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Apart from keeping an eye open for different dial / colour variations of known Orient / Racer J39's, I'm still on the lookout for any new previously undiscovered case models - in the hope of filling in some of those 'gaps' in the numbering sequences. I found one 10 days ago, purely by accident, while googling J39908-70. I spotted this listing for two gash empty Orient (though they could conceivably just as easily once have been Racer) J39 watch cases on another Spanish free classifieds site, in early November:

The J39908-70 on the left should look familiar to readers of this thread. The 'new' one (to me) was the J39028-70 on the right ....

which bears a vague family resemblance to the Yema N71X31/32/33 watch case - or at least the shape of their case lugs does.

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You might have thought I'd have jumped at them. But I had my sights trained on something slightly better - a complete J39028-70.

By a remarkable coincidence, one had been listed (but with no mention of model #) on, the previous weekend. :)

It took a fortnight, some anxiety and umpteen emails before I finally managed to persuade the Spanish seller to agree to post it directly to England and convince him to accept payment by PayPal (instead of costly international bank transfer). The Milanuncios listing may still be live at the time of writing, but if you click on the link you'll see it was updated this morning. 'VENDIDO' = Sold. To me. :)

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In writing up the ensuing posts about my latest Racer J39 acquisition, I need to pick my words carefully - so it doesn't end up sounding like another case of Buyer's Remorse. Some of you may already be thinking to yourselves that I paid too much for it. Yes I'll openly admit I probably did. Going back to August 2013, I'd started to build up my little collection of Racer J39's by very fortunately buying 3 NOS examples for (less than) 100 Euros apiece - so anything else would be a hard act to follow, by comparison. I didn't really have an option in this instance. Had the J39028-70 been listed as an auction on eBay, I'd have happily paid 50-55 Euros with no complaints. But it wasn't. It was listed on with an asking price of 100 Euros - and as the seller was initially reluctant to post it outside of Spain, haggling the price down (and the risk of losing it altogether) wasn't really an option.

During my negotiations with the seller, I'd studied his four listing photos above and already made the following mental notes:

The sweep second hand was bent.

The 10 o'clock pusher was stuck in.

There was a small ding in the bezel @ 3 o'clock.

The crystal appeared to be chipped - and somehow didn't look quite right.

There was something odd about the strap fitted (particularly visible in the third photo).

The watch was halfway through the day wheel changeover @ 5 minutes to 2 o'clock - and the constant second hand hadn't moved.

It arrived on Tuesday. The battery was as flat as a pancake. No great surprise. Although still quite attractive and blingy, parts of the watch were encrusted with a tarry grime, particularly around the bezel and rim of the crystal. The case-back was quite badly scuffed. Worst of all, it had been fitted badly with a replacement glued-in crystal. What can be seen around the edge of the crystal in the seller's 4th photo (and I'd construed as chipping) was actually a combination of engrained filth and excess glue ! :mad:

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I didn't take any 'as recieved' photos - there didn't seem any point. I stripped it down to the bare watch case on Wednesday and put that to soak in neat Flash cleaning solution. I fitted a new battery to the movement. Initially the time and 1/10s chrono' functions were reluctant to re-start, but after a bit of nudging they came back to life and since then the watch has thankfully kept good time and the day / date has changed over without any problems. There are a few other small nicks and dings in the case lugs and bezel besides the obvious one visible in the seller's photos. The reason for the 10 o'clock pusher being stuck in was because it had taken a knock to the underside of its cup: just enough to flatten it slightly - visible in my photo below. When I took the watch case out of the cleaning solution yesterday, the glue (Evo-Stick ?) that the watch-botcher had used had crinkled up and I was easily able to push the crystal out cleanly with my thumbs. It wasn't chipped (at all) on the 6 o'clock side, as it appeared, but there was another chip on the opposite side.

The replacement crystal which I removed measured exactly 31.0mm diameter x 1.0mm thick with a small polished bevel edge.

I've ordered a Cousins 'cheapie' p/n F100CMH310 and a Sternkreuz p/n MFO 310 to use as possible interim replacements.

Here's a few photos I took yesterday:

The watch case is interesting for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, the (glued -in) crystal doesn't sit in the bezel, as one might have expected, but on an extended flanged lip of the case, which protrudes through it. The bezel itself is merely decorative. I took a few photos, from different angles, in my efforts to capture it.

The depth of the crystal mounting flange is difficult to measure, but I'd say it's approx. 0.5mm. No more.

Unfortunately, the watch-botcher who had previously replaced the crystal not only didn't do a particularly good job of removing the old original glue (hence why the crystal he'd fitted wasn't seated down properly), but the twat had used a sharp metallic tool - probably a screwdriver, in his efforts to remove it, resulting in these nasty grauches to the crystal mating surface ! :mad:

The other interesting thing about this watch case is the material. You might have thought (as I did, initially) that it was stainless steel (with a gold-plated base metal bezel). But it's not. For one thing, it's far too shiny. In fact it's yet another metal-skinned resin case. ;)

The answer is to be found on the case-back (which I've since given a light polishing to remove the worst of the scratches).

Only the case-back is stainless steel. The clue is in PDP + GP.

According to Seiko's case materials table - it's Palladium (PD) Plated. 8)

Here's the dial / movement after I'd given it its first preliminary clean with Rodico. Obviously still need to sort the sweep second hand.

The dial part numbering reads: JAPAN BK J392028R-031, making this the third Racer J39 'BK' dial I've seen (without 'SI' on it).

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Bloody typical innit ? :roll:

I've ordered a Cousins 'cheapie' p/n F100CMH310 and a Sternkreuz p/n MFO 310 to use as possible interim replacements.

One thing in life is certain (apart from death and taxes) ....

When buying alternative replacement crystals 'on spec' you can never rely on getting exactly what you want.

That buggeration factor applies especially to Cousin's own 'cheapie' brand and Sternkreuz (to a lesser extent). 

The Cousins 'cheapie' flat round crystal p/n F100CMH310 costs £0.39 + VAT and the Sternkreuz p/n MFO 310, which is described as having a polished bevel, costs nearly 10 times as much - £3.35 + VAT. I'd specially ordered one, hoping it would do the trick.

Guess which crystal had by far the largest polished bevel edge - that almost perfectly lined up with the watch case flange ? :|

The 39p Cousins 'cheapie' ! :mad:

I fitted it yesterday. Instead of using Sternkreuz UV curing crystal glue, this time I used the tiniest fillet of G-S Hypo Cement and left it to harden overnight. Really nice clean job, even if I say so myself. However the polished bezel on the Cousins crystal serves to magnify some of those graunch marks on the mounting flange made by the previous watch botcher. :/

Note the arrow straight sweep hand. No - I didn't straighten the original (yet). I swapped it for a matching one I had in my bits box.

Something which might not be so apparent in the above photo is the uneven taper of the case lugs. Like many dressy Orients (and Yema's, for that matter), I suspect the lug width is meant to be 19mm. However, when I measured this one, I found it to be 18.9mm at the top and 18.6mm at the bottom. Perhaps it's due to the knock the case has taken on the bottom L.H. lug. Or maybe just distortion.

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In an earlier post, I'd hinted at something unusual about the strap fitted.

There was something odd about the strap fitted (particularly visible in the third photo).

As soon as I unpacked the watch, I knew it wasn't the original strap - for one thing it was a LOT cleaner than the rest of the watch.

It's almost new (as were the spring bars), but it had been fitted without bothering to clean out the crud from between the lugs. 

The buckle logo and embossed markings identify it as a Cobra strap - a Spanish brand, possibly now defunct. :/

I've been unable to find anything about them (no hint of a website), other than these references on Amazon Spain .... - most of which now seem to be no longer available. :(

It's a really nice quality strap - and with those unusual white stiched overlays, thick too. So, even though it's only 18mm wide ....

I've decided to keep it for the time being - at least until I can find a pukka 19mm strap that looks the part. Or should I say better.

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Here's an artificially lit (indoor) wrist shot I took earlier this afternoon:

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I think I may finally be developing immunity to buying junk watches – if not on the way to a complete cure for 'the inquisition'. :)

I’ve just managed to resist the temptation to bid on an eBay listing for a Racer J39 - or at least what was left of one. :(

It was a case model number I don’t have in my collection yet, but an example that I’d class as an irredeemable piece of junk.

Not only was it well over-priced for the condition, but nothing I could ever have done would have made up for its shortcomings. :/

I spotted the listing on eBay Spain on Sunday afternoon. Julio ('Jota') also kindly emailed me a 'heads up' a few hours later. ;)


Para repuestos de otros modelos similares, funciona pero necesita repaso en general, la placa esta en perfecto estado no está dañado ni oxidado, modelo de la casa Orient j3920 ya descatalogado.

Forgetting for the moment the asking price, the reason I was initially interested, on first spotting it, was because not only would it fill another gap in my collection, but it confirmed a family relationship with its Orient J39725-70 and Puma Y19x01-70 siblings, which I already own, that use the same watch case; TACHY METER ring, handset and have very similar dial designs / markings.


Obviously, the worst thing about it was the the water damage to the dial, which is really the only thing which differentiates it from the Orient and Puma versions; evidently made worse by the seller's failed attempts to clean the lower part of it. But apart from that if you translate the seller’s Spanish description:


For parts similar models, it works but needs revision in general, the (back)plate is in perfect condition is not damaged or rusty, model J3920 Orient house and discontinued.


Not only that, but the crystal fitted doesn’t appear to be original – it looks domed in the seller’s photo. Plus the chronograph sweep hand and constant second hands aren’t correct – probably off a Seiko 7A38 of some kind. Yes I could really have done with the Orient J3920 stamped back-plate (I’m still looking for one for my Tickdong Racer J39908-70) – but not at 47 Euros, thank you very much.

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No - I haven't acquired another Racer J39 (yet), but I thought it was about time I lavished some attention on the dozen or so examples I've accumulated to date. So why not start at the very beginning ? Readers may recall that I wasn't too enamoured with the received condition of my first Racer J39 - the ex TickDong J39908-70. Here follows a slightly abbreviated version of my original rant ....

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Seiko7A38 at August 17, 2013 at 6:30 AM

The postman delivered the first of my incoming veritable 'Spanish Armada' of Racer J39 Orients this morning. At first I was pleased. :)

Here's the wrist shot I posted in the WRUW thread this morning, with it still fitted on that horrible cheap NATO strap (as supplied). 

The seller also included a free gift in the package: another leather strap, but only 18mm wide :roll: - not the correct 19mm needed to fit the lug width properly and a spare Renata #394 battery. He was obviously trying to sweeten the deal. He'll have to try a lot harder. 

My first concern was when I checked the watch's functionality. I carefully flicked over the Day / Date wheels, using the quickset, and noticed that the second language was German. Fine perhaps on an Orient J39, but this was a Racer J39 for the Spanish market. :/

Then there were those hands. You'll remember I wrote in an earler post:

The hands, both the main set and sub-dials, appear to be from Seiko's 'parts bin', as used on the 7A38-702A / H and other models.

Yes, I'd noticed that the hour and minute hands' lume was suffering from fungus.

At least the case and crystal were in very nice condition. The gold on black Tachymeter isn't easy to read without lighting it artificially.

The case-back was in nice condition too, with only a few very light scratches, which look a lot worse in this photo than they actually are:

The case-back stampings on this Racer J39 are exactly the same as as on the Orient version, which I already knew from his photos.

If you look again at my wrist shot, you'll see a couple of bits of floating detritus. One on the dial, near the 1 o'clock baton, and another on the Tachymeter ring between 100 and 120. A pretty sure sign that the watch had been taken apart and possibly messed about with.

So it was with some trepidation that I opened the case-back (it only needed a firm twist with a 'sticky ball' to undo it), to find this mess:

A Seiko 7A38(A) movement with a rusty back-plate !! 

So it's now quite clear that the seller has replaced the movement and all 6 hands, from a donor Seiko 7A38-702A/H, or some such. :mad:

Needless to say, he will be hearing from me in due course ! 

Subtitled: The Devil is in the details.

I can't remember if I'd written about this previously (in this thread), but ....

Some time last year, I'd purchased an Orient J38 (7A48) with the sole intention of breaking it for parts - mostly to rob it of its hands.

At the same time, I swapped the grotty 7A38A movement (with an incorrect English / German day wheel) which the TickDong Racer J39908-70 came fitted with, for a better one with the correct English / Spanish day wheel. Of course, I could have swapped the day wheel (presuming I had a spare ES one), but what I didn't state when I subsequently posted this, later the same day:

(originally posted by myself on August 17, 2013 at 2:26 PM)

The dial numbering is very similar: SI 014 and (normally hidden under the Tachymeter ring) J392 908R. Near enough in my book. :)

Notice the missing top dial foot screw. :roll:

That what was left of that missing dial foot screw was sheared off - rusted into the movement main plate ! :mad:

Apologies for the delay in finishing off editing this particular post, but I've been trying to find out which (other) thread I've written about this before in. I still haven't found what I was looking for - maybe I didn't actually write it up at the time, but I did find these two photos (taken in March 2014) in my PhotoBucket folder, which I possibly haven't shared before:

I did find this partly relevant post on page 36 of the WRUW thread(Originally posted by myself on March 8, 2014 at 4:26 PM):

In a similar vein to yesterday morning's wrist shot - and a little later than planned (in more ways than one) ....

The ex-Tickdong Racer J39908-70, now shod with one of those Certina 19mm ribbed 'mock croc' straps, but  in black, to match the Tachy ring - hopefully looking rather more as Orient Watch Co. originally intended, fitted with what I believe are the correct hands. :)

What I didn't say at the time and had secretly been bugging me was that the replacement movement was still 'wrong' for the watch. :(

Though all it needed now to make it 'right' was the SEIKO stamped back-plate and 7A38A stamped positive battery plate swapping for the correct Orient J3920 stamped / blank parts. Problem was, I didn't actually have any of the former spare - hence my wry comment about that over-priced J39710-70 parts watch first listed by a Spanish eBay seller, back in March this year:

Yes I could really have done with the Orient J3920 stamped back-plate (I’m still looking for one for my Tickdong Racer J39908-70) – but not at 47 Euros, thank you very much.

Anyway, to cut what is becoming a rather long story short, this morning, after a three-way movement back-plate swap involving both the ex-Stuart Lennard Galaxy J39 'head only' parts watch and my beater Racer J39026-70 - the ex-TickDong Racer J39908-70 was finally put right, or at least to the best of my belief and satisfaction:

Doesn't look any different at all (from 12 months ago) topside - but now I'm 100% happy. :D

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Or perhaps not quite 100%. :/

One thing I'd never been completely certain of was the correctness of the Tachymeter ring (for this particular variation of J39908-70).

Indeed, I'd written at some length (on page 2 of this thread) on October 6th, 2013, including ....

But something else had been bugging me about the Tickdong J39, which wasn't consistent with my other Racer / Orient J39908-70's.

That Black Tachymeter ring with the Gold lettering. Not having seen another Racer J39908-70 with the same white dial / gold sub-dials, I have no way of knowing whether the Tachymeter ring currently fitted is the correct one for the watch. :/ Apart from the colours, which don't match the dial particularly well (say as opposed to a green lettering on white Tachymeter like the other three have) ....

They may have been listed a few months apart, by two different Turkish eBay sellers, but with hindsight, I have a horrible suspicion that's where the original set of hands and Tachymeter ring from my ex-Tickdong Racer / Orient J39908-70 may well have ended up.

Today my doubts crept back in. I spotted a horrible Franken mess on eBay listed, funnily enough, by another Turkish watch-botcher.

I've written it up earlier this evening, in more detail in the Heads Up on another 7A38 Franken thread.

This mess is built into a battered Orient / Racer J39908-70 watch case. The badly chipped white Tachymeter ring has black printing.

I guess the only way I'm ever going to know for certain, is if I ever see another Orient / Racer J39908-70 with a white dial / gold subs.

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It may be more than six months since I last updated this thread, but it doesn't mean that I'd lost interest in Racer / Orient J39's. ;)

I've continued to search for them online, if not on a daily basis, at least once per week - but alas to no avail. Absolutely Nada. :(

Back in August 2013, on the first page of the thread I wrote:

I'm still gradually getting my head around how works, but it's different from and

It didn't actually take me very long to figure out how works. :roll:

It appears to automatically re-list everything, according to the pre-determined period set by the seller when they first created their advert - until the item is sold. If not, it immediately brings each unsold ended listing back to the top of the first page (of up to 10 pages), effectively giving the impression they're 'new' listings. This means that to find anything that has genuinely been newly listed, you have to repeatedly scroll through the same old irrelevant crap - particularly those listings for modern-day Racer R100 and R101 chrono's (they're the black ion coated ones - dozens of them on there). An irksome repetitive chore. :/

There's rarely anything of interest on (which has since become nor on

Amusingly that Racer 'Team Collection' 7T32 (HFA000) which started off this thread is STILL offered for sale on there ! :lol:

The three above mentioned free classified sites do appear to be favoured by Spanish sellers over eBay, however ....

It's still worth keeping an eye on - to which end I'd set up a couple of saved favourite searches on 'Racer'.

Yesterday evening, one of them finally turned up something - a NOS Racer J39. :)

Unfortunately it's a model I already have in my collection (in NOS condition) - a J39024-50 with the white 'Panda' dial - one of the three NOS Racer J39's kindly purchased by Julio, on my behalf, off back in August 2013. Mine was rather cheaper, too. :)

Should anyone else be interested ....

Athough the hang tag is correct, the Racer box and guarantee are from a much later period - possibly current items. :/

The black 'mock croc' leather strap fitted is a cheap modern replacement (20mm squeezed to fit the 19mm lug width).

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That went quicker than I'd expected - for the full 169 Euros Buy-it-Now asking price too. Anybody on here pick it up ? :|

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Originally posted in the WRUW thread by Steve7A on March 26, 2016 at 9:41 AM:

Found this new Orient Racer on ebay amongst a heap of new Orient 7T's 

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So far in 2016, I've not had much success finding, let alone acquiring any new RACER branded Orient J39's to add to my collection., formerly the most productive (and reliable) Spanish classified site appears to have dried up. The number of search results returned on 'RACER' has diminished dramatically from the previous (automatically re-listed) 10 pages down to only 4. Not that there ever was much to be found there, but results are similarly dwindling. On the other hand,, which has now morphed into appears to be growing by the day and a search still occasionally turns up the odd J39.

This one, which was listed in the first week of May and is still for sale, raised a knowing smile. ;)

The Spanish seller's description translates as:

Racer watch timer, in perfect condition. Seiko 7A38 mechanism. Double calendar. Only 35 euros.

Perfect condition ? :/ Erm, I don't think so ! :lol:

Just scroll back up the page to my post of 11th March 2015. It may have since benefited from some work (and had the sweep second hand painted red), but this is clearly the same J39710-70 with a badly water damaged dial that was listed on eBay over a year ago.

Knowing full well it was exactly the same watch, I sent the Vibbo seller a message, asking to confirm the model number. He replied:

Buenas tardes.

Exactamente, pone J39710-70 CA

La máquina es una Seiko 7A38. Funciona perfectamente. Francisco 630605900.

Belated Edit:

I'm not sure why it hadn't come up in any of my search results before, but it seems it's also been listed on

Judging by the nearly 3500 views the listing has received, I suspect it's been (automatically) re-listed for a couple of months.

Although the price has been reduced to 'only 35 Euros' (from the previous eBay seller's 47 Euros) I think I'll continue to pass. :P

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More recently, however, there was another Racer J39 listed on, which I would dearly have liked to get my hands on.

After three weeks of trying, I'd almost given up hope. :(

From the shape of the watch case, with its gracefully tapering lugs, it was clearly related to the Racer J39028-70, which I'd purchased off at the end of 2014 (detailed higher up this page) and the Orient J39930-70 documented in this other thread. But in a different (gunmetal / gold two-tone) case finish with another distinctly different Roman numeral dial and 'pomme' hands. It looked to be in pretty decent cosmetic condition and going by the style of buckle shown in the seller's third photo, was possibly still fitted with the original (Orient branded) leather strap. The seller's 'economical price' of 80 Euros was about right too. :)

It had already been listed for over a week (along with about a dozen other watches by the same seller), when I spotted it during the first week of June. I signed up to Vibbo immediately and over the course of the weekend messaged the seller (in Spanish via Vibbo) three or four times, saying I'd like to buy it and asking if he'd be prepared to post it to England. No response. :(

The following week, I enlisted the help of a Spanish co-worker (in the UK), who messaged the seller via WhatsApp!. With her help we established that the seller didn't have a PayPal account and zero experience of shipping internationally. She also concluded that they weren't Spanish (possibly from Eastern Europe) and judging by their poor literacy, not very bright or savvy. Eventually I managed to get hold of an email address for the seller. Still he didn't reply ! :mad:

A week ago, my frustration levels had peaked and I was almost ready to give up and walk away. 

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That possibly might have been the most sensible course of action. Particularly after I'd googled the seller's email address (in an effort to further research him) and found some rather disconcerting posts he'd made on a Spanish internet forum (which translates as 'Air Raid Shelter') nine months ago. Then there was the area of Barcelona he gave as his location: El Raval - the least salubrious barrio by some margin, still notorious for drug dealers, pickpockets, prostitutes and other unsavoury characters.

There was only one possible solution. To find someone who lived in Barcelona who might be prepared to make a face-to-face cash transaction with the seller. In a final act (almost bordering on desperation), last Sunday evening I re-visited a Spanish watch forum where I'd made less than a dozen posts over the last couple of years: I found a recent thread in the General Forum entitled Ayuda!!! (Spanish for 'Help') where another poster had requested help purchasing a watch in Barcelona. Rather than start a new thread, I tacked my (since deleted) post onto that. On Monday morning, I was rather surprised to see I'd received a PM with an offer of help. :) However, when I came to send him the Vibbo link to the watch, I found it had ended ! :o

But it wasn't just that one which had gone - all the seller's other 12 Vibbo listings for watches had mysteriously disappeared too. :/

Not sure why the seller had done that (perhaps they expired - though I somehow doubt that), but thankfully it transpired that the watch was still available for sale - to my relief. Anyway, to cut what is becoming a long story short, despite both our reservations, this person met the seller (in a central square well away from El Raval) and kindly purchased the watch on my behalf yesterday evening.

It's a J39029-70 and as I suspected still on the original (Orient branded) strap. I think I'm going to be pleased with this one. :)

Muchas gracias por su ayuda, Jose.

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Seiko7A38 at June 28, 2016 at 5:29 AM

This one, which was listed in the first week of May and is still for sale, raised a knowing smile. ;)

.... but this is clearly the same J39710-70 with a badly water damaged dial that was listed on eBay over a year ago.

Although the price has been reduced to 'only 35 Euros' (from the previous eBay seller's 47 Euros) I think I'll continue to pass. :P

That doesn't mean I've given up hope of eventually adding a Racer J39710-70 to my collection. ;)

Indeed I may have found one already. It's certainly in far better cosmetic condition than the previous example.

Funniest thing, is that it's probably been offered for sale longer than this thread has been running - over three years ! :roll:

It was re-listed on the Romanian watch sales website only a couple of days ago:

But the original advert appears to go back to May 2013 !! :o

The asking price of 450 Romanian Lei is rather ambitious. Although the watch head / dial looks to be in decent condition, I suspect it's been fitted with an aftermarket stainless bracelet - as there are no stampings on the bracelet fixing tubes. Let's see. :/

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Hmm. Although it's a better example of the Racer J39710-70, I may have to pass on that one too. :/ I managed to contact the seller, who doesn't speak (or make any attempt to write) English. Despite not having managed to sell the watch in three years, not only wouldn't he budge on his asking price (equivalent to 100 Euros), but he wanted 30 Euros on top for postage to the UK ! :o

Oh, and he doesn't accept PayPal. The additional costs (and exposure) of payment by bank transfer rules it out. :(

Given the potential difficulties of purchasing any watches from, it was probably a bad move on my part, continuing to search on there for any more Orient / Racer J39's. But I did anyway - and found another that had been for sale for over a year.


It's another Orient case / model number I hadn't seen before - J39914-70. Although the case-back states 'Base Metal Bezel', I suspect the gold-plated case itself is another of those metal-skinned resin castings used on a good number of other 'dressy' models. When I first saw it, my first thoughts were that it was a Franken. The burgundy coloured dial (and particularly the layout of the printing) bears an uncanny resemblance to the similarly coloured dial of my 'beater' Racer J39026-70. But closer examination of the seller's photos shows that their sub-dial markings (particularly the 1/10 second) are subtly different.

I found it mildly amusing how this seller had also got the (Orient J3920 equivalent) movement wrong - incorrectly stating it was based on the Seiko 7A48. The would-be seller of the J39710-70 wrote 7A34 in his description. :roll:

Going by the time it takes to sell them, these watches obviously aren't particularly popular with Romanian collectors. However a pattern is emerging. Remember I bought that (tatty) blue dialed Racer J39908-70 from a Romanian eBay seller back in July 2014 ? :/

Although he is currently living in Barcelona (spiritual home of Racer S.A.), Artem, the Vibbo seller of the Racer J39029-70, which is now in transit to me, is from Romania. Now these two Racer J39's on Perhaps it's just coincidence, but this thread is gradually turning into the Romanian 7A38 Inquistion. :lol:

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Seiko7A38 at July 2, 2016 at 5:10 AM

It's a J39029-70 and as I suspected still on the original (Orient branded) strap. I think I'm going to be pleased with this one. :)

Jose's package containing the Racer J39029-70 arrived on Tuesday and as anticipated, I'm generally pleased with the received condition, despite its somewhat blingy appearance - it was certainly worth the additional logistical effort needed to acquire it. :)

I rattled off some Q&D photos on Wednesday morning but wasn't entirely happy with them, so I've re-taken a couple today.

All these images are in 'as received' condition incidentally.

The above 'head on' shot doesn't do justice to the complexity of the dial finish. It's a combination of gloss and crackle matt black.

I'm not about to pop the dial / movement out at present (no reason to disturb it). The printing visible at the bottom of the dial reads JAPAN BK J392029R-LO4, which ties in nicely with the case-back model # J39029-70.

Case-back stampings are more or less what I would have expected, apart from RUS+GP. The case is another of those metal-skinned resin cases (same as the Racer J39028-70 dissected at the top of this page), but in a different finish. Normally (at least on base metal or stainless watch cases) this gunmetal finish is designated IPA (+GP where applicable), so I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment.

The black patent mock-croc strap was indeed the original fitment. The ORIENT embossing still visible, if not completely legible.

Something probably not immediately apparent from the head on photos is the distortion caused by the domed crystal. It's flat bottomed with a small polished beveled edge. I'd already realized (my earlier mistake) a couple of months ago, when I acquired the (NOS, but messed about with) Orient J39930-70, which also uses the same watch case, but in an all over gold-plated finish. The flat round replacement crystal in my Racer J39028-70 should similarly also be domed, so I'll be revisiting that one in due course. :roll:

Above, wrist shot I took on Wednesday, spoiled by a couple of bits of lint I failed to brush off - and today's slightly  better effort.

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