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We (as 7Axx enthusiasts) all know that Seiko created (or should I say correctly announced) the World's First Analogue Quartz Chronograph in 1983, but the history of Hattori Seiko / Seiko(sha) goes back much further: by over 100 years to 1881:

However, it's amusing to note that they count their achievements as only beginning in 1969, with the Seiko Astron.

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There's an interesting little documentary video on YouTube, covering  the history  of Japanese Watch and Clock-making.

It's 27-odd minutes long - and well worth watching all the way through:

However, if you can't spare half an hour, the story of Seiko's struggle to produce the world's first quartz wristwatch runs from approx. 15:00 through 21:00. ;)

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I did debate (for some considerable time) whether it was worth creating this forum sub-section, because the subject matter has already been covered on most of the major watch forums. For those interested here's a few links to previous notable threads:  Seiko Analog Quartz Table with Pictures (by Martback from June 2008).  (Almost) the start of Seiko quartz watch history (same author and date).  From the early days of quartz............. (by KeithT from November 2012).  Early Seiko quartz........... (by same author in October 2013).  Very Early Seiko Quartz (by Garfre in June 2012).

Indeed there are a number of threads on SCWF (and probably many with better content to be found on the old Network54 SCWF, which unfortunately is no longer searchable). But I did find the initial confusion in this one highly amusing. :lol:

Question- Does anyone collect Seiko calibre 38 series Quartz Watches

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And here is a link to an accuracy test from 2011 of first Generation Seiko's Quartz watches   :P

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