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This 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, in decent average used condition, was listed on Yahoo Japan at the weekend, by a 'Store' seller, as a 3-day auction with an opening bid price of 30,000 Yen (plus 10% Japanese Sales Tax). I'd forgotten to run my full set of searches on YJ, so only spotted the listing this lunchtime, with less than two hours remaining.

Google translates the partially formatted Japanese description as follows:

The 3-day auction ended a few moments ago, on schedule, with bidding @ 38,500 Yen after 4 bids. Adding on the 10% Japanese Sales Tax brings the total to ¥42,350 Yen - equivalent to approx. $385.90 USD / £298.30 GBP.

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If you missed out on that one, don't despair about 'the one that got away', because there's another 7A48-7050 Fishing Master on Yahoo Japan, in nicer condition, which was listed last week by another 'Store' seller. It's a 6-day auction, that had an opening bid price of 1000 Yen. It's due to end tomorrow lunchtime - there are still slightly less than 24 hours of the auction left to run. I didn't spot this one earlier, because the seller has made a  'typo' in the title, getting the model number wrong - 74A8-7050. It doesn't seem to have made much difference, because there's already plenty of interest, with 33 bids placed.

Google translates the Japanese seller's formatted description as follows:

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The above 6-day Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ended earlier this afternoon, somewhat surprisingly, given the better cosmetic condition and level of interest, selling for slightly less than the previous example. It was bid to ¥37,999 Yen after 46 bids. Adding on the 10% Japanese Sales Tax gives a total of ¥41,798 Yen, equivalent to approx. $380.30 USD / £293.75 GBP.

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This rather familiar-looking well-worn example of the 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed yesterday afternoon by a Swedish eBay seller, with a ridiculous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of £795.

For sale is this extremely rare Seiko 7a48-7050 Fish master, this piece is from January 1985. Possibly the most rare model of the Seiko 7aX8-series. Chronograph with moonphase indicator and dual tide tracking bezels. 

All original, including the bracelet. Excellent mechanical condition, with all functions working perfectly. Bezels are working as expected. Fully serviced in November 2019. Noticeable wear on the bezels. Some scratches on the crystal. No box or papers.

This is of course yet another instance of Déjà Vu and attempted wilful profiteering. The same well-worn example, case-back serial # 510202 has featured twice before, on the previous page of this thread, Firstly when it sold as 'Junk' on Yahoo Japan in September last year, for 25,700 Yen (equivalent to $238 USD / £195 GBP).

Secondly when it was eventually sold by a Japanese eBay re-seller, at the beginning of December for $422.58 (equivalent to £326.70).

The deluded would-be Swedish eBay re-seller has also included the option to make an offer. Frankly, I wouldn't bother (at all). There are far better examples to be found on Yahoo Japan, for a fraction of his asking price.

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I can't say that I'd been watching it closely (if at all), but the would-be profiteering Swedish eBay seller had made a couple of revisions to his listing, most recently reducing his ridiculous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price down to 'only' £625 - still almost double what he'd paid for it. 

Checking my eBay watching page, I see that he'd ended the listing this morning, as allegedly being no longer available. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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Correction. It's back on eBay again already, re-listed this afternoon.

Belated Update: That re-listing was also ended as allegedly no longer available. :roll:

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I'd run a few searches on '7A48' on Yahoo Japan this month, but hadn't spotted any 7A48-7050 Fishing Masters listed for sale. Just to ensure I hadn't missed any, I ran a retrospective 'closed search' on ended listings and discovered that I had missed one, although in the circumstances I think I can be excused. :P It was listed albeit briefly on 4th May, by profiteering YJ re-seller l_h_m_m, with a surprising low (by his normal standards) prompt decision Buy-it-Now price of 55,000 Yen, equivalent to $511 USD / £420 GBP. The listing lasted for 11 minutes before it was snapped up.

FWIW - Google translates the Japanese description as follows:


[Rare] Seiko SEIKO 7A48-7050 Fishing Master Moon Phase [Rare] 

Thank you for visiting. We will put up a collection for housekeeping. 

【Product Details】

It will be an operating item. The day difference is unknown, but there is no extreme advance or delay. Batteries replaced.

The case and belt have small scratches that are not visible, but I think they are in good condition. The glass may have some invisible small scratches, but it is in good condition overall.

There may be operational problems between bidding, shipping and arrival. We will do our best to serve you as seriously as possible

Thank you for your understanding and understanding that this is a very old product.  If you do not understand the above, please refrain from bidding. 

【Product size】

Case width approximately 42 mm

About 17 cm around the arm (some extra links, see photo). 


Please cooperate with the following requests so that we can make a good deal with each other .

・ Basically, we cannot accept returns. No claim, no return.

・ If you do not contact us within 3 days after making a successful bid, we will consider it as cancellation due to customer's convenience.

・ We will respond promptly and politely. If you have any questions, please contact us from Transaction Navi 

【Regarding delivery】

Me, yaf cat! Since I have no experience with, I basically plan to deliver by Yu-Pack.

If you want anonymous delivery, you can select Yahuneko, but it may be delayed.

Please note. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you very much.

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By coincidence, avid Filipino Seiko collector ditoy_eagle had posted this wrist shot on Instagram a few days ago, but it isn't the same 7A48-7050 Fishing Master.

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This well-worn 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed in the early hours of this morning by Filipino eBay seller badingski, with an absolutely ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $1500, or the option to make a much lower, more realistic offer, for anybody desperate enough. :roll:

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Are there many "Master" models in the 7Axx family? There was a fellow member on that picked one up in December last year and said that the hole in the first link (at 12) is intended for a fishing hook (!) I just don't know how that would be useful when fishing TBH... :D

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There's only the 7A48-7050 'Fishing' which has been given the 'Master' moniker, but quite a few JDM 7A28 variants and a couple of JDM 7A38's have SPEEDMASTER logo'd clasps. Hence why you'll frequently see eBay listings, for many a non-JDM 7A28 and 7A38, incorrectly tagged with it.

To answer your other questions, may I suggest that you might want to read through the thread first ? ;) I believe your Swedish colleague's 7A48-7050 Fishing Master is already mentioned a couple of times, higher up this page. As is the hole in the 12 o'clock bracelet joining link, on earlier pages - more than once.

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I've deliberately delayed posting this update for a couple of days, just in case it might be re-listed. To my utter disbelief, that well-worn 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, listed by Filipino eBay seller badingski last weekend, appears to have sold for the full $1500 Buy-it-Now price, early on Thursday morning ! :o 

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In my efforts to disprove or verify the selling price, I ran a couple of searches on This search on completed ltems revealed that I'd earlier failed to spot another 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, in rather better condition, which was listed albeit briefly on eBay in the States at the end of March.

The listing was live for less than an hour, in the very early hours of March 30th:

FWIW, here are the belated details of the listing:


Authentic Seiko 7a48-7050 Fishing Master Vintage Rare - Chronograph Moon Phase. Condition is Pre-owned. Minor scuffs on the bezel. Minor scuffs on the band. 

Comes with box and original booklet. 


Wrist is sized for a 6.75” wrist!! 

Shipped with USPS 2 day priority, double boxed, with FULL INSURANCE for the purchase amount!

It sold for an undisclosed best offer. Your guess is as good as mine. :roll:

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Although I have other priorities, it's fast becoming increasingly evident that I'm not searching Yahoo Japan auctions for 7A48-7050 Fishing Masters regularly enough. Seems I missed another example, in average worn condition, a week ago (or more). It was listed as a 7-day auction on 8th June, with an opening bid price of 1 Yen and ended last Sunday 14th June.

Google translates the Japanese seller's formatted description as follows:

It sold for a comparatively low ¥33,500 Yen after a whopping 104 bids, equivalent to approx. $313.47 USD / £253.85 GBP. Judging by the unusually high number of bids placed, somebody clearly wanted to win the auction.

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I know this, because I was prompted to run a closed search to find it, when exactly the same 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, case-back serial number 520493, was listed this morning, by another would-be profiteering Japanese eBay re-seller jap_t_t_w, with an unashamed blatant greedily marked-up Buy-it-Now price of $1500 !! :o

Unlike most Japanese eBay re-sellers, this one has actually bothered to take his own set of photos. The majority just lazily re-use the YJ listing photos. Unlike the YJ seller, he's also included a couple of shots of the movement. Both show evidence of a previous battery leak - there's a corresponding stain inside the case-back. Also, if you look closely at his first two head-on views, the hand bosses are tarnished with acid battery deposits - meaning the leakage crept right through the movement (by capillary action). So, another reason to avoid - apart from the stupid asking price.

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I find this absence of due diligence difficult to comprehend. The above 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, listed by a profiteering Japanese YJ / eBay re-seller a week ago, appears to have sold to a gullible mug punter, yesterday evening, for a slightly reduced Buy-it-Now price of $1485, netting the seller a profit of well over $1000.

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Yet another instance of Déjà Vu, I'm afraid. This very nice but also familiar looking example of a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed in the early hours of this morning by a US eBay re-seller, looking to make himself a quick profit; he's asking $975 as a Buy-it-Now. The seller can't have worn it very much, if at all, otherwise he might have realized his mis-informed gaffe - in listing and describing it (twice in the item specifics) as 'Titanium'. :roll: The case-back is clearly stamped STAINLESS STEEL.


Rare Seiko 7a48-7050 (SJH020) FishingMaster on full length original bracelet (YA30A) with fishing hook holder at 12. A beautiful example with only minor signs of wear. Serviced July 2020 with a new battery, crystal, and gasket. The watch has been fully disassembled and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. All functions have been tested and are working as intended. Keeps excellent time. The dial and hands appear beautiful with no signs of fading. The lume has faded with age and is not very bright. The crystal is brand new and appears excellent. The original crystal will be included as a spare. Both inner and outer bezels rotate in both directions as designed. The bracelet and case have never been polished and show crisp lines and factory finishes. The bracelet and case show only minor scuffing. The watch has not been pressure tested for water resistance. Will come with a record of current service. Prior service history is unknown. Enlarge photos for greater detail. Comes from a smoke-free home. Ships same or next day with a 30-day return policy. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Build Date: February 1985 

Approximate dimensions

Bracelet: ~8"

Case Width: 41mm

Lug Width: 10

Vertical Lug Span: 46

Thickness: 11.2

In case you didn't recognize it as quickly as I did (for me, those 3 spare bracelet adjustment links were the immediate 'giveaway' clue), just scroll back up the page. This same 7A48-7050, s/n 520132 was sold very quickly on Yahoo Japan, by seller l_h_m_m on 4th May, for 55,000 Yen - equivalent to $551 USD / £420 GBP.

Postscript: Having since pointed out his stupid unforced error, in describing it as 'Titanium' (which he immediately corrected), I asked the would-be profiteering US eBay re-seller a couple of pertinent questions:

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Checking my eBay watching page, I noticed that the 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, listed 3 weeks ago, by a profiteering US eBay re-seller, sold this morning for the $975 Buy-it-Now price. Looks like he managed to reel in a prize sprat.

Note that during the course of that listing the US seller changed his eBay User ID from naturefan1 to rivercitywatchworks. Pretentious or what ?

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This 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, in average worn condition, was listed on Yahoo Japan yesterday, by a 'Store' seller as a 6-day auction with a low start opening bid price of only 1 Yen. (Final winning bid price subject to 10% Japanese Sales Tax).

Google translates the lengthy Japanese description as follows:


Thank you for accessing our products.

Please read the explanation to the end and check the image before bidding. 

Our shop is not a watch specialty store, for customers who need to check the details and those who are worried about fine scratches I refuse the bid.

Only one item is on display.

The content described below is a matter to be confirmed after confirming the actual product. We have not confirmed the contents that are not listed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us from the question.

At the time of confirmation, it may not be possible to confirm the location where there is a possibility that it will be scratched due to the state of the exhibited image. Please also be aware of this. 

Product SEIKO QUARTZ Moon Face Chronograph 7A48-7050 Watch Seiko. 

State Running but battery level is unknown Time adjustment is possible Date operation is possible Date sending is possible Moonface does not change Stopwatch does not operate.

The image on the right side of the second image is in a state that the button is inserted. Only the position of the third image is displayed.

No guarantee It is an exhibit that assumes parts removal and overhaul. 

Case condition Usability, scratches, dirt.

There is a packing inside from the gap in the back cover. 9th image. 

Dial condition deteriorated. 

The internal state of the case is unknown. 

Case outline approx. 41 mm. 

Windshield scratches and dirt. 

Belt arm around 16 cm. Usability, scratches, dirt. 

No accessories. 

We will package the item in the photograph and ship it to you.

Please note that if there is a difference in the title image, the image will be prioritized. 

Please bid on condition that it is an old item and it was a personal storage item.

The conditions may differ from the description depending on the shipping conditions. 

It is unknown about the previous owner's maintenance history, parts replacement history, etc. 

Customers who compare with high-end products or finished products sold at specialty stores are not allowed to bid. 

We do not accept returns, exchanges, refunds or cancellations after the receipt of the goods under any circumstances due to the nature of the goods. 


Mail handling 300 yen (Cannot be traced nationwide, no guarantee). 

Home delivery 1,100 yen (Nationwide, traceable, delivery time can be specified (desired time can be specified from 9:00 to 21:00))

You cannot specify the shipping company.

Sagawa Express will be shipped by either Yu Pack.

We will contact you when the shipment is completed. 

Because our shop is a store seller, the winning bid will be subject to consumption tax. The price of the winning bid + consumption tax + shipping fee will be paid.

After entering the order form, we will contact you by e-mail with the total amount including shipping fee to the highest bidder registration address from our shop.

Please confirm the content of the email and the amount before payment. Please check the shipping information as it is listed in the self-introduction column. 

● Please confirm the same packaging. Please give me.

Please enter the order form for all winning bids. After confirming your input, the total amount including shipping will be sent to your registered address by email. 

●Reservation 7 days from the first successful bid. 

● Please make payment within the deadline for easy payment.

Please note that the deadline for easy settlement is shortened. Please note that we will not contact you regarding expiration. It will be deleted on the same day as the expiration date due to the highest bidder convenience.

Except if you contact us on the contact bulletin board before the expiration date.

Please note that the specifications for easy payment have been changed, so please check the URL of the notification from Yahoo for details. /post_2794/ 

Our shop is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Answers to inquiries (questions) and shipping operations will be handled on business days after holidays. Shipment of products will be shipped on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Shipping within 3 business days after confirmation of payment. Please note that it will be shipped in a day.

We are very sorry, but if you do not receive an email from us for more than 3 days, please contact us from the contact bulletin board.

☆★☆★~Business Hours AM 10:00~PM 18:00~☆★☆★

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The above Yahoo Japan 6-day auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ended a few moments ago, the scheduled finishing time having been automatically extended by 5 minutes due to a late placed bid. The bidding ended at 49,599 Yen after 18 bids. Adding the 10% Japanese Sales Tax gives a total selling price of ¥54,558 Yen, equivalent to $517.76 USD / £402.28 GBP.

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