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Great thread! I used these threads a few years ago when I got my King Quartz and specifically this one and the pictures posted to inspire me to order a (little rough) GQ 4840. It’s a shame I didn’t buy more King and Grand Quartz when I first started looking, because prices seem higher (and often out of my budget).

still, such beautiful watches

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Another vintage quartz thread that I can contrubute to, (though not yet had any response to my first two replys on the other ones :( )

I have a few of the of 48** series watches. Firstly this superb Grand Quartz, from 1977 (4843-8100) that was an eBay steal, from Japan, as a non runner, for $84. It appears to have spent the vast majority of it's life locked away in a drawer somewhere as it shows very little signs of wear...

Next is this equally superb 3003 export watch (4823-5017), with English/German day wheel...

Another 3003, (4823-8049) from 1976...

And finaly I do have one of the afore mentioned Citizen Solar analogue watches, this one from 1977, which I managed to get a couple of years ago, to replace the one that I originally bought in 1977 but sadly broke and lost over the years....


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