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Back in August last year, when I was re-discovering Racer (as a former sub-brand of Orient, at the time), I wrote on the first page:

Racer's website, which appears to be a 'placeholder', under (re)construction, wasn't difficult to find:

I clicked on the link again earlier this week, expecting to see the same three place-holder pages, including this one:

Got a bit of a shock - they've completely re-vamped it since I last looked at it.

So I went hunting for their 'Historic' section. Found the tab:

Guess what's not too far down that page ? :D

It's the Racer J39027-70 - presumably the image is from a catalogue cover. (I've used Google to translate the original Spanish text).

It's shown on a tan 'croco' strap, same as the 7A38 / 7T32 photoshopped image was. I prefer the red-stitched black leather I've fitted.

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Seeing as the Racer Relojes website was live again, I thought I'd drop them a quick email or two ....

There's a contact email address on their Support page:

Firstly I enquired about availabilty of spare parts for the Orient / Racer J39 models, naturally. This is the reply I got back this morning:

Buenos días,

Actualmente tenemos muy pocas piezas de recambio para los modelos J39, lo mejor para solucionar su problema seria que nos enviara los relojes que necesiten reparación y nosotros lo haríamos.

La dirección de envío es:

Fernando Rubio 

Apartado de correos 85

28670 Villaviciosa de Odon (Madrid)

Sent by Fernando Rubio Villegas, who is presumably Racer's appointed contract watch repairer, the first sentence translates as:

Currently we have very few spare parts for the J39 models, best to solve your problem would be to send us the watches that need repair ....

Ahem. I think I'll pass, thanks Fernando. ;)

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Meantime, while I've been waiting impatiently for Racer to reply to my other question  ....

I've been googling them, in conjunction with their parent company IBÉRICA DE RELOJERÍA, S.A.

Not found a great deal to be honest. Their current address of Calle Luis Cabrera, 4 Madrid is just an anonymous apartment block.

Indeed, nowadays, they seem to exist as little more than a 'paper company', with (far) less than 10 employees: iberica-de-relojeri sa

Did find this interesting trade mark they'd registered in 2012 though:

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Speaking of logos ....

Another somewhat belated footnote to my lengthy post at the bottom of page 1, concerning my observations about the J39723-70:

The bracelet clasp logo had me scratching my head for a while, so I asked the question here on the WatchuSeek's Orient sub-forum.

If you follow the link, you'll see that the two artificially-lit photos I first posted there weren't the best, but they were clear enough to get the answer I sought. Thanks to Anzac1957 (Tony) for his reply - and more so to Skippington, who correctly identified the logo as one normally seen on the dials of 1970's and 1980's vintage Orient quartz watches (but without the surrounding square outline).


A junk job lot of parts watches came up in my eBay saved favourite search notifications this morning ....

which included this photo of such a vintage Orient quartz watch with that stylized quartz crystal dial logo:

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You may have gathered from my very first post of this thread:

This latest quest started for me in the last week of July, prompted by a post made by Lawrence (forum member Konkordski) in the

Rare and unusual 7T32-xxxx variants spotted thread. There, he wote on 23rd July .....

That there exists an obvious connection between the Racer branded '7T32's produced by Orient and some of their J39 '7A38' models.

Probably none more so than the Breitling-esque J39027-70 model and it's HFA019-70 '7T32' equivalent that I wrote about on page 3 of the same thread in January. Another cropped up in March. To save you switching to the other thread, I'll copy and paste my post.

Originally posted on March 7, 2014 at 12:58 AM

Spotted another of these Breitling-esque Racer 7T32's on, while searching for more Racer J39's - without success. 

Obviously the same case style, but oddly this one has a slightly incongruous combination of gold-plated watch case with a stainless bezel - and what looks like a chocolate brown coloured dial, but this time, without the TEAM COLLECTION logo. It's NOS too.

Funnily enough, the seller is the same person who supplied my 3 NOS Racer J39's last August.

Pity about the over-optimistic 150 Euros asking price and the butchered case-back. :roll:


I still haven't quite deciphered the case-back model number of that one, but I suspect it reads HFA018-70 (as opposed to HFA019-70).

There's some (numerical) logic behind that, as you'll see in my next post. ;)

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You see I've got another Racer J39 incoming. :) Except this one, in prospect, is a complete and utter piece of irredeemable junk. :(

Were it not for the fact that it was a Racer J39, I'd probably otherwise have written it up in James' Bottom of the 7Axx Barrel thread.

I bought this example purely in the name of research and don't have particularly high hopes of restoring it. I'm more likely to part it out.

The seller's decription read:

Vintage Racer by Orient Chronograph WATCH 4 FIX




Todos los articulos se hacen en en sobres acolchados y por correo certificado. SE ENVIA CON Nº DE SEGUIMIENTO PARA TOTAL SEGURIDAD

Se vende tal cual se aprecia en la fotografía

Si tiene cualquier duda póngase en contacto.

Pago por transferencia, ingreso o Paypal

Si no estás seguro, tienes dudas o no estás conforme con los gastos de envío por favor NO PUJES

No se aceptan devoluciones

Por favor mirar las fotos , son parte de la descripcion


Selling as is " no return"

Photo is the actual item for sale,so please use it as your guide as what you see is what you get.

Indeed, it ain't pretty.

In fact, I could have saved myself 20 Quid, because the last small image, which is a zoomed crop of the previous case-back shot, told me all I really needed to know. This battered example is a J39026-70 (as opposed to a J39027-70, like my previous acquisition). Or at least it once was. Like it's Racer 7T32 stablemate, the two-tone SGP version is one (model) number lower than the stainless version.

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But at least I had another valid Orient / Racer J39 case model number to add to my growing spreadsheet. So as you do, I googled it.

It seems there was also a white dialed version of the J39026. Though this one was posssibly an Orient J39, rather than a Racer*.

Posted on an Italian watch forum way back in February 2009 .... by a newbie member with less than stellar photographic abilities:

Ciao a tutti scusate ma e' la prima volta che scrivo e forse non riesco a inserire la foto comunque sono sempre alla ricerca di una ghiera ORIENT J39026-76 ca confido nelle vostre riserve di materiale un po' "old fascion".

*Although it's a diabolically poor photo, the fact there are four blurred lines of text at top of the dial leads me to suspect they read:





The case-back would still have been stamped ORIENT J39026-70. Similarly I suspect the '6' was a case of misreading '0'. ;)

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If you were able to detect a watch (and by that I don't mean a 7A38 clone, I really mean "a watch") in this "picture", than you're really a bloody genius!


My Seiko chronos: SPV002 - SDX008J1 - SFA005J1 - PSZ006P1

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But you know I am, Fabio. 8) 

PS - that 'newbie' was the 'Nerone' I was trying to contact - not the similar username on O&P who you and I wrote about. ;)

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That 'junker' Racer J39026-70 which I bought on eBay last weekend arrived in this morning's post. No surprises - it was in as poor a condition as it appeared in the seller's photos (they flattered if anything) - badly treated; beaten up, worn out and absolutely filthy.

Haven't seen so much solidified crud inside bracelet end pieces in a long time. The rotating bezel was similary clogged solid with dirt.

I took a couple of photos before I started stripping it, but the light wasn't great this morning, so I subsequently discarded most them.

When I'd first studied the eBay listing photos, I'd had my doubts as to whether the bracelet fitted was original. The seller's photo of the case-back wasn't the sharpest and admittedly mine isn't much better, but you could just make out the part number GK1075 stamped in the ear of one of the bracelet end pieces:


The other bracelet end piece (nothing stamped on it) wasn't original. There were also a couple of non-original adjustment links fitted.

But the stylized Orient quartz crystal logo stamped on the clasp closer (same as my J39723-70's clasp has) convinced me it was. 

Before, I'd thought it rather odd in having outer bracelet links gold plated (or what's left of it) and the inner links stainless - instead of the other, more conventional way around, but if you take into consideration the watch case / bezel finish, it makes sense. This watch would have been an extremely gaudy Breitbling clone in it's heyday.

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Once I'd removed the bracelet and put that to soak in neat Flash cleaning fluid, I turned my attention to the watch head. As the seller had stated, the time was working. Pulling out the crown produced an encouraging response from the chrono' sweep hand - which continued to circulate at a rapid rate (as if it was being constantly returned to Zero). Obviously, with all the pushers being stuck in (right in, and then some) I had no way of checking any other chrono' functions. So apart from my desire to soak the watch case in Flash, the movement needed to come out. Therein lay the problem. I decided on a slightly different more cautious way of tackling it.

The movement back-plate was relatively clean if a little tarnished:

That cheap and potentially nasty Camelion LR926 Alkaline battery went straight in the bin. Fortunately no signs of prior leakage:

Rather than attempt to take the movement out, in one piece, I thought it best to check on the (stuck in) pusher engagement first.

So I removed the anti-magnetic backplate, followed by a surprisingly spotless PCB and the green plastic '710' spacer.

Just as well I did. :roll:

The ends of all three pusher shafts were tight against the movement base-plate, having mostly displaced their switch lever actuators. You can see the culprit for the constantly rotating sweep second hand at the top L.H. - the 4 o'clock (reset pusher) lever circuit was being completed by the switch lever. I carefully removed all three switch levers, which amazingly were all like new and still remarkably springy and managed to ease back the 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock pushers with a pair of pliers. The 10 o'clock pusher wouldn't budge ! :mad:

Here's a close-up showing the pusher circlips still in place at this stage. Note the marks left on the base-plate by the pusher shafts.

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Forcibly retacting those two pushers enabled me to drop the dial and (still partially dismantled) movement out of the case.

Unfortunately that badly scratched crystal in the eBay seller's photos hid a slightly moisture damaged dial:

The watch may once have been Water Resistant, but the dial paint not so. :(

The dial markings were thankfully still legible and read JAPAN BK J392026R - 028 - not quite the usual Racer / Orient format I would have expected, but have seen once before on the Racer J39723-70. Odd that the J39026-70's Breitbling sibling, the J39027-70 does include SI (Seiko Instruments) in the dial part nomenclature and this one has BK. Another reason to find out what 'BK' stands for. :/

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I subsequently re-assembled the movement and all chronograph functions work perfectly, with a nice clicky feel to the switch levers. :)

Whether that Racer dial and movement will ever be re-united with its original watch case is another matter altogether, however. :/

I popped off the pusher circlips and managed to push the two almost moveable pushers a bit further out, thus enabling me to withdraw the plastic Tachymeter ring.

However they are very reluctant to push right out (I suspect bent shafts) and the mangled 10 o'clock pusher shows no sign of freeing.

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This sure says something about Seiko "build" quality vs Orient  :/  Nice job getting that pearl out  :)

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Not sure I get your drift, Don. :/ I'm 99% certain that the Orient (hence Racer) J39's were built for them by Seiko to their standards.

Thanks, BTW - I didn't expect it to be that easy. ;)

Let's wait and see what an overnight soak in Flash does for the watch case / pushers. Once dry, they'll get the WD40 treatment.

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Whether that Racer dial and movement will ever be re-united with its original watch case is another matter altogether, however. :/

Never say never. :D

Rotating bezel freed off and clicking around nicely in the best Breitbling fashion. After I cleaned the corrosion out of their housings, straightened their shafts as best I could, all the pushers are now working freely. But because this basket case was never going to be any oil painting (there I said it again), rather than fit waste a new replacement crystal, I used a lightly scratched one I'd removed from an Orient J39001-70 and kept. The crystal that came out of this Racer J39026-70 was almost opaque with scratches by comparison.

Despite my efforts to revive it (I won't say restore, because it's beyond anybody's ability) it's still very much a shadow of its former self. However when I was reassembling it I found evidence that it may once have been looked after by its original owner. Inside the back of the caseback was the tiniest engraved watchmaker's mark.

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As I promised in the WRUW thread on Thursday, time for some overdue updates to this thread. :)

I may have wasted much of my spare time during the Summer 'chasing unicorns' - particularly the FRED 7A38, but during that quest, I hadn't dropped the ball completely with regard to my research into more attainable 'other brands', including Orient and Racer. Funnily enough, it was my recent sighting of the Fred Chrono Aventure (which may, or not be a 7A28) which reminded me of another rather cheaper '7A38' with a blue dial and gold sub-dials which I'd neglected since July. :/

In fact, I had written about the acquisition of my then latest incoming Racer J39 in another thread in this section.

My newest incoming J39908-70 - Variations on a theme: Part V (actually part VI)

Bear with me, while I copy and paste the relevent parts of the three posts from that thread (with apologies for the duplication). :P

Originally posted by myself on July 6, 2014 at 11:59 AM

Originally posted by myself on July 6, 2014 at 12:46 PM

Here's most of the seller's photos - I've only uploaded 7 of the 11, because a few of them were quite similar:

Obviously it's in far from pristine condition. :/ Apart from the wear to the gold plating, there also appears to be some moisture damage to the dial paint, around the edges of all three sub-dials. :( Still at least the case doesn't appear to be corroded through to the resin. 

And hopefully this one actually has a blue dial ! :lol:

Originally posted by myself on July 6, 2014 at 1:44 PM

If you click on the link to the auction, you'll see that it has since been ended early because of one of the usual excuses ....

'Twas I who back-doored it. 


There's an old saying: Act in Haste; Repent at Leisure. :roll:

It duly arrived about a week later. It may have come fairly cheaply, but I'd ignored all the warning signs that I'd observed on July 6th.

As can be seen in the eBay listing photos (the seller had also pointed this out in one of his messages), it was missing a case-back gasket. The movement back-plate may have looked reasonably clean, but it soon became apparent when I stripped it down that the dial particularly had suffered badly from moisture ingress in the past.

You can see the 'tide-mark' most noticeably on the lower part of the dial, outside the minute markers. The dial part number markings were thankfully still legible - exactly what I'd come to expect (this being my third Racer branded version and sixth Orient J39908-70):

JAPAN SI 014 and J392 908R.

I did my best to clean the dirty film from around the edge of the dial, very carefully dabbing away with Rodico. At first I deliberately avoided going anywhere near the blistered discoloured paint around the edges of the sub-dials, knowing it would probably flake off. But then, in a rash moment, I attempted to clean the tarnishing on the sub-dials and their rims and got too close to the edge of the 1/10s sub-dial and immediately lost a flake of blue paint (@ 0.50). At which point I put the project to one side - in disgust. :(

Some weeks later, I mixed up a tiny amount of blue paint and attempted to re-touch that spot. More old dial paint lifted ! :mad:

So in the end, I just nailed it back together as it was.

Although the dial is clearly beyond redemption, how bad it actually looks depends upon how much light it catches. :/

Indeed, I was so disappointed that I hadn't even bothered making any effort to find a decent replacement strap for it. :(

It had come with a rather cheap and nasty 18mm thin black leather strap, which I hadn't re-fitted because it looked so naff.

Yesterday I found something suitably scabby on eBay Germany which may work. It's an old design Barington 19mm Blue Ostrich.

By 'scabby' I was, of course, referring tongue in cheek to the quill marks found on ostrich leather (and the scabby Racer J39 dial). ;)

Readers may question the logic of fitting a decent quality strap to a watch that is never going to be any oil painting. :/

Indeed sometimes I question my own sanity in chasing after these obsure re-branded 'beaters' in the name of research, in my efforts to expand my knowledge database and add yet another 'lesser example' to my collection - just because it's a slightly different variant ....

Especially with the logistics sometimes involved in acquiring them - of more anon.

Still, at least I can't be accused of making a rash decision on the next one. :P Remember this post from the previous page ? :|

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Seiko7A38 at December 7, 2013 at 10:15 AM

In the meantime, while I search for an alternative crystal solution for my 'Breit Bling' Racer J39 - and wait for my new strap to arrive ....

Strange I didn't spot it the first time as I was searching pretty religiously at that point (no longer).

Unlike, Lawrence - I haven't given up looking. :P Spotted this one listed on this afternoon:

There are three pretty diabolical photos - typical of the sort of thing you'll see on

But, from the case / bezel design, it's not difficult to identify this as a very well-worn example of a J39024-50 (same as my NOS 'Panda') but with an all black dial. According to the seller's description, it 'has the original metal band'. That I doubt very much - it looks like a cheap aftermarket 'Milanese' style mesh bracelet to me.  The seller appears to be a Spanish equivalent of Cash Converters, in Marineda City, A Coruña. Asking price is a mere 30 Euros. Hurry - go grab yourself a bargain ! 

I certainly can't be accused of not giving any other interested parties a shot at it. :lol:

Indeed, it wasn't until the last week of February that I caved in and messaged the seller, asking if they'd be prepared to sell it to me and post the watch to England. Their reply came back: Si se podria , pero tardaria bastante y los portes serian 45 euros:o

Turns out they used their own nominated 'courier' rather than Correos (the Spanish equivalent of the Royal Mail) and wouldn't make an exception. 45 Euros to send a 30 Euro watch weighing <100gms to UK - bloody ridiculous ! :roll: At which point I gave up on the idea. 

Needless to say, it remained unsold and was automatically re-listed over and over on for months afterwards.

In August, I noticed it had been re-listed once again, but this time with a new item number and rather more flattering set of photos:

The same 3 photos were also available in higher resolution on the revised (but still rather slow to load) Empenosysubastas website:!product/prd1/2443985081/reloj-de-hombre-racer

(It took me a while to find the listing, because it was actually mis-captioned as Reloj Casio). :roll:

My interest piqued again. :)

However, the logistics problem remained. Initially I'd asked Julio, who'd kindly purchased the three NOS Racer J39's on my behalf last year. Unfortunately he was unwilling to help in this instance. I guess you can only ask so many favours from online acquaintances. :/

So I left it again for a few more months ....

By which time the Milanuncios listing had received over 14,000 views - and still no-one else had been tempted to buy it ! :lol:

Then, I thought to ask forum member 'Frenchy' a.k.a. 'Patrick' on other watch forums. David (real name) generously obliged. ;)

Empenosysubastas charged 6.15 Euros to send it to him. It cost 9.00 Euros to post it to me in England. Much less than 45 Euros ! :)

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David's package containing the Racer J39 came last Thursday (13th November) - it took 6 days from Spain. In fact, I could have had it in my sticky mitts a couple of weeks earlier, but there really wasn't any hurry. There was a reason for the delay in David's posting it ....

Of more anon. Here's a partial copy of my PM to David:

Correos / Royal Mail did their stuff and the 'beater' Racer J39 arrived safely in this morning's post. Thank you. As you saw, it needs a new crystal and a bloody good clean, but it's eminently 'rescue-able'. The cheapo battery was on its last legs when it arrived - time had all but stopped and chrono' functions intermittent. Popped in a new #394 and away it went. Dial is in really nice condition under that scratched crystal - and quite different from my previous NOS 'panda' version of the J39024-50.

Note my comment about the scratched crystal - the actual condition of which wasn't readily apparent in the seller's various photos. 

I stripped and cleaned the watch case last weekend, although I didn't think to take any 'before' photos at the time. As readers may have guessed, the first thing to go (straight in the bin) was that horrible cheap non-original 18mm 'Milanese' mesh bracelet fitted. 

Although I didn't take a photo of this 'beater's case-back (remiss of me), it was stamped exactly the same as my NOS Panda version:

[DB] J39024-50 CS 




But again with no mention of the actual case material. However, as I'd incorrectly once assumed, a CS suffix will often (but not always) indicate metal-skinned resin case construction and without exception a glued-in crystal. As can be seen on this well worn example. Plating worn through to the thin outer metal skin on the lug ends and the resin interior exposed this side:

Softer resin core badly eroded away (presumably by sweat) on the other:

Ignore the (replacement) crystal that's since been fitted to the case - this is what's left of the one I popped out of it:

Therein lay my next problem. The original crystal was another unidentified 'parts bin special' (and very likely a Seiko supplied part). :roll:

I couldn't easily measure the exact diameter of the crystal in situ, because of the heavily bevelled edge. Knowing it was glued in, I tried pouring literally a teaspoonful of boiling water into the case as I pressed it out, in the hope that might soften the glue. Maybe it helped. Luckily I got more than half out in one piece. With old glue still attached to the edges, it measured 29.51mm diameter by 1.35mm thick.

I then very carefully cleaned the remaining old glue which was still stuck to the watch case's crystal mounting flange, using several wooden cocktail sticks and more boiling water, so as not to damage any of the gold plating. When I was satisfied, I attempted to measure the inner diameter of the flange and got results between 29.35 and 29.45mm !! It appeared there was an imperceptible lip on the cast metal bezel, which was preventing me from getting an accurate measurement. I made a note to order a Cousins 'cheapie' mineral glass crystal 29.4mm ∅ x 1.3mm thick. But that wasn't what I really wanted to use. I wanted something with a nice well-defined polished bevel edge like the original crystal. To which end, I'd had a scan through the Sternkreuz catalogue and found three likely candidates in their XMF 'special forms' range on page 6:

Note that their XMF 295.839 is equivalent to an Orient part number 16-1620. Whether that was actually the correct original crystal for the Orient / Racer J39024-50 is anybody's guess. Somehow I doubt it. Given the opportunity, I might have been daft enough to order all three 'on spec'. But as it was, Cousins UK only stocked the XMF 295.858 (whose silhouette appears to have the largest bevel) - the other two possibilities were marked 'Available On Request' - i.e. 'Special Order Only'.

Along with a few other bits and pieces it arrived on Thursday. At first I tried dropping the Cousins cheapie 29.4mm ∅ x 1.3mm crystal in place. It was a close-ish fit, but certainly loose enough to need cementing in. I then tentatively dropped the Sternkreuz XMF 295.858 in place; pressed it part way in with my thumbs and it jammed halfway. So I gingerly offered it up to the crystal press. With a resounding click it dropped into place, perfectly seated. No crack, no chipping and no glue - and amazingly it won't budge. Sorted. :D

While I had the Tachymeter ring out, I took a quick snap of it. When it's mounted inside the watch case, it looks just like the regular 'gold lettering on black' dial ring found in other Orient / Racer J39's. It isn't in this case - a different much deeper / thicker moulding:

The dial in this one was thankfully pristine, with just the lightest traces of tarnishing on the hour and minute hands' gold plating.

Although not shown well here, the dial colour is that slightly metallic very dark brown / almost black found on many Seiko 7Axx's.

The dial part number markings are all visible (with nothing else hidden under the Tachymeter ring): JAPAN SI J392024R-022.

(Unlike my previous NOS J39024-50, where the J392024R part of the dial identifier is separate - and hidden underneath the ring).

Once I'd fitted the replacement crystal, I quickly re-assembled it, just greasing the original gaskets. Given the overall poor condition of the watch case, there really wasn't much else I could do by way of restoration. To my mind, it didn't even justify fitting a new strap. So I bunged on a used 'double jonc' black leather strap; a 20mm squeezed to fit the 19mm lug width, which I'd given the Kiwi (shoe polish) Scuff Cover rejuvination treatment. Not recommended for wearing with a white shirt. :roll:

Hence the couple of Q&D wrist shots I posted in the WRUW thread on Thursday:

Here's another less-than-stellar shot of it alongside my NOS Panda J39024-50 which I took yesterday:

That there should exist two distinctly different dial designs (but both using the same sub-dial printing) for the J39024-50 came as no surprise to me. Particulary after witnessing the same thing with the Orient / Racer J39908-70 variants: 2 designs and 6 colours so far.

So having nailed this one, I was already on the look-out for other Orient / Racer J39024-50 variants. 

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And that readers was the reason for the delay in David posting the ex-Empenosysubastas Racer J39024-50 'beater' to me.

Purely by chance, while waiting for an update from David, I was idly browsing and found another one ! 

It had already been listed for a couple of weeks, in October, in a 'job lot' with a Seiko 5 automatic (which I could take or leave).

The seller's photos might not be the best, but it looked in rather better condition than the 'beater' already in transit to David. The dial is obviously the same pattern as my NOS J39024-50, but a 'Reverse Panda', in black with silver sub-dials (possibly with lumed batons).

I messaged the seller twice (in Spanish) but received no reply. So I asked David's help again - in the hope that if he could buy this one on my behalf as well, he could consolidate their shipment. Days and weeks passed. Eventually the seller responded. He would only sell it in a face-to-face transaction for cash. He wouldn't even post it within Spain !! :roll: The seller 'Tony' is in Mostoles, a suburb of Madrid; David lives in the Valencia area, some 350Kms away. So sadly, we had to admit defeat on this one. :(

To add insult to injury, after his Segundomano listing expired, Tony listed it on (using only one photo - upside down):

I expect there will be others - indeed other dial colour variations of these two versions of J39024-50.

Just so frustrating to let this one slip through my fingers, because of a narrow-minded parochial seller. 

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