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Seiko7A38 at July 5, 2016 at 4:45 AM

Hmm. Although it's a better example of the Racer J39710-70, I may have to pass on that one too. :/ I managed to contact the seller, who doesn't speak (or make any attempt to write) English. Despite not having managed to sell the watch in three years, not only wouldn't he budge on his asking price (equivalent to 100 Euros), but he wanted 30 Euros on top for postage to the UK ! :o

Oh, and he doesn't accept PayPal. The additional costs (and exposure) of payment by bank transfer rules it out. :(

Thing is, despite the above, I really didn't want to give up on it. :/ Apart from being an Orient / Racer model number (per se) that I didn't yet have in my collection, by adding this Racer J39,  I'd be able to complete a set of 3 differently branded versions of ostensibly the same watch / case with my existing Orient J39 and Puma Y19 versions. So I enlisted the invaluable assistance of forum member Adrian (Licu) to act as 'middle man'. Besides, there was no way I could go back to the Romanian seller, because I'd obviously p!ssed him off with my last email. :P

Adrian was busy with work / family committments, but kindly agreed to help, all the same - saying that there might be some delay. Not a problem - I was prepared to wait till he had the time. Adrian purchased the watch on my behalf a couple of weeks ago and emailed me a load of Q&D photos.

In his email that included those photos Adrian wrote:

Watch seems in fairy good condition. Chrono pushers seem to work just fine with a distinct click. The only thing I don't like much is the crown operation. Seems a little mushy (cannot distinct between first (date) position and second one (for time adjustment)) but it works fine. Crystal has a small scratch (but you can just change it). Also there are some case scratches at the front as seen in the pictures, but nothing major. The clasp extension you can also see (the little metal plate underneath clasp). Don't know if bracelet is original to this model, you can see the engraved logo on it. Let me know if you need more pictures from other angles. Sorry for the quality, phone made and had to resize them for the email. Maybe I can made some better, in the following days, in daylight.


Now I need to find an available day to post it to you. Probably in 2 weeks at most ....

As it turned out I didn't actually have to wait very long. ;)

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He posted it last Saturday (23rd) and I received it on Wednesday (27th). Impressively quick and the postage was less than 20 Euros. Adrian's assessment of the watch's condition was pretty much spot on. The watch had recieved a hard knock at some point and as a result, there was a slight 'flat' on one edge of the watch case, but otherwise it was in much better condition than some of my other Orient J39's and Puma Y19's using this same watch case. I was a little annoyed about the cheap and nasty clasp extender that the seller had fitted. Not only was it poorly fitted, but it was straight edged, rather than stepped, which meant the seller had resorted to filing down the bracelet's clasp end fixing tube. :mad:

Adrian was certainly correct about the crown. Not only were the setting positions rather vague, but it was extremely stiff to rotate. I suspected possibly a bent (or incorrect replacement) crown stem. Early yesterday morning, I did a partial strip-down of the J3920 movement in situ in the watch case, to check the keyless works / setting levers. Everything looked OK and the crown stem was as straight as a die. The problem ? - purely lack of lubrication. A smudge of silicone grease on the crown post and a couple of drops of Moebius quartz oil on the stem and everything works as it should. No photos, unfortunately - camera battery was on charge. :roll:

Here's a few I took later - mostly after I'd finished reassembling it.

I'd previously expressed doubts about the originality of the bracelet fitted. Two reasons: Firstly, the Romanian seller didn't show any front view of it in his photos, which raised my suspicions. Secondly, there was no part number stamped in the end fixing tubes as I've come to expect on all other Orient J39's. Plus I was half expecting it to be fitted with the same p/n SA165 bracelet as the equivalent Puma Y19's. This bracelet may be rather lighter and flimsier than the p/n SA165 (the links are quite thin), but it clearly belongs to this watch. The first 6 links on either side are alternately silver anodized (painted?) and highly polished, which match the bezel finish.

The crystal has a couple of scratches, the worst of which is near 'WATER RESIST' on the dial, but I can live with that for now.

The two pusher buttons on the right-hand side of the watch case were once also gold plated. As so often seems to happen with these Orient pushers, virtually all the plating has mysteriously flaked off, presumably through some electrolytic reaction.

The dial is the same silvery white colour used on Seiko 7A38's. Dial p/n (hidden under Tachy ring) as anticipated - J392 710R.

Although the clasp closer is a different style again, I've seen that Orient 'quartz crystal' logo used on other Racer J39's.

No part numbers on the bracelet fixing tubes, but the case-back stampings are as expected [Y] J39710-70 CA, ORIENT WATCH ....

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Here's another slight variation on that 3-way family portrait I posted in the Puma / Jepic Y19 thread earlier today.

Lit slightly differently; I'm not sure which is the better - in hindsight, maybe this one's marginally sharper. :/

It's not easy trying to convince my camera's settings to get all three watches in focus at the same time. :roll:

Left to Right: Orient J39725-70 (on Feiko aftermarket bracelet), Puma Y19301-70 and my newly acquired Racer J39710-70. :)

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Glad that the watch finally found the attention it deserves. These Racers are real lookers. I think I may become interested in these myself, probably late to the party to find good examples though.

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Thanks again for your help in acquiring this one for my collection, Adrian. 

I'm sure that there are still plenty out there, for everybody, waiting to be found - particulary in Spain (rather than Romania). ;)

They still don't appear to have gained mainstream attention and often need more diligent searching on obscure sales sites.

I'm also fairly confident that there are still other Orient / Racer case-back models / dial variations, yet to be re-discovered ....

besides those which I've documented in this thread so far. Speaking of which (from the previous page) ....

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Seiko7A38 at July 5, 2016 at 4:45 AM

Given the potential difficulties of purchasing any watches from, it was probably a bad move on my part, continuing to search on there for any more Orient / Racer J39's. But I did anyway - and found another that had been for sale for over a year.

It's another Orient case / model number I hadn't seen before - J39914-70 ....

That Racer J39, had it still been available, would have been something of a bargain buy: 190 Lei (Ron) equates to only 42.50 Euros.

I asked Adrian to phone and make enquiries on my behalf, which he kindly did. Transpires the watch had long since been sold .... but the seller still hasn't got round to updating the listing as 'Vandut'. :roll:


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This supposedly 'Original' / 'New without tags' Racer / Orient J3920 was listed this morning by a Spanish eBay seller. I see it's already got a couple of watchers. Apart from the over-optimistic Buy-it-Now price of 195 Euros, to anyone contemplating purchase, I would advise caution. It's not quite what it seems. It's a Racer model # J39024-50 (something the seller conveniently omits to mention), but has been fitted with the wrong case-back off a J39028-70 (see my refurbished example at the top of page 4). The tatty blue tinted protective film on the case-back isn't original (Orient use clear films), so possibly intended to help disguise the deceipt. The strap isn't original either. It would normally be black - and 19mm wide, rather than the tan 20mm that has been squeezed to fit the lugs.

Here's how it would have looked from underneath when it was genuinely new and unmolested, prior to being messed about with - my own NOS (with tags) example of a J39024-50. 

Apart from the model number, note the other different case-back stampings - the J39028-70's watch case is Palladium plated (PDP).

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Perhaps I owe that Spanish eBay seller some sort of an apology, for having possibly 'tarred him with the same brush'. :/

Regarding my previous ....

It's not quite what it seems. It's a Racer model # J39024-50 (something the seller conveniently omits to mention), but has been fitted with the wrong case-back off a J39028-70 (see my refurbished example at the top of page 4). The tatty blue tinted protective film on the case-back isn't original (Orient use clear films), so possibly intended to help disguise the deceipt.

Put it down to my naturally suspicious nature - having been burned a couple of times recently (I'm thinking of similar instance of incorrect case-backs fitted to Orient J39's, both of which had been messed about with by a particularly devious Italian eBay seller).

There was of course another simpler, altogether more innocent explanation - that the seller also had a J39028-70 and had somehow got the case-backs mixed up between the two watches. Sure enough, it appeared on eBay less than 24 hours later - fitted with the wrong case-back off the previous J39024-50 (which he actually put in the title of this listing, this time). :roll:

Apart from the wrong case-back fitted, my initial concerns about this one were that the black dial (with gold batons and main hands) looked very similar to that of my black-dialed 'beater' J39024-50 (see page 3 of this thread). But zooming in on the seller's first photo I was able to read the dial part number J392028R-031. In fact there are quite a few subtle differences, mostly in their sub-dial number printing. Unlike the J39024-50, this J39028-70 appears to be fitted with the correct original Orient black leather strap. :)

I did think about messaging the seller and trying to explain to him that he'd got the two case-backs mixed up, but instead ....

I hit the Buy-it-Now button. Twice ! :o

Whereas both were rather more than I'd normally like to pay, I didn't want to let the J39028-70 get away. Buying the J39024-50 as well ensures that I get the correct case-back for it. The watch case (although not mint) is a damned sight better than that of my 'beater' black dialed J39024-50 and so will be used to re-case that watch, in due course.

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Those 2 Racer J39's arrived a couple of weeks ago, though it was only this last weekend I had the chance to strip and clean them. They may have been 'New Old Stock', but apart from having new batteries fitted and their case-backs inadvertently swapped; prior to that they'd obviously spent many years kicking around in the dusty storeroom of some Spanish jeweller's shop. Both were rather grubby and show plenty of 'handling marks'. The weather in UK today is bright and sunny, but it's still damned cold outside - too cold for outdoor photography, so I've taken a couple of Q&D photos of the first one indoors, using flash.  They're not great.

Now reunited with it's correct J39028-70 case-back. :) Without thinking, I put a new protective sticker on before taking the photo. :roll:

Comparison shot - alongside it's rather more intricate black coated Racer sibling - the J39029-70.

These two models share the same black mock croc Orient strap, which is embossed with a part number that looks like SU0682 ....

But what I thought was rather a nice touch, is that the buckle is Palladium plated (rather than Gold), to match the watch case.

It's not apparent in my previous indoor shots, but in the cold light of day, you can see the the sub-dial rims are Palladium plated too.

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Things have been rather quiet on the RACER J39 collecting scene in recent months - for me, at least. I've carried on scouring the usual Spanish free classified sites at least once per week, but seen nothing other than the odd Racer HFA (7T32) BreitBling clone which briefly caught my eye. Then, out of the blue, one popped up in my eBay saved favourite search notifications, earlier this week. Mind you, had it not been for the seller including the Racer J39xxx-xx model number in their listing title, I probably would have missed spotting it altogether. You'll possibly understand why from the primary image. :roll:

It's a J39907-50, which conveniently fills another gap in the Orient / Racer J39 model numbers on the spreadsheet I'm building. The fugly case design with its prominent external molded Tachymeter bezel should be familiar to readers who frequent this forum section. It's the same case used on the Puma Y19904-50 and my soon to be incoming Orient J39012-50. Although in nowhere near such good condition, I thought it would make a nice 'ugly sister' for the latter.

Problem was, that the seller Ca$h Converters, Spain won't ship outside mainland Spain, let alone to the UK - standard policy, no exceptions (I did ask). So I enlisted the help of Jose from Barcelona, who'd previously bought the Racer J39029-70 off Vibbo for me last year (see previous page) to act as 'middle man'. He kindly hit the Buy-it-Now button (which I couldn't) late last night.

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Here's a photo of the Racer J39907-50, not dissimilar to, but somewhat larger than the Spanish eBay seller's 'head on' view photo.

Taken earlier today, by Jose, prior to packaging it up for postage to England. It's not exactly pretty - as I think I said before. :/

Of more concern is the fact that the day / date is still showing SAT / 20, the same as it was in the eBay seller's photo ....

and the constant seconds is still pointing at 35, whereas the time and chrono' hands are now all in different positions. 

So I'm anticipating it's going to need a little work. Maybe the crown is pulled out. Still, I guess I shouldn't complain at the price. :/

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Jose's parcel containing the Racer J39907-50 arrived earlier this week, with the hands still in the same position (as his photo) and the date still showing SAT / 20. Initially it appeared to be as dead as a dodo, but with a fresh battery fitted, I reset the chronograph hands and confirmed they functioned correctly. I noticed the constant seconds hand was twitching slightly, so I wound on the the hands and quickset the day / date. It started running, so this morning I took a wrist shot and posted it in the WRUW thread.

Two hours later, it had ground to a halt again, so clearly needs a strip, clean and re-lube. You can't win 'em all. :roll:

Nor, more frustratingly, can you always catch them all - no matter how clever you are at International Logistics. :(

This afternoon, I got a stark and frankly annoying reminder of that fact ....

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Seiko7A38 at November 23, 2014 at 7:40 AM

I messaged the seller twice (in Spanish) but received no reply. So I asked David's help again - in the hope that if he could buy this one on my behalf as well, he could consolidate their shipment. Days and weeks passed. Eventually the seller responded. He would only sell it in a face-to-face transaction for cash. He wouldn't even post it within Spain !! :roll: The seller 'Tony' is in Mostoles, a suburb of Madrid; David lives in the Valencia area, some 350Kms away. So sadly, we had to admit defeat on this one. :(

To add insult to injury, after his Segundomano listing expired, Tony listed it on (using only one photo - upside down):

I expect there will be others - indeed other dial colour variations of these two versions of J39024-50.

Just so frustrating to let this one slip through my fingers, because of a narrow-minded parochial seller. 

Idly browsing the Spanish free classifieds site this lunchtime, not really expecting to find anything, I came across a new-ish listing for a reverse panda dialed Racer J39024-50 - but one which also looked horribly familiar.

Yup it's my old friend Tony from Móstoles, who's still posting photos of the watch upside down (probably taken at the same time as the previous pairing with the Seiko 5) and still hasn't managed to sell it well over two years later. :roll:

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If you've read through this thread, then you may have noticed the majority of the RACER J39's I've acquired over the last 4 years (sometimes with the invaluable assistance of Spanish forum members or fellow watch collectors) have come from two Spanish classified sites: and, which later morphed into These are effectively the Spanish equivalent of Craigslist and Gumtree, with a few added 'bells and whistles', but offer little in the way of protection to potential buyers (particulary a remote one in UK). On a few occasions I've mentioned a third Spanish classified site: Although I signed up to it as far back as 2014, until this week I'd had little or no cause to use it - simply because I hadn't seen anything listed on there worthy of the effort. My possibly incorrect previous perception of Todocoleccion (maybe it's changed since 2014) was that it only allowed sellers to list items as 'Buy-it-Now'.

Speaking of which, funnily enough, that Racer 'Team Collection' 7T32 which Lawrence spotted back in 2013 (see my very first post of this thread on page 1) that helped establish the Seiko / Orient / Racer connection, is still being re-listed ad nauseam, with the same 'pie-in-the-sky' 120 Euros Buy-it-Now price 4 years later ! :lol:

Because I've never seen much in the way of Racer J39's listed on Todocoleccion (other than those two gash empty watch cases, from memory), I tend not to bother running searches on there very often. Maybe as infrequently as only once a month, lately. :/

Apart from the few 'unknown' gaps in the Orient / Racer J39 case numbering sequence, there are a couple J39 models I've seen and identified, but still not managed to acquire an example of. One of them was the J39914-70. There was what appeared to be quite a decent example listed on a couple of years back (which by the time I found it had already been long since sold, but the seller hadn't bothered to delete the advert). It was cheap too - the asking price was equivalent to 42.50 Euros. :(

So when I spotted another one listed on earlier this week, in a job lot of 4 watches, I knew exactly what I was looking at and made up my mind to buy it, even if it might not be in such good condition as that earlier example. To my surprise, when I clicked on the link in the search results, I found it was 7-day auction, which originally had an opening bid price of 10 Euros - and only had a day or so left to run. :o






At first, panic set in, but I remembered my long since unused login details and was relieved to find that it allowed me to bid. (I bid 12.34 Euros as an initial test). I then messaged the seller, asking if he was prepared to ship to the UK, which he replied he was. :)

A couple of points to note at this stage. Although it's a Spanish website, Google Transate is integrated into it, using a pull-down tab at the top right of the page. It translates most, if not all the fields. At the time I took that screen print, there was already one bidder - I was the only other bidder and had placed a single bid. But it shows 7 bids placed. The other 5 are system generated automatic bids. Before going any further, I thought it prudent to read the T & C's and swot up on the bidding process. Good job I did too ! :P

Todocoleccion turns out to be a surprisingly good auction platform - superb even, with an excellent tracked messaging service. I'd say it's better than eBay in many respects. But it has a couple of little quirks. You can read up about them for yourselves - as thankfully I had the good sense to, in plenty of time. 8)

The two important points (as far as I was concerned) were:

1) The maximum number of bids you can make, as 'newbie' Todocoleccion user is only 4 per day. (It tells you this cap will increase every day, as you gain positive feedback, fulfill your purchase commitments and prove that you are a serious and responsible buyer). This is a good idea in many respects, presumably intended to deter deliberate shill or irresponsible bidding. However as a first time bidder, with another contending bidder, I found the prospect a little daunting.

2) It appears that sellers can choose an exact finishing time for their auction. This one was scheduled to end at 21:00 local Spanish time (8:00pm UK time). BUT like Yahoo Japan auctions there is an inbuilt automatic extension to prevent sniping. If a bid is placed in the last three minutes of an auction, it is automatically extended by three minutes .... and so on.

Bearing these two factors in mind, yesterday evening I sat down and worked out what my 3 incremental and final maximum bids would be. I placed my first bid at 20:56 and 45 seconds (local Spanish time) - just before the final 3 minute window, allowing me to go into the next segment ahead. It effectively left  the other bidder no time to respond. If he did, he would be the one to extend the auction by 3 minutes, allowing me the opportunity to come back at him again. I sat there nervously watching those last three minutes of the auction counting down. As it transpired I'd worried needlessly. He didn't bid again. So it ended at the original scheduled time and I won the auction for 30.70 Euros. Shipping to UK will be an additional 11 Euros. Result ! :D

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I'd conveniently forgotten to add an update to this thread, so here it is - better late than never. :roll: The RACER J39914-70 arrived from Spain a few days later and initially I was pleased with its overall cosmetic condition. The metal skinned, cast resin watch case had suffered a bit of rubbing wear to the gold plating on the top L.H. lug and there were odd traces of verdigris, but no evidence of the drastic corrosion I've previously encountered with type of case construction. The crystal was lightly scuffed (of more anon). The 20mm dark brown leather strap, which had been squeezed to fit, clearly wasn't original, but that didn't worry me, because I'd already ear-marked the perfect replacement. Prior to the watch arriving, I'd dug out the burgundy coloured 19mm Orient strap, that originally came fitted to my first NOS (ex-Milanuncios) J39908-70. It would be a perfect match for the dial colour.

I'd tried using this strap on another Orient J39 some time ago, but it ended up being slightly too short for that case (beause of its lug design), so it was still 'spare'. A suitable matching strap would turn out to be the least of my worries. :roll:

When I opened the case-back, there was no evidence of past battery leaks. In fact, the Orient J3920 movement back-plate was a lot cleaner than many I've seen.

I fitted a new battery and initially nothing happened. It just sat there, dead as a dodo. So I had a cigarette and a cup of coffee and when I next looked at the watch a few minutes later, it had started ticking. :) I played with the chrono' buttons and the sub-dials sprung into life, although the sweep second hand initially remained recalcitrant. With a little gentle persuasion, by nudging it with a wooden cocktail stick, I managed to get that going.

I was planning to give it a strip down and clean at that stage, but first decided to closer examine the (glued in) crystal. Here's a slightly different wrist shot to the one that I posted in the WRUW thread earlier, which better shows the light scratches.


Although there was no evidence of it having been replaced, I couldn't convince myself that this was the original factory fitted crystal. In this side on view, you can perhaps understand why. The crystal is nearly 1mm proud of the watch case. It's even possible to measure the diameter with calipers - a slightly odd size of 31.4mm. It has a bevelled edge (of sorts), as you might expect, but it's just machine ground, rather than polished.

I would have thought that with this case design, Orient / Racer might have chosen a flush fitting lightly domed crystal (as they'd done on other dressy CS J39 case models), which would have suited better. I spent some time zooming in on that photo of the other J39914-70 from the 2015 listing, trying to convince myself that example was fitted with the same overly thick flat crystal.

Again, the issue of the scratched / wrong crystal turned out to be the least of my worries. :roll: I'd set the watch to what I thought was the correct time and worn it without doing anything else. Next time I looked at it, it had lost 5 minutes. Strange I thought and reset it again. It continue to lose regularly. Left overnight, it lost approx. 90 minutes. :o I watched it the next day. It never once noticed it stop. I didn't actually time it, but it appeared to lose seconds per minute (rather than per month); 5 minutes and sometimes more per hour and hours per day ! After leaving it on my side table for a week, it had lost nearly a day. It's just running continuously very slow. So eventually, I gave up watching it in disgust; put it in the airing cupboard, in the hope that a gentle warming might improve matters. I then promptly forgot about it, so it must have left it there for about a month, during which time it's 'only' lost about 90 minutes.

So although I won myself a potential bargain for 30 Euros, it's turned out to be another 'Big Time Loser', and will obviously need a full service at some point. Coming to think of it, there's that ex-Ca$h Converters RACER J39907-50 higher up this page that needs one too. :/

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I'm not sure whether it was that second minor disappointment that had acted as a subconscious deterrent, but I hadn't actively searched for any more RACER J39's since. has continued to send me links to the odd Racer watch (and all sorts of other irrelevant crap), but no more J39's. I hadn't looked in on the other two Spanish classified sites: (formerly or in weeks. Nothing on the latter (apart from Tony from Mostoles J39024-50, which is still being automatically re-listed - ad nauseam). :roll:

Normally, with, I'd only look at the first page of search results, which displays 24 large thumbnails and usually anything newly listed in the last two weeks or so. As I hadn't looked in a while, I scrolled down the second page, where I spotted this thumbnail of a 'reloj racer' listed on 17th October. Obviously (to my eyes at least) - a RACER J39.

There's no mention of any model number; the brief description translates as: Racer watch, gold hands and steel casing. But I'm going to hazard an educated guess that it's another previously unseen dial colour variant of the J39710-70 (see top of the page). This dark dial colour - not quite a true black, was used in the equivalent Puma Y19001-70 and Y19201-70 models. Obviously it's been fitted with some horrible non-original replacement bracelet.

Problem is the seller 'Peter' clearly has no idea of a realistic value for this watch and is asking a 'pie-in-the-sky' 240 Euros for it - which probably explains why it's still there, unsold. :roll:

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Whoaaaaa...what a little burgundy beauty. 

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Glad you like it, Renaud. ;) Agreed, it's an attractive little watch, but not much good as a timekeeper at the moment. Probably my worst by a considerable margin. :roll:

I'm a couple of days late writing up this post, but I did give the RACER J39914-70 a cursory strip and clean at the weekend. Just the watch case - I thought it prudent to clean up the verdigris if nothing else. Plus I wanted to take another look at that strangely protruding crystal.

You may remember reading what I wrote, when I first saw the previous J39914-70 on, about the apparent similary of the burgundy coloured dial to that of my BreitBling 'beater' RACER J39026-70. Here's the J39914-70's dial / movement removed from the case. It's dial part number (clearly legible if you zoom in on this photo) is J392914R-016.

Here, for comparison are the two photos of the RACER J39026-70's dial / movement, which I took at the time, with the close-up showing the dial p/n J392026R-028.

The wear to the crown shows what a hard life this watch had. :/ Ignore the fact that the burgundy coloured dial has faded slightly - and the moisture damage it has suffered. Notice the similarity of the dial printing and overall layout. Yet there's hardly a single detail that's identical. Different fonts, slightly different positioning of the printing, different increments in the sub-dials, different orientation of sub-dial numbering - radial vs horizontal, etc. Even the gold plated hour batons are different - squared off versus rounded ends ! 

As I said, the other reason for stripping the watch was to have another close-up look at that strangely proud fitting crystal. In fact I didn't successfully manage to take another photo which showed this any better than my previous 'side on' wrist shot. Here's the best of the few I tried:


However, I did measure it accurately this time. :P My previous guesstimate of 'nearly 1mm' wasn't too far out - it actually protrudes above the integrally moulded bezel by 0.9mm ! :o I measured its thickness in situ (using a nylon die as a spacer) and the crystal is 1.65mm thick - which means that only 0.75mm of it is actually sat in the case making the joint. I tried (again unsuccessfully) to capture this, but was beaten by reflections when I tried zooming in any closer.

The glued joint appears tidy and consistent, so I'm less inclined to think that this is an ill-chosen replacement crystal - i.e. it was probably factory fitted with this. That said, I'm still reluctant to fit like for like - particularly remembering when I did that with my RACER J39028-70's crystal and (as I later found out) got it wrong. I'm delaying fitting a replacement crystal for the time being. I'm partly tempted to fit a lightly domed flat bottomed replacement crystal, with a flush fitting edge, which would blend in nicely with the rounded watch case, even though that might be deviating from original. If I do stick with a flat round crystal, I'll certainly use something thinner, probably 1.3mm thick with a polished bevel edge.

Anyway, for now I've reassembled it, still with the original? scratched crystal. Here's a Q&D flashlit  shot of the watch, with that matching burgundy coloured 19mm Orient leather strap which I plan to fit, once the watch is properly 'sorted'. It's only pushed into place, without any springbars fitted.

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I bought a couple more Racer J39's last month. Some of you may have seen the first one, while the eBay listing was briefly live (on 12th January). Indeed, a forum member (Lindon) was kind enough to email me a link to it, although for obvious reasons, it had come up in my eBay saved favourite '7A38' search notifications.

It was another Racer J39710-70, the same model I'd bought off back in July 2016 (see top of this page). Except this example was supposedly 'NOS', according to the Spanish seller. As is often the case, it patently wasn't, but in truth lightly worn, in almost mint condition. There are a couple of very tiny marks, no case-back sticker present and the presentation box it came supplied in is a much later style Racer box. That said, it was evidently in rather better cosmetic condition than the one I already had in my collection - and most importantly, as it transpired, came on what appears to be a full length bracelet. After a little deliberation, I caved in and hit the Buy-it-Now button.

Cronografo de cuarzo Racer, todo en acero inox, WR 100m. cristal mineral, movimiento Seiko 7a38 , 39mm, doble calendario en ingles y español, en perfecto estado de funcionamiento, Reloj nuevo.

Racer quartz chronograph, WR 100m. mineral crystal, movement Seiko 7a38, 39mm, all stainless stell in perfect working condition, new watch, NOS state.-

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Now, whereas 'NOS' is always nice to have, I've never been averse to the odd Orient / Racer J39 'beater' - as long as 'the price is right' - especially if it's something I find intriguing and unique. To be honest, I was far more excited by the prospect of this Racer J39 beater that came up in my saved searches on the following day.

What litte there was by way of a description was interleaved between the photos:



It was listed as a 6-day auction, with an opening bid price of 29 Euros. I placed the minimum bid and added it to my watched item list on the first day. Noone else had bid on it by the final day, so just before the critical last 3 minute window, I added another higher maximum bid - 45.67 Euros and was poised ready to go higher, if necessary. I've already detailed how Todocoleccion's bidding works in an earlier post and I must say I find it superb. Someone else placed two bids in the final minute, which extended the auction by two minutes. But he still hadn't outbid me. He didn't try again, so I didn't need to bid again, which would have extended the end time again, and I won it for 39 Euros (+ 10 Euros shipping). :)

The seller was a bit tardy posting it. He didn't send me the shipping advice until Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. The strap fitted turned out to be the most horrible cheap and nasty plastic thing you could imagine and has already been consigned to the rubbish bin. The crystal is quite badly scratched, but the dial and hands underneath appear to be pristine and everything works, although the crown is very stiff to turn. As soon as I've finished this post, I'm going to strip and clean it.

So why was I so excited about this particular watch, given its poor cosmetic condition ? Well it's yet another previously unseen (and very subtle) variant of the Orient / Racer J39  WATER RESIST 10 BAR dial - and check out the case-back model number: J39725-70. If that doesn't ring any bells, run a search on the forum or google images and you'll see why. :D

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