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Sir Alan
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I did some work on Woodys 7A38-705A this weekend, and while doing so I took some photos.

The crown (very nice and clean):

the bracelet fixing pins (very easy to remove, and wonderfully finished):

the pushers and springs (after an ultrasonic dip to clear out the grunge):

and now the case (which I cleaned with my ultrasonic toothbrush - in some shots you'll see the rodico that I used to block up the pusher and crown tube holes to prevent any water into the case). I really like all the facets on this, the deep bezel and the brushed finish:

and with pushers re-installed (after applying silicone grease):

and with the case back on (with a new gasket fitted):

and the bracelet (with wear to the black joining links and some stretch, but lovely looking and very comfortable):

and underside:

and a hands / dial shot (just look at how the hands hit those marks):

and finally a couple of wrist shots:

It's a shame these are rare, as I'd really like one.

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Well done for sorting it for Woody, Simon. ;) I guess you're not going to post those other two 'Before' and 'After' photos, then ? :P

Couple of points:

Did you see where I wrote on the second page of Woody's 7A38-705A thread:

Simon. May I add that the pusher buttons on the 7A38-7050 / -705x don't actually work quite as well on as on some other models. Perhaps it's a design flaw, but if you look at the photos on the previous page you'll see they don't protude very far outside their cups.

I experimented with fitting (and then removing) the small stainless washers on one of my 7A38-7050's. Two of the pusher shafts were also bent (right at their extreme ends where the circlips fit) too - a sign that a previous owner had been a little too firm with them.

In your photo, the uppermost pusher appears to have suffered in a similar manner (though not as badly as mine had):

I presume you also decided to forgo the washers, in the interest of slightly longer pusher travel ? :|

The other thing you need to do is push the serrated pipes onto the ends of the bracelet pins a bit further. They shouldn't protrude:


The way I do it, is to press a short length of thinwall stainless tubing down the pipe end of the bracelet tube, to push it on further.

Check out how much deeper the heads of the pins are countersunk in this old photo of my (ex-Michael Rothe) 7A38-7050 beater:

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hi simon and thank you for all your hard work and the nice photos of the watch .i will be wearing next week when it comes back you are a star as i did not want to send it back and lose two lots of post and vat and fees why you need to charge $60.00 post from the us i do not know but if you want a watch and thats what they want what can you do .what was the issue with the chrono hand by the way?

thank you very much ian.

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Precisely the one we both told you about, Ian:

but ..... the 'finger' over the main chrono hand driving shaft is slightly displaced, so won't be helping. Best to re-seat it correctly.

Simon' is correct about that finger tension spring. It's a very common problem, usually caused by clumsy watchmakers,

and if you don't re-seat it properly it will be detrimental to the chrono' sweep hand operation. See this thread:

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hi simon got the watch back today and its look very nice and works 100% better now, did you clean the the dial as it looks a lot better now the buttons are so much nicer to use now and the chrono is spot on now thank you so much for all your help and work got it now.

all the best woody.

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Sir Alan
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Glad you're pleased with it Woody.

I cleaned the dial with rodico - just to remove any dust particles that always tend to gather. As I said in my PM to you, it could really use a new crystal so keep your eyes out for one - I'll gladly fit it for you.


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Which is rarer, the 7A38-7050 or the 7A38-705A?  I've got a -7050 in mint condition.

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