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Seiko7A38 at August 13, 2018 at 3:31 AM

Seiko7A38 at July 14, 2018 at 3:55 AM

Checking my eBay watching page, I noticed that suspect resprayed 7A38-7140, listed by greedy profiteering UK eBay re-seller ancutza_seven2009 had been ended yesterday evening – as item no longer available. Presumably sold off eBay for a considerably lower figure. Friday 13th – unlucky for someone perhaps ? :/ I only hope they bought it with their eyes open, or had read this thread beforehand. Otherwise it’s probably not the last we’ve seen of it. :roll:

At the risk of repeating myself ....

One can only assume that the 13th holds some special significance for devious would-be profiteering UK eBay seller ancutza_seven2009. Two hours earlier this morning, he once again ended the re-listing for the suspect re-sprayed 7A38-7140 as allegedly 'item no longer available'. :roll: Rest assured - it will return. ;)

Edit: As predicted, back on eBay again a few hours later, re-listed once again. :roll:

And so it goes on .... and on .... and on .... and on - seemingly Ad Nauseam. (ended early as 'NLA' on 27th August) (ended early as 'NLA' 2nd September) (ended early as 'NLA' 16th September)

Here's the latest current re-listing from this weekend (while it lasts, that is). :roll:

I'm still not exactly sure what this greedy would-be profiteering UK eBay re-seller ancutza_seven2009 hopes to achieve by employing these juvenile 'now you see it, now you don't' re-listing tactics. He's certainly not fooling me. :P Perhaps it's avoidance of eBay listing fees. :/ Anyway, for anyone who may have been lulled into believing this is a 'new' eBay listing - it clearly ain't.  The full saga of this grossly over-priced re-sprayed 7A38-7140 is documented on the previous pages.

Incidentally, the current greedy would-be re-seller ancutza_seven2009 was stupid enough to pay 385 Euros for it - rather less than his £850 asking price.

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Here's another distinctly dodgy (and grossly over-priced) 7A38-7140 that's also probably best avoided. This afternoon, I took a walk on the wild side - on the Italian free classifieds site, where it pays to tread carefully at the best of times. I was searching for Orient J39's; found a couple but nothing worth the effort / money or of mention. Thought I'd run a quick search on 'Seiko 7A38', to see if there was anything interesting. Scrolling down the results, my eyes were immediately drawn to this 7A38-7140, listed 4 days ago, with an asking price of 800 Euros:

Translating his description, the Italian seller 'Lorenzo' claims ....

I give spectacular and original SEIKO CHRONOGRAPH SPORTS 100 black with yellow dial .. clock from 1984-85 so now an absolute rarity and in conditions of nos .. it was 35 years in the jeweler's safe ... new battery and reverified all the circuit for a perfect functioning in all its functions .. unfortunately without a lost box from the former dealer ... I can consider exchanges, even higher prices, but only with sub watches, Seiko or anyway watches to my liking, but NO ABSOLUTELY to vintage . For exchanges only with delivery by hand. The price is not very negotiable and I do not consider offers too low or ridiculous ....

Given the recent hike in prices perhaps I should consider keeping mine in a safe.

His primary image is of my 7A38-7140 - stolen from page 1 of this thread !! 

The original photo even includes the word 'Mine' in the image filename !!  

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This 7A38-7140, in what appears to be decent used condition, was listed in the early hours of this morning by a US eBay seller, with a Buy-it-Now price of $550 or the option to make an offer. It's being offered through eBay's GSP programme, which potentially adds another $180 to the already high asking price. :(

Superb condition in top working condition. Everything functions as it should. A few missing links from bracelet but fits my 7 3/4 inch wrist. If you have come this far you know it’s rare. Any questions just ask. All offers considered.

The case-back serial number 580448 doesn't immediately ring any bells with me, but there's a fairly strong likelihood that the watch has featured earlier in this thread. When I get more time, later this evening, I'll have a trawl through the previous 5 pages, to see if I can find a match. ;)

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Sure enough, this same 7A38-7140, case-back s/n 580448 has previously featured in this thread - fairly recently too (it's detailed on the previous page). I may not have remembered the serial number, but had I been able to see it, I would certainly have recognised that deep scratch on the case-back, which was plainly visible in the previous Italian eBay seller's photo. It's conveniently hidden by a bright reflection in the current US seller's photo.

To save you turning back the page, it sold in February this year for 230 Euros.

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Seiko7A38 at February 13, 2018 at 6:15 AM

The above Italian eBay listing for a 7A38-7140 in decent used condition ended yesterday afternoon, selling quickly as I'd expected - but not for the full 300 Euros Buy-it-Now price.

As revealed by's Look-up tool, it sold for a best offer of 230 Euros:

As confirmed by the eBay Offer / Purchase History:

So by now asking $550 for it, the would-be profiteering US eBay re-seller is effectively looking to double his money in just 9 months of ownership. 

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Possibly in response to my comment about the scratch on the case-back, the US eBay seller subsequently revised his listing, dropping the Buy-it-Now price by $50 and adding the sentence:

Please excuse the photos in the brighteness but there is a scratch on the back side of case.

This morning, he ended the listing, because the item was no longer available.

So presumably it sold off eBay, via the 'back door' for an undisclosed offer. :/

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This 7A38-7140, in worn condition, showing some loss of black chrome plating, was listed this morning by an Italian eBay seller, with a typically over-optimistic 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of 380 Euros - and currently no 'Make Offer' option. However, contrary to eBay rules, the seller has included his email address in the description, thereby surreptitiously soliciting offers. So I wouldn't be unduly surprised to see this listing ended as 'No Longer Available'.

Seiko 7A38-7140

Usato, orologio vissuto con segni da comune uso. Segni anche sul vetro, non visibili in foto.

L'orologio monta uno sei movimenti al quarzo migliori di sempre.

Perfettamente funzionante

Con box Seiko visibile in foto.

Per qualsiasi cosa non esitate a contattarmi:

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After a flurry of eBay activity over the last 12 hours, once again, I find myself now posting in retrospective catch-up mode. :/ Then again, I can't stay up 24 hours a day, watching and reporting on this stuff. A man's gotta sleep (and deserves an occasional late lie-in sometimes). :P

Another 7A38-7140, in decent used condition was listed overnight by a US eBay seller, with a Buy-it-Now price of $425, or the option to make an offer. Going by his description, presumably the seller wished to sell it quickly, to make way for / fund an incoming grail. By the time I saw the listing this morning, it had already ended.

Excellent condition everything functions as it should bracelet probably missing a link or so but easily fits my 7 3/4 in wrist. Make an offer make an offer incoming grail.

A worldwide eBay search on ended listings shows it sold for a Best Offer.

Goodbid's Look-up tool reveals it sold for a comparatively low-ish offer of $350.

Note the listing was only live for just over an hour and received a mere 20 views.

The eBay Purchase History shows in fact that was the only offer tendered:

Had I seen it at the time the listing was live, this would have been another case of Déjà Vu. ;) This, is of course, the same 7A38-7140, case-back serial # 580448, listed by US eBay seller sagechick last month, which was withdrawn as allegedly being no longer available.

Note this seller rodeorider772011 is also conveniently located in Saint Louis, Missouri - so is very likely another alias used by sagechick.

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Meanwhile, early this morning, there was something a bit strange going on, with the other 7A38-7140 listed by the Italian eBay seller a few days ago. While his previous listing (with the Buy-it-Now price of 380 Euros) was still live, he listed it a second time - as a job lot with 5 other unrelated watches (some were NOS, but all in dubious taste), for a Buy-it-Now price of 520 Euros. There were only two photos of the 7A38-7140; slightly different from those he'd used in the previous listing, but clearly the same average fairly worn example, case-back serial # 660087.

Mini lotto composto da 6 orologi:

Seiko 7A38, orologio abbastanza vissuto con segni da comune uso su cassa, bracciale e vetro. Perfettamente funzionante, con scatola Seiko visibile in foto.

Seiko V657 Usato con segni da comune uso, cinturino in gomma generico visibile in foto.Perfettamente funzionante . No b&p .

Orient w.r.100 metri.

Condizioni :NOS, mai indossato Perfettamente funzionante.No b&p.

3 PryngepsReggae.

Condizioni:NOS, mai indossati e perfettamente funzionanti. No b&p.

Per qualsiasi cosa non esitate a contattarmi :

That job lot re-listing ended a couple of hours later - sold as a Buy-it-Now.

As confirmed by the eBay Purchase History:

Half an hour later, the Italian seller belatedly ended his original Buy-it-Now listing as No Longer Available.

So I was right about what I wrote earlier - if for the wrong reasons. :P

I wouldn't be unduly surprised to see this listing ended as 'No Longer Available'.

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Do you ever get fed up of seeing the same old watches turning up on eBay time and time again ?  I know I do. Especially when a watch that's already made a few appearances in this thread recently, rocks up in the hands of yet another would-be profiteering re-seller.  This admittedly nicely photographed, decent looking used example of a 7A38-7140 was listed late yesterday evening, by US eBay seller triadvintagecompany, with a 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $649, or the option to make a more realistic lower offer.

Case: Black PVD & steel, 40x40mm

Crystal: Light scratches

Dial: Original, excellent condition, great layout/colors

Movement: Seiko 7A38

The watch is currently working and keeping good time, chronograph function and quickset date functions work as they should. The watch comes on the original Seiko SQ bracelet that will fit up to a 7 1/2" inch wrist.

Please ask any questions.

North Carolina residents must pay 6.75% sales tax.

This is of course, our 'old friend' case-back s/n 580448 - with that deep tool inflicted scratch I mentioned previously, clearly visible in this seller's photos.

So just to briefly recap. This watch first appeared on eBay in February this year, listed by Italian eBay seller peppeniello00 who sold it for 230 Euros. Presumably purchased by sagechick (using another eBay ID), who first tried, unsuccessfully, to sell it in October for $550. Subsequently sold by another St. Louis Mo. based eBayer rodeorider772011 (presumably another alias) in November for $350. Now listed by another would-be profiteering re-seller / dealer triadvintagecompany, admittedly with much better quality photos than the previous US eBay seller(s). According to them, it's now worth $649.  Erm, I don't think so.

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