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Remember how I started off this thread ? :/

It's a couple of years since I've bought any Seiko 7T32's on eBay, and with the size of my 7A38 collection nowadays, nothing I'd ever consider doing again. As Dirty Harry said: A man's got to know his limitations. I hardly ever wear my couple of 7T32's (nor my 7T59).

But it doesn't stop me casually looking. The vast number of diverse 7T32 case model variations produced seems to be endless ....

I have an admission to make. I've suffered a very slight relapse. 

You may have read about the couple of Racer branded Orient HFAxxx 7T32 Breitbling clones that I'd spotted on the previous page

and noted that I'd resisted the temptation, despite my attraction to them - and their obvious similarity / lineage to the Racer branded J39026-70 and J39027-70 7A38's I've recently acquired. Plus, as demonstrated elsewhere, there's the Orient / Racer connection.

Well, a week or so ago, I'd spotted an Orient HFA 7T32 Breitbling clone, listed on eBay in the UK - in my home town.

It was titled simply: Gentlemans ORIENT Chronograph Watch with attractive two tone Metal Wristband

Opening bid price was £25. I added it to my eBay watching page and then forgot about it. :roll: It went unsold. The seller re-listed it ....

When I looked again, yesterday evening, the seller had reduced the opening bid price to £15. I simply couldn't let it go at that price.

The reduced starting price attracted the interest of a couple of other bidders, but I still managed to win the auction for only £17.77. :)

Half an hour after it ended, I drove round to the seller's house, which was only a couple of miles away and paid cash, saving postage.

For now here's the seller's listing photos - neither of which do the watch justice:

I will admit that when I first saw this watch my immediate thoughts were to buy it simply to break up for parts,  to rob for the bezel, crystal, crown and pushers - and to use them to improve my recently acquired 'beater' / restoration project Racer J39026-70 '7A38'. 

I could still do that.  Without stripping the watch, or measuring anything it certainly looks like they're common parts and will all fit.

But although it's a bit grubby, it's actually a nice watch in it's own right - in a blingy sort of way. The silver dial is really quite attractive.

So later today, I'm going to give it a good strip and clean. The bracelet currently fitted is obviously an after-market adjustable one-size fits-all type. It's approx 18mm wide tapering to a 16mm clasp. Athough the two-tone 'Jubilee' style suits the watch nicely, I simply can't abide that sloppy kind of fitment, so it's got to go. Typically the lug width (as on many of the Orient / Racer J39's) is that odd 19mm. :roll:

Nearly forgot. The Racer 7T32 Breitbling clones on the previous page were (Orient) model numbers HFA018-70 and HFA019-70,

so logically, I was expecting this Orient branded sibling to be something like HFA017-70. It's not, it's actually stamped HFA001-70.

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Seiko7A38 at May 8, 2014 at 11:13 AM

Does seem a lot of trouble to go through, just to fake a 7T32, doesn't it ? :/

Sorry, to correct you on that other point, Fabio, but you may have missed my belated edit to an earlier post:

Edit: Well maybe it wasn't quite so recent. It was in this thread where I mentioned the solid 18ct gold 7T32-6C70 over a year ago. :roll:

Because the 7T32-6C70 (in fact 2 variants of it) are shown on Seiko's database as 18K Yellow Gold:

Funnily enough, that one does have Chronograph under SEIKO and the tiny dial part numbering printed at the bottom of the dial:

Oh, Paul, you don't have to be sorry for correcting a mistake of mine! I am sorry to have posted an incorrect information. I simply trusted the Seiko Oceania Database where a simple "7T32" search which did not gave me any 18K result.

BTW, this 7T32-6C70 looks absolutely correct to my untrained eye.


My Seiko chronos: SPV002 - SDX008J1 - SFA005J1 - PSZ006P1

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I do like a bit of Bleu - not just the cheese, but on watches. Spotted this Yema Y182 7T32 listed on eBay France earlier this evening.

Elle fonctionne et tient bien l'heure

verre en bon état, sans rayures

boitier en acier en bon état 

cadran bleu en bon état

bracelet en acier en bon état

fond vissé signé YEMA, lunette tournante 

Diamètre du boitier hors couronne : 3,9 cm

Just imagine it without the horrible aftermarket bracelet fitted, on a nice matching Blue Shark strap as it was originally sold:

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Konkordski at July 23, 2013 at 2:43 PM

I'm only hunting for interesting chronos to compare and contrast with what I've already got. Regular Seiko's are a bit too popular and conservative for me, plus I've had a 7A for 25 years... Been there, done that ;)

I meant you see Citizen Miyota's in all sorts of nasty Chinese crap but never Seiko designs, even rebranded... Perhaps they're just priced higher so they won't end up in fake Tag Heuers!

Saw a couple of other sporty 7T32's in the last week:

My apologies to Lawrence. :P I was reading back through this thread and just noticed he'd posted the black version in July last year.

Funnily enough, my response at the time was ....

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Seiko7A38 at July 23, 2013 at 2:54 PM

Saw that Yema '7T32' (Y182) myself. I was going to add it on here, but then noticed the nasty after-market bracelet that was fitted. :(

So this is a case of Déjà vu in more ways than one ! :roll:

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Given my recent semi-successful attempt to re-construct an elusive Orient J39002-70 out of three watches, which I documented here:

Spotting this Orient 7T32 HFA004-70, purely by chance, in a long since ended (2012) listing on raised a wry smile:

The juxtaposition of their sub-dials and crown / pusher arrangements apart, could two different models look almost so identical ? :o

As I've already demonstrated with their Breitbling look-alikes, clearly another case of Orient re-using a J39 design in a HFA 7T32. ;)

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The same French seller going by buckdanny66, who is currently offering a Yema Spationaute III on LeBoinCoin and Chrononmania's Coin des Affaires is also listing a somewhat rarer 7T32-based (Y182) Yema Antares in it's original 'limited edition' presentation case:

Although the title of both his LBC and Chronomania listings might prove a bit misleading (for anyone actually looking for an Antares):

Montre spationaute 4

Description :

Vends véritable chronographe YEMA de la mission ANTARES de 1992.

Modèle portée par le spationaute Michel Tognini.

Il s'agit d'un chronographe et qui fait fonction de réveil.

Elle est vendue avec boite et sur boite d'origine.

Une véritable montre de collection pour les passionnés de l'espace. Support publicité vendu avec. 

Paiement en liquide remise en main propre sur Versailles

Paiement par chèque envoi par la poste à la charge de l'acheteur. 

Ceci n'est pas une contre façon. Je vous remercie.

[VENDS] Spationaute IV full set - 380€

posté par buckdanny66, 15.09.2014, 13:21



MODELE : Spationaute 4

ANNEE : 1993

Etat général : Parfait


Je vends ce modèle spationaute IV de la mission Antares.

Chronographe avec Alarme. Je vends cette montre avec sa boite sa sur boite d'origine ainsi que la photo publicitaire et le carnet.

La montre est dans un état parfait.


Paiement en liquide, remise en main propre sur Versailles. 

Portable zéro 6 zéro 8 48 44 soixante douze. 

Je vous remercie et reste à votre disposition.

(Same three photos are used in both listings)

Rare and collectable it may be, particularly for French space enthusiasts, especially in this NIB condition ....

but I suspect the seller may be pushing his luck with his 380 Euros asking price. :/ After all, it is (inside) just a humble 7T32. :P

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Here's a rather unusual Orient 7T32 that I spotted listed on eBay Italy yesterday:

Orologio unisex della marca Orient in acciaio cronografo quadrante bianco Warz. Piccolo prezzo.

I can't make out the Orient HFA case-back model number from the seller's photo, but with that sub-dial, crown and pusher layout ....

it couldn't be anything but a 7T32. Trust me.  ;)

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Seiko7A38 at August 30, 2014 at 8:24 AM

As I've already demonstrated with their Breitbling look-alikes, clearly another case of Orient re-using a J39 design in a HFA 7T32. ;)

For Orient read also RACER (their Spanish market brand) - and yet another J39 case design re-used in a HFA 7T32.

Spotted this attractive looking Racer branded 7T32 listed on the Spanish classified site two days ago:

The model number appears to be HFA890-70. If the case design doesn't look familiar, check out this (sold) listing for a J39028-70:

.... or better still, Page 4 of the RACER J39 by Orient Watch Co. - The Spanish 7A38 Inquisition thread.

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Here's something that may be of anorak-level interest to the 7T32 spotters amongst us.  Well I thought it was, anyway. :P

The story goes back a few years to May 2010, when David Spalding bought a fairly attractive dressy Yema 7T32 (Y182) that I'd pointed out to him listed by a US eBay seller. Here's the original eBay seller's rather dingy lacklustre listing photos.

As you can see from David's photo, it turned out to be rather nicer in the metal:

David's lovely Yema 7T32 was mentioned briefly in a couple of threads on RLT, but it came up again about a month later in an earlier Yema 7T32 related thread, started (in 2007) by another poster: 

At that time, I was still learning about Seiko's re-branding of movements used by other OEM's, so I asked the question.

David kindly responded in the next post #13 by sharing this photo:

The close-up shows it's stamped S.EPSON CORP. and Y182B.

So (as I've since seen other Yema 7T32 movements similarly marked) one would expect that to be a constant 'given', right ? :/

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I come across quite a few Yema 7T32 (Y182)'s in my various searches on eBay and LeBonCoin.

Many of them are 'unusual' - or to be less polite, quite frankly Fugly, so I don't often bother mentioning them.

Indeed, I probably wouldn't have bothered mentioning this one that came up in one of my searches this morning:

But then I scrolled through the rest of the seller's photos:

Note the movement backplate of this particular Yema Y182B '7T32' movement is not stamped S.EPSON CORP. but SHIOJIRI Ltd. :o

Edit. Not actually that big a surprise if you've read the YM55A thread - those can be stamped either way, per the factory drawings. 8)

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Anyway, getting back (more closely) on topic here's a Seiko 7T32 which was listed on eBay Germany by a Luxembourg seller last week. I'd placed a lowball bid (9.67 Euros) on it early on, with absolutely NO intention of following through. I hadn't even bothered adding it to my eBay watching page. I just received an 'ending soon' reminder notification from eBay:

It's a 7T32-7A50 - not a model variant I can remember seeing before.

Gold tone dressy 7T32's are two a penny - and Roman numerals (always something of an acquired taste) are pretty common too.

What I found unusual about this one was that the larger alarm (second time zone) sub-dial was also marked with Roman numerals.

What's really unusual for a dressy 7T32 is that with 5 hours of the auction still to run, it's already been bid to over £100 Quid !! :o

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Seiko7A38 at January 26, 2014 at 4:07 PM

Well, apart from being a Breit-Bling lookalike '7A38' (J39), it now seems it was also genuinely a 7T32. Or should I say a HFA00.

Must admit that I did think about having a go at winning the auction for a while, but then common sense kicked in and reminded me that I really didn't want any more 7T32's - even rarer versions, like this. No matter how cheap they came. Not even for the novelty value. 

That auction ended earlier this evening. It sold for a mere 26 Euros:

O.K. So every now and then circumstances conspire to permit a little back-sliding. :P

I nailed this on eBay Germany at the weekend:

It's the Puma version of that Racer 'Team Collection' branded Orient HFA 7T32 Breitbling clone that I passed up just over a year ago - and since kinda regretted. :/ Simply couldn't resist this time - apart from this being the very first Puma branded 7T32 I've ever seen, there was the price I got it for. :D Plus I was intrigued to learn how the 7T32 movement in this one might be stamped. Of more anon.

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Seiko7A38 at May 10, 2014 at 3:45 AM

Nearly forgot. The Racer 7T32 Breitbling clones on the previous page were (Orient) model numbers HFA018-70 and HFA019-70, so logically, I was expecting this Orient branded sibling to be something like HFA017-70. It's not, it's actually stamped HFA001-70.

In advance of the Puma 7T32's arrival, I've been doing a little background research ....

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Boley's database includes a good number of references to the Orient HFA 7T32 - including my Orient HFA001-70 at the top of the page, but not the Racer branded variants I'd spotted: HFA018-70 and HFA019-70.

I'd already asked the German eBay seller what was stamped on the case-back. They'd replied Z7A001-70 (CA). And sure enough ....

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The Puma Z7A001-70 '7T32' arrived from Germany yesterday, though I didn't have time to do anything with it till late in the evening.

There's good news :) and bad news :( ....

Firstly, it was in even better cosmetic condition than the seller's single slightly fuzzy photo might have hinted.

As you'll see, it also turned out mostly as I'd expected. :/

These are a few Q&D artificially / flash-lit photos I rattled off last night - so please excuse the variable quality.

The case-back was stamped exactly as I'd expected - for a Puma - with no reference to Orient Watch Co. Ltd. (who made them).

I was more interested what might be stamped inside the case-back. Above the familiar Seiko AC reset label there it was: JEPIC CORP.

The movement back-plate too: JEPIC CORP. and Z7A (rather than Orient's HFA00 designation - or any other).

All of which adds further parallel evidence to my earlier findings in this thread:

The tacit Seiko 7A38 / Orient J3920 / Puma JEPIC Y19 connection - so now also read Seiko 7T32 / Orient HFA / Puma JEPIC Z7A. 8)

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Unfortunately, rare as it may be, my 10 Euro bargain buy may not turn out to be such a bargain after all. 

The tiny black specks visible in the above photo, on the grey plastic spacer between the crown stems, are an indication of the problem.

The JEPIC CORP. Z7A movement is toast. 

As received, it was showing the same time as in the seller's photo - approximately 5:20 - so naively I just assumed a flat battery.

Before I opened it up, I'd had a play with the hands. When I pulled the crown out and tried to wind it on, the hour hand wouldn't advance beyond 12 (be it midnight or noon) - it slipped - but the minute hand still rotated. The date was also stuck resolutely on 21. :mad:

There actually was no battery fitted. Closer inspection reveals that the movement had suffered from a leaking battery at some point - and that the end of the PCB where the battery contacts attach is just brittle blackened dust.

Here are a couple more photos I took this morning after I'd done a bit more of a clean up.

Fortunately there's been no degradation to the dial or hands - lume nor paint:

So it looks like I'm going to have to source a donor 7T32 / Y182 movement and swap the dial / hands - and of course their backplates.

Potentially, when I've rebuilt it, it's going to be a very attractive, if somewhat blingy little 7T32:

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Seiko7A38 at June 22, 2013 at 6:45 AM

I've seen lots of Orient 7T32's on eBay over the years, but never before this particular model, a HFA940:

I'm not usually very keen on over-sized oblong pushers, but I'll admit they work reasonably well on this case design:

Note, unusually it has dual outer scales: both the normal Tachymeter and Telemeter. Pity about the badly scratched crystal. :/

Remember this attractive little Orient HFA 7T32 with oblong pushers, from the first page ? :|

Well I've just accidentally stumbled across another one, with posh pretentions on Yahoo Japan. Must have been that divot. :lol: 

オリエント アラーム・クロノグラフ


The listing title translates simply as: Orient alarm chronograph

The brief description as: Tested (do not confirm the alarm function) battery is 17mm 36mm beauty dial does not have to contain.

There's no mention of the fact that the dial has ROYAL COUNTY OF BERKSHIRE POLO CLUB printed where you'd normally expect to see Orient QUARTZ Chronograph. The shield logo is a (poor) representation the team's blue and white colours, rather than Berkshire's crest. The case-back appears to be stamped with the old trademark version of the club's logo (slightly dis-Oriented).


EDIT: Erm, perhaps they're not quite so rare, after all. :/

It only takes a couple of minutes googling images of Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club watch to realize that nowadays (apart from the pukka polo club) they're little better than just another fashion brand; allowing the current version of their logo to be slapped upon just about anything that ticks - including some real cheap tat !  Probably the reason why the Japanese seller eluded to mention it. :roll:

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From my various posts in the different threads in this section, including this one, it's probably plain for all to see that whereas I'm not the biggest fan of 7Txx movements, I do have a certain weakness for the Orient HFA 7T32 Breitbling lookalikes and have indeed succumbed to buying a couple.

If you've read the Racer J39 thread in the next forum sub-section down, then you may have seen a couple of references to this photoshopped image of a Racer chronograph, which used to be on the old Racer website. The watch case (crown and pusher configuration) are clearly 7A38 / J39, but the sub-dials / hands are 7T32 / HFA000.

Regardless, there's no denying it's an attractive looking watch.

From my various sightings (and purchases) on eBay of the Orient and Puma variants, I knew that a pukka Racer HFA had to exist.

One cropped up on eBay, yesterday evening, listed by the same Spanish seller who is currently listing the NOS Racer J39024-50.

It's not quite the same as that photoshopped image, in that it's a 'Panda'. Indeed it bears a close resemblance to a Racer J39027-70, but with a white Tachymeter ring, rather than contrasting black. Here's half the (20 total) photos the seller has embedded in the listing:

Pity about the Spanish seller's somewhat over-optimistic Buy-it-Now asking price of 219 Euros. :(

Had it instead been 129 Euros, I might have briefly thought about it - and hit the Buy-it-Now button. :/

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Time for a few long overdue updates to this thread.

That attractive looking NOS Racer HFA019-70 'Panda' did eventually sell for the 219 Euros Buy-it-Now asking price, after a couple of (30-day) re-listings, in the first week of March:

I was kind of sad to see it go, but I personally wasn't prepared to pay that kind of money for a 7T32 - NOS or not. :/

Meanwhile, back in December 2015 I'd stumbled across a couple more Orient branded 7T32 Breitbling lookalikes on eBay Germany.

Unfortunately they've long since dropped off my eBay watching page and also completely from eBay history, so although I made a note of their item numbers there's not a lot of point in posting the (non-functional) links. But I did save the photos from the listings.

Both were described as non-runners. The first was an all-over gold-plated Orient HFA901-70 - head only without strap.

I bid on it initially, but there was quite a lot of other interest, so I decided to let it go. It sold for 35.50 Euros after 16 bids.

The other, a two-tone Orient HFA001-70 was listed on eBay Germany almost concurrently. Gotta love the photo backgrounds. :roll:

Unfortunately this seller was blocking bids from outside Germany, so once again I had to enlist the invaluable assistance of forum member Andre to bid on my behalf. 'We' won this one for a mere 13.83 Euros - and it appears to be in a better cosmetic condition. :)

The watch duly arrived in January. At the time of writing, it's still in pieces - I need to find another cheap replacement 7T32 movement.

You may have noticed the white deposits on the underside of crystal in the photos. I'd assumed they were the result of someone carelessly scraping an acid corroded battery terminal. Whatever it is, it appears to have attacked the crystal's anti-reflective coating. Oddly, unlike my other Orient HFA's, this one appears to have a Hesalite crystal fitted (as opposed to the usual mineral glass).

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Another slightly belated update - and the story of one that got away.

I spotted this Orient HFA012-60 listed by an Italian eBay seller in early March. My first thoughts were how stupendously ugly it looked.


But really it was the watch case and particulary the crudely designed bezel that were ugly. The dial was actually quite attractive. In fact it wasn't too dissimilar to the dial design of the Breitbling HFA's. So had I won the auction, I was planning to break it up for parts - and to transfer the dial / movement and Tachymeter ring to another case. But there was another reason I wanted it - for its bracelet. You may have read in other threads, where I've observed that Racer and Orient J39 case designs were carried over to the ensuing HFA range. Which implies that they could have shared common components. Studying the seller's photos, one of the first things I'd honed in on was the p/n of the bracelet: GK1075. It was the same gold-plated two-tone bracelet used on my 'beater' Racer J39026-70.

Had I won, it might have been a case of throwing good money after bad. Even with a better bracelet the watch would still have been a pretty rough 'beater'. As it happened, somebody else wanted it more badly than I did and I was out-sniped in the final seconds. :(


I did actually give in to temptation and bought myself another 'fixer-upper' Breitbling lookalike Orient HFA earlier this week.

Funnily enough it's connected with this other thread: Question (Riddle): When is an Orient J39 not a J39 ?

The same Italian eBay seller who had erroniously listed a couple of Orient J39's as HFA's also had this HFA901-70 correctly titled.

It's obviously the same all-over gold plated version, model # HFA901-70 as the one I passed on on eBay Germany, back in December last year, but with a nicer white dial (and strap). :) So that's probably two replacement 7T32 movements I'm looking for now. :roll:


For those of you fed up, by now, of me posting photos of Orient HFA Breitbling 7T32 lookalikes (I just happen to like them) :P ....

Here's something truly rare and unusual for a 7T32 - for a change. It's probably never a good idea to search back through an eBay seller's recently ended listings, to see what else you might have missed out on. But that's just what I did, earlier in the week. 

Spotted this attractive little Breil 'Captain', model # KSZ005J - clearly 7T32 based that someone else had snapped up.

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