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My apologies, for lack of new postings lately, Gentlemen.

I've been pre-occupied with a few other things lately - one being trying to get the forum clock in the home page header sorted out.

I did actually start writing this up a couple of weeks ago as an extension of an existing topic. Most of it's on page 2 of that thread:

But in hindsight it probably deserves its own separate little topic ....

So that's what it's getting now. :P

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One of the (many) shortcomings of this forum software is my inability (even as administrator) to move posts between threads. :mad:

So please bear with me, while I copy across the relevent posts and fill in some background, to bring us up to date.

My original post from 12th April:


One thing that I've been remiss in improving since the site started, was the header, which apart from the text is standard Webs 'Air'.

I've toyed with a few ideas - along the lines of embedding overlapped fogged images of 7A38's to the right hand side of the header.

But then earlier this week, I saw something on another website that convinced me exactly what our site needed - a clock applet.

It's going to look something like this, only better - and with a Seiko 7A38 (or three), rather than a Dreadnought or 6139-6002. :)


That link above is Q&D website, set up by a chap at work named Vaughan, a programmer, who has been doing all the techy stuff.

It's a standard Webs (free) template - knocked up very quickly, just to see if it was possible to position a clock in the Webs header.

In case you don't recognise them, these clocks are normally to be found:

on the header of and 

in the right-hand sidebar of

As George was quick to point out, you'll see such clocks on plenty of other watch forums, but it was that fully functional 6139-6002 chrono' clock on 'Bataviajam' which gave me the inspiration to get one working on our website. A fully functional 7A38, naturally. :D

Click on the links below to see what those two clocks look like full screen:

TZ-UK Dreadnought GMT:

Bataviajam's 6139-6002:



Here's a second (partial) copy and paste of my next couple of posts from 14th April (initially in response to George):


Bet you haven't seen one quite like this, though George. :P 

Fresh in from my friendly local programmer - a chap at work. 8) 

This is just a full-sized screen print. The image still needs sharpening and reducing to fit the Webs 'Air' header (obviously). 

But all chrono hands are rotating - even if they don't quite hit their marks. Functional Day and Date (multi-lingual) T.B.D. / W.I.P.


That was just an initial test / experiment, based on an old photo I took of my 7A38-706A last year, to see if he could get it all working.

Rev. 1 of the 'clock' is now installed on the Home page only, just for testing purposes:

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One thing I hadn't included in the other thread was a clickable link to the full sized 7A38 clock working. So to put that right, here it is:

This is the original - Rev. 1:

To be continued ....

Verbiage to follow ....

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