7Axx's - but not on a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master.

Check out photos on the previous two pages and you'll see they normally come with a SEIKO logo'd clasp.

The auction ended on Sunday, selling for 37,100 Yen (approx. $297 USD / £190.50 GBP) after 13 bids by 5 different bidders.

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What also prompted me to add a couple of updates to this thread was a recent brief mention of the 7A48-7050 Fishing Master in a thread on SCWF by Australian collector Anthony Kable a.k.a. 'Akable'. entitled: A few of the more unusual Masters


Next up is the 7A48-7050 Fishing Master from 1985. This model has 30 click bi-directional bezel and an independent high tide bezel that can be rotated via the four protrusions.

This model has a chronograph, as well as a moon phase. I have never really understood what the hole in the top bracelet link is for but it is original. The back on this model is very plain with just the standard double wave logo.

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Anybody fancy a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master restoration project ? :|

This 'Head Only' was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today, typically described as 'Junk', with an opening bid price of only 1 Yen. 

Google translates the seller's Japanese title and description as follows:

☆ SEIKO ☆ 7A48 Fishing Master ☆ Junk

Seiko of fishing master, is junk. This is the junk of reasons, there is time to start ■ chronograph second hand is 2-3 seconds late. (Oil shortage? Other function is normal) ■ chronograph second hand is not in the original. ■ belt does not have. ■ case, also there is a scratch on the glass. If it is good thank you in such a state. ■ junk, we are waiting for the bid of an understanding in the antique. Please refrain from the tender ask for a perfect thing. ■ Yoko BOON, or will be shipped by non-standard-size. ■ Please note that the bid of the bad appraisal. Many might be canceled without notice. Thank you.

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That Yahoo Japan auction listing for the 'Junk' Head Only 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ended mid-week, selling for a mere 4100 Yen (equivalent to approx. $33 USD / £22 GBP after 31 bids by 9 different bidders.

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A tidy-looking used example of a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed on Yahoo Japan auctions a couple of days ago, by a 'Store Seller' with an opening bid price of only One Yen.

Google translates the Japanese seller's formatted description as follows:

I took the above screen prints yesterday, but didn't have time to upload them. Bidding is now currently @ 10,000 Yen after 22 bids.

Unfortunately the current high bidder is still the would be profiteering YJ / eBay (and visa-versa) re-seller l_h_m_m

Couple of points to note: The low case-back serial number 510013 - unlucky for some; hopefully the above. 

We may have seen this same 7A48-7050 for sale earlier in this thread. See my post at the bottom of page 1.

Originally posted by myself on November 20, 2013 at 1:13 PM:


Apart from the small scratch to the crystal, which the seller mentions in his description and has ringed in his second photo, going by the photos this example appears to be in better overall cosmetic condition than the one listed on YJ last month.

Opening bid price on this one is a sensible 30,000 Yen. I'm sure it will go much higher by 7 days time.

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That Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ended yesterday lunchtime (UK) time.

It sold for 36,010 Yen (equivalent to $317 USD / £224.50 GBP) after 40 bids by 13 different bidders.

Fortunately the auction was not won (as I'd feared) by would-be profiteering re-seller l_h_m_m, who for reasons best known to himself, elected not to bid beyond 10,000 Yen, but by some other lucky bas*****. :lol:

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I personally don't bother searching eBay on '7A48' on a regular basis - probably less so than I do on Yahoo Japan, in fact. :roll: So I've only just spotted this 7A48-7050 Fishing master, fitted with an incorrect replacement bracelet, that was listed by a Hong Kong based seller a couple of days ago:

The seller's description doesn't tell you a great deal (and makes no mention of the incorrect replacement bracelet fitted). So potential buyers would do well to study the photos. Apart from the slightly damaged bezel (we've seen worse), the watch case is a bit scratched and knocked about too. Nice clean dial though. No bidders so far, even though 13 people are currently watching. :/

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I'd omitted to add that 7A48-7050 Fishing Master to my eBay watching page, hence forgotten the auction had ended a couple of days ago. Given the condition / incorrect replacement bracelet fitted, it made a surprisingly high $310 (approx. £218.50) after 14 bids.

Though it bemuses me why anyone would want to buy such an example, when much nicer are available on Yahoo Japan ....

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Like this almost mint example which appeared on Yahoo Japan, the day before that eBay auction ended, listed by a store seller ....

Google translates (the relevant part of) the seller's formatted Japanese description as follows:

The opening bid price of 44,800 Yen, to which 8% Japan VAT would need to be added, making a total of 48,384 Yen equates to approx. $433 USD / £304 GBP. A much nicer example for the money. I could almost be tempted by that one myself.

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That almost mint 7A48-7050 Fishing Master offered by Yahoo Japan 'Store' seller Closer Ltd. remains unsold at the time of writing. It's been re-listed a couple of times (retaining the same item number and opening bid price of 44,800 Yen). Earlier this week, it was joined by another tidy-ish example listed by another YJ 'Store' seller - Freestyle Recycling. This one doesn't appear to be in quite such good condition (a bit grubby in places) and possibly has a slightly shorter bracelet, but initially it had an opening bid price of only 1000 Yen. Bidding is currently at 10,000 Yen after 23 bids by 11 different bidders, with three days of the auction still to go.

Google translates the formatted Japanese seller's description as follows:

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First, one slightly belated result: the above Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ended mid-week, with the watch selling for 32,940 Yen (30,500 final bid + 8% Japanese VAT) after 36 bids - equivalent to approx. $295 USD / £204.50 GBP.

That briefly left the previous possibly nicer condition example, from 3 weeks earlier, unsold - but not for long ....

It finally sold today, when the latest re-listing ended, for the opening bid price of 44,800 Yen (+8% Japanese VAT), making a total of 48,384 Yen, equivalent to approx. $436.40 USD / £299.75 GBP.

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Following closely on the heels of those two almost mint examples ....

Another not quite so pristine 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, fitted with a non-original bracelet of dubious origin, was listed on Yahoo Japan yesterday by that irksome re-seller l_h_m_m. On this occasion he's changed tactics: deviating from his usual practice of buying on YJ and re-selling on eBay (and visa-versa). Presumably he purchased this Fishing Master off Yahoo Japan - I must have missed it.

Google translates the lengthy Japanese description as follows:

★ Thank you very much for looking. 

Seiko 7A48-7050 Fishing Master moon phase used. 

It is the thing that has been a collection to buy used. 

[Model details]

● SEIKO 7A48-7050 / Cal.7A48 quartz digital

● Stainless steel case

● belt looks like this is not genuine. Seiko belt of similar design is attached.

● it is used goods. I will exhibit because I bought the other day another watch.

Clock function, we have a movable. Accuracy is working well deviation without condition.

Battery we exchange before about two months.

● There is no problem with the operation of the date and age.

● chronograph function, but it does not operate the start-stop button.

Other chronograph second hand, minute hand will operate in the demonstration state minus one stage the crown.

● The bezel there is a flaw in the model year corresponding, but I think that it is comparatively beautiful goods in about small attrition scratch in case the back cover.

Scratches inconspicuous windshield - Dial you have any.

● Size is W41.5mm × H46mm × D12.5mm.

[Commodity comments]

80 is a moon phase white dial Chronograph's. I think good design.

Traditional moon phase dial into the sporty appearance is I think that it is stylish design ★ 


There is none. 

[Delivery payment and other]

After the end of the auction and is appreciated your reply within two days. 

Delivery letter pack light Plus, boxes boon, Yamato, Yu various we will correspond.

It is dispatch from Tokyo. Prices You can check any variety of HP.

If you can contact us the delivery method of hope after a successful bid, fee also will contact you from here.

Shipping method, delivery time zone, please specify if you have other hope. 

※ Although we try to quick delivery arrangement after the payment is confirmed,

Steep work at weekends and GW core business might have there can not be the same day arrangements occur.

That point, please acknowledge.

During the day of the 5/2 · 5/6 ※ can be shipped work. 5 / can not be sending out work. 

※ The payment is the transfer to the simple settlement Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

I'm afraid indeed, please note that there is no postal savings bank account.

It is the payment due date, but if you can communicate the date, can be somewhat of a reserve. 

※ I hope in a basically no claim no return no cancellation.

However, I think that should not be made to each other unpleasant feelings.

After the commodity arriving, please contact us if you have any serious problem.

I want to respond sincerely as possible. 

※ like some unknown point, thank you from the question column If you have any questions.

Any question I would also like sincerely answer. Feel free please ★

You try so as to answer as quickly as possible,

Late at night, etc., you might get your time to answer. Please acknowledge. 

※ Seiko custom watch parts of SKX, we handle various.

Some things there is no treatment, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have something.

We will Stock Now. 

※ regard to your evaluation

Those who do not need evaluation, purport whether you contact be sure of "evaluation unnecessary" at the time of dealings,

Like I do not even your evaluation here, thank you.

It is to your evaluation Whats the highest bidder is the reply of your evaluation. 

It has sent also to others. Please have a look ☆ 

(26 day 9 hour 40 minute addition 2016 April)

It had been forgotten to specify arms around. . . It comes out to about approximately 17.5cm.

One point of interest is the unusual serial number of this watch: 920009, which indicates a date of manufacture of February 1989.

If you scroll back through the thread, almost every other example has 51xxxx or 52xxxx (January / February 1985) serial numbers.

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The above Yahoo Japan auction for the less-than-ideal condition 7A48-7050 Fishing Master fitted with a non-original bracelet, by our favourite (not) would-be profiteering YJ re-seller l_h_m_m, ended a couple of minutes ago. It made 24,300 Yen (equivalent to approx. $228.40 USD / £156.35 GBP) after 50 bids.

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Do I really need to keep on posting these links to Yahoo Japan auctions for 7A48-7050 Fishing Masters ? :|

Or has everybody hopefully got the message by now ? (If you want one, Yahoo Japan is the place to look).

Here's another tidy looking example listed yesterday by a 'Store' seller. Opening bid price is 20,000 Yen.

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:


Description of item

■ Product details ■

[Product name] SEIKO Seiko watches [size] arm around: about 19cm Case: about W4.1cm (crown including) [type] 7A48-7050 chronograph [accessory] case, three extra links, the instruction book, box (damaged), warranty card (expired) [control number] MS117251 [rank] AB (some degree of pain and product use impression is confirmed) [More] - here and there in small scrub scratch, there is dirt, In particular, there are many rust of brown dirt. - We have gasket sticking out from the back cover. • The bracelet there is growth. · There is no, especially conspicuous crack in the windshield. - We have are running to replace the battery. ※ 2016 July 2, current , essentially secondhand goods becomes therefore please understand that there is damage that can not be described.

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Slightly belated result on the above Yahoo Japan auction which ended mid-week. This latest 7A48-7050 Fishing Master sold for a strong 57,120 Yen (52,889 Yen bid + 8% Japanese sales tax) - equivalent to approx. $568 USD / £438.60 GBP after 11 bids.

From their high feedback number, I suspect the winning bidder was using one of the proxy bidding services, so likely from abroad.

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Not the best of examples, compared to some we've seen on Yahoo Japan earlier this year, this average worn condition 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed yesterday by a 'Store' seller. Opening bid price is only 1 Yen, but it has a short bracelet. If you click on the link be prepared to scroll through a load of garish adverts - I've filtered out the relevant parts of the listing below.

Google translates the formatted Japanese description as follows.

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That most recent Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ended a few minutes ago - the finishing time was automatically extended by 10 minutes, due to late bids placed. It sold for 33,500 Yen + 8% Japanese Sales Tax, making a total of 36,180 Yen (equivalent to $360.50 USD / £277.17 GBP). Comparatively cheap for one of these nowadays, but then it wasn't in the best condition, plus there was that issue of the short bracelet (16.5cm = 6½"). From the high feedback number of the winning bidder ID, I suspect it may have gone to an overseas buyer, using one of the proxy bidding services.

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Some time ago, I hinted that I wasn't going to bother posting any more links to 7A48-7050 Fishing Masters on Yahoo Japan ....

In fact, in the intervening months, although I've kept an eye open for them, I can't honestly say I've seen any listed on there. :(

Maybe I've missed one or two. :/

Yesterday, this non-working example was listed on eBay as 'Parts or Repair' by a Japanese seller, with a preposterous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $680 !! :o

The Japanese seller fukayanegi is a dealer. Over the years, I've seen him buying and re-selling various watch-related stuff on eBay and Yahoo Japan (I particularly remember a couple of very pricey 7A38 salesman's sample cases - those photos, from 4 years ago had the same instantly recognizable black leather backgrounds). So I suspect it's likely that he bought this 7A48-7050 Fishing Master on Yahoo Japan - probably considerably cheaper than his current inflated asking price, which would normally buy you a pretty decent (if not mint) working example ! 

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I guess we'll never know what happened to that one - the eBay listing was ended late yesterday evening as 'item no longer available'.

Presumably sold off eBay via a 'back door' offer - but surely nothing close to that ridiculous Buy-it-Now asking price. :/

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Or maybe we will find out - if it eventually actually sells  - because it's back on eBay again, re-listed yesterday for another 30 days. :roll:

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