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Seiko7A38 at August 14, 2018 at 11:30 AM

This very nice, well cared for example of a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today, as a 5-day auction, with a confident opening bid price of 98,000 Yen.

That 7A48-7050 Fishing master didn't sell quite as quickly as I'd expected. It took another 5-day re-listing, before it sold yesterday for the opening bid price of ¥98,000 Yen - equivalent to $880.40 USD / £685.70 GBP.

The incompetent Japanese proxy / re-seller utsun_2014 subsequently ended his stupidly over-priced erroneously titled eBay listing as Item no longer available. :roll:

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Here's another 7A48-7050 Fishing master that was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of 500 Yen. It's not quite in such good cosmetic condition as other recent examples, nor is it completely original. There's a graunch on the L.H. side of the watch case and the crystal is scratched. According to the seller, the Moonphase does not move, although that may be down to 'operator error'. But what caught my attention was the bracelet. Yes, both tabs are stamped YA30A, but this bracelet is a 'bitza' made up from 3. It has a 'fish hook hole' on both the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock sides of the bracelet, whereas it should only be present on the 12 o'clock joining link. It's also fitted with a SPEEDMASTER logo'd clasp, not normally found on this bracelet.

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:

It is an item you got from collector.

Case size · · · Approximately 42 mm

Belt size · · · 190 mm Buckles are not tightened.

· · · There are wounds and aged deterioration accompanying use. Please confirm with the image.

Operating state · · · operation goods, date fast forward can be performed, chronograph operation will restore, bezel rotate, moon phase part does not move other state · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · etc.

All unknown About the watch]

Judgment of genuine parts and replacement parts of parts will be second-hand goods / undeveloped goods. Those who are looking for the perfect one should refrain from bidding. We are not checking the waterproof function. Even if the battery type watch works, the remaining amount is unknown.

The date difference of the mechanical watch is not measured. Even if it is working, it has not checked the operation for a long time. Feeling of hoisting and oil break etc. are unknown.

Please purchase watches under exhibition on overhaul assumption.

Mischievous bidding by new ID is increasing. We will refuse the bid of new It will inconvenience but we appreciate your cooperation and understanding. We ask you for a bid. Please examine the bid after reference photograph.

For cheap listing at Nokkurenorita.

Delivery method: Yupack

* outside fixed form. Set commodity also equipped., Lost. Damage. Guarantee. Is not

* Kyushu. Remote island fee. Please check

※ Other shipping companies can not be used

Payment method:

Easy payment only

※ Bank transfers do not correspond

Please read our self-introduction column as there are conditions in mailing / bundling.

Bundle is limited to successful bidders on the same day.

Please give me payment within 3 days. Issue of receipt is not done.

Direct dealings will not be accepted. Early termination, we will not price down.

Please acknowledge thank you.

Please also look at other exhibitions by all means please see my auction .

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The above 7-day Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ended a couple of minutes ago, selling for ¥54,000 Yen after 29 bids. That's equivalent to approx. $496.40 USD / £375.50 GBP. The auction finishing time was automatically extended by 5 minutes due to a single late bid placed.

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This 7A48-7050 in average worn condition, with a scratched crystal, which has been fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet, was listed on Yahoo Japan yesterday, as a one-day auction with an over-optimistic opening bid price of 40,000 Yen. Probably the only thing worth remarking on is its case-back serial number - 920009. Typically low numerically, as many Fishing Masters are, but this one's also a fairly late production example - manufactured in February 1989.

Google translates the seller's Japanese title and description as follows:

Seiko Fishing Master Moon Phase 7A48-7050 SEIKO Free shipping

Thank you very much for looking.

Although there is thread appropriate for age, I think whether it is a beautiful article overall.

Please judge with a photograph.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The belt size did not match, it was kept in the case after purchasing it with second-hand beauty goods.

Second hand is moving but we have not confirmed other operations.

Above-mentioned understanding received ,. please tender.

It is a no claim no return.

It is free shipping.

It is dispatch from Kanagawa Prefecture.

We will ship as promptly as possible, but may be delayed somewhat due to work circumstances.

Those who hurry please confirm from the question column beforehand.

(Added at 2:40 on October 1, 2018)

Although I did not understand how to measure it, the inside dimension was about 19 cm.

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The above one-day Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet, ended earlier today, selling for the opening bid price of ¥40,000 Yen, equivalent to $349.35 USD / £269.80 GBP.

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Another 7A48-7050 Fishing Master was listed on Yahoo Japan at the weekend. I don't know how I missed it before; I can only assume the seller must have listed it after I ran my searches on Sunday. :/ It's in average used condition and comes supplied with a NOS aftermarket replacement bracelet, which looks very similar to the original Seiko p/n YA30A, apart from the unsigned flip-lock clasp and the absence of a 'fish hook' hole. It's a 7-day auction, which had an opening bid price of 2000 Yen. There are still nearly 4 days of the auction left to run and the bidding is currently @ 31,500 Yen.

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:

■ SEIKO 7 A 48 - 7050 It is a fishing master. It becomes a set of second-hand goods body and external new bracelet.

■ The other day, it is a fully operational item overhauled by the watch repair studio three time. We will also include the details. (There is a warranty for 6 months from today.)

■ There is a feeling of use for both the main body and the bracelet. There are small scratches on the glass surface.

■ The needle's night light remains original. If you want to be beautiful, we will accept it at actual cost. (We will put it out to the repair shop that asked for overhaul.)

■ Date bezel, tidal bezel also works.

■ Bracelet is about 17.5 cm around the arm.

■ I will put a new bracelet (flip lock) that is almost identical to genuine though it is an external item. You can also use it for frame adjustment of genuine bracelet.

■ Since I printed the operation manual of 7A48-7050 downloaded from SEIKO, I will attach it.

■ Also if you wish, we will put a copy of the SEIKO 7A48 inspection and adjustment manual.

- I will send it out by the Yu-Pack edition version 60 size.

Those who can utilize ■ Thank you very much.

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In case that YJ seller's ID motov10 sounded familiar, it is of course our old friend Yujiro Kaneko, the same person who listed loads of NOS YA22A bracelets on both Yahoo Japan and eBay a while back. No great surprise, yesterday he also listed another of these convincing looking aftermarket bracelets separately. This one is slightly different to that which he's offering with his 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, in that it's fitted with a short 2-hole adjustment clasp, instead of the flip-lock clasp. Could be a cheap alternative solution for someone - especially with the low opening bid price of only 1200 Yen.

Google translates the Japanese description as follows:

■ SEIKO 7 A 48 - 7050 is a brand new brand of domestically manufactured goods that is similar to outside. Please note that it is not a genuine product of SEIKO.

■ I am attaching similar bracelet to 7A48-7050 which is currently exhibiting.

■ This is a simple clasp with no flip. There are 7 adjustment pieces.

■ The installation width at both ends is 10 mm, the length of the breath is about 16.5 cm between flat spring bars.

When attached to the watch body it will be about 20 cm around the arm.

■ Although the watch body for comparison is shown in the image, the product is only metal bracelet.

- Although it is an intact article, there are some threads, scratches attached at the time of storage.

■ I will send it out outside the fixed form (shipping fee 140 yen).

Those who can utilize ■ Thank you very much.

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That 7-day auction Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A48-7050 Fishing Master, supplied with a spare aftermarket bracelet (the subject of my penultimate post) ended a few moments ago. The auction finishing time was automatically extended by a total of 20 minutes, due to late bids placed. It was bid to ¥50,100 Yen after 29 bids had been placed (equivalent to approx. $440.25 USD / £339.35 GBP). However, as the screen refreshed, the number of bids changed to Zero. So I can only assume that there was a reserve price set, which wasn't met. :/

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Indeed, it appears that's what happened, because an hour later, it was back again, re-listed for another 7 days (retaining the same YJ item number). The difference this time around is the opening bid price has been increased to 60,000 Yen - or there's the option of a 'Prompt Decision' Buy-it-Now for 65,000 Yen.

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I note with mild amusement that the above 7A48-7050 Fishing Master has since appeared on eBay. :roll: Listed not by Kaneko-San (who has his own eBay ID), nor the usual incompetent would-be profiteering Japanese re-seller utsun_2014, but another presumably unauthorised self-appointed 'proxy' seller j-style.lx. From the different colour / format of the description and stated location, I'm assuming this is yet another different Japanese re-seller we haven't encountered selling 7Axx's before. :/ At least this one appears to be able to use google translate, in copying the genuine YJ seller's description. :lol: Google nearly always incorrectly translates 'Bracelet' as 'Breath'. ;)

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