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Requested by 'popular choice'. Not mine I hasten to add. :P

I sometimes have to smile at things I've written on here over the last 4 years or so.

One of the first threads I wrote up (in my inimitable style was): Scope of Forum Topics. It begins:

As you may have gathered, if a subject really interests me, I can be very focused; single-minded. My detractors would call it obsessive, or possibly narrow-minded. :P


I started this site, inspired by Derek’s ‘Whats on your wrist’ blog pages. But I also need interaction – and hence the forum add-on in this package.


My (some would say) narrow field of interest is the Seiko 7A38 and any other makes using the same 15J quartz caliber. As I’ve written elsewhere, most other 7A collectors will own a balanced mixture of 7A28s, 7A38s and 7A48s – maybe even the (literally) odd 7A34. So I’m more than happy for us to talk about those as well, and would encourage others to do so. I'll even admit to owning a solitary 7A28 and a 7A54 pocket watch. :)


However, If you want to talk about vintage mechanical Seiko chrono’s e.g. 6138s, 6139s and the like, may I politely request  that you  take it elsewhere – SCWF is probably the best place.


If you want to talk about Seiko Divers – either quartz (other than 7Axx Divers which aren’t really intended for such extreme use) or auto – please take it elsewhere – SCWF or DWC. Anyone even so much as breathing a word about Seiko Orange Monsters on this forum runs a significant risk of getting banned, incidentally. :D


You’ll note that there is NO off-topic area in the forum. :/ Nor none planned. :(


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I certainly never foresaw the need for a forum sub-section catering for Vintage Seiko Quartz, at the time I wrote that. :/

But apparently a few forum members are also interested in and collect them - so over to you guys. ;)

PS - I'll admit to owning a couple of 7546 (very) long term restoration projects, so will be making very little input myself.

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