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Seiko7A38 at October 14, 2018 at 5:00 AM

The French eBay seller ended the above erronious listing for a stainless 7A38-7260 in the early hours of this morning, because there was an error (or two) in the listing. Probably the best thing he could have done in the circumstances. :lol:

It's back again - re-listed earlier this evening.  

But still with the same incorrect model number in the listing title. 4/10 for effort.

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In the early hours of this morning, the French eBay seller of that 7A38-7260 revised their re-listing, correcting the erroneous model number in the title.

Having finally got that right, they then saw fit to increase their opening bid price from the previous 49 Euros to 89 Euros. :roll:

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The indecisive French eBay seller continued to revise the re-listing throughout the week, including reducing the opening bid price - in stages, eventually back to their original 49 Euros. :roll:

The 7-day auction ended a few moments ago, with the 7A38-7260 finally selling for 65 Euros after 6 bids.

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Yesterday evening, around teatime, a German eBay seller (I'll refrain from making a joke about 'Hermann') listed a stainless 7A38-7260, which appears (best as one can tell from the poor photos) to be fitted with an unidentified non-original stainless bracelet. He first listed it as one of a 'job lot' of 3 watches, which also included a Seiko 5 (7S26) Auto and an early Seiko LCD chrono' (0634), as a 10-day auction with an opening bid price of 75 Euros.

A couple of hours later, he realized the error in that strategy and ended the listing.

He subsequently re-listed it on its own, again as a 10-day auction, with the opening bid price reduced to 50 Euros. Unfortunately, he hasn't bothered taking any more photos and has simply uploaded the single image of the 7A38-7260 from the previous 'job lot' listing. :roll:

Seiko Chronograph

Deckelbeschriftung: Seiko Stainless Steel

Water Resistant

Japan J


7A38-7260 A6

gebraucht und Mangels Batterie ungeprüft.

Die Uhr wurden getragen und zeigt Nutzungspuren.

Bilder sind Bestandteil der Beschreibung

Sie erwerben hier einen Artikel der von Privat an Privat verkauft wird.

Eine Garantie, Gewährleistung sowie eine Rücknahme sind ausgeschlossen.

Please ask for international charges.

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During the course of the 10-day auction, Hermann the German eBay seller made a number of revisions to his listing for that stainless 7A38-7260.

However, it wasn't until late on Saturday afternoon, a day before the listing was due to end, that he finally got around to adding some more photos - 10 of them. They all had a slightly blue-ish tinge. :roll:

Turns out that the non-original bracelet fitted (which you couldn't see in his original photo) was a Seiko p/n B1424S, which although not really suited to this particular application, always makes a handy substitute replacement for the 7A38-701X range. Had it been in better condition, I might have pursued it further myself. The 10-day auction ended yesterday evening, selling for 74.99 Euros after 9 bids.

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The well-worn stainless 7A38-7260, which was first listed over a month ago, by a rather indecisive French eBay seller (see bottom of the previous page and later updates at top of this one) is back on eBay again. :roll: Listed yesterday evening, by another French seller (presumably the unfortunate buyer) as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of 1 Euro. Apparently the chrono' doesn't work. :(

Montre Seiko.

Quelques rayures d'usages.

La montre fonctionne mais visiblement pas le chronographe.

À revoir.

Date à 3 h

Diamètre: 39mm.

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The above 7-day auction listing, for a well-worn stainless 7A38-7260 with chrono' faults, by the French eBay re-seller, ended a few moments ago. This time around, it sold for 76 Euros after 22 bids.

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Bob Brown
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If the watch is working shouldn't the chrono too, given that it's powered by the same battery?

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Not necessarily Bob - indeed not at all so. There may be only one battery (and one circuit board controlling everything), but there are 4 separate stepper motors with individual gear trains, driving the various functions. The only hands which are mechanically connected by gears are the hour and minute and the small constant seconds hand on the six o'clock sub-dial.

So in a badly neglected watch, there's potential for any number of faults to arise: electrical, electronic and mechanical. You may for example encounter partial chronograph functionality, where say either the 30 minute counter or sweep second hand don't work. Or a fully working chronograph when the time doesn't work - or other permutations. These faults can be due to any number of factors, including dirty (rusted) switch contacts, stuck pushers, bent setting levers, faulty coils or damaged rotors, old sticky oil in the jewels, battery acid damage, even something as simple a loose screw in the anti-magnetic back-plate causing bad connectivity / earthing, etc., etc..

The statement in the French seller's description was a bit vague:

La montre fonctionne mais visiblement pas le chronographe. À revoir.

There may be some other idiomatic meaning, but that translates literally as: 

The watch works but obviously not the chronograph. To review.

He should more correctly have written: The time function of the watch works ....

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This stainless 7A38-7260 in evidently fairly decent cosmetic condition, but suffering from a recalcitrant sweep second hand was listed yesterday afternoon by a UK eBay seller as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of £39 or the option of a reasonable Buy-it-Now for £139. Incidentally, it's 96xxxx case-back serial number (indicating June 1989 manufacture) makes this a late production example.

Seiko 7a38 7260 mens quartz chronograph.

Sought after model. All functions work correctly except for the sweep second hand which is fixed at the 12 position ( never bothered me and doesn't affect anything else).

From my own collection, selling to concentrate on other particular Seiko models.

Comes on a near to original black leather band ( these were originally supplied this way)

In excellent condition but has obvious marks and scratches commensurate with its age.

Posted first class Royal Mail tracked and signed for. Securely packaged.

UK only

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The UK eBay seller of the above stainless 7A38-7260 ended his 7-day auction listing, a day early, on Tuesday afternoon - as item no longer available. At the time, bidding had stalled @ £46, so I can't say I blame him. :( Makes me feel guilty for having been the one to place the opening bid, which 'killed' the Buy-it-Now option. Perhaps he received a 'back door' offer. Who knows ? :/

Somewhat belated update:

Thanks to a belated 'heads up' from forum member Steve ('a1topdog'), it transpired the eBay seller 'Andy' had also listed it on Facebook (Horsham UK Buy/Sell & Swap closed group), asking £89, so it possibly sold in response to that or another advert.

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This stainless 7A38-7260 in average worn condition was listed a couple of days ago, by an Italian eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with a sensible opening bid price of 119 Euros (or the option to make an offer). Pity about the couple of little dings on both sides of the watch case. They couldn't be in a worse position, for anyone intent on re-finishing the case and still retaining the elliptical shape.

Orologio vintage SEIKO ref. 7A38 - 7260, perfettamente funzionante. Movimento Seiko al quarzo rigorosamente "made in japan", ottimamente rifinito e ben costruito per durare una vita. Bellissimo, ottime condizioni. Tutto ORIGINALE, vetro minerale. L'orologio si presenta nell'insieme molto ben conservato e tutto funzionante in tutte le sue funzioni di tempo e cronometria, batteria nuova.

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The above 7-day Italian eBay auction for a stainless 7A38-7260 ended a few moments ago, selling for 127 Euros after 6 bids.

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This well-worn stainless 7A38-7260 'head only', evidently in dire need of some TLC, was listed this afternoon by Italian eBay seller 18hobbyman13 as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of 0.01 Euros (1 cent). Apart from the obvious missing sweep second hand, if you translate the Italian description, it's also suffering from a broken stem. It's also worth closely examining the photos. Around the perimeter of the dial, between '70' and '100' and at '500' on the Tachymeter scale, there's what appears to be mould or possibly micro-blistering. Personally, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, but then this seller is blocking bids from UK anyway.

Vendo bellissimo orologio marca SEIKO modello CHRONOGRAPH DAY-DATE come non funzionate-le ho messo la pila nuova ed il orologio e partito,carica e tiene il tempo molto bene solo che ha la tige rotta e non ci si riesce a mettere a posto l ora e per di piu premendo i pulsanti del crono non accade nulla,quindi da rivedere il crono,ed e per questo che viene venduto cosi com e-da mettere a posto,pulire,revisionare o come pezzi di ricambio-AS IT IS-TO FIX IT,CLEAN,SERVICE OR FOR SPARE PIECES(only time working).La cassa misura 38,80 mm e da ansa ad ansa per il verticale misura 41,28 mm.La cassa e acciaio massiccio e si trova ancora in belle condizioni come da foto,con presente qualche lieve segno dovuto alla normale usura-la cassa non e mai stata lucidata.Il quadrante originale color grigio scuro,con lancette che si illuminano al buio-molto bello e molto pulito come da foto.Ha una carica quarz SEIKO JAPAN calibro 7A38A e monta 15 rubini-carica e tiene il tempo molto bene.Il suo vetro presenta qualche lieve graffio e segno dovuto alla normale usura come da foto.Il suo bracciale manca.La corona e la sua originale-viene in fuori dalla cassa in quanto la tige e rotta.Il suo fondello e in acciaio ed ha la chiusura a vite,con presente qualche lieve segno come da foto.Il orologio e originale a 100%,carica e tiene il tempo molto bene.Viene venduto da come descritto e da come presentato nelle foto-senza scatola e garanzia,ma se avete qualche domanda non esitate a chiedere e non dimenticate di guardare le mie altre inserzioni.Grazie!Auguro buon asta a tutti e che vinca il MIGLIORE!!!

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The above 7-day Italian eBay auction for that far from ideal stainless 7A38-7260 head only ended yesterday afternoon, selling for 64 Euros after 21 bids.

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This stainless 7A38-7260, which appears to be in decent used condition, fitted with a non-original stainless bracelet, was listed yesterday evening by an Italian eBay seller as a 10-day auction, with an opening bid price of 10 Euros.

Seiko vintage 7A38-7260 come da foto. Perfettamente funzionante ogni suo parte. Cinturino non originale.

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The above 10-day Italian eBay auction for a stainless 7A38-7260, fitted with a non-original bracelet, ended yesterday evening, selling for 111 Euros after 21 bids.

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I really should have known better than publish the result of an Italian eBay auction, without first checking the bidding history. Needless to say, with hindsight it appears to have been shilled in the best Italian tradition. Not only was the auction won by a newly created Zero-feedback bidder, who naturally has 100% bidding activity with the seller, but with the aid of his accomplice, who placed 14 of the 21 bids and has 93% bidding activity, he shilled it all the way from 60 Euros to 111 Euros. :roll:

So I really wasn't entirely surprised to see it re-listed yesterday evening - as another 10-day auction, but this time with an opening bid price of 150 Euros. :roll:

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This well-worn stainless 7A38-7260, suffering from manky lume and some issues with the chronograph functions (see description), was listed by a UK eBay seller, while I was out this morning, as 'spares or repairs', with a Buy-it-Now price of £70.

Seiko 7A38-7260. RUNNING - SPARES OR REPAIRS. Gents Chronograph, vintage.

Seiko 7A38-7260.

Up for sale is a vintage Seiko chronograph from my spares bin.

This one dates to July 1987 from the serial number.

Well worn case. Sold on a leather strap (no bracelet).

Scratched glass etc.

None functioning chronograph, though it runs and keeps time.


Stainless steel case.

39mm case diameter.

Steel crown and pushers.

Mineral glass.


20mm lug width.

Very dark brown extra long strap fitted.


Black dial with recessed black sub dials.

Steel hands with luminous stripe.

Steel batons with same lume stripe.

Silver sub-dial hands.

Day and date display at the 3 position.


Seiko 7A38 calibre.

Quartz (battery) powered chronograph.

Runs and keeps time (untested, but works with a new 394 battery fitted).

Chronograph doesn't function - the top left pusher seems to be stuck in and the top right pusher is none responsive.

Sold as spares or repairs - I have no real interest in fixing it, I don't collect the 28, 38 or 48 calibres.



The case shows general age related wear, scuffs and scratches.

The strap is in good condition.

The glass has lots of shallow scratches.

No box or papers.

Please be aware this is a running watch with issues - sold as spares or repair.

Thanks for looking.

The listing lasted approx. 2½ hours, during which time it received 40 views, before someone hit the Buy-it-Now button this lunchtime.

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Another stainless 7A38-7260, in rather nicer cosmetic condition: looking almost mint, fitted with a non-original replacement strap, was listed earlier this evening by a German eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of 100 Euros. There is also currently the option to make an offer.

Im Angebot steht hier klassischer Seiko-Chronograph aus den 80er-/90er-Jahren.

Dabei handelt es sich um das Modell SEIKO Quartz Chronograph 7A38 - 7260

Verbaut ist das Chronographen-Uhrwerk Kaliber 7A38 mit schwarz-silbernem Zifferblatt, weißen Zeigern und vertieften Totalisatoren für 1/10 Sekunden, Minuten und durchlaufender Sekunde.

Im 1/10-Sekunden-Feld befinden sich die Anzeigen für Wochentag und Datum (Day/Date).

Die Uhr ist aus Edelstahl gefertigt und mit einem sehr gut erhaltenen Lederarmband incl. Faltschließe versehen.

Gegen Aufpreis ist ein passendes, feingliedriges Metallarmband dazu zu bekommen.

Der Chronograph wiegt inklusive des Armbandes weniger als 70 Gramm und ist daher sehr angenehm zu tragen.

Der Durchmesser der Uhr beträgt ca. 38 mm (ohne Kronen), die Höhe der Uhr liegt bei 10 mm.

Die über 30 Jahre alte Uhr funktioniert ohne Probleme.

Die Zeitanzeige geht korrekt und genau, die Stoppfunktion mit zentraler Sekunde, 1/10-Sekunden-Messung und Minutenanzeige läuft wie es sein soll und stellt sich wieder auf 0, und die Day-Date Datumsanzeige in Englisch und Deutsch schaltet korrekt.

Die Drücker lassen sich leicht, mit wenig Widerstand bedienen und gehen leicht und locker in die Ursprungsposition zurück.

Das Gehäuse, der verschraubbare Deckel und die Bedien-Elemente sind in einem sehr guten, nahezu Neu-Zustand.

Es sind keinerlei sichtbare Kratzer vorhanden.

Das gleiche gilt für das Mineralglas dieser super schön erhaltenen Uhr: Es ist einfach makellos.

Es wird sehr schwierig sein, diese äußerst begehrte Seiko-Uhr in einem solchem Bestzustand zu finden!

Aufgrund der Medium-Größe eignet sich der Chronograph natürlich auch für die sportlich-moderne Dame.

Zum Lieferumfang gehört die makellose abgebildete Original-Box.

Angemessene Preisvorschläge für einen Sofortkauf werden entgegen genommen.

Privatverkauf – daher keine Garantie und keine Rücknahme.

Bei Versand ins Ausland bitte Versandkosten erfragen.

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