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It's all too easy when dismissing (read 'dissing') a poor example of a 7A38, particularly some of the rougher watches that turn up on eBay in the Philippines, to make incorrect assumptions about their origins and 'correctness' - instead of recognising said watch for what it actually was. To which end I owe José 'Watchcooking' Sotto a belated apology, of sorts. 

Back in December 2010, I wrote a 3-page thread on the RLT UK watch forum about the 7A38-7140, entitled:

That Other Rare Yellow-Faced Seiko 7A38 ….

In my post # 3: I wrote:

But all I'd seen myself, until very recently ....

.... on eBay, or anywhere else, was José Sotto's rather sorry-looking 'cooked' example, in August.

Stripped of its black chrome coating; missing the original bracelet and with a very badly faded dial.

I had in fact made a major gaffe in my assessment of that 7A38-7140 which José had listed on eBay in August 2010. 

If you look how I'd originally captioned my photo, and my description of it in the post, you can see how I'd summed it up.

It was some time later, when I re-examined the listing photos, I realized what it actually was, and more importantly, how rare

You see, apart from the more familiar black chrome coated yellow-dialed 7A38-7140, and its rare black chrome 7A38-714A sibling,

there was a third even rarer member of the 7A38-714x case model family - a stainless 7A38-7140.

And tatty as it may have been, that's exactly what José Sotto's 7A38-7140 actually was - the stainless version (minus its bracelet).

It took me a while to find a record of the listing (which has long since dropped off eBay history), but it was:

VERY RARE VINTAGE SEIKO QUARTZ CHRONO 7A38-7140 (item # 360289848141) - Sold for $51.77. 

It was probably the grubbiness in the notches around the bezel that I mistook for remnants of the 'original black chrome coating'.

But there really was no excuse for my not noticing that the case-back was stamped just 'STAINLESS STEEL' ....

as opposed to 'BASE METAL ST. STEEL BACK' which you'd find on the black-chromed version of the 7A38-7140.

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The first potentially decent-looking example of a stainless 7A38-7140, that I'd ever seen, turned up on in November 2012:

vand ceas seiko 7a38-7140

Unfortunately, the would-be seller's single photo was slightly out of focus, so it's not really possible to accurately judge its condition.

There appears to have been very little interest - possibly due to 300 Euros asking price; the listing received a mere 4 viewings. :(

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José 'Watchcooking' Sotto turned up another example, in rather better condition than his previous offering in August 2010, which he listed on eBay the first weekend in February 2013. Slight 'typo' in his eBay listing title, but the description correctly read 7A38-7140:


This one was fitted with its original Seiko p/n B1356S bracelet, but it appeared to have some link slop and was woefully short of adjustment links - fitted with a clasp extender. Unusually for him, José didn't include what wrist size it might fit in his description.

Bidding ended @ $184.38 (approx. £116.43) after 19 bids. The auction received 422 views over the 7-day listing period.

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It's funny - not having seen one of these for a couple of years (nor having recognized the first I saw for what it was) and then they start creeping out of the woodwork. A week after José Sotto's eBay auction ended, another stainless 7A38-7140 fitted with an incorrect replacement bracelet was listed on eBay by an Italian seller. However, they're not exactly 'oversize' as he titled his auction listing:





ANNI 90. 












Although the seller describes the finish as 'satin', again this example looks fairly well worn (apart from being on the wrong bracelet).

It makes me wonder if these were originally that same silver anodised finish used on other Seiko 7Axx's like the 7A38-7110, -7070. etc.

It sold for 71.00 Euros (approx £61.34) after 10 bids on 27th February. The auction received 308 views over the 10-day listing period.

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Specifications and Buyers Guide: 7A38-7140 SAA047J


Size: 40.0mm diameter (excluding crown and pushers) x 10.5mm deep.

Case and bracelet designs are common to the 7A38-714x range. There is no separate bezel - it's integral to the watch case.

Case material: Stainless steel - silvery-grey anodised finish all over (apart from case-back).

Dial: Part # is 7A38713LX989. Seiko's database shows no dial colour, but it is predominantly Black (with white printing).

A Silvery coloured lower dial ring which surrounds the bottom (constant seconds) subdial carries the lume pips and minute marks.

In some photos, the Tachymeter dial ring (with black lettering) appears to be painted a metallic sandy beige / light gold colour.

Dial markings: SEIKO (printed), QUARTZ Chronograph SPORTS 100. Bottom of dial ring: JAPAN 7A38 713L T Suwa symbol.

Day and Date wheels: White lettering on black background. Second languages seen (to date) include: Arabic.

Hands: Main handset is White (with lume) and Black centres. Sweep second and Sub-dial hands are all Silvery White.

Seiko crystal p/n: 310W62GN00 - 31.0mm Ø x 1.6mm thick - can use Sternkreuz p/n MSM310 or Cousins p/n F150CMH310.

Double Wave case-back, stamped: SEIKO, STAINLESS STEEL, WATER RESISTANT, 7A38-7140 [A0] JAPAN A (Suwa symbol).


Seiko bracelet p/n: B1356S – Underside of first joining links are stamped B1356. Same Silver anodised finish as watch case.

Tapers from 21mm wide at the shoulder to 16mm. Fixing by Pin and Tube (Seiko p/n's 81603449 and 81180169).

Clasp is 'standard'  brushed stainless finish - 16mm x 35mm long, with 7 adjustment holes, stamped SEIKO SQ.


Production variances: None seen.

Production dates: The few examples seen have serial numbers beginning 53xxxx and 54xxxx (March and April 1985).

Geography: Nominally a world-wide export model, they turn up occasionally in the both the Far East and Europe.

Buyers Tips: Keep your eye open for an original example in decent condition. They must be out there somewhere !

Price Guide: $100 - $300 dependent upon condition.

Rarity Factor: 4/5 - Very Hard To Find (in good condition).

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Well perhaps the silver-anodized version of the 7A38-7140 isn't quite as rare as I'd first imagined.

Or at least after I'd recognised it for what it actually was, anyway - see my first post. :roll:

One cropped up on eBay Germany last weekend:

Seiko Chronograph Sports 100


Uhrwerk Quartz, werk Die Uhr funktioniert, gut

Gehäuse und Band

Gehäusedurchmesser ohne Krone 40mm

Gehäusehöhe incl. Glas 10mm

Bandanstöße 18 mm

Gehäusematerial Metall / metal

Gehäuseboden Edelstahlboden / stainless steel

Glas gut

Zustand gut

Der optische Zustand ist für das Alter sehr gut. Privat verkauf kein umtausch.

The auction ended earlier this afternoon, with bidding at 196 Euros (approx. £164):

I did actually place a bid on it in the closing seconds, but not quite high enough - so got squeezed out, with no time left to bid again. :(

The winning bidder, a long-time German Seiko collector is known to me and a member of this forum.

So perhaps I can persuade him to post some better photos when he receives it. ;)

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Indeed, Kurt kindly emailed me some photos of his recently acquired stainless 7A38-7140 yesterday evening.

The watch has been away with his watchmaker, getting a good clean and having a replacement crystal fitted:

While not pristine, this is the first really good example, where we've had some decent quality photos to study. The dial colours and silver anodized finish are pretty much as I'd expected. Kurt's example has a full length bracelet too - so he can actually wear it. :)

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Looks like South African collector Jules Mayer has snagged himself a stainless 7A38-7140. Spotted his post on SCWF earlier today: Elusive 7A38-7140 snagged!

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A stainless 7A38-7140 fitted badly with an aftermarket rubber 'Dive' strap in place of the original Seiko p/n B1356S  bracelet, was listed on eBay earlier this morning:

To buy a new watch from my collection I am selling a vintage SEIKO CHRONOGRAPH SPORTS 100 7A38 - 7140 reference.

This is "an ULTRA RARE" GIUGIARO Style model with ANODIZED STEEL case: this model is very rarely seen and very hard to find especially in these mint conditions.

The caliber is one of SEIKOs most popular ones and still sought-after as it is known for superb robustness, reliability and precision. This watch is from 1985, in original conditions.

All functions are working properly: the stop-functions are working fine and the hands are running back to 12 o'clock position as intended to when resetting.

Case is in mint conditions with really minimal signs of use: please note that the caseback has still the original sticker on it; only some hairlines on the original HARDLEX crystal

The watch is fitted with a generic rubber strap that looks very nice on the watch.

I will ship worldwide at the standard shipping cost.

I'm offering this item as a private seller: no guaranty and no return, but watch is original, exactly as described and pictured.

Please ask for every question; only serious bidders, thanks.

In case that last sentence looks familiar, this is the same German / Italian eBay seller akarides who was playing 'now you see it; now you don't' games with the 7A38-6010 earlier in the week. It'll be interesting to see if this listing manages to last the distance.

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That Italian eBay auction for the stainless 7A38-7140 fitted with a non-original rubber dive strap ended about 5 minutes ago.

It sold for 132.11 Euros (approx. £105.38) after 19 bids:

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Looks like this model variant will be slipping down the 'rarity league table' any day soon. :lol:

Another stainless 7A38-7140, bereft of its original B1356S bracelet: this time fitted with a leather strap, was listed on eBay overnight.

However, whereas the watch head of the previous example looked quite decent, retaining most of its original silver anodized finish ....

this one's been polished to death in the best Filipino watch-botcher tradition. The Buy-it-Now price of $234.50 is also a tad optimistic.

Apart from the obvious cosmetic issues with the watch, I'd also suspect the movement is partially cobbled together. Note the grubby anti-magnetic back-plate has the stampings: H.M.S; CG-5/100s, CG-S and CG-M over the coil positions. VERY unusual to see that on a SEIKO branded 7A38A movement. Yes - you'll regularly see it on the equivalent Shimauchi Ltd. V906; Ferrai Formula Cal. 531, Orient J3920 and early SEIKO 7A28A production movement back-plates - and I expect that's what this one is probably fitted with. ;)

I may be wrong of course. :P 

Edit: I also just noticed that the rotary step switch is set for maximum 'loss' adjustment (-). Definitely a case of Caveat Emptor.

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As expected, Edmar's over-polished turd of a stainless 7A38-7140 went unsold at his 'think-of-a-number' Buy-it-Now price. :roll:

It's since been re-listed as a low start auction:

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Edmar 'Mountapo_Merchant' Duero's re-listing for his over-polished stainless 7A38-7140 ended in the early hours of this morning:

Considering its less-than-ideal condition, it sold for a healthy $207.50 (approx. £121.36) after 13 bids ....

(Nearly £16 more than the previous much nicer 'head only' example sold on eBay Italy a fortnight ago).

However if you analyse the bidding, with 10 seconds to go, it was at a rather more sensible $140 ....

Then with 5 seconds to go, two snipers came in with 'killer' bids of over $200 - hence one of them ended up over-paying somewhat.

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Not exactly a surprise to see this same over-polished stainless 7A38-7140 s/n 540936 back on eBay two weeks later. :roll:

As is my normal practice, I've only bothered to upload 6 of the would-be reseller's 11 photos as many are very similar.

Incidentally the eBay seller ID 1971VWbus (182) - same as the previous winning bidder is chabanais on (a VW forum):

Funnily enough, he recently half-heartedly tried to join this forum using the same handle. His application for membership was declined for continued failure to complete a profile. Probably just as well. There's enough sarcasm around here already. :P

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That 10 day auction listing for mountapo_merchant's over-polished stainless 7A38-7140 by re-seller 1971vwbus ended last night.

For the first 6 days of the auction there were no bids placed (at all). Then two bidders bumped it up from the opening $75 to $81.00.

That's how it looked when I went to bed:

Having paid over $200 for it himself, with so little interest, I can imagine the re-seller was praying for a last-minute snipe fest. :(

He got one, of sorts - three snipe bids came in the final 5 seconds. Problem was that two of them thought it was only worth $120:

That's how it ended - @ $122.55 (approx. £72.20) after 5 bids - a rather more sensible price this time. :lol:

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This rare-ish*, but only average condition stainless 7A38-7140 was listed on eBay late yesterday evening, by an Italian seller ....

One whose name areasettanta I'm sure we've mentioned on the forum before. Typically stupidly over-priced @ 480 Euros. :roll:




Bellissimo Seiko 7A38-7140 dei primi anni 80 100% originale, tutto funziona perfettamente, in buone condizioni estetiche, e MAI LUCIDATO! Questo è la rarissima variante, con cassa color acciaio sabbiato, con scritta (STAINLESS STEEL) sul fondello e quadrante pewter e nero, a differenza della più comune versione al PVD, con scritta (BASE METAL ST. STEEL BACK) sul fondello e quadrante giallo e nero. Dotato del movimento 7a38, il primo cronografo analogico al quarzo del mondo, e da molti considerato di gran lunga il migliore! Il bellissimo design sportivo elaborato in collaborazione con Giorgietto Giugiaro ha contribuito ad aggiungere un tocco di classe e sportività ad una linea di cronografi che tecnologicamente parlando non ha mai avuto rivali, ed era quanto di meglio in circolazione! Un classico dei cronografi al quarzo vintage di qualità. Da notare (come si può vedere dalle fotografie) che il bracciale presenta una riparazione ed è mancante di una maglia. Orologio sportivo di gran fascino, con un design molto attuale! Esaminate attentamente le fotografie, in quanto sono parte integrante della descrizione. Per maggiori info e foto, prego contattare

Oggetto proveniente da collezione privata, si vende con clausola visto e piaciuto, no resi.



Stunning Seiko 7A38-7140 of the early 80s 100% genuine, in good conditions, everything works perfectly, NEVER REFURBISHED! This is the very rare, natural steel color version, with (STAINLESS STEEL) on the screw back and Pewter/Black dial, not like the more common black PVD version with (BASE METAL ST. STEEL BACK) on the screw back and Yellow/Black dial. Is equipped with the Seiko 7a38, the first quartz chronograph in the world, and for most collectors, the best one! The beautiful design elaborate in partnership with Giorgietto Giugiaro contribute to add class and sportsmanship to the most tecnological well crafted quartz chronographs that was in circulation at the time! A classic timepeace of the vintage high grade quartz analogic chronograps. As you can see from the picture, there is a damage fixed on the bracelet, and a link is missing. This is a fascinating beautiful watch, with a very actual design! Look carefully to the pictures, they are an integral part of the description. For more pics and info, please contact

The watch comes from my private collection and is sold as is, no return.

Apart from the knackered / botched bracelet, note that it's also been fitted with a non-original yellow sweep second hand.

*The seller has added ULTRA RARE! to the listing title since I took my screen print. Like I said, rare-ish - but flawed.

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Another example of nothing less than downright deception by eBay - in the name of 'privacy'. As I wrote recently in another thread ....

They appear to have stopped showing 'Best Offer Accepted' on the listing result summary - instead just the full asking price.

I just noticed that listing for the stainless 7A38-7140 by Italian eBay seller areasettanta had ended this morning.

Couldn't believe it had sold for the full 480 Euros asking price. It hadn't. Not according to Goofbid's Best Offer tool, anyway.

As I'd surmised, it sold against a Best Offer - albeit one for a hefty 400 Euros. :o

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Another stainless 7A38-7140, bereft of its original B1356S bracelet and fitted with a leather strap, was listed on eBay Italy by would be profiteering re-seller cmax-28762 yesterday evening.

Raro Seiko sports 100 cronografo modello 7a38-7140ao by Giugiaro tutto funzionante vetro nuovo azzeramento perfetto cinturino comune pelle scatola Seiko

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I sometimes wonder why I bother adding over-priced crap like the above example of a stainless 7A38-7140 to my watching page. :roll:

Apart from having a distinct loathing for would-be profiteering eBay re-sellers like cmax-28752, it's often more trouble than it's worth.

I'd watched that 7A38-7140 being re-listed at least 10 times (maybe more) since the beginning of October.

Eventually, he dropped the 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now asking price from 250 Euros to 200 Euros for the last two re-listings of 2015: 

... to no avail - still no takers. :roll:

I'd just got so used to adding the newest re-listing to my eBay watching page (and deleting the previous), I completely failed to notice that he'd changed the format of his latest, to a 10-day auction listing, with an opening bid price of 99 Euros. It ended yesterday evening, sold for 122.99 Euros after 6 bids - less than half his original asking price. :lol:

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Time to give this thread a long overdue bump, from where it's been languishing a the bottom of page 2 of this forum section for well over a year. But unless I've missed any, I honestly hadn't seen another example advertised for sale anywhere in the interim. :(

I finally spotted one last week, listed on the Italian free classified site,

The Italian seller had also listed it, in parallel, on the other Italian free classified site,

The photos in the Kijiji advert were a little larger than those on Subito (though that's not saying much).

I'm not so sure about seller's claim of 'ottime condizioni', but I've seen worse and the price didn't seem unreasonable ....

So you'll probably understand why the links I've included in this post don't work any more. Hopefully, of more anon soon.

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